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					                                                         Academic Faculty and Administrators

                             Academic Faculty and
ROBERT ABELE                                                                      JUDY L. BEAN
  Philosophy                                                                         History; Sociology
BA, University of Dayton, Ohio; MDiv, Mt. St. Mary, Ohio; MA, Athenaeum of        B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento. Other graduate work: U.C., Davis; C.S.U., Chico
  Ohio; Ph.D., Marquette University, Wisconsin. Experience: Illinois Valley          and Sacramento; Southern Oregon State College, Ashland. Experience:
  Community college, Illinois; Silver Lake College, Wisconsin; College of            C.S.U., Sacramento; YCCD since 1976.
  DuPage, Illinois; Oakton College, Illinois; Marquette University, Wisconsin;
  Milwaukee Area Tech College, Wisconsin, Carthage College, Wisconsin,            RODNEY S. BEILBY
  Elder High School, Ohio; YCCD since 2005                                           Dean-Health, Physical Education, Recreation; Athletics,Public Safety
                                                                                  A.A., Sacramento City College; B.A., University of the Pacific, Stockton; M.A.,
CAROLYN L. AKERS                                                                     C.S.U., Bakersfield. Other graduate work: C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience:
   Adaptive P.E.                                                                     Vanden High School, Travis AFB; Cosumnes River College, Sacramento;
B.S.E., Southern Arkansas University, Magnolia; M.S., Indiana University, New        YCCD since 1995.
   Albany. Other graduate work: Arizona State University, Tempe. Experience:      BRYON BELL
   Gilbert High School, Arizona; Walnut Ridge Junior High School, Louisiana;         Campus Dean
   North Central Community School, Indiana; Floyd County Consolidated Schools,    B.S., University of Oregon; M.S., University of LaVerne. Experience: San Joaquin
   Indiana; YCCD since 1987.                                                         Valley College, Bakersfield; C.S.U., Bakersfield; University of LaVerne; San
AL ALT                                                                               Jacinto Unified School District; YCCD since 2002.
   Director of Personnel Services/Human Resources Devel-
                                                                                  RICHARD D. BLISS
B.S.,San Jose State University; M.B.A., CSU Chico. Experience: Feather River
   Community College, Quincy; Butte College, Oroville; Synapta Corp, Palo Alto;   A.A., Bakersfield College; B.S., U.C., Davis; B.S., M.A., Ph.D., U.C., Riverside.
   IBM Corp, San Jose; Police Officer, Redding. YCCD since 2003                       Experience: U.S. Naval Weapons Center; Riverside Bio–Engineering; San
                                                                                     Bernardino Valley College; U.C., Riverside; YCCD since 1984.
PEGGY J. ALEXANDER                                                                EARL BLOOR
   Language Arts                                                                     Dean of Math, Engineering, Science & Health Occupations
A.A., Mendocino Community College, Ukiah; B.A., U.C., Davis; M.A., Sonoma         B.S, University of Western Ontario, Canada; Ph.D., University of Western Ontario,
   State University, Rohnert Park; M.A., Northwestern University, Louisiana.         Canada. Experience: Cape Cod Community College, Abu Dhabi Men’s Col-
   Experience: Kelseyville High School; YCCD since 1997.                             lege, Centre Curriculum TRANSFER & Technology, University College of the
                                                                                     Cariboo, Saskatchewan Technical Institute, Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore
JOHN W. ALMY                                                                         Oil Operations. YCCD since 2006
A.A., Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa; B.A., Sonoma State University,            BETTY G. BONNER
   Rohnert Park; M.A., C.S.U., San Bernardino. Other graduate work: C.S.U.,          Director of Nursing; Coordinator of Allied Health
   Long Beach; U.C., Riverside. Experience: San Bernardino Adult School;          B.S.N., University of Arizona, Tucson; M.S.N., C.S.U., Chico. Other graduate
   Victor Valley College; YCCD since 1998.                                           work: U.C., Los Angeles. Experience: Wesley Medical Center and St. Joseph
BARBARA N. ANDERSON                                                                  Hospital, Kansas; Ft. Walton Beach Hospital, Florida; Fremont Medical Center,
   Business                                                                          Yuba City; YCCD since 1981.
A.A., Yuba College; B.S., C.S.U., Sacramento; M.B.A., Chapman College, Or-        PAMELA BORDISSO
   ange. Other graduate work: C.S.U., Sacramento; C.S.U., Chico. Experience:         Counselor, EOPS/Financial Aid, Lake
   YCCD since 1987.                                                               B.A., San Francisco State University; M.A., San Francisco State University. Other
ROLFE APPEL                                                                          graduate work: Sonoma State University, U.C., Irvine. Experience: Konocti
                                                                                     Unified School District. YCCD since 2004
   Director of Public Safety
B.A., CSU, Sacramento; M.S., CSU, Sacramento. Experience: Sacramento              KELLY J. BOREN
   Sheriff’s Dept, Sacramento City College, Butte College, Sacramento Sheriff’s      Counselor
   Academy, Florin Fire Protection District, Southgate Recreation & Parks         A.A., College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls; B.A., San Diego State University;
   District. YCCD since 2006                                                         M.S., San Diego State University. Experience: Palomar College; YCCD
                                                                                     since 1990.
   Dean, Financial Aid, E.O.P.S.-C.A.R.E./TRIO                                    H. GREGORY BROWN
B.S., University of San Francisco; M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento; Ed.D., University       Counselor
   of San Francisco. Experience: Weathermeasure; Qualimetrics; Sacramento         B.A., University of Santa Clara; M.S., University of Oregon, Eugene. Other graduate
   Job Corps; Sierra Nevada Job Corps; Yuba College Amnesty Education;               work: San Jose State University. Experience: California State Department of
   YCCD since 1991.                                                                  Rehabilitation; Los Angeles Pierce College; Hartnell College, Salinas; South
                                                                                     Puget Sound Community College, Washington; YCCD since 1985.
   Coordinator/Instructor-Psychiatric Technician Program
A.A., Fullerton College; B.S., University of LaVerne; M.S., Chapman College.
   Other graduate work: U.C., Los Angeles. Experience: California Department of
   Mental Health, Department of Developmental Services; YCCD since 1981.

2007-2008 Catalog                                                                                                                                                  157
Academic Faculty and Administrators
  JULIE A. BROWN                                                                     DOUG CORNELIUS
     Chemistry; Mathematics                                                             Health, Physical Education and Recreation
  B.S., Santa Clara University; M.S., University of California, Davis. Experience:   A.A., College of the Siskiyous, Weed; B.S., C.S.U., Sacramento; M.A., St. Marys,
     University of California, Davis; Los Medanos College, Pittsburg; Skyline           Moraga. Experience: American River College, Sacramento; Sacramento Kings
     College, San Bruno; American River College, Sacramento; Diablo Valley              and Monarchs; YCCD since 2002.
     College, Pleasant Hill; YCCD since 1991.
                                                                                     RICHARD CORREA
  NOEL K. BRUENING                                                                      Drafting; Mathematics
     English                                                                         B.S., Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff; M.A., C.S.U., Long Beach. Other
  B.A., U.C., Davis; M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience: C.S.U., Sacramento;          graduate work: C.S.U., Fresno; California Polytechnic State University, San
     U.C., Davis; YCCD since 2000.                                                      Luis Obispo. Experience: Martin Luther King Junior High School, Seaside;
                                                                                        Richard Gahr High School, Cerritos; Mariposa County Unified School District;
                                                                                        YCCD since 1981.
  ASS, American River, Sacramento; BS, CSU, Sacramento; MBA, CSU,                    STEVEN P. COX
    Sacramento Experience: Lois Rios Community College; Sierra Community                Business Computer Applications; Information Technology
    College; Advanced Business College; International Consulting Services;           B.S., C.S.U., Chico. Experience: San Benito High School, Hollister; Hewlett-
    State of California YCCD since 2005                                                 Packard; YCCD since 1999.
                                                                                     GRETCHEN M. CUPP
                                                                                     B.A., Goddard College, Vermont; M.Ed., Rutgers University, New Jersey; M.Ed.,
  B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento; Ph.D., Theological Union, Berkeley; other
                                                                                        C.S.U., Fresno. Experience: Big Bend Community College, West Germany;
     Doctoral work, U.C., Davis. Experience: C.S.U., Sacramento; U.C., Davis;
                                                                                        Rancocas Valley Adult High School, New Jersey; Merced College; C.S.U.,
     YCCD since 1999.
                                                                                        Fresno; YCCD since 1990.
                                                                                     EDWARD B. DAVIS
                                                                                        Dean–Business, Social Science Divisions/Beale AFB Ctr/Outreach
  B.A., Government College for Women, Punjab, India; M.A., U.C., Davis. Other
                                                                                     A.A., Yuba College, Marysville; B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Chico; Ph.D., Boston College,
     graduate work: U.C., Davis; San Diego State University; C.S.U., Sacramento.
                                                                                        Massachusetts. Experience: C.S.U., Chico; Boston College, Massachusetts;
     Experience: U.C., Davis; YCCD since 1971.
                                                                                        U.C., San Francisco; C.S.U., Hayward; Dominican College, San Rafael;
  RAMIRO F. CANTO–LUGO                                                                  Marin Research Group, San Rafael; State University of New York, Fredonia;
     Spanish                                                                            University of Maryland, Okinawa and Korea; YCCD since 1999.
  A.A., De Anza College, Cupertino; B.A., C.S.U., Chico; M.A., Ph.D., U.C., Davis.
                                                                                     THOMAS E. DUNCAN
     Experience: U.C., Berkeley; Stanford University, Palo Alto; U.C., Davis;
                                                                                        Psychology; Statistics; Mathematics
     YCCD since 1981.
                                                                                     B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Chico; M.S., Ph.D., University of Northern Colorado, Greeley.
  ROBERT CABREROS                                                                       Postgraduate work: U.C., Davis. Experience: U.C., Davis; Aims Community
     Food Service Management                                                            College, Colorado; University of Northern Colorado, Greeley; Chapman Col-
  A.S., Yuba College; Culinary Diploma,Western Culinary Institute. Experience:          lege, San Diego; Bemidji State University, Minnesota; YCCD since 1980.
     Sutter Lakeside Hospital, Yuba College, Robinson Rancheria Casino & Bingo,
                                                                                     RICHARD W. EDMUNDS
     Konocti Harbor Resort & Spa. YCCD since 2006
  STEPHEN R. CATO                                                                    B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience: Los Rios Community College
     Mass Communications                                                                District, Sacramento; U.C., Davis; C.S.U., Sacramento; A.I.F.S., University
  B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Chico. Other graduate work: U.C., Berkeley; San Jose              of London; YCCD in 1986 and since 1987.
     State, C.S.U., Sonoma; C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience: Mendocino Col-
                                                                                     PERCY B. ELLIS
     lege, Ukiah; Ukiah High School; American School, London; Yuba College;
                                                                                        Business; Information Systems
     YCCD since 1988.
                                                                                     B.S., San Diego State University. Experience: Dean Ellyson Chiropractic,
  MONICA CHAHAL                                                                         Marysville; SMC Cabinets, Yuba City; Archer Personnel, Yuba City; Sky Bound
     English                                                                            Aviation, Yuba City; Lux Engineering, Yuba City; California Department of
  B.A., U.C., Davis; M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience: Yuba College; YCCD           Transportation, Sacramento; YCCD since 2000.
     since 1998.
                                                                                     DEBBY EVERETT
  MATTHEW M. CLARK                                                                     Early Childhood Education
     Mathematics                                                                     BA, CSU, Northridge; BA, CSU, Northridge Experience: Sierra Community
  B.S., M.S., Ph.D., U.C., Davis. Experience: U.C., Davis; McLaren Environmental       College; Cabrillo Community College; Intergenerational Child Care Center;
     Engineering, Rancho Cordova; C.S.U., Sacramento; Los Rios Community               The Children’s Center of San Lorenzo Valley; Creative Frontiers; CSU
     College District, Sacramento; YCCD since 1992.                                    Laboratory Preschool YCCD since 2005
    Dean of Student Services, Woodland Community College                             ANGELA R. FAIRCHILDS
    BA, UC, Davis; MPA, CSU, Hayward; EdD, University of San Francisco Ex-              President, Woodland Community College
    perience: College of Marin; UC, Berkeley; Golden Gate University; Oakland        B.S., M.B.A., Golden Gate University, San Francisco; Ph.D., University of Arizona,
    Housing Authority; University of San Francisco; YCCD since 2006.                    Tucson. Experience: Yavapai College, Arizona; New Mexico State University,
                                                                                        New Mexico; Golden Gate University, Edwards; YCCD since 2004

158                                                                                             Yuba Community College District
                                                          Academic Faculty and Administrators
DAVID M. FARRELL                                                                    JENNIFER L. HANSON
   Dean of Student Development                                                         Business
B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento; Ed.D, U.C., Los Angeles. Other graduate work:       A.A., Santa Rosa Junior College; B.A., U.C., Santa Barbara; M.A., U.C., Davis.
   Arizona State University. Work experience: C.S.U., Northridge; Sonoma               Experience: YCCD since 1997.
   State University, Rohnert Park; Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; YCCD
                                                                                    SANDRA GRACIANO
   since 1999.
KENNETH B. FIERING                                                                  BS, CSU, Chico; MC, UC, Davis Experience: American River College; Los
   Physics                                                                            Rios Community College; Woodland Joint Unified School District; State of
B.S., Washburn University, Kansas; Ph.D., University of Arizona, Tucson.              California YCCD since 2006.
   Experience: San Diego City College; Southwestern College, Chula Vista;
   AGI, Inc.; JMAR Technologies; Applied Laser Systems; Advanced Machine            NICKI HARRINGTON
   Vision Corporation; General Research Corporation; Latcor, Inc.; Analytical          Chancellor
   Services, Inc.; Arizona Reseach Laboratories, University of Arizona, Tucson;     B.S., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; M.A. University of San Francisco; M.S.,
   YCCD since 2004.                                                                    C.S.U., Dominguez Hills; Ed.D., University of San Diego. Experience: C.S.U.,
JAMES L. FINSTAD                                                                       Dominguez Hills; Moraine Park Technical College, Fond du Lac, WI; Marian
   Business; Computer Science                                                          College, Fond du Lac, WI; College of the Redwoods, Eureka; Blue Mountain
B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Los Angeles. Other graduate work: Azusa Pacific College;            Community College, Pendelton, OR; YCCD since 2002.
   C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience: Morningside High School, Inglewood;              VALERIE HARRIS
   C.S.U., Los Angeles; Stanford University; La Sierra High School, Carmichael;        Counselor
   American River College, Sacramento; YCCD since 1976.                             A.A., Yuba College; B.A., CSU, Sacramento; M.S., CSU, Sacramento. Experi-
ELLIE FRANK                                                                            ence: Napa Community College, Woodland Community College. YCCD
   Counselor                                                                           since 2006
A.A. Riverside CCD; B.S., C.S.U. Fullerton; M.A., Sonoma State University.          SALLY HARVEY
   Experience:Riverside County Office of Education; College of the Desert,              English
   Santa Rosa Junior-College. YCCD since 2005
                                                                                    B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Chico; Ph.D., U.C., Davis. Experience: Butte College, Oroville;
DAVID L. FREILER         Librarian                                                     C.S.U., Chico; U.C., Davis; YCCD since 1994.
B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Chico; J.D., McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento. Other
                                                                                    SCOTT HASKELL
   graduate work: Stanislaus State College, Turlock. Experience: Gridley Union
                                                                                       Veterinary Technology
   High School; Lindhurst High School, Olivehurst; State Bar of California;
                                                                                    B.S., U.C., Davis; M.S., U.C., Davis; D.V.M., U.C., Davis. Experience: Nevada-
   YCCD since 1995.
                                                                                       Yuba Veterinary Service, Animal Medical Clinic of Valley Center, Pauma Valley
GEORGE J. GALAMBA                                                                      Veterinary Service, Countryside Veterinary Clinic and Haskell Veterinary
   Language Arts; Academic Skills; ESL                                                 Service, UC Davis, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute/University of
A.A., Pasadena City College; B.A., U.C., Santa Barbara; M.A., San Francisco            Illinois, The Union Institute, Mesa College. YCCD since 2006
   State University. Experience: Peace Corps Volunteer, Uganda; Fulbright
                                                                                    BEVERLY HEATH
   Lecturer, University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia; YCCD since 1984.
LYNETTE GARCIA                                                                      A.D.N., College of the Desert, Palm Desert, CA; B.S.N., University of Phoenix;
   Nursing                                                                             M.S.N., C.S.U., Dominqeuz Hills.; B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Chico; Ph.D., U.C.,
A.S., Yuba College; ADN, Yuba College; B.S.N., CSU, Chico. Experience: UC              Davis. Experience: Butte College, Oroville; C.S.U., Chico; U.C., Davis;
   Davis Medical Center, Rideout-Fremont, Yuba College. YCCD since 2007                YCCD since 2002.
GREGORY GASSMAN                                                                     CATHERINE E. HEATON
  History                                                                              Mathematics
BA, UC, Davis; MA, CSU, Sacramento; Multi-Subj Tchg Cred, National                  B.S., M.S., State University of New York, Plattsburg. Experience: Sierra Com-
  University, Sacramento; Experience: Woodland Community College;                      munity College, Grass Valley; State University of New York, Plattsburg;
  Sacramento City College; Covell Gardens, Davis; American River College,              YCCD since 2004.
  Sacramento; Los Rios Community College, Sacramento; Harvest Valley
                                                                                    THERESE HUKILL-DEROCK
  School, Vacaville YCCD since 1996 (Adjunct) 2005 (Full-time)                         Learning Disabilities Specialist
                                                                                    B.A., CSU Chico; M.A., CSU, ChicoExperience:DSP&S Yuba College.YCCD
NEENA GILL                                                                             since 2004.
   Counselor, E.O.P.S.
B.A., Panjab University, Punjab; M.A., Magadh University, Patna; M.S., University   FRANCESCA R. HULIN
   of LaVerne, California. Experience: YCCD since 1997.                                Language Arts; VESL
                                                                                    B.A., Sonoma State, Rohnert Park; M.A., San Francisco State University. Expe-
LETICIA GOMEZ                                                                          rience: U.C., Berkeley; Loma Vista Adult Education, Concord; Martinez Adult
   EOPS Counselor/Coordinator; C.A.R.E.                                                Education; Berkeley Kaplan Center; Kuwait University, Kuwait; TASIS, England;
B.A., U.C., Davis; M.S., C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience: I.R.C.A. Program;             Erciyes University, Turkey; University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic;
   C.A.R.E. Program; E.O.P.S. Program; YCCD since 1989.                                American Language Institute, San Francisco; YCCD since 2003.

2007-2008 Catalog                                                                                                                                                    159
Academic Faculty and Administrators
  GLENN R. HUSTED                                                                        CAREY E. LAINE
     Art                                                                                    Physical Education; Health
  B.A., Pitzer College, Claremont; M.F.A., Claremont Graduate School. Experience:        B.A., U.C., Davis; M.S., University of Colorado, Boulder. Experience: University
     C.S.U., San Bernardino; Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga; Scripps Col-                of Colorado, Boulder; U.C., Davis; St. Mary’s College, Moraga; San Francisco
     lege, Claremont; Ceramics Workshops, Mendocino Art Center; Angels Gate                 State University; San Benito High School, Hollister; C.S.U., Sacramento; Sierra
     Cultural Center, San Pedro; Yuba College; YCCD since 1998.                             College, Rocklin; Butte College, Oroville; YCCD since 1986.

  LISA L. JENSEN-MARTIN                                                                  JOHN C. LANGSTON
     Psychology                                                                             Chemistry
  A.A., Yuba College; B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento. Other graduate work: Chap-         B.S., Portland State University; M.S., Washington State University. Experience:
     man University. Experience: Sierra College, Rocklin; Golden Gate University;           Washington State University; Seattle Central Community College; Feather
     Yuba City High School; YCCD since 1995.                                                River College, Quincy; YCCD since 1987.

  DOUGLAS A. JOKSCH                                                                      CHERYL LATIMER
     Computer Science                                                                       Counselor
  A.A., Arkansas State University, Beebe; B.S., Southern Illinois University, Car-       B.S., Psychology, UC Santa Cruz, M.A., Psychology, C.S.U., San Francisco;
     bondale; B.S., M.S., West Coast University, Los Angeles. Experience: ITT               M.S. Counseling, C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience: C.S.U., Sacramento, U.C.,
     Federal Services Corporation; Raytheon, Santa Maria; Allan Hancock College,            Davis, Cosumnes River College, Solano College; YCCD since 2001.
     Santa Maria; Lockheed Martin, Santa Maria; YCCD since 2000                          JEANIE LEE
  SUZANNE JONES                                                                             Business
    Nursing                                                                              A.A., Sacramento City College; B.A., M.A., National University. Experience:
  ADN, Sierra College; A.S. Sierra College; B.S.Graceland University.Experi-                Cosumnes River College, Sacramento; Los Rios Community College District;
    ence:Fremont Medical Center; Home Health; Feather River Surgery Center;                 YCCD since 1989.
    YCCD since 2005
                                                                                         RICHARD LEHRER
  BRIAN H. JUKES                                                                            Radiologic Technology
     English                                                                             A.S., Sierra College; B.S., East Stroudsburg University, PA. Experience: X-ray
  B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience: C.S.U., Sacramento; American                  Technologist since 1990, UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento; YCCD
     River College, Sacramento; YCCD since 1997.                                            since 2002.
  BETSY JULIAN                                                                           ADRIAN LOPEZ
     Earth Science/Physical Science                                                         Director of Public and Governmental Relations
  B.A., Rice University, M.S., University of Michigan, Ph.D., Rice University. Experi-   B.A., U.C., Davis; J.D., U.C., Davis School of Law. Experience: California
     ence: Lake Tahoe Community College, Smithsonian Institution, University of             Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, Alliance for a Better California, Office of
     Texas at El Paso Dept of Geological Sciences. YCCD since 2006                          Assembly Member Joe Coto. YCCD since 2006
  CYNTHIA KELLOGG                                                                        ALAN LOWE
     English                                                                               Vice Chancellor for Educational Planning & Services.
  B.A., M.A., U.C., Berkeley; M.A., C.S.U., Chico. Experience: Oakland Public            B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles;. Experience:
     Schools; C.S.U., Chico; University of the Pacific, Stockton; Yuba City High              Moorpark College, Moorpark; Ohlone College, Fremont; Mission College,
     School; YCCD since 1976.                                                               Santa Clara; Western Career College, Sacramento. YCCD since 2002.
  GREGORY KEMBLE                                                                         HAROLD W. LYONS
     Language Arts, English                                                                 Biology; Ecology
  B.A., U.C. Irvine; M.A., U.C. Irvine. Other graduate work: Long Beach City Col-
                                                                                         B.S., Rutgers University, New Jersey; M.S., Ph.D., U.C., San Diego. Other
     lege.Experience: Sierra College, U.C. Davis; Long Beach City College, U.C.
                                                                                            graduate work: Stanford University. Experience: University of Oregon,
     Irvine.YCCD since 2005
                                                                                            Charleston; Seattle University, Washington; University of British Columbia,
  BRUCE D. KIRK                                                                             Canada; YCCD since 1995.
     Manufacturing Technology
                                                                                         DONNA A. MC GILL-CAMERON
  B.A., C.S.U., Chico. Other graduate work: C.S.U., Chico. Experience: C.S.U.,
                                                                                            Business; Information Technology
     Chico; YCCD since 1977.
                                                                                         B.A., M.S., Mississippi State University; M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento; Ed.D., Uni-
  RAMONA KNIGHT                                                                             versity of LaVerne. Other graduate work: U.S.C., Los Angeles. Experience:
     Early Childhood Education, Social Science                                              Loretto High School, Sacramento; American River College, Sacramento;
  B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience: Sierra College, Sacramento City               YCCD since 1976.
     College, Cambridge College ; YCCD since 2002.
                                                                                         VICKI F. MACHADO
  W. PHILLIP KREBS                                                                          Nursing
     Director-Institutional Development/Grants/Foundation                                B.S.N., University of San Francisco; M.S.N., C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience:
  B.A., M.A., Northern Illinois University, DeKalb. Ph.D,University of Toledo,              YCCD since 1997.
     Ohio.Other graduate work: University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. Experience:
                                                                                         DENA MARTIN
     Illinois State Museum, Lewistown; University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa;
     Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida; University of Toledo, Ohio;
                                                                                         A.S., Sacramento City College; B.A., CSU, Sacramento; M.L.I.S., CSU, San
     YCCD since 1998.
                                                                                            Jose. Experience: Antioch Library, Sacramento City College, Glenwood
                                                                                            Elementary School. YCCD since 2006

160                                                                                                 Yuba Community College District
                                                            Academic Faculty and Administrators
ROBERT P. MATHEWS                                                                     HEIDI F. MORGAN
   Music; Music Theory
                                                                                      B.A, Antioch University, Ohio; M.A., Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park; Ed.D
B.M.E., St Mary’s University, San Antonio; M.M., University of Texas, San Antonio;
                                                                                         USF. Experience: Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park; Santa Rosa Junior
   M.M., D.M.A., Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.
                                                                                         College; Kansai Gaidai Hawaii College, Honolulu; YCCD since 1996.
   Experience: San Antonio Independent School District, Texas; University of
   Maryland; Lincoln University, Buenos Aires; YCCD since 2000.                       JULIE A. MORGAN
                                                                                      B.A., University of San Francisco; M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience: Big
                                                                                         Brothers-Big Sisters; Nevada County Schools, Grass Valley; Nevada Union
B.A., University of Utah, Salt Lake City; M.A., University of the Pacific, Stockton.
                                                                                         High School, Grass Valley; Bear River High School, Grass Valley; Sierra
   Experience: St. Mary’s High School and University of the Pacific, Stockton;
                                                                                         College, Rocklin and Grass Valley; YCCD since 2003.
   YCCD since 1977.
                                                                                      MICHAEL L. MORSE
                                                                                         Automotive Technology
  Earth Science/Physical Science
                                                                                      A.S., Los Angeles Pierce College; B.A., C.S.U., Los Angeles. Other graduate
BS, Geology, UC, Davis; MS, Geology, UC, Davis Experience: D-Q Univer-
                                                                                         work: University of Nevada, Reno. Experience: Francis Polytechnic High
  sity, Davis; Cosumnes River College, Sacramento, CSU, Sacramento; UC,
                                                                                         School, Sun Valley; Carson City Schools, Nevada; Northern Nevada Com-
  Davis; Outdoor Adventures, UC Davis; Palo Alto Jr. Museum & Zoo, Palo
                                                                                         munity College, Elko; YCCD since 1987.
  Alto YCCD since 2005
                                                                                      RICHARD MURAI
PAUL V. MENDOZA                                                                          Art
   President, Yuba College                                                            A.A., Contra Costa College, San Pablo; A.S., Laney College, Oakland; B.A.,
A.A., Santa Rosa Junior College; B.A, Sonoma State University; M.P.A., Golden            M.A., San Francisco State University. Other graduate work: U.C., Santa Cruz;
   Gate University, San Francisco. Other graduate work: Sonoma State University,         Center for Creative Imaging, Maine; C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience: Ohlone
   Rohnert Park; C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience: Sonoma State University,                College; Mendocino Art Center, College of the Redwoods; U.C., Berkeley;
   Rohnert Park; Sierra College, Rocklin; College of the Redwoods, Eureka;               San Francisco State University; Central Texas College, Killeen; Exposure,
   YCCD since 1996.                                                                      Seattle, Washington; Tahoe Photographic Workshops; U.C., Santa Cruz
                                                                                         Extension; YCCD since 1978.
   Agriculture                                                                        CHRISTOPHER MYERS
B.S., M.A., C.S.U., Chico. Other graduate work: C.S.U., Chico. Experience: East          Business
   Nicolaus High School, Trowbridge; YCCD since 1979.                                 B.S., San Jose State University; M.B.A., National University, Sacramento.
                                                                                         Experience: Auditor General Office, Sacramento; Aerojet General, Rancho
                                                                                         Cordova; Western Farm Credit Bank, Sacramento; Certified Public Accountant,
                                                                                         Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Fraud Examiner; YCCD since 1994.
A.A., Pasadena City College; B.A., C.S.U., Los Angeles; M.A., United States
   International University, San Diego; Ph.D., University of Wales, United Kingdom.   BRITT NAPOLI
   Other graduate work: C.S.U., Los Angeles; U.S.C., Los Angeles; University             Learning Disabilities Specialist
   of Oregon, Eugene; . Experience: Temple City Unified Schools; Stevenson             A.A., LA Valley College; B.A., C.S.U., Northridge, M.A; C.S.U., Northridge, M.S.,
   Junior High, Los Angeles; Esperanza High School, Anaheim; Conducted and               Univ of La Verne.Experience:LA Community College District; LA Unified School
   performed in U.S. and Europe; YCCD since 1989.                                        District; C.S.U. Northridge.YCCD since 2002

COLLEEN R. MONAHAN                                                                    SHARON J. NG
   Nursing                                                                               Psychology
A.D.N., Yuba College, Marysville; B.S.N., C.S.U., Chico; M.A., University of          A.A., Sierra College, Rocklin; B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento, Ph.D. California
   Pheonix. Other graduate work: University of Phoenix, Arizona. Experience:             Coast College. Experience: American River College, Sacramento; Sierra
   U.C. Davis Medical Center, Sacramento; Fremont-Rideout Health Group,                  College, Rocklin; Sacramento City College; C.S.U., Sacramento; C.S.U.,
   Yuba City; YCCD since 2002.                                                           Fresno; YCCD since 1991.

DESIREE MOORE                                                                         HELEN NICKOLSON
   English                                                                               Counselor
B.A., M.A. Humboldt State University, Arcata. Other graduate work: University         B.A., U.C., Davis; M.S., M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento. Other graduate work: U.S.C.,
   of the Pacific, Stockton; U.C., Davis; U.C., Santa Cruz. Experience: Nevada            Los Angeles. Experience: Yolo County Manpower Agency; Vocational Training,
   Union High School, Grass Valley; U.O.P. Feather River Preparatory School,             Yuba College Woodland Center; YCCD since 1981.
   Blairsden; Humboldt State University, Arcata; YCCD since 1984.                     JESSE ORTIZ
THOMAS W. MORENO                                                                         Counselor
   Accounting; Business                                                               B.S.W., San Jose State University; M.S.W., C.S.U., Sacramento; Ed.D., Brigham
A.A., College of San Mateo; B.S., University of San Francisco; M.S., University          Young University, Utah. Experience: Sacramento County Office of Education;
   of Oregon, Eugene. Experience: University of Oregon, Eugene; Texas A & I              Elk Grove Unified School District; American River College, Sacramento;
   University, Kingsville; Butte College, Oroville; C.S.U., Chico; Yuba College          Cosumnes River College; C.S.U., Sacramento; YCCD since 1994.
   since 1976.                                                                        KEVIN ORTON
                                                                                      BA, CSU, Sacramento; MS, UC, Riverside; Ph.D.,UC, Riverside Experience:
                                                                                        Mt. San Jacinto College; San Bernardino Valley College; Riverside Com-
                                                                                        munity College; UC, Davis YCCD since 2005

2007-2008 Catalog                                                                                                                                                    161
Academic Faculty and Administrators
  MICHAEL PAPIN                                                                        BARBARA RHODE
    Mathematics                                                                           Biology, Woodland
  BA, MA San Diego State University. Experience: Mendocino College, Redwood            B.S., William Smith College, Geneva; M.S., Mami University, Oxford; Ph.D,
    Academy Charter School, Ukiah; Achimota Secondary School; U.C., San                   Miami University, Oxford. Experience:Solano Community College; Rockhurst
    Diego; San Diego State University; YCCD Since 2003.                                   University; Mid-Plans Community College; Miami University; William Smith
                                                                                          College.YCCD since 2004
     English as a Second Language                                                      STEPHANIE REYNOLDS
  B.A., College of Literature and Foreign Languages, Iran; M.A., Damavand Col-            HPER, Athletics
     lege, Iran; M.A., University of Rochester, New York; M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D.,       B.A., C.S.U., Chico, M.A. Emporia State, Kansas. Experience: Wheatland School
     Yale University, Connecticut. Experience: New Haven Adult Education Center,          District, Wheatland. YCCD since 2002.
     Connecticut; University of New Haven, Connecticut; Cheshire Academy,              MIRIAM M. ROOT
     Connecticut; Esfahan University of Technology, Iran; Damavand College,               Public Information Officer/Director Community Education/
     Iran; Teheran University, Iran; Navy Language Institute, Iran; Tehran and            Campus Life
     Shahrekord High Schools, Iran; YCCD since 1990.                                   B.A., C.S.U., Chico; M.A., University of Phoenix, Sacramento. Experience:
  DAVID PEREZ                                                                             Paradise Post; KOBO Radio, Yuba City; Chamber of Commerce, Gridley;
     Counselor - Student Support Services                                                 YCCD since 1986.
  B.A., CSU, Chico; M.S., University of LaVerne. Experience: Yuba College,             DAVID M. RUBIALES
     Migrant Education Region III, Sutter County Schools, CTEC, Catholic Com-             History; Ethnic Studies
     munity Services. YCCD since 2006.                                                 B.A., University of the Pacific, Stockton; M.A., University of San Francisco. Other
  JAN E. PONTICELLI                                                                       graduate work: U.C., Berkeley. Experience: YCCD since 1970.
     Director, Disabled Student Program and Services                                   SUZANNE A. RUCKLE
  B.A., C.S.U., Chico; M.E., Oregon State University, Corvallis. Other graduate           Speech
     work: Western Oregon State University, Monmouth; San Francisco State              B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Chico. Experience: C.S.U., Chico; Butte College, Oroville;
     University. Experience: California School for the Deaf, Riverside; National          Urawa College, Japan; A.L.C.A. Language Institute, Spain; YCCD since
     University, Sacramento; Omochumnes High School, Elk Grove; Anna Kirch-               1995.
     gater Elementary School, Sacramento; C.S.U., Sacramento; Sacramento City
     College; Sierra College, Grass Valley; YCCD since 1999.                           SALLY M. RUDSTROM
  THEA BORDSEN POST                                                                    L.V.N., Yuba College, Marysville; R.N., B.S.N., M.S.N., C.S.U., Sacramento.
     Health Education; Physical Education                                                 Experience: Fremont Hospital, Yuba City; YCCD since 1998.
  B.A., U.C., Davis; M.S., California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.
     Experience: U.C., Davis; Sacramento Preventive Medicine Clinic; Levi Strauss      CELESTE SAGER
     and Co.; YCCD since 1986.                                                            Counselor
                                                                                       A.A., Los Angeles Pierce College; B.A., C.S.U., Northridge; M.A., University
  JAMES PRAGER                                                                            of San Francisco. Other graduate work: C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience:
     Coordinator-Academic Skills Center; Tutoring; Education; Speech                      Sears Roebuck and Company; Yuba College J.T.P.A. Program; Yuba Col-
  A.A., Contra Costa College; B.A., M.A., C.S.U., San Francisco. Experience: Portola      lege G.A.I.N. Assessment Program; Coordinator, CalWORKS Program;
     Junior High School; Albany Adult School; Richmond Adult School; Pinole Valley        YCCD since 1988.
     High School; Solano College, Suisun City; YCCD since 1981.
                                                                                       YVETTE M. SANTANA-SOTO
  CANDACE S. PRAY                                                                         Director, Upward Bound; Student Support Services Coordinator; Cal-
     Nursing                                                                              SOAP
  L.V.N., Ft. Wayne School of Nursing, Indiana; B.A., Purdue University, Indiana;      B.A., California Baptist University, Riverside; M.E., Boston University, Mas-
     A.D.N., College of the Desert, Palm Desert; B.S.N., University of Phoenix,           sachusetts. Experience: Cameron University, Oklahoma; C.S.U., Chico;
     Arizona; M.Ed., Azusa Pacific University, Los Angeles; B.S.N., University             YCCD since 1999.
     of Phoenix, Arizona. Experience: Parkview Hospital, Indiana; Hemet Valley
     Medical Center; March A.F.B., California; Wilford Hall Medical Center, Texas;     BOB J. SCHOENHERR
     Whitman AFB, Missouri; YCCD since 1998.                                              Business
                                                                                       B.S., New Mexico State University, Las Cruces; M.S., C.S.U., Long Beach.
  RICHARD PRONDZINSKI                                                                     Other graduate work: Eastern New Mexico University, Portales; U.C., Davis.
     Food Service Management                                                              Experience: Carlsbad Public Schools, New Mexico; Farmington Public
  A.A., Century College, Minnesota; Chef’s Training Degree. Experience: Yuba              Schools, New Mexico; Konocti Unified School District; Middletown Unified
     College adjunct instructor, owner and chef for Loon’s Nest Restaurant and            School District; YCCD since 1998.
     Rick’s Paradise Grill; YCCD since 2002.
                                                                                       DON SCHUMACHER
                                                                                          Auto Body
                                                                                       A.A., Butte College. Experience: Orland Unified School District, Butte College,
  B.S., U.C., Davis; M.S., CSU, Sacramento. Other graduate work American
     River College, SFSU Experience: American River College, Sacramento City              Iron Horse Restorations. YCCD since 2006
     College, Sierra Collge, ECORP Consulting Inc., C.S.U., Sacramento, El Dorado      SHEILA C. SCROGGINS
     National Forest, Tahoe National Forest. YCCD since 2004                              Nursing
  TINA D. RAMSEY                                                                       B.S.N., C.S.U., Chico; M.S.N., C.S.U., Sacramento; F.N.P., Sonoma State Uni-
     English                                                                              versity, Rohnert Park. Experience: Yuba College; YCCD since 1987.
  B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Fresno. Experience: Imperial Valley College; Reedley Col-
     lege; YCCD since 2004.

162                                                                                               Yuba Community College District
                                                          Academic Faculty and Administrators
SARA I. SEALANDER                                                                  JOHN STEVERSON
   Art                                                                                Mathematics
B.A., M.F.A., U.C., San Diego. Other graduate work: Whitney Museum of American     B.A.,M.A.,C.S.U., Sacramento Other graduate work: Chapman University.
   Art, New York; Independent Study Program. Experience: U.C., San Diego;             Experience:East Nicolaus High School, American River College, Sierra Col-
   Chaffey College, Alta Loma; California Institution for Women; Santa Reparta        lege, Folsom Lake College, Chabot College, C.S.U., Sacramento. YCCD
   Graphic Art Centre, Italy; YCCD since 1976.                                        since 2004

SHERYL SHOOK                                                                       MARCIA C. STRANIX
   Biology                                                                            Office Administration
B.S., California Polytechnic State University; Ph.D., U.C., Davis. Experience:     A.A., Yuba College; B.S., M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento. Other graduate work: C.S.U.,
   Sacramento City College, Los Rios, Cold Spring Harbor Lab, Woods Hole              Sacramento. Experience: YCCD since 1979.
   Marine Biology Lab, Woodland Community College, UC Davis. YCCD                  JANELLE L. STRIK
   since 2006                                                                         English; ESL
KAY CHRISTOPHER SIMS                                                               B.A., College of Notre Dame, Belmont; M.Ed., Trenton State College, New Jersey.
   Family and Consumer Science                                                        Experience: St. Columbkille’s School, Los Angeles; American Community
A.A., Chabot College; B.S., M.S., U.C., Davis. Other graduate work: U.C., Davis;      School, Lebanon; Escuela McKee Constructora, Guatemala; Dubai American
   C.S.U., Chico and Sacramento. Experience: YCCD since 1970.                         and Japanese Schools, United Arab Republic; YCCD since 1999.

CLARK C. SMITH                                                                     CAY E. STRODE
   Nursing                                                                            English
B.A., California State College, San Bernardino; B.S.N., C.S.U., Los Angeles;       B.A., Occidental College, Los Angeles; M.A., San Francisco State University.
   M.N., U.C.L.A, Los Angeles. Experience: Charter Hospital, Roseville; Sierra        Other graduate work: University of Rochester, New York. Experience: Cabrillo
   Vista Hospital, Sacramento; YCCD since 1996.                                       College, Aptos; Honolulu Community College, Hawaii; YCCD since 2004.

TRAVIS SMITH                                                                       LAUREN E. SYDA
   Social Science, History                                                            Mathematics; Statistics
B.A., San Jose State Univeristy; M.A. C.S.U., Sacramento; Ph.D., U.C. Santa        B.A., M.S., C.S.U., Sacramento; M.S., U.C., Davis. Other graduate work: C.S.U.,
   Barbara. Experience:C.S.U., Sacramento; U.C. Santa Barbara; Business               Sacramento; C.S.U., Chico; Stanford University; U.C., Davis. Experience:
   History Group; Santa Cruz County Board of Education, Cabrillo College.             C.S.U., Sacramento; Aerojet Solid Propulsion Company, Sacramento; U.C.,
   YCCD since 2005                                                                    Davis; YCCD since 1976.
ROXANNE N. SNYDER                                                                  JENINE L. TANABE
   Nursing, Woodland                                                                  Biology; Physiology
A.D.N., Sacramento City College; B.S.N., M.S.N., C.S.U., Dominguez Hills,          A.A., Yuba College; B.S., U.C., Davis; M.D., U.C., San Francisco. Other graduate
   Carson. Other graduate work: C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience: Oroville              work: C.S.U., Sacramento; U.C., Davis Medical Center, Sacramento. YCCD
   Hospital; Woodland Healthcare; YCCD since 2000.                                    since 1994.
SALVADOR V. SOTO                                                                   JOHN B. THOO
   La Raza Studies; Social Science; Spanish; Anthropology                             Mathematics
B.A., California State College, Stanislaus; M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento. Other        A.S., Cabrillo College, Aptos; A.B., U.C., Berkeley; M.A. Other graduate work: U.C.,
   graduate work: California State College, Stanislaus. Experience: Greater           Davis. Experience: Napa Valley College; U.C., Davis; YCCD since 1995.
   California Education Project; Yuba College since 1971.
                                                                                   KAREN TRIMBLE
HANAN SOUKI                                                                           Director of Information Systems and Computing Technology
   Mathematics                                                                     A.S., Yuba College; B.S., M.S., C.S.U., Sacramento. Other graduate work:
B.S., University of Memphis; M.S., U.C., Davis. Experience: Woodland Com-             C.S.U., Chico; U.C. Davis. Experience: Yuba County, Colusa County, Glen
   munity College, Solano Community College, Sacramento City College, UC              County, Yolo County Office of Education, Yuba County Office of Education.
   Davis. YCCD since 2006                                                             YCCD since 1997.
ESTELITA SPEARS                                                                    KEVIN W. TRUTNA
   Counselor                                                                       Vice Presient Academic and Student Services
A.A., Sacramento City College; B.S., CSU, Sacramento; M.S., CSU, Sacramento.       B.S., Loyola University, Illinois; M.S. Ed.D., Montana State University, Bozeman.
   Experience: Los Rios, Rio Americano High School, Mark Hopkins Elementary,          Experience: Arizona Western College; YCCD since 1999.
   Cosumnes River College, Sacramento City College, University of Phoenix,
   Yolo County- Dept of Social Services. YCCD since 2006                           DANIEL TURNER
LINDA J. STAFFERO                                                                  B.S., U.C., Davis. Experience: Shasta Union High School District, Foothill HS,
   Human Anatomy; Biology                                                             Greene and Hemly. YCCD since 2006
B.A., C.S.U., Sacramento; M.A., C.S.U., Fresno. Experience: C.S.U., Fresno;
   Merced College; YCCD since 1990.                                                RONALD G. TURNER
                                                                                      Administration of Justice
BILL J. STEEN                                                                      A.S., Solano Community College, Suisun; B.A., Golden Gate University, San
   Automotive Technology                                                              Francisco; M.P.A., National university, San Diego. Experience: Fairfield Police
A.S., Los Angeles Trade Technical College; B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Los Angeles.           Department; Fairfield/Suisun School District; YCCD since 1994.
   Experience: C.S.U., Los Angeles; Chaffey Community College, Alta Loma;
   Toyota Motor Sales, Torrance; Hyundai Motor American, Garden Grove; Citrus      R. TERRY TURNER
   College, Glendora; YCCD since 1991.                                                Art; Humanities
                                                                                   B.A., U.C., Davis; M.A., Kent State University, Ohio. Experience: U.C., Davis;
                                                                                      Kent State University, Ohio; Sacramento City Unified School District; YCCD
                                                                                      since 1976.

2007-2008 Catalog                                                                                                                                                    163
Academic Faculty and Administrators
  JOSE A. VALLEJO                                                                   W. SCOTT WILSON
     EOP&S Counselor                                                                   Radiologic Technology
  B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Sacramento. Experience: Woodland High School, Woodland;       A.S., Fresno City College; B.A., St. Mary’s College, Moraga. Other collegiate
     YCCD since 2002.                                                                  work: U.C., Riverside. Experience: Fresno Community Hospital; Loma Linda
  ERIC VINCENT                                                                         University Hospital; Neurological Orthopedic, Riverside; San Bernardino Com-
    Nursing                                                                            munity Hospital; North Valley C.T./M.R.I., Chico; YCCD since 1993.
  ADN, Yuba College; B.S.N, CSU, Chico. Experience: Oroville Hospital and           WILLARD WRIGHT
    Medical Center. YCCD since 2006                                                  Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services
  ROBERT C. WACHMAN                                                                 BS, University of Nebraska; MBA, Bradley University, Illinois; Ed.D., Northern
     English as a Second Language                                                     Illinois University, Illinois Experience: Solano Community College District,
  B.A., U.C., Riverside; M.A.T., School for International Training, Vermont.          Fairfield; Caterpillar, Inc., Illinois; Aurora University, Illinois; Waubonsee
     Experience: Long Beach City College; Peace Corps, Nepal; Philippine Refu-        Community College, Illinois; Illinois State Univ, Illinois; Illinois Central Col-
     gee Program, Philippines; Adult Schools, various southern California cities;     lege, Illinois; Benedictine University, Illinois YCCD since 2005
     YCCD since 1988.
     Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  B.A., Brigham Young University, Utah; M.B.A., CSU, San Marcos. Experience: San
     Jacinto Community College, North County Transit District, Quality Monitoring
     Services Inc, Porterville College, Sand Diego City Schools, Sulzer Calcitek,
     Medicode Inc. YCCD since 2006
  A.A. Pasadena City College; B.A. U.C. Davis; M.A. C.S.U., Sacramento; Ph.D.
     U.C., Davis. Experience:Yuba College; UOP; U.C., Davis; Cosumnes River
     College; Napa Valley College;C.S.U., Sacramento. YCCD since 2004.
     Early Childhood Education
  B.A., M.S., U.C. Davis; Experience: U.C., Davis, Cosumnes River College,
     Sacramento; Solano College, Suisun City; YCCD since 2002.
     Theatre Arts
  A.A., Yuba College; B.A., M.A., San Francisco State University. Other graduate
     work: American Conservatory Theatre. Experience: San Francisco Opera;
     Walnut Creek Regional Arts Center; Berkeley Repertory Theatre; Drama
     Studio, London; Member, British Society of Stage Combat Directors; YCCD
     since 1976.
     Director-Matriculation/School Relations
  A.A., Prince George’s Community College, Maryland; B.S., M.B.A., Golden Gate
     University, San Francisco; Ed.D, UOP Experience: Lockheed, Maryland;
     Federal Government, Washington, D.C.; Yuba College Student Services;
     YCCD since 1992.
  BSN, CSU, Sacramento; MSN, CSU, Sacramento Experience: Yuba City
    Unified School District, Yuba City; Fremont/Rideout Health Group, Yuba
    City, State of California YCCD since 2005

     Life Science
  B.A., M.A., C.S.U., Chico. Other graduate work: U.C., Davis; C.S.U., Chico, San
     Francisco, and Sacramento; California Polytechnic State University, San Luis
     Obispo. Experience: C.S.U., Chico; YCCD since 1974.
     Radiologic Technology; Coordinator
  A.S., Yuba College; B.A., C.S.U., Chico; M.P.A., Golden Gate University, San
     Francisco. Other graduate work: C.S.U., Chico; University of Southern
     California, Los Angeles; Touro University International. Experience: Fremont
     Medical Center, Yuba City; Orthopaedic Medical Group, Yuba City; Woodland
     Clinic Medical Group, Woodland; YCCD since 1991.

164                                                                                            Yuba Community College District
                                                   Academic Faculty and Administrators
DOUGLAS L. ADAMS Life                BARNEY E. CARLSON                    ETSUKO A. HAEGELE Physical          FRANK N. KATANIC
  Science                              Business                             Education                           Automotive Technology
  Appointed 1966 – Retired 1994        Appointed 1971 – Retired 2004        Appointed 1966 – Retired 1986       Appointed 1976-Retired 2006

DONALD E. ANGST Agriculture;         JOSEPH H. CAVAZOS Associate          WILLIAM H. HAEUSER, JR.
                                                                                                              ROBERT W. KIRK
  Ornamental Horticulture              Dean-Financial Aid/E.O.P.S.          Business Education
                                                                                                                Language Arts;
  Appointed 1977 - Retired 1998        Appointed 1970 - Retired 1997        Appointed 1961 – Retired 1976
                                                                                                                Social Science; Lake
GILBERT T. AZAMA Art                 FRANK CECIL                          CORNELIE A. HAILE Vocational          Appointed 1977 – Retired 2002
   Appointed 1965 - Retired 1997       Business, Computer Applications      Nursing
                                                                                                              STEPHEN P. KLEIN
                                       Appointed 1971- Retired 2002         Appointed 1965 – Retired 1986
DONNA M. BABAO         Vocational                                                                               Engineering; Mathematics; Com-
  Nursing;                           HENRY CHIN                           CARL R. HALL           Philosophy     puter Science
  Associate Degree Nursing             Mathematics                        Appointed 1971-Retired 2005          Appointed 1976-Retired 2007
  Appointed 1981 - Retired 2001        Appointed 1990 – Retired 2003      WILLIAM E. HARMS Mathematics        EDITH L. KLENHARD
ROBERT BARKHOUSEAutomotive           MARILYN C. COVEY Nursing               Appointed 1968 – Retired 1982       Vocational Nursing, Woodland
  Technology                           Appointed 1968 - Retired 1996      SARA S. HARRIS                        Appointed 1976 – Retired 1992
  Appointed 1961 – Retired 1987                                             College Health Nurse
                                     CHRIS N. DOKOS                                                           ERNEST L. KRAUSE
CHARLES BARNETT Business,              Biology; Ecology                     Appointed 1974 – Retired 2004       Life Science
  Photography                          Appointed 1994 – Retired 2004      JAMES R. HAY                          Appointed 1959 – Retired 1987
  Appointed 1963 – Retired 1978                                             Counselor;
                                     JOHN A. DRUASH        Business;                                          CORNELIS J. KROON
CHARLES L. BERRIER English,            Real Estate                          Career Center Coordinator;          Automotive
  German, French                       Appointed 1958 –Retired 1987         Vocational Specialist               Technology;Agricultural
  Appointed 1965 - Retired 1996                                             Appointed 1970 – Retired 1993       Mechanics;Welding
                                     JAY DRURY Assoc. Dean Fine
                                                                          ROBERT L. HOOPER                      Appointed 1977 – Retired 2006
THOMAS W. BIRCH Automotive             Arts/Language Arts
  Technology                           Appointed 1997-Retired 2006          English                           ANNETTE C. LAMBSON
  Appointed 1969 – Retired 1990                                             Appointed 1961 – Retired 1993       Assistant Superintendent/
                                     STEPHEN M. EPLER                     RITA A. HOOTS         Biology;        Vice President-Instruction
CAROL JEAN BORDSEN                     Superintendent-President             Chemistry                           Appointed 1985 – Retired 2001
  Physical Education                   Appointed 1995 - Retired 2001        Appointed 1981 - Retired 2005
  Appointed 1962 – Retired 1986                                                                               JAMES G. LAWSON
                                     DON A. FERRAIUOLO Dean of            KEN L. HULTSMAN                       English, Woodland
HOLBROOK M. BORUCK                     Vocational Education                 Automation; Manufacturing;          Appointed 1968 – Retired 2000
  Counselor; Research and              Appointed 1975 - Retired 2003        Welding
  Testing Officer                                                            Appointed 1970 – Retired 2004     DONALD G. LE FAVE
  Appointed 1959 – Retired 1985      JOHN P. FLAHERTY Physics                                                   History; Political Science
                                       Appointed 1972 - Retired 2003      HAROLD G. HUNZIKER                    Appointed 1961 – Retired 1999
JOSEPH A. BOUCHARD                                                          Chemistry
  Accounting                         MARTHA FOSTER                          Appointed 1966 – Retired 2004     PAUL A. LEATHERS Agriculture,
  Appointed 1986 - Retired 2000        Psychiatric Technology                                                   Woodland
                                     Appointed 2000 - Retired 2006        LYNN IRELAND                          Appointed 1976 – Retired 2002
JAMES FRED BOWMAN                                                           Counselor;
  Administration of Justice          PENNY FREDELL         Family and       Coordinator-Re-Entry Center;      JAMES A. LEMOS         Counselor;
  Appointed 1970 – Retired 1993        Consumer Studies; E.C.E.; Art        Gender Equity Coordinator           Instructor
                                       Appointed 1971 – Retired 2001        Appointed 1977 – Retired 2001       Appointed 1977 - Retired 2001
  Music Literature; Instrumental     ARTHUR G. FRUHLING                   EDA JAMESON                         MARGOT J. LOSCHKE Director of
  Music                                Mathematics                          English                             Nursing;
  Appointed 1962 – Retired 1988        Appointed 1987 – Retired 2003        Appointed 1961 – Retired 1983       Coordinator of Allied Health
                                                                                                                Appointed 1981 - Retired 1999
JAMES D. BUCHAN Business             KENNETH J. GAAL       Computer       HOWARD W. JOHNSON
  Computer Applications                Science; Mathematics                 Music                             D. LEE MITCHELL III
  Appointed 1968 – Retired 1993        Appointed 1969 – Retired 2003        Appointed 1976 – Retired 1993     Anthropology; Earth Sciences;
DAVID M. BUCHLA       Electronics;   LA VERNE GRELL        Music, Voice   JOAQUINA CALVO JOHNSON                 Appointed 1976 - Retired 2006
  Physical Science                     Appointed 1957 – Retired 1974        Music; Voice; Choral Ensembles
  Appointed 1981 – Retired 1999                                             Appointed 1977 – Retired 2002     JOSEPH A. MC CARRON
                                     RAYMOND GUTIERREZ, Jr.                                                     Associate Dean–Health, Physical
DORIS BUELL           Art, Home        Counseling; Psychology,            ROBERT D. KETELLE                     Education, and Recreation;
  and Family Living                    Woodland                             Chemistry                           Athletic Director
  Appointed 1951 – Retired 1971        Appointed 1976 – Retired 1993        Appointed 1963 – Retired 1987       Appointed 1972 – Retired 1994
HOWARD M. CADENHEAD                  EDWIN E. HAEGELE                                                         REX L. MC DOUGAL Dean,
  Health Education; Physical           Administrative Services Officer                                           Community Educational Services
  Education                            Appointed 1966 – Retired 1987                                            Appointed 1964 – Retired 1984
Appointed 1976 – Retired 2003

2007-2008 Catalog                                                                                                                                 165
Academic Faculty and Administrators
  DONALD F. MEADOWSEnglish,            JANICE L. RACKERBY Vocational          LUEGENE SIMPSON
    German                               Nursing                                Counselor/Coordinator
    Appointed 1963 – Retired 1987        Appointed 1966 – Retired 1991          Appointed 1970 – Retired 2001
  LOUIS J. MENGHINI                    STEVEN W. RICHARDSON                   BALDEV SINGH
    Adaptive P.E., Health & Physical     Food Services Management               Asian–American Studies;
    Education                            Appointed 1981 - Retired 2002          Social Science
    Appointed 1957 – Retired 1984                                               Appointed 1971 – Retired 1993
                                       ROBERT L. REITER Psychology
  ROBERT F. MOGNIS                       Appointed 1960 – Retired 1990        GEORGE L. SOUZA
    Education, English                                                          Dean of Students
                                       LEONARD W. REYNOLDS
    Appointed 1947 – Retired 1976                                               Appointed 1972 – Retired 1989
  DAVID ROBERTSON                        Appointed 1983 – Retired 1993        SARA R. SULLIVAN
    Language Arts; Consultant, Lake                                             Language Arts; Academic Skills
                                       FRANK J. RODGERS Business,
    Appointed 1973 –Retired 1978                                                Appointed 1979 – Retired 2003
                                         Appointed 1976 – Retired 2002
  FREDA C. MONNOT                                                             MARIAN C. SHIVERS
    Business English; Secretarial      JEANINE C. ROUNDS Dean–                  Counselor
    Skills                               Instructional Services; Associate      Appointed 1979 – Retired 2006
    Appointed 1960 – Retired 1972        Dean-Language Arts
                                         Appointed 1977 - Retired 1996        NANCY K. SUMMY
    Humanities; Philosophy             ANN RUSK Psychology                      Appointed 1994 – Retired 2006
    Appointed 1966 – Retired 1999        Appointed 1971 – Retired 1994
  MIKE MOYERS                          BLAINE R. RUSSELL                      GORDON M. TAYLOR French;
    Dean–Vocational Education/           Coordinator, Instructor-Veterinary     English; Coordinator-Writing
    Economic Development                 Technology                             Laboratory
    Appointed 1986 – Retired 2001        Appointed 1979-Retired 2006            Appointed 1963 – Retired 1993

  M. J. NEALON                         ROBERT J. RUTLEDGE                     PETE TORRES
     Associate Degree Nursing            Counselor; Testing and Research        Counselor; Servicemembers’
     Program                             Officer                                 Opportunity Counselor;
     Appointed 1980 – Retired 1993       Appointed 1966 – Retired 1990          Athletic Counselor
                                                                                Appointed 1970 – Retired 1992
  NOAH L. NUTTER                       ERNEST D. SANDOVAL
    Business Skills                      Mass Communications; Speech          ELAINE VAUDOIT
    Appointed 1978 – Retired 1988        Appointed 1969 – Retired 1987          Vocational Nursing
                                                                                Appointed 1968 – Retired 1977
  ALLAN O’BERG                         DONALD L. SCHRADER
    Life Science                         Measurement Science                  GEORGE W. VAUGHT Agriculture
    Appointed 1963 – Retired 1987        Appointed 1975 – Retired 2004          Appointed 1947 – Retired 1982
  C. PATRICIA O’BRIEN–                 WILLIAM G. SCHULTZ Associate           ERNEST D. WETTSTEIN
     PETERSON                            Dean-                                  Earth Sciences
     Cosmetology, Lake                   Mathematics; Sciences                  Appointed 1947 – Retired 1984
     Appointed 1978 – Retired 1991       Appointed 1965 – Retired 1999
                                                                              PATRICIA L. WIRTH
  EARL R. ORUM                         GERALD P. SEVEREID Economics             Superintendent–President
    Dean of Instruction                  Appointed 1965 – Retired 1999          Appointed 1984 – Retired 1994
    Appointed 1964 – Retired 1985
                                       DOUGLAS E. SHAMBERGER                  DANIEL D. WONG
  BEVERLY A. PAGET                       Library Services                       Counselor; Transfer Specialist
    Associate Dean–Business;             Appointed 1968 - Retired 1996          Appointed 1968 - Retired 1998
    Social Science Outreach;
    Director-Small Business            GEORGE C. SHAW        Director of      WALTER H. WOODS
    Development Center                   Personnel Services and Human           Coordinator/Instructor-
    Appointed 1973 – Retired 1999        Resources                              X–Ray Technology
                                         Appointed 1965 – Retired 1991          Appointed 1972 – Retired 1992
    Health Education; Physical         HELEN DAVID SHAW Learning              CHOR H. YU            Computer
    Education                            Disabilities Specialist; Language      Science; Mathematics, Woodland
    Appointed 1969 – Retired 2001        Arts,                                  Appointed 1964 – Retired 1991
                                         Mass Communications; Lake
  JANE S. POYNTER                      Appointed 1979 - Retired 2003
    Associate Degree Nursing
    Appointed 1987-Retired 2007        ROBERT J. SIMMONS
                                         English; American Literature
  BIDYA P. PRADHAN                       Appointed 1971 – Retired 2002
     Counselor; East Indian Student
     Appointed 1974 – Retired 2003

166                                                                                     Yuba Community College District
                                               Academic Faculty and Administrators
                                                    IN MEMORIAM
CALLIE ALLISON, English                       JIMMIE KYSER, Ethnic Studies                         R. B. VAN COURTRIGHT, Music

CORINE D. ANDREWS, Spanish                    THOMAS LARNER, Dean, Student Activities              WILLIAM GLENN VAN DOREN, Physics

CALVIN W. ASHWORTH, Music                     DONALD E. LEHMAN Division Dean-                      DONALD VEDO, Associate Dean-Instructional
                                                Applied Arts and Sciences                            Services
                                                                                                   CHARLES WALES, Auto Mechanics
FERNE I. BAKER, R.N., Coordinator, Allied     KATHLEEN MELOY LAUGHLIN, Business
  Health Program                                                                                   DANIEL G. WALKER, Superintendent/President
                                              KENNETH MAC DONALD, English
RALPH O. BAKER, Life Science                                                                       CURTIS WARREN, President
                                              BERNARD MC GUIRE, Physical Science
SHIRLEY BARRICK, Business Skills                                                                   FRANK WILKINSON, Music
                                              J. W. MC RAE, Band, Piano
WALTER S. BLOOM, Philosophy, Psychology                                                            ROBERT H. WILLIAMS, History, Political Science
                                              JOHN C. MAHONEY, Mathematics
ALGEO H. BRILL, Vice President; Assistant                                                          MINERVA J. WOOTTON, Dean of Women
                                              EDWARD H. MALLOY, English, Speech
  Superintendent for Educational Services
                                              EDGAR A. MILLER, Business Skills, Lake
WALTER BRISTOL, Physical Science
                                              ELBERT D. MILLER, Dean, Admissions and
ROBERT BUELL, Mathematics                       Counseling
DONALD BUTLER, Science, Theatre; Director-    D. CHILYALYA MWALOZI, Afro–American
  Public Events                                  Studies; Social Science
J. J. COLLINS, District Superintendent and    BERTHA C.D. NIELSEN, Foreign Languages
                                              E. MOFFITT NORVELL Mathematics; Assistant
DAVID CONROY, Counselor                          Superintendent-Instruction
DAN R. DILLON, Assistant Dean, Special        JOHN E. OROGNEN, Coach, Track and Field/
  Education Services                            Cross Country; Health Education; Physical
HAROLD DOUGLASS Consultant, Woodland            Education
                                              PEDRO OSUNA, President
THOMAS S. DOTY, Mathematics
                                              THOMAS S. PEPPAS, Dean, Special Education
GARY B. ENGELKEN, Health Education;             Services
  Physical Education
                                              E. VIOLANTI PERI, Foreign Languages
RUSSELL L. FREEMYERS, Engineering, Drafting
                                              PHILLIP O. POSTEL, Electronics
  Science                                     GLENN E. POTTER, Physical Education
PHILIP GIFFIN, Language Arts                  WILLIAM G. REED, Librarian
WALTER W. GOTTLUND, Education, Social         DEBORAH L. RICHTER, Computer Science;
  Sciences                                      Mathematics
CALVIN GOWER, Division Dean–Fine Arts and     ROBERT E. RITNER, Division Dean, Language
  Social Science; Public Events                 Arts, Library, and Academic Skills
RICHARD A. HARDIN, Life Science               DONNA E. SARTHOU, Vocational Nursing,
  Associate Dean;                             MIRIAM SIMONS, Business; Home and Family
  Director-Lake County Center                   Living
                                              ROBERT H. STAEHLIN, Assistant Dean-
P. CLAY HEILMANN, Assistant Superintendent
                                                Instruction; Director of Library–Learning Center
   of Business
                                              EDMOND A. STARR         Measurement Science;
                                              ALBIN A. SLUZALIS, Engineering, Mathematics
DON M. JOHNSTON, Sociology
                                              RUSSELL E. STEEPER, Librarian
HERBERT F. KEELER, Industrial Arts
                                              LOUETTA THOMSON, Vocational Nursing

2007-2008 Catalog                                                                                                                               167
                   Index                    B
                                            Basic Skills 36
                                            Basketball 138, 139
  A                                         Beale AFB Center 11
                                            Beale Air Force Base 11
                                            Biology 77
  Absence 40                                Board and Room 17
  Academic Freedom 12                       Bookstore 14
  Academic Probation 43                      Refunds 14, 28
  Academic Regulations and Information 34   Botany 77
  Academic Renewal 35                       Brakes 73
  Academic Skills Center 14, 15             Business 78
  Academies 61                               Accounting 78
  Accident Insurance 17                      Administrative Assistant 89
  Accounting 78                              Agricultural Business 65
  Accreditation 12                           Business Administration 78
  Administrative Assistant 89                Business Computer Applications 79
  Admissions 21, 22, 23                      Clerical 89
  Advanced Placement 37                      General Business 82
  Advanced Standing 35, 38                   Information Technology 84
  Advertising 89                             Legal Office Skills 90
  Aerobics 137                               Marketing 89
  Aeronautics 65                             Medical Office Skills 90
  Afro-American Studies 114                  Office Administration 89
  Age Requirements 21                        Personnel Management 86
  Agricultural Business 65                   Real Estate 92
  Agriculture Technology 65                  Small Business Management 86
  Algebra 129                                Word Processing 90
  Anatomy 142                               Business Administration 78
  Anthropology 67
  Architectural Studies 68                  C
  Art 69
  Articulation information 54               C.A.R.E. 16
  Asian-American Studies 114                Cafeteria 16
  Assessment Center 14                      Cal-SOAP 14
  ASSIST 48, 53                             Calculus 129
  Associate Degree                          California Articulation Numbering System 60
   Additional 45                            California State University
  Associated Student fee 28                  CSU, Chico University Studies Major 58
  Associated Students of Yuba College 33     General Education Breadth Req. 55
  Associate in Arts 46                       IGETC 57
  Associate in Science 46                    Lower Division Requirements 54
  Athletic Eligibility 35                    U.S. History/Constitutions Req. 57
  Athletics 30                              Campus Police Department 30
  Attendance 36                             CAN Courses, defined 60
  Audit 39                                  Career Planning 15
  Auditing Class 36                         Catalog Rights 36
  Authority of Instructors 36               Ceramics 71
  Automotive Technology 73                  Certificate of Training 57
  Avenues to Better Jobs 54                 Challenge, course 58
                                            Chassis 73
                                            Chemical Dependency Awareness 122
                                            Chemistry 92

168                                                Yuba Community College District
Child Care Education 99                                 D
Child Development Center 15
Children in Class 30                                    Definition, student 44
Class Schedule 27                                       Dependents, Veterans 19
Clear Lake Campus 11                                    Dining Facilities 16
CLEP Exam 37                                            Diploma, High School 17
Clerical 89                                             Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S) 17
Clubs and Organizations 31                              Disciplinary Probation 31
Code of Conduct 31                                      Discipline 31
College Board 37                                        Discrimination Complaint 14, 33
College Board Advanced Placement 37                     Discrimination Policy 13
College Health Nurse 17                                 Dismissal 43
College Life 30                                         Dismissal Standards 48
College standing 12                                     Displaced Homemakers 115
Colors and Nickname 31                                  District Information 11
Colusa 11                                               Donations 20
Commercial Art 69                                       Drafting 68
Communications 127, 149                                 Drama 31
Community Education 15                                  Dress Regulations 31
Competency Requirements 46                              Drive Trains 73
Complaint, discrimination 14                            Drug Abuse Counselor 124
Complaints Involving Faculty or other Staff Member 33   Drug Free 31
Computer and Network Usage Policy 39                    Drug Free School Policy 31
Computer Applications 79
Computer Science 72, 93
Conduct and Discipline 31                               E.O.P.S. 17
Contracted Training 15                                  Ecology 103
Cooking 115                                             Economic Development 17
Cooperative Work Experience 16, 94                      Education 104
Cooperative Work Experience Education 16                Educational Assistant 104
Corequisites 40, 41                                     Educational Expenses 28, 29
Corrections 61                                          Educational Rights and Privacy Act 34
Costs 27, 28                                            Electrical Systems - Automotive 73
Counseling 16                                           Emergency Medical Technician 106
Course “48” 98                                          Engineering Technology 107
Course “49” 98                                          English 107
Course Information 58                                   English as a Second Language 110
Course Limitation 36                                    Enrollment
Courses                                                  Fees 25, 27
 Numbering 59                                            Maximum Load 25
 Repeating 60                                            Policy 21, 25, 58
Credit 27, 59, 60                                       Entrance Requirements 21, 58
Credit/No Credit 38                                     Entry Level Courses 27
Credit By Exam 38                                       Environmental Horticulture 65
Credit By Examination 38                                Environmental Technology 65
Credit For Military Experience 38                       Evening classes 17
Credit for Study Abroad 44                              Examination Credit 38
Credit transfer 59                                      Examinations 39
Criteria for Residency 22                               Executive Offices 7
Cross Country 139                                       Exemption from Regulations 39
                                                        Expenses 27
                                                        Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (E.O.P.S.)

2007-2008 Catalog                                                                                               169
  F                                              Honors List 40
                                                 Hope Scholarship 29
  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 34   Humanities 125
  Fees 25, 27                                    Human Resource Management 87
  FERPA 34, 35                                   Human Services 122
  Final Examinations 39
  Final Grades 39                                I
  Financial Aid 29, 31
    Criteria 29                                  Incomplete 39
    Deadline 29                                  Independent Studies 98
    Programs Available 29                        Information Technology 83
    Satisfactory Academic Progress 29            Inservice Training 15
  Financial Obligations 39                       Instructional Aide 104
  Fine Arts Staff 8                              Instructors 36
  Fire Fighter I Academy 116                     Insurance 17
  Fire Technology 116, 118                       Intercollegiate Athletics 139
  First Aid 100                                  Internship 126
  Florist 66
  Food Facilities 16
  Football 139                                   Job Placement 17
  Foreign students 21, 23
  Foundation, Yuba College 20                    L
  French 118
                                                 Landscape Installation/Maintenance 66
  Freshman Student 44
                                                 Law Enforcement 61
  Full-time Student 44
                                                 Learning Disabilities 104, 128
  G                                              Leave of Absence 40
                                                 Legal Office Skills 90
  General Business 82                            Library 18
  General Studies 119                            Licensed Vocational Nurse 135
  Genetics 67, 78                                Life Science 77
  Geography 120                                  Lifetime Learning Credit 30
  Geology 120                                    Literature 102
  Goals, Yuba College 13
  Golf 138                                       M
  Governing Board 7
                                                 Management programs 82
  Grade Forgiveness Policy 35
                                                 Manicuring 95
  Grade Point Average 40
                                                 Marketing 89
  Grade Reports 39
                                                 Mass Communications 127
  Grades 39
                                                 Master Mechanic 74
  Graduation 45
                                                 Mathematics 129
  Graduation Requirements 45–47
                                                  Competency 46
  Grammar 108
                                                 Matriculation 23, 24
  Grants 29
                                                 Maximum Unit Load 25
  H                                              Measurement Science 130
                                                 Mechanic 73
  Handicapped (Disabled) Services 17             Medical Care, Student 17
  Health Services 17                             Medical Office Skills 90
  Heating and Air conditioning - Automotive 74   Merchandising 89
  High School                                    Metalworking 152
   Concurrent Enrollment 21                      Midterm Examinations 39
   Diploma, earning 17                           Military Experience Credit 38
   Graduation requirement 21                     Military Withdrawal 39, 45
  Honorable Dismissal 35                         Mission, YCCD 13

170                                                     Yuba Community College District
Mission and Goals 13                      Priority Registration 21
Music 32                                  Privacy, right 34
                                          Probation 43
N                                         Probation standards 48
Native American Studies 114               Programming, computer 83
Natural Science 77                        Programs and Options 53
Networking Technology 83                  Programs and Services 14
Network Usage Policy 39                   Progress Probation 43
Nickname and Colors 31                    Public Events Program 17
Nondiscrimination Statement 13            Public Law 101-542 & 102-26 41
Nonresident Tuition 22, 27, 28            Public Speaking 149
Notification of Absence 40                 R
Numbering Courses 59
Nurse, college health 17                  Re-entry Women 115
Nursing 132                               Reading 147
Nutrition 101                             Reading competency 46
                                          Readmission 43
O                                         Real Estate 92
Objectives, Yuba College 13               Recorder Use 33
Occupational Programs 53                  Refunds 28
Occupational Work Experience 94           Registered Nurse Program 133
Office Administration 89                   Registration
Open Enrollment Policy 21, 25, 58          Priority 21
Orchestra 131                              Procedures 25
Organization 7                             Student Responsibility 25
Organizations and Clubs 31                Regulations and Information 34
Out-of-State admissions 22                Repeated Courses 43
Outreach Areas 11                         Repeating Courses 60
Overseas Study 44                         Requisites 58
                                          Residence Hall 17
P                                         Residency Requirements 21, 22
                                          Responsibility, Student 48
Painting 70                               Right To Know 41
Painting and Refinishing - Automotive 74   Room and Board 17
Parking Fee 27
Part-time Student 44                      S
Permanent Records 44
Personnel Management 86                   Schedule 27
Petition 41                               Schedule of Classes 22, 23, 25, 27
Petition for Graduation 45                Scholarships 29
Philosophy 137                            Sculpture 71
Photography 69                            Secretarial Skills 89
Physical Education 137                    Security, Campus 30
Piano 131                                 Servicemembers 43
Placement, Advanced College Board 37      Servicemembers’ Opportunity College 48
Placement, student jobs 17                Sexual Harrassment 33
Placement Exams 26                        Shorthand 91
Placement levels 26, 58                   Skills Requisite 40
Placement Testing 14                      Small Business Development Center (SBDC) 18
Play Production 31                        Small Business Management 86
Police Department 30                      Small Engines 67
Pre-Collegiate Course Limitation 36       Smoking Policy 32
Prerequisites 40, 41, 58                  Soccer 138

2007-2008 Catalog                                                                       171
  Social Science 148                                      Tuition 23
  Sophomore Student 44                                    Tune-up and Drivability 74
  Spanish 148                                             Tutoring 15
  Special Projects Course 98
  Speech 149                                              U
  State University Requirements 48                        Unit 27
  Statistics 150                                          Unit Load, Maximum 25
  Student Activities 32                                   Units of Credit 60
  Student Classification 44                                University of California
  Student Complaints 33                                    Advanced Standing 54
  Student Complaints Involving Faculty or other Staf 33    Intersegmental General Education Transfer Core 57
  Student Council 33                                      University Studies Major 53
  Student Definitions 44, 49                               Upward Bound 19
  Student Government 33
  Student Right To Know 41                                V
  Student Services Fee 22, 27
  Stundent Classifications 49                              Varsity sports 35
  Supervision 86                                          Veterans 44
  Suspension 31                                            Standard of Progress 50
  Suspension Steering 74                                  Veterans-Veterans’ Dependents Services 19
  Swimming 137                                            Vision Statement 13
                                                          Vision Statement, YCCD 13
  T                                                       Volleyball 138
  Table of Contents 3                                     W
  Tax Relief 29
  Teacher Aide 104                                        W.I.A. 19
  Team Activities 139                                     Waiving Course Prerequisites 41
  Tech Prep/2+2 18                                        Weight Training 138
  Television 127                                          Withdrawal 39, 45, 50
  Tennis 139                                               Military 50
  Testing Center 14                                       Women’s Studies 153
  Textbooks 14                                            Woodland Community College 11
   Refunds 14                                             Word Processing 90
  Theatre Arts 150                                        Work-Study 29
  Track and Field 139                                     Work Experience 94
  Training                                                Work Force Investment Act (W.I.A.) 19
   Certificate 57                                          Writing competency 46
   Requirements 57
  Transcripts 44, 50                                      Y
  Transfer                                                Yuba College 11
   ASSIST 53                                              Yuba College Foundation 20
   Course Numbering 59                                    Yuba Community College District 11
   Credits 59
   CSU 54, 55, 57
   CSU, Chico 58
   Intersegmental General Education Transfer Core 57
   Preparation 48
   Status Designation 60
  Transfer Programs 18
  Transmission 73
  TRIO Programs 18

172                                                              Yuba Community College District
2007-2008 Catalog   173
174   Yuba Community College District

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