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									More About Electric Juicer
Author: Stanford Mansfield
Are you a health conscious fitness junkie who loves to drink fruit and veggie juices and also insist on feeding your family members the
same? I am sure you don't want to squander away your entire mornings making your favorite pineapple or pomegranate or tomato juice
with that broken down juicer in your kitchen corner that breaks down half the times and where you have to press on everything to get a
quarter glass bitter juice!

It is time you invested in an electric juicer to meet your juicing demands. Electric juicers, nowadays, have become highly sophisticated
with state of the art features and thanks to them; you can now enjoy your glass of bitter gourd or carrot juice with the press of a button!

The market has been flooded by millions of different types of juicers such as vegetable juicers, fruit juicers, citrus juicers, juice extractor
and even something as specific as carrot juicers or beet root juicers!

Vegetable juicer

Carrots and beet roots are rather hard vegetables and extracting juice from these hard veggies is a very difficult and laborious task.

Normal vegetable juicer can break down while trying to squeeze these veggies. So the juicer companies have come up with different
varieties of juicers, belonging to different brands, to serve specific needs.

Fruit juicer

You can avail of electric citrus juicers to extract fruit juice from oranges, lemons, limes, sweet limes, pineapples, tomatoes, different
types of berries, grapes and all other fruits that are citrus by nature.

The rest of the fruits such as apples, green apples, guava, pomegranate, litchi, mango etc can be juiced with the help of normal electric
fruit juicers.

Electric juicer

One of the main reasons why different companies have come up with the concept of electric juicer and why so many families are
investing in the electric juicer is because it cuts out all the toil involved in extracting juice from a manual juicer where you have to
continuously press all sorts of buttons to manually operate it. On the other hand, electric juicers run automatically once you turn on the
power and they are very easy to operate, involving less work.

Electric juicers cost a bit more but they also extract more juice from your fruits and veggies. They don't break down easily and are really
durable and long lasting. Since there is no question of using your hands as happens with manual juicers – you will experience no
mechanical problems with electric juicers. The latter also won't wear out.

Some of the advantages of electric juicers are that they are very fast as they run on high RPM electric motors. You can extract more juice
in a shorter interval.
You don't have to throw away and waste the pulp with electric juicers as these juicers use up the whole of the fruit, including the pulp, the
peeled fruit or veggies which translates into a healthier juice for your system.

Your body, after all, requires the nourishment of the pulp. These juicers retain the essential vitamins, minerals and life giving enzymes as
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