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					                              Somerset County Park Commission
                                 April Programs and Events

Somerset County Park Commission is proud to be a part of County Government Month this April 2010.
We invite you to explore your parks and to participate in a program, class and/or special event. Following
is a listing of featured programs. For more information, please call 908 722-1200 or visit us on our
website at www.somersetcountyparks.org

Spring Riding Lessons
April 5 – June 12
English balanced seat riding lessons are offered one hour a week for 10 weeks. Beginner through
advanced jumping classes are available for riders from ages 9 through adult. Adults have the option of a
5 week session. Fees vary.
Somerset County Park Commission Lord Stirling Stable
256 South Maple Avenue
Basking Ridge NJ 07920
908 766-5955

Woodland Walks
Sundays in April and May 2pm
A relaxing and informative guided tour of the magnificent rock garden. See abundant drifts of native
wildflowers carpeting the gardens, as well as azaleas, dogwoods, and many colorful flowering shrubs and
trees. Woodland Walks begin on April 11 and continue on April 18 and 25 and May 2, 9, and 16.
Fees: $4 per person
Somerset County Park Commission Leonard J. Buck Garden
11 Layton Road
Far Hills NJ 07931
908 234-2677

On the Rocks
April 10 10am – 12pm
If those rocks in your backyard are too big to dig and cart away, here’s the ideal solution. Join us to learn
about plants that thrive when growing among or upon rocks. Join nationally known author Judy Glattstein
for a brief slide-illustrated virtual visit to the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and many splendid rock gardens.
Judy will also advise us on some easy care gems for rocky locations. Pre-registration required
Fee: $20
Somerset County Park Commission Leonard J. Buck Garden
11 Layton Road
Far Hills NJ 07931
908 234-2677

Equine Mini Workshop 101
April 10 – May 8 1pm - 3pm
Learn about the basics of “horsekeeping” in this hands-on course taught by stable staff. There is no
riding involved in this program. Class meets for five consecutive Saturdays
Fee: $55 Somerset County resident/$92.50 non-resident
Somerset County Park Commission Lord Stirling Stable
256 South Maple Avenue
Basking Ridge NJ 07920
908 766-5955
Welcome Back Golf Tournament
April 11
The tournaments at Neshanic Valley, Green Knoll, Quail Brook, Spooky Brook, and Warrenbrook will be a
2-Person Best Ball. Call for entry fees. Tee times vary.
Somerset County Park Commission
355 Milltown Road
Bridgewater NJ 08807
908 369-1458 ext. 428

Private Horse Hunter Pace at Lord Stirling Stable
April 11 9am – 1pm
Teams of two or three riders may ride a well-marked course at least six miles in length with more than 30
fences, up to 3’ in height. Fences 2’ and higher are marked with cones; all fences have ample room to go
around. Fees vary
Somerset County Park Commission Lord Stirling Stable.
256 S. Maple Avenue
908 766-5955

Wednesdays, April 21 – June 23 7pm – 8:30pm
Come and enjoy the benefits of classic Hatha Yoga.
Fee: $100
Somerset County Park Commission North Branch Park
355 Milltown Road
Bridgewater NJ 08807
908 722-1200 ext. 226

Horse Driving Trial & Combined Test
April 24 8:30am – 3pm
Carriage drivers compete in a three phase equestrian event showcasing the athletic ability of their horses.
Competition phases include dressage, cross-country marathon, and a cones obstacle course.
Call for entry fees; spectators free
Somerset County Park Commission Lord Stirling Stable
256 South Maple Avenue
Basking Ridge NJ 07920
908 766-5955

Spring Plant Sale and Earth Day Celebration
April 24 and 25 Sat 10am – 5pm and Sun 12pm – 5pm
Guided tours of the garden, lectures, and a plant sale to celebrate spring and Earth Day. Buck Garden
staff will be available to answer questions.
Somerset County Park Commission Leonard J. Buck Garden
11 Layton Road
Far Hills NJ 07931
908 234-2677
3 Annual Project E.A.R.T.H. Day
April 25
Third annual celebration of our planet through exhibits, games, music, and more.            Call for more
information. 10:30am – 4:30pm
Free with suggested $4 donation
Somerset County Park Commission Environmental Education Center
190 Lord Stirling Road
Basking Ridge NJ 07920
908 766-2489
                 Naturalist Programs at the Environmental Education Center

The following programs are offered by the Somerset County Park Commission at the Environmental
Education Center located at 190 Lord Stirling Road in Basking Ridge. To register for these programs,
please call the EEC at 908 766-12489 or through the website at www.somersetcountyparks.org

April Foolers
(Ages 3-5 with parent)
“April Fools Day” is here! Find out how different animals act as practical jokers. Animals use camouflage
and trickery every day of the year to protect themselves from predators. We will explore resources both
inside and outside for these special creatures, and learn more about why they like to play tricks.
$10 per pair/$5 per additional child
Course Code: 51094
EEC-5           Thursday, April 1

Wild & Rare: NJ’s Threatened and Endangered Species
(Family and Friends)
Come learn about our native, wild, and rare neighbors as well as what we can do to help them survive.
Course Code: 51576
EEC-2           Saturday, April 3

Tree House Gang
(Ages 3-5)
Bring your little ones to the Environmental Education Center for fun science and nature programming.
These afternoon classes will enhance learning by going outside for hikes, hands-on activities, meeting
live animals, and creating one cool craft to take home at the end of the month. Each month has a
different theme. A snack is provided, and please dress for the weather.
$65 for 4 day session per person
EEC-7             Monday, April 5, 12, 19, 26
EEC-8             Tuesday, April 6, 13, 20, 27

Animals From All Over
(Ages 3-5 with parent)
You probably already know about New Jersey’s wildlife but how much do you know about animals from
around the globe? Explore foreign wildlife through pictures, stories, games, crafts, and imaginary hikes.
$10 per pair/$5 per additional child
Course Code: 51091
EEC-44          Tuesday, April 6                         “Swamp”

Out 2 Lunch
Take a well deserved mid-day break! Tell your boss you are “out to lunch” and head to Duke Island Park
to learn while you lunch. As you eat your brown bag goodies, a Naturalist will share some of natures
fascinating secrets. We will meet in the Visitor Center’s main room which has large windows overlooking
the picturesque Raritan Canal.
$7 per adult/$6 per senior
Course Code: 51495
DIP-6           Wednesday, April 7                        “Backyard Bears”
Animal Legends
(Ages 4-6)
Coyote, Bear, Wolf, Raven…Many animals have been the subject of stories, legends, myths, and fables.
Some of the tales are a little hard to believe while others might make you wonder. Stories and a craft will
help you decide fact from fiction.
$10 per person
Course Code: 51204
EEC-22          Wednesday, April 7                 “Ducks”

Consume Green
(Family and Friends)
Have you been thinking about reducing your ecological footprint but you are not sure where to start?
Well, come and learn how to get started! We will discuss shopping principles, wholesome ingredients
and ingredients to be wary of, and “green” lingo. Kudos for making some changes for both yourself and
Mother Earth!
$7 per person
Course Code: 51506
EEC-1           Wednesday, April 7

Animal Record Holders
(Ages 3-5 with parent)
Biggest, smallest, fastest, slowest; animals hold records too! But who holds which record? Challenge
yourself against these animal Olympians!
$10 per pair/$5 per additional child
Course Code: 51001
EEC-3            Thursday, April 8

Squirmy Wormies!
(Ages 7-9)
Please refer to program description listed under ages infant-3 with parent.
$10 per person
Course Code: 51209
EEC-11           Thursday, April 8

Squirmy Wormies!
(Ages infant-3 with parent)
Wiggly worms are very important for many reasons. They make the soil much better for other plants and
animals, and are a tasty treat for birds, frogs, and other critters. Learn more about worms, and create a
habitat for your very own pet worm!
$10 per pair/$5 per additional child
Course Code: 51209
EEC-9             Friday, April 9
(Ages 3-5 with parent)
$10 per pair/$5 per additional child
Course Code: 51209
EEC-10            Friday, April 16
Voices in the Night
(Family and Friends)
Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit, Croak! Who’s there just beyond reach of the flashlight beam? Join us and find out!
Take a hike after dark, out to the ponds and hear the voices in the night.
$7 per adult/$6 per youth/senior
Course Code: 51278
EEC-8             Friday, April 9

Dinosaur Daze
(Ages 4-6)
Are you dazed about dinosaurs? Then this class is for you! Information, games, and activities will all be
focused on these magnificent ancient creatures!
$9 per person
Course Code: 51474
EEC-2          Saturday, April 10

Into The Wind: Kites at Colonial
(Ages 4-6 with parent)
Kite flying is great fun and it is easy to harness the wind’s energy. After you make your own kite, we will
join in the fun. Using parachutes, weather vanes, wind socks, bubbles, and other wind-driven things we
will discover all that the wind can teach us.
$15 per pair/$8 per additional child
Course Code: 51466
CP-2               Sunday, April 11

Critters in Crisis
(Family and Friends)
A series of unfortunate events has created great challenges for many of our amazing fauna and the flora
they depend upon for survival. As part of their web of life we will discuss the impact of their decline on us
and the ever delicate interconnectedness of all living things. Bats, bears, frogs, salamanders, bees,
birds, and butterflies will be the focus of these dynamic discussions. Do not despair for we will also
highlight what makes these living things so fantastic and discuss solutions for their survival, as well as our
Course Code: 51519
EEC-3            Vital Vernals
                 Sunday, April 11

Woodland Wonders
(Ages 3-5 with parent)
The woods are full of wondrous things to explore. A Naturalist will guide you through the trails and rolling
wooded expanses of Colonial Park. Fun activities included. Bring some water and a snack to energize
$10 per pair/$5 per additional child
Course Code: 51331
CP-4            Monday, April 12
Recycle Fever
(Ages 4-6 with parent)
Have you ever had spring fever? Well, try recycling fever! Do your part to help Mother Earth remain
healthy by making some interesting and fun crafts with recyclable materials. Just think, with mom’s or
dad’s help, you can clean up your house, the environment, and have fun too!
$20 per pair/$10 per additional child
Course Code: 51137
EEC-11 Monday, April 12

Splish, Splash!
(Ages 3-5 with parent)
April showers bring lots of fun to the Great Swamp. You will need those rubber boots to traverse the trails.
We will look for signs of life during this adventurous hike.
$10 per pair/$5 per additional child
Course Code: 51332
EEC-5            Tuesday, April 13
(Ages 4-6)
$6 per person
Course Code: 51332
EEC-6            Tuesday, April 13

Beary Interesting
(Ages 7-9)
There are three species of bears found in the United States. But only one might be seen in your
backyard! Learn some “beary” interesting facts, play a game, and find out what you should do if you
encounter a bear.
$9 per person
Course Code: 51507
EEC-1          Tuesday, April 13

Natirar Ramble
(Ages infant-3 with parent)
Little ones will enjoy this picturesque stroller-friendly walk through the open fields and along the Raritan
River in one of Somerset County’s newest parks, Natirar, located in Peapack-Gladstone. Bring a snack
and a sense of adventure as we explore this natural area.
$10 per pair/$5 per additional child
Course Code: 51392
NAT-4             Wednesday, April 14

Duke Island Park River Walk – Bluebell Magic
(Family and Friends)
Meet at the kiosk and head out for an exploratory hike with a Naturalist. Identify some local trees and
search for early blooming wildflowers along the Raritan River. Rain date: Wednesday, April 21.
$7 per adult/$6 per youth/senior
Course Code: 51516
DIP-3            Wednesday, April 14
Bone Yard Birding
Go where history and nature meet the graveyards of New Jersey. Venture to burial grounds that are now
habitat for much of our flora and fauna. We will hike to some cemeteries that are not on the beaten path,
as well as visit ones that are the only natural habitat around. Get ready to be surprised by how many
living things you can find where the dead have been buried.
$45 per adult/$35 per senior
Course Code: 51496
EEC-2            Thursday, April 15

Pocono Waterfall Hunt
How many different waterfalls have you seen in one day? Lace up your boots, pack a lunch, and bring
your water bottle; we are out to set a record – join us as we travel to eastern Pennsylvania in search of
magnificent waterfalls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Don’t forget your camera!
$45 per adult/$35 per senior
Course Code: 51190
EEC-8           Saturday, April 17

Wonderfully Wet!
(Ages 10-12)
Winter’s weather has hopefully given way to the beginnings of spring. Melting snow has created large
vernal pools with the help of spring rains. The Great Swamp is a beautiful place to be this time of year for
a wet hike in the woods. Join a Naturalist as we wonder about looking at all the things that depend on the
thaw and the extra water this time of year brings. Dress with the weather in mind!
$9 per person
Course Code: 51350
EEC-3 Saturday, April 17

The Green Team
(Ages 13-15)
Do you need to fulfill your community service requirement for school? Is natural science a subject you
find interesting? Do you like the outdoors? Is the Great Swamp a place you like to visit? If so, join us at
the Environmental Education Center for educational and fun volunteering opportunities. Pre-registration
is required.
Course Code: 51438
EEC-64 Saturday, April 17

Skeleton Mystery
(Ages 7-9)
Bones have many secrets that are waiting for us to find. We will look at skulls, femurs, ulnas, hips, and
teeth and learn how to identify different animals by their bones. See if you can create a full skeleton with
a set of bones that is given to you. We will take a hike and look for any remains that may still be on the
$10 per person
Course Code: 51287
EEC-4           Sunday, April 18
Artfully Earth Day
(Ages 4-12)
Come hang with the Naturalists and contribute to the Environmental Center’s Project E.A.R.T.H. Unlock
your creative talents and paint, color or draw inspirational posters to decorate for our Earth Day event.
Light refreshments will be served.
Course Code: 51345
EEC-3            Wednesday, April 21

A Walk to Remember
Join us as we observe the swamp’s cycles through the year! A Naturalist will guide you along our trails to
discover and compare the swamp from one month to the next. Bring a journal to record what you see
and to reflect on the monthly changes. Come start your own phenology discoveries on a walk that you
will truly remember!
$9 per person
Course Code: 51064
EEC-76 Wednesday, April 21

Our Earth
(Family and Friends)
The environment, how we consume, the United States economy and our ability to succeed in the new
global economy are intertwined. How we look at our world and its finite resources are more important
than ever. Join us for a more specific look at current environmental issues and how we can positively
impact our home. This is a three-part program offering intended for young folks age 12 and older along
with adults. Come to one, two or all three sessions. Pre-registration is required.
Course Code: 51349
EEC-11          Vegetable Garden Basics
                Saturday April 24

Tales of a Tree
(Ages 3-5 with parent)
Trees often live a lot longer than humans and are full of history! Hike to the same Great Swamp Oak that
perhaps George Washington and Lord Stirling may have once walked past. Bring a blanket and a snack
for a story break under the tree. Throughout our journey we will discover many interesting trees!
$20 per pair/$10 per additional child
Course Code: 51199
EEC-5            Wednesday, April 28

Survival of the Fittest
(Ages 4-6)
WATCH OUT! You might become somebody else’s lunch in these predator prey games. Stay on your
toes and find out what is needed to survive in the animal kingdom.
$9 per person
Course Code: 51346
EEC-3           Wednesday, April 28
Muddy Buddies
(Ages 7-9)
It is so much fun getting dirty! You will get dreadfully dirty while learning all about mud and its wonderful
qualities. Wear rubber boots and the rattiest clothes you own.
$9 per person
Course Code: 51459
EEC-2            Wednesday, April 28

Up In The Air
(Ages 3-5 with parent)
Come play with air and wind. Blow bubbles, make a pinwheel, and go on a hike to see air in motion. We
will also look at seeds and animals that enjoy a windy day. This class will help your little one realize they
are surrounded by air.
$10 per pair/$5 per additional child
Course Code: 51270
EEC-4             Thursday, April 29
                  2:00pm-3:00pm or 4:00pm-5:30pm

Tot Trek
(Ages infant-3 with parent)
Get your strollers ready and your sturdy shoes tied up tight! We will head out on the trails of Lord Stirling
Park for a brisk walk, with breaks here and there for a snack, a story, and to admire the natural world.
$15 per pair/$8 per additional child
Course Code: 51214
EEC-19           Friday, April 30

Who’s Awake? Me, too!
(Ages 4-6 with parent)
Come learn about who’s awake in the forest on these early evening walks. We will start off with a brief
story inside and then head out for a brief walk outside.
$10 per pair/$5 per additional child
Course Code: 51264
EEC-8            Friday, April 30         “Nocturnal Pond Life”


Delaware & Raritan Canal Paddle
Quiet, peaceful, and still, the Delaware & Raritan Canal is an ideal place for an evening paddle. Cruising
along as the sun sets, we will enjoy the sights and sounds that the waterway has to offer. Please bring a
bag dinner and money for ice cream.
$45 per adult/$35 per youth/senior
Course Code: 50757
Canyak-49        Tuesday, April 6 3:00pm-8:00pm

After a “splashing” time at this introductory canoe class, you will learn the basic paddling techniques,
safety aspects of canoeing, and handling of a canoe in and out of the water. We require attendance at
this class prior to participation in our river trips. These programs offer an opportunity for adults and
children, ages seven and older, to learn to canoe. An adult must accompany children under the age of
15. Each canoe can accommodate two paddlers and a child passenger. Classes will take place on
Branta Pond at the Environmental Education Center.
$10 per adult/$8 per youth/senior
Course Code: 50350
Canoe-65         Sunday, April 11 10:00am-11:30am
This introductory kayaking class will teach you the basic paddling techniques, safety aspects of kayaking,
and handling a kayak in and out of the water. Programs are designed for adults and children ten and
older. An adult must accompany children under the age of 15. You must attend this class and a pool
training class prior to participating in a river trip. Classes will take place on Branta Pond at the
Environmental Education Center.
$18 per adult/$15 per youth/senior
Course Code: 50448
Kayak-75                Sunday, April 11

All Day on a River
Join us for an “all day on the river” trip where the paddling location becomes the Naturalists’ best-kept
secret! Due to possible low water conditions, the Naturalists will choose a river with an appropriate water
level. We will try to make these rivers new additions to our paddling repertoire! Please bring a bag lunch,
water, and money for ice cream.
$50 per adult/$40 per youth/senior
Course Code: 50763
Canyak-81                Wednesday, April 14

Passaic Paddle
The Passaic River winds through the Great Swamp basin, flowing through floodplain forest, and many
unique wetland habitats. We will paddle this gentle river, home to turtles, herons, frogs, and fish. Please
bring a snack and water.
All classes will meet at the Environmental Education Center.
$23 per adult/$20 per youth/senior
Course Code: 50756
Canyak-67                 Sunday, April 18

A Paddling Afternoon
Join us on some of the best local backwaters of New Jersey for a relaxing afternoon paddle. We will start
our journey at the Environmental Education Center and possibly head to the Black River, Lake
Hopatcong, the Rockaway River, Raritan River or the Passaic River (depending on water levels). These
are some of the more beautiful areas of the state that are untouched by the rush of powerboats. Bring a
snack, water, and money for dinner! Return time is approximate.
$45 per adult/$35 per youth/senior
Course Code: 50761
Kayak Only-46 Tuesday, April 27

Reservoir Dogs
Check out this series for exploration of the different reservoirs that the tri-state area has to offer!! We will
spend half the day paddling our boats in the reservoir. Then after lunch, strap on your boots for an
afternoon of hiking and birding. Please bring a bag lunch, binoculars, and money for ice cream.
$50 per person/$40 per youth/senior
Course Code: 50764
Canyak-7                 Thursday, April 29                 “Bashakill Marsh”

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