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             AB1634 CALIFORNIA HEALTHY PETS ACT •               W W W . CAHEALT HYPETS . C O M

                   AB 1634 - SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS
SPONSORS                                                  City Council Member Tony Cardenas - Los Angeles
California Animal Control Directors Association           City Council Member Jose Huizar - Los Angeles
City of Los Angeles                                       City Council Member Jan Perry - Los Angeles
Social Compassion in Legislation                          City Council Member Greig Smith, Los Angeles
State Humane Association of California                    City Council Member Herb J. Wesson, Jr. - Los Angeles
                                                          City Council Member Dennis Zine - Los Angeles
ELECTED OFFICIALS                                         City Council Member Das Williams - Santa Barbara
Judy Chu, Vice-Chair, State Board of Equalization         City Council Member Steve J. Bestolarides - Stockton
Ed Hernandez, Assembly Member, Fifty-Seventh District     City Council Member Susan Eggman - Stockton
City of Alameda                                           City Council Member Clem Lee - Stockton
City of Baldwin Park                                      City Council Member Stephanie Gomes - Vallejo
City of Del Mar                                           Dr. Rita Ramirez-Dean, Vice-President of Democratic
City of Desert Hot Springs                                  Women of the Inland Empire
City of Huntington Beach                                  Blanca Estela Rubio, Vice-President, Baldwin Park
City of Irvine                                              Unified School District
City of Madera
                                                          LAW ENFORCEMENT & FIRE DEPARTMENTS
City of Oakland
City of Palm Desert                                       City of Beverly Hills Police Department
City of Solvang                                           City of Burbank Police Department
City of South Pasadena                                    City of Capitola Police Department
City of West Hollywood                                    City of Culver City Police Department
City of Yucaipa                                           City of Eureka Police Department
Mayor Harmony Groves, City of Arcata                      City of El Segundo Police Department
Mayor Jimmy Delshad, City of Beverly Hills                City of Fremont Police Department, Animal Services Unit
Mayor Blanca M. Figueroa, City of South El Monte          City of Irwindale Police Department
Mayor H. Manuel Ortiz, City of Irwindale                  City of Los Angeles Police Department
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, City of Los Angeles           City of Montebello Police Department
Mayor Norma Lopez-Reid, City of Montebello                City of Pomona Police Department
Mayor Paul M. Eaton, City of Montclair                    City of Rialto Fire Department
Mayor Rick Ramirez, City of Norwalk                       City of Rialto Police Department
Mayor Grace Vargas, City of Rialto                        City of Richmond Police Department
Mayor Patrick J. Morris, City of San Bernardino           City of San Bernardino Fire Department
Mayor Pro Tempore Pedro Aceituno, City of Bell Gardens    City of San Fernando Police Department
Mayor Pro Tem Winifred Hanson, City of Rialto             City of South Pasadena Police Department
City Attorney Mike Aguirre, San Diego                     City of Torrance Police Department
City Council President Eric Garcetti - Los Angeles        Chris Aker, Police Officer, Winnemucca Police Department
City Council President Henry T. Perea - Fresno            Lesley Roehr, Deputy Probation Officer, South San Francisco
City Council Member Mario Beltran - Bell Gardens          Tom Ramirez, Animal Control Supervisor, Stockton Police
City Council Member Anne M. Bayer - Downey                  Department
City Council Member Maggie Houlihan - Encinitas           Stacey L. Caha, Chief Animal Control Officer, City of Madera
City Council Member Brian Calhoun, Ph.D - Fresno            Police Dept.
City Council Member John Noguez - Huntington Park         Sergeant Marty Shirey, Santa Ana Police Canine Unit
City Council Member Val Lerch - Long Beach                Ed Prieto, Yolo County Sheriff - Coronar
City Council Member Tonia Reyes Uranga - Long Beach       Eric Sakach, Faculty Member, California Law Enforcement
City Council Member Richard Alarcon - Los Angeles           Training Academy - Sacramento

                                   AB 1634 CALIFORNIA HEALTHY PETS ACT 2008
                                          SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS

LAW ENFORCEMENT & FIRE DEPARTMENTS                             Contra Costa Humane Society - Pleasant Hill
(cont’d)                                                       Delta Humane Society & SPCA - Stockton
                                                               East Bay SPCA - Oakland
Baldwin Park Police Association                                Eastern Madera County SPCA
The Officers Group - Beverly Hills Police Association          Feline Foundation/Valley Animal Center
                                                               Glendale Humane Society
CITY & COUNTY AGENCIES                                         Golden State Humane Society - Garden Grove
County of Contra Costa Animal Services                         Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley
County of Madera Department of Animal Control                  Humane Society & SPCA of Sonoma County
County of Riverside Department of Animal Services              Inland Valley Humane Society and SPCA
County of San Bernardino Animal Care and Control               Irvine Animal Care Center
County of Stanislaus Animal Services                           Kings SPCA - Hanford
Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority                        Lake Tahoe Humane Society and SPCA
City of Clovis Animal Services                                 Marin Humane Society
City of Elk Grove Animal Services                              Napa Humane (Society)
City of Lathrop Animal Services                                North County Humane Society - Atascadero
City of Los Angeles Animal Services                            Orange County SPCA
City of Sacramento Animal Care and Services                    Orphan Pet Oasis/Humane Society of the Desert - Riverside
City of San Bernardino Animal Control                             County/Palm Springs
City of San Jose Animal Care and Services                      PAL Humane Society -Victorville
City of South Pasadena Animal Commission                       Palo Alto Humane Society
City of South Pasadena Public Safety Commission                Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA
City of Stockton, Animal Control                               Placer SPCA - Roseville
City of Torrance Animal Control Unit                           Redwood Humane Society - Humboldt
City of Turlock Animal Control                                 Sacramento SPCA
                                                               San Clemente/Dana Point Animal Shelter
CITY & COUNTY EMPLOYEES                                        San Gabriel Humane Society
AFSCME Local 101 - San Jose                                    Santa Ana Friends for the Animals
Southeast Animal Control Authority - Downey                    Santa Cruz SPCA
Southeast Animal Control Authority Board of Commissioners      Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society - Buellton
Southeast Animal Control Authority Employees Association       Second Chance at Love Humane Society - San Luis Obispo
SEIU California State Council                                  Sequoia Humane Society - Humboldt
SEIU Local 721 - Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside,               Silicon Valley Humane Society
   Ventura Counties                                            SPCA LA - Los Angeles
Isabelle Bailey, President of the California American Postal   SPCA of Monterey Country
   Workers Union                                               Tehachapi Humane Society
S. Baize, Animal Control Officer - Madera County
Tuesday Cool, RVT, Santa Barbara County Animal Services        VETERINARIANS & VETERINARY HOSPITALS
Kathy Hoffman, Animal Control Officer - Madera County          Dr. Scott Amsel, DVM - Moorpark
Dr. Charlotte Laws, Los Angeles City Commissioner,             Dr. Heather Applegate, DVM - San Fernando
   Dept. of Animal Welfare                                     Dr. Richard Bachman, DVM & Shelter Medicine Specialist -
Valerie Schomburg, Animal Control Officer -                      Vallejo
   Rancho Santa Margarita                                      Dr. Darcie Barnes, DVM, Santa Ynez
Lauren Schiebelhut, Education Coordinator, Clovis Animal       Dr. Esther Bautista, DVM - Bellflower
   Services - Clovis                                           Dr. Lori Birr, DVM - Eagle Rock
Amy Toler, Animal Control Officer - Madera County              Dr. Betsy Bowerman, DVM - Santa Cruz
                                                               Dr. Peter Bowie, DVM - San Rafael
HUMANE SOCIETIES & SPCA’s                                      Dr. Jennifer Boyle, DVM - Monterey Park
Animal Advocates SPCA - Los Angeles                            Dr. Danielle Chapman, DVM - Los Angeles
Animal Samaritans SPCA - Riverside/Thousand Palms              Dr. Paul Chang, DVM - Pico Rivera
Bakersfield SPCA                                               Dr. John Clay, DVM - Santa Cruz
Central California SPCA - Fresno                               Dr. Jennifer Condreay, DVM - Santa Cruz
                                                               Dr. Andrew Dainsberg, DVM - Ventura

                                  AB 1634 CALIFORNIA HEALTHY PETS ACT 2008
                                         SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS

VETERINARIANS & VETERINARY HOSPITALS                         Dr. Terry Maltz, DVM - San Bernardino
(cont’d)                                                     Dr. Peter V. Mangravite, DVM, DABVP - Santa Barbara
Dr. Gina Davis, DVM - Canoga Park                            Dr. Armaiti May, DVM - Santa Monica
Dr. Marc A. DiCarlo, DVM - San Bernardino                    Dr. Kathleen McBride, DVM - Los Angeles
Dr. J.S. Drazsnzak II, DVM - Arroyo Grande                   Dr. Brian McGrath, DVM - Los Angeles
Dr. Alan Drusys, DVM, MVPHMgt, Chief of Veterinary           Dr. Franklin D. McMillian, DVM - Los Angeles
  Services, Riverside County Dept. of Animal Services        Dr. Crystal Mendiguren, DVM - Pomona
Dr. Steven Feldman, District DVM for East Valley, Acting     Dr. Allison C. Moe, DVM - Tustin
  Chief Veterinarian, LAAS East Valley Shelter               Dr. Satish K. Mohan, DVM - Sun Valley
Dr. Jeanne Ficociello, DVM - Los Angeles                     Dr. Kuppe Nagaraj, DVM - Tracy
Dr. Brenda Forsythe, DVM - Santa Maria                       Dr. Kamran Nassi, DVM - Los Angeles
Dr. Nicklaus W. Fox, DVM - West Hollywood                    Dr. Heather Nevill, DVM, Associate Professor, Small
Dr. Shyla Franklin, DVM - Sherman Oaks                         Animal, Western University - Pomona
Dr. Liz Friedman, DVM - Los Angeles                          Dr. Lisa Newell, DVM & CA State Veterinary Board Member
Dr. Rick Garcia, DVM - West Hills                            Dr. L.L. Novy, DVM - Simi Valley
Dr. Eileen Gillen, DVM - Santa Barbara                       Dr. Leticia Obledo, DVM - Santa Barbara
Dr. Erin Giza, DVM - Sacramento                              Dr. Kathleen M. O'Dwyer, DVM - Pasadena
Dr. Jeanette Goh, DVM, Staff Veterinarian, San Francisco     Dr. Dominique Paquette, DVM - Los Angeles
  SPCA                                                       Dr. Heidi Pavia-Watkins - Lake Forest
Dr. Robert Goldman, DVM - Rialto                             Dr. Christi Payne, DVM - Woodland
Dr. Madeline Graham, DVM - Los Angeles                       Dr. Michele Person-Toomoth, DVM, Riverside City and
Dr. Jean Swingle Greek, DVM - Santa Barbara                    County Dept. of Animal Services Animal Shelter
Dr. Arthur Grusensky, DVM - Los Angeles                      Dr. Kristin Polci-Moger, DVM - Madera
Dr. Vani Guttikonda, DVM - Garden Grove                      Dr. Christine Pott, DVM - Redondo Beach
Dr. Bill Hah, DVM - Upland                                   Dr. Monica Revel, DVM - West Hollywood
Dr. Karen “Doc” Halligan, DVM, Director of Veterinary        Dr. Debra Rackear, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM & Internal
  Services, spcaLA; Author                                     Medicine Specialist - Woodland Hills
Dr. Karen Heard, DVM & Medical Director, VCA - Venice        Dr. Robert Rizzitano, DVM - Los Angeles
Dr. Zarah Hedge - President SC-ASV, Vice President           Dr. Deena Sadek, DVM - Los Angeles
  SC-AVAR, DVM 2009, Western University - Pomona             Dr. Anita Saint Angelo, Doctor of Pet Chiropractic - Los
Dr. Kerrin Hoban, DVM - Santa Cruz                             Angeles
Dr. Barbara Hodges, DVM - Dixon                              Dr. Maryan Salt, DVM - Los Angeles
Dr. Mark A. Hohne, DVM - Sun Valley                          Dr. James Schulke, DVM, Diplomate ABVP - Feline
Dr. Katy Howden, DVM - Fresno                                  Medicine - Santa Monica
Dr. Carrie Howes, DVM - Pasadena                             Dr. Leslie A Siemon, DVM - Santa Barbara
Dr. Linda Jackson, DVM - Granada Hills                       Dr. Carl Singer, DVM, Hayward Animal Shelter
Dr. David L. Johnson, DVM - Bellflower                       Dr. Laurie Siperstein-Cook, DVM - Sacramento SPCA
Dr. Barb Jones, DVM, MS - UC Davis                           Dr. M. Scott Smith, DVM - Carpinteria
Dr. Alan D. Kay, DVM, Dip. ACVIM - Sebastopol                Dr. Barbara Steele, DVM & Diplomate, American College of
  Resident, Koret Shelter Medicine Program, UC Davis           Veterinary Opthalmologists
  School of Veterinary Medicine                              Dr. Sheree Stern, DVM - Venice
Dr. Barry Kipperman, DVM, DACVIM - San Ramon                 Dr. Karen Sueda, DVM, Clinical Animal Behaviorist - L.A.
Dr. Paula Kislak, DVM - Santa Barbara                        Dr. Richard Svihla, DVM - Lemoore
Dr. Suzie Kovacs, Asst. Professor of Epidemiology, Western   Dr. Alexandra Swanson, DVM - Monrovia
  University of Health Sciences, College of Veterinary       Dr. Rey Tibayan, DVM - San Bernardino
  Medicine                                                   Dr. Christine Tindal Green BVSc (Australia), Cert. V.
Dr. Robert E. Larsson, DVM - San Diego                         Ophthal. (UK), Associate Professor Small Animal Medicine
Dr. Frank Lavac, MS, DVM & Diplomate, Board of                 & Surgery, Western University of Health Sciences College
  Veterinary Practitioners - Malibu                            of Veterinary Medicine - Pomona
Dr. Laurel Leach, DVM - Sherman Oaks                         Dr. Duane Tom, DVM/Director of Animal Care, California
Dr. Melissa Lucas, DVM - Chino Hills                           Wildlife Center - Calabasas
Dr. W. Marvin Mackie, DVM, Animal Birth Control -            Dr. Sharon Torrisi, DVM, CVA - Hermosa Beach
  San Pedro                                                  Dr. Trobitz, DVM - Humboldt

                                AB 1634 CALIFORNIA HEALTHY PETS ACT 2008
                                       SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS

(cont’d)                                                Pamela Anderson
Dr. Ena Valikov, DVM - Bellflower                       Jillian Barberie-Reynolds
Dr. Jaimie Velasco, DVM - Apple Valley                  Bob Barker
Dr. T. Winston Vickers, DVM - Long Beach                Alex Borstein
Dr. Alice Villalobos, DVM, Animal Oncology - Torrance   Adam Brody
Dr. Agnes Van Volkenburgh, DVM - Malibu                 Keely and Pierce Brosnan
Dr. Laura Warner, DVM, Shelter Veterinarian, City of    James Cromwell
   Sacramento Animal Care Services                      Lucy Davis
Dr. Steve Weinberg, DVM - Venice                        Emily Deschanel
Dr. William D. Wright, DVM - Windsor                    Elvira
Dr. Bonnie Yoffe-Sharp, DVM, Shelter Veterinarian,      Jorja Fox
   City of Palo Alto                                    Ryan Gosling
Dr. Dorothy York, DVM - Chula Vista                     Emmylou Harris
Dr. Sean Yoshimoto, DVM, DACVIM - Los Angeles           Katherine Heigl
Dr. Hillary Young, DVM - Goleta                         Elaine Hendrix
Dr. Mohiuddin M. Zafer, DVM - Fontana Animal Hospital   Juicy Couture
Dr. Michelle Zoryan, DVM - Sherman Oaks                 INXS
911 Vets/Home Pet Medical - Los Angeles                 Diane Keaton
Animal Birth Control Assistance, Inc. - Sunnyvale       Bonnie-Jill Laflin
Banfield, The Pet Hospital - Tracy                      Levi Leipheimer
Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital - Sherman Oaks             Carol Leifer
East Valley Veterinary Clinic                           Richard Linklater
Fox Companion Care Mobile Vet Clinic - West Hollywood   Jon Lovitz
Irvine Animal Care Center                               Jane Lynch
Madera Veterinary Center, Inc                           Bill Maher
Paws and Claws Vet Hospital - West Hills                Wendie Malick
Valley Animal Center                                    Taryn Manning
Your Neighborhood Pet Clinic                            Cody Marks
                                                        Samantha Mathis
ORGANIZATIONS                                           Esai Morales
American Humane Association                             Genesis Moss
Amsale Gessesse Foundation                              Kevin Nealon
Animal Legal Defense Fund                               Caroline Rhea
Animal Protection Institute                             Lionel Richie
Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights          Eric Roberts
Best Friends Society                                    Rita Rudner
Doris Day Animal League                                 William Shatner
Guide Dog Users, Inc.                                   Alicia Silverstone
Humane America Animal Foundation                        Debra Wilson Skelton
Humane Society of the United States                     Henry Simmons
In Defense of Animals                                   Ben Stein
International Fund for Animal Welfare                   Courtney Thorne-Smith
Last Chance for Animals                                 Mariana Tosca
National Cat Protection                                 Steve Valentine
PetBond.com National Pet Adoption                       Bradley Whitford
Rescue Alliance of Hairless and Other Breeds            Kelli Williams
SPCA International                                      Owain Yeoman
United Animal Nations                                   Adam Berry, Emmy-winning composer, “South Park”

                                 AB 1634 CALIFORNIA HEALTHY PETS ACT 2008
                                        SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS

PUBLIC FIGURES (cont’d)                                     Adopt-A-Chow - Marina del Rey
Anita M. Busch, Entertainment Journalist, “Variety,”        All Creatures Caring Society - Marin
  “New York Times”                                          All Creatures Great & Small Animal Rescue - Hollister
D.C. Douglas, Actor, Producer - Los Angeles                 Alpha Canine Sanctuary - Bakersfield
Jackson Douglas, Actor, “Gilmore Girls”                     American Tortoise Rescue - Malibu
Kiki Ebsen, Recording Artist                                Ames Cat Network - Mountain View
Rich Eisen, Host, NFL Total Access                          Angel Dogs Rescue - Newhall
Brian Garfield, Author & Screenwriter, “Death Wish”         Animal Acres - Acton
Sweet Alice Harris, Founder & ED, Parents of Watts          Animal Advocates - Harbor City
Shannon Keith, Attorney at Law & Filmmaker - Studio City    Animal Alliance - Beverly Hills
Sylva Kelegian, Actor, “Big Love,” “Prison Break” etc.      Animal Assistance League of Orange County
David Koepp, Director & Screenwriter, “Spider-Man,”         Animal Avengers - Los Angeles
  “Jurassic Park,” “Mission:Impossible”                     Animal Friends Rescue Project - Pacific Grove
Toni Holt Kramer, Television Journalist                     Animal Kind Rescue - Pacific Grove
Dan Lavery, Bassist for Platinum Selling Band, Tonic        Animal Kingdom Welfare
Dennis Lavinthal - CEO and Publisher - Hits Magazine        Animal Lovers of South Bay - San Pedro
Julie Lofton, award-winning documentary filmmaker,          Animal Match Rescue Team - Long Beach
  “Best Friend Forgotten”                                   Animal Network of Orange County - Newport Beach
Christina Lublin, Coordinating Producer, “Dog Whisperer     Animal Place - Vacaville
  with Cesar Millan”                                        Animal Rescue League - Elk Grove
Patrick McDonnell, Creator of “Mutts” Comic Strip           Animal Rescue, Media & Education - Studio City
Gary Michelson, M.D., Inventor of Surgical Equipment        Animal Rescue of Fresno
Walter Moore, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles            Animal Rescue Volunteers Inc. - Simi Valley
Mark Mothersbaugh, Film Composer & member of DEVO           Animal Rules Placement Foundation
MTV: The Real World - Season Six                            Animal Shelter Adoption Partners, Inc - Arroyo Grande
Norda Mullen, Flutist, The Moody Blues                      Animal Shelter Assistance Program - Goleta
Wolfgang Peterson, Director, “Troy,” “The Perfect Storm,”   Animal Switchboard - San Francisco
  “Air Force One,” “In the Line of Fire,” “Poseidon”        Animals Anonymous - Los Angeles
Brandon K. Phillips, President & CEO, AEG Live              Animals, People and Environment - Whittier
Dan Piraro, Creator of “Bizarro” Comic Strip                AnimalSavers - Sacramento
Gavin Polone, Film/TV Producer, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,”     Antelope Valley Dalmatian Rescue - Lancaster
  and President, Coalition for Pets & Public Safety         Another Chance Animal Welfare League - Millville
Dr. Judith Reichman, Author and Medical Correspondent for   Auburn Area Animal Rescue Foundation
  “The Today Show”                                          Baja Animal Sanctuary - San Diego
Naren Shankar, Executive Producer, “CSI”                    Bark Avenue Foundation - Los Angeles
Suzy Shuster, ABC Sportscaster                              Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls
Matthew Tolmach, President of Production, Columbia          Beagles and Buddies - El Monte
  Pictures                                                  Bear Mountain Dog Rescue - San Bernardino
Jon Turtletaub, Director/Ex.Producer, “National Treasure”   Benevolent Animal Rescue Community – Riverside, Hemet,
Jane Valez-Mitchell, Investigative Journalist/Author          San Bernardino
Joel Virgel, Recording Artist                               Bichon FurKids Rescue - La Costa
Bernie Williams, Executive Producer, “Charlotte’s Web,”     Bill Foundation - Beverly Hills
  “Daredevil,” Assoc. Producer, “A Clockwork Orange”        Bless the Beasts Rescue - Humboldt
                                                            Bones - Humboldt/Mendocino
CA STATE RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS                               Boston Buddies - Redondo Beach
4Paws Pet Rescue - Fairfield                                Bostons by the Bay Rescue - Mountain View
A Dog’s Life Rescue - Los Angeles                           Boxer Rescue - Chico
A Home for Every Living Pet - Los Angeles                   Boxer Rescue - Los Angeles
A Leg Up Rescue - Windsor                                   Boxer Rescue - Orange County
A New Hope Animal Foundation - Placer County                Boxer Rescue - Northern California
A Wish for Animals - Laguna Niguel                          Boxer Rescue Fund
Ace of Hearts - Los Angeles                                 Bumper Foundation - Pasadena
Actors and Others for Animals - Los Angeles                 Bunny Bunch - Chino

                                 AB 1634 CALIFORNIA HEALTHY PETS ACT 2008
                                        SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS

CA STATE RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS (cont’d)                      Feral Cat Alliance - Los Angeles
B-Wood-Dogs - Brentwood                                     Feral Cat Coalition - San Diego
California Feline Foundation & Valley Animal Center -       Field Haven Feline Rescue - Lincoln
 Fresno                                                     Forte Animal Rescue - Marina del Rey
California Underdog Rescue & Education - Armona             Foundation for the Care of Indigent Animals - Spring Valley
California Wildlife Center - Calabasas                      Four Legged Friends Foundation - Los Angeles
Canine Adoption & Rescue League - Santa Paula               Fox Feral Friends - Los Angeles
Canine Adoption & Rescue League - Ventura                   Friends For Life Animal Rescue, Inc.- Humboldt/Eureka
Canine Crusaders - Redondo Beach                            Friends of Cats - El Cajon
Canine Canyon Ranch Dog Rescue - Tehachapi                  Friends of Auburn/Tahoe Vista Placer County Animal Shelter
Canine Retreat - Chico                                      Friends of Fred
C.A.R.E.S. (California Animal Rescue) - Palmdale            Friends of Long Beach Animals
Cat Adoption Service - San Diego                            Friends of Madera Animal Shelter
Catalyst for Cats - Santa Barbara                           Friends of the Watsonville Animal Shelter
Cat/Canine Assistance Referral & Education - Sherman Oaks   Furry Friends Rescue - Fremont
Cat Care Foundation - Huntington Beach                      Garfield Pet Alliance - Venice
Cat Cause Foundation - Orange County                        German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue - Browns Valley
Cat Connection - Sherman Oaks                               Give a Dog a Home - Bellflower
Cat Crossing - Winnetka                                     Golden State Greyhound Adoption - Walnut Creek
Catherine Fund                                              Good Scents! Dog Training - San Fernando Valley
Cat House on the Kings Rescue - Parlier                     Got Boxers? - Venice
Cats at the Studio, Inc.                                    Great Dane Rescue of Northern California - San Jose
Center for Animal Protection and Education - Santa Cruz     Greyfoot Cat Rescue -Ventura
Central Valley Coalition for Animals - Clovis               Greyhound Adoption Center - Sanger
Chateau DuMeow - Carmel Valley                              Happy Tails Sanctuary - Sacramento
Chico Boxer Rescue                                          Hearts for Hounds Dog Rescue - Long Beach
Chihuahua Haven Rescue - Corona                             Heaven on Earth Society for Animals - Van Nuys
Chihuahua Rescue, Inc. - Beverly Hills                      Helping Out Pets Everyday - Upland
Chula Bella Dogs - Los Angeles                              High Desert Angels for Animals - Palmdale
City of Angels Dog Rescue                                   HMB Catworks - Penn Valley
Clovis Pet Adoption Center                                  Homeless Animal Rescue Team - San Luis Obispo
Collie Love                                                 Hopalong & Second Chance Animal Rescue - Oakland
Community Animal Network - Newport Beach                    Hug A Dog Animal Rescue - Palm Springs
Companion for Animals - Humboldt                            Husky Rescue - Los Angeles
Companion Animal Foundation - Arcata                        t's the Pits Canine Rescue - San Diego
Companion Animal Rescue Effort - Campbell/San Jose          K-9 Pals at the Santa Barbara Animal Shelter
Concerned People for Animals - Camarillo                    K-9 Rescue
Countryside Rescue - Santa Rosa                             K-9 Connection - Santa Monica
Critter Companions - Lomita                                 K-9 Placement and Assistance League - Santa Barbara
Critter Crossings - Fallbrook                               Karma Rescue - Santa Monica
Dana Point / San Clemente Animal Rescue                     Kellen Rescue - Oakhurst
Dachshund Rescue                                            Kinder4Rescue - San Fernando Valley
Deborah’s Rescues and Fosters - Poway                       Kitten Rescue - West Hills
Death Row Dogs Rescue - Van Nuys                            KrazyforKats Rescue - Los Angeles
Dedicated Animal Welfare Group - Mission Viejo              Kris Kelly Foundation - Los Angeles
Diamonds in the Ruff, Inc. - West Los Angeles               Lacey’s Senior Boxer Rescue - Laguna Hills
Dog Adoption and Welfare Group - Santa Barbara              Lange Foundation - Los Angeles
Dog Squad Rescue - Carlsbad                                 LAPCATS Rescue of Sacramento
Downtown Dog Rescue - Los Angeles                           Lhasa Happy Homes - Santa Monica
East of Eden Canine Rescue - San Francisco                  Life 4 Paws - San Fernando Valley
Echo Park Animal Alliance - Los Angeles                     Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation - Toluca Lake
Emmie's Animal Rescue - Fresno                              Little Angels Pug Rescue - La Crescenta
Feline Network of the Central Coast - San Luis Obispo       Little Company of Mary San Pedro

                                   AB 1634 CALIFORNIA HEALTHY PETS ACT 2008
                                          SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS

CA STATE RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS (cont’d)                         Pet Orphans of Southern California - Van Nuys
Little John Rug Rats - Laguna Nigel                            Pet Project Foundation - San Clemente
Love of Animals Inc - Visalia                                  Pet Rescue of Unwanted Dogs - Kingsburg
Love Thy Dog - Beverly Hills                                   PetSave Foundation - San Pedro
Lyons Perea Chihuahuas - Simi Valley                           Peter Zippi Fund for Animals - Hermosa Beach
MacDonalds Trust - Santa Monica                                Pets 90210 - Beverly Hills
Maine Coon Adoptions - San Jose                                Pickett's Pets - Santa Monica
Many Little Cats Inc. Feline Rescue & Adoption -               Piercy Animal Welfare Sanctuary - Piercy
  Santa Cruz                                                   Pit Bull Rescue - San Diego
Marley's Pit Stop Rescue - Hollywood                           Poodle Rescue - Beverly Hills
Matchmaker & Adoption Center                                   Pooses & Pups Rescue - Marina del Rey
Matilija Canyon Wildlife Refuge - Ojai                         Progressive Animal Welfare Society
Milo Foundation - Berkeley                                     ProtectRWildlife - Palmdale
Miniature Schnauzers & Friends Rescue - Torrance               Pryor's Planet - Encino
Miracle Dog Rescuers - San Diego                               Pug Rescue of Fresno
Miranda's Animal Rescue - Fortuna                              Purrfect Partners Cat Rescue & Adoption Group - Clovis
Miss Kitty's Rescue - Newport Beach                            Purrfect Solutions Feline Rescue - Sherman Oaks
Missing Pet Partnership - Clovis                               Quartz Hills Dog Lovers - Quartz Hill
Molly Inspires Foundation - Santa Barbara                      Rabbit Haven - Scotts Valley
Molly’s Mutts & Meows - Los Angeles                            Rescuers for a Change, Inc. - Mojave
Much Love Animal Rescue - Los Angeles                          Rescue & Humane Alliance - Los Angeles (65 organizations)
New Beginnings for Animals - Mission Viejo & Aliso Viejo       Rescue House - Encinatas
NewDawn Dog Rescue - Grass Valley                              Rescue Me, Inc
New Leash on Life - Woodland Hills                             Rescue Relief - Newport Beach
Noah's Bark - Manhattan Beach                                  Rescue Train - Studio City
NorCal Aussie Rescue - Sacramento                              Reseda Neighborhood Council
NorCal Boxer Rescue - Davis                                    Responsible Humane Force - Aliso Viejo
Northern California Sled Dog Rescue - Vallejo                  Resqcats - Santa Barbara
North Star Pet Assistance - Victorville                        Reva Foundation - Santa Monica
One Dog at a Time - Los Angeles                                Rhonda’s Miniature Schnauzer Rescue - Downey
Open Arms Network                                              Rivendel Animal Sanctuary - Agua Dulce
Orange County Boxer Rescue                                     River City Cat Rescue - Sacramento
Orange County People for Animals - Yorba Linda                 Robin and Friends Rescue - Woodland Hills
Pacific Coast Dog Rescue - Burbank                             Rocket Dog Rescue - San Francisco
Pacific Pooch - Laguna Beach                                   Rover Rescue - Redondo Beach
PAL Adoption League - Grass Valley                             Ruff Riders Animal Rescue - Glendale
PAL Rescue and Adoptions, Inc. - El Segundo                    Sammie’s Friends
Pam's People Pals - West Los Angeles                           San Diego House Rabbit Society & Shelter - Poway
Passion for Paws Rescue - La Jolla                             San Diego Special Needs Rescue
PAWED (People for Animal Welfare in El Dorado County) -        San Luis Obispo Volunteers for Animals
  Shingle Springs                                              Santa Barbara Animal Rescue
Paw Project - Santa Monica                                     Santa Barbara County Animal Care Foundation
PAWS - Humboldt/Mendocino                                      Santa Monica Boxer Rescue
Pawsitive Reaction Dog Training - Los Angeles                  Sara Ford Foundation Rescue Group - San Diego/No. County
Pei People Shar-Pei Rescue - Bakersfield                       Save a Dog Today Adoption Center - Lakehead
People and Cats Together - Redondo Beach                       Save A Pet Club - Irvine
Pet Adoption Fund - Canoga Park                                Save Our Strays
Pet Adoption League - Grass Valley, CA                         Saving Grace
Pet Assistance Foundation - San Diego, Orange County, Los      Second Chance Canine Rescue - Newport Beach
  Angeles County, Antelope Valley, Inland Empire, San          Second Chance Dog Rescue, Inc. - Acton
  Gabriel Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley,   Senior Dogs Project - Carmel
  San Pedro                                                    Senior Special Needs Animal Assistance Project - San Diego
Pet Care Foundation - Beverly Hills                               County and Orange County

                                   AB 1634 CALIFORNIA HEALTHY PETS ACT 2008
                                          SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS

Shelter Animals of Los Angeles Foundation                      Ali's Animail - Woodland Hills
Shelter Animals of Los Angeles Rescue                          Animal Content in Entertainment - Encino
Shelter Pet Alliance - Oakdale                                 Animals, People, and Environment - Whittier
Shelter Pet Partners - Ramona                                  Animal Welfare Association - Carmel
Sierra Cares - Oakhurst                                        Animal Welfare Committee - Studio City
Sisters Animal Sanctuary - Elk Grove                           Arfriend - West Hollywood
Small Dog Placement Program - Corona                           California Federation for Animal Legislation - Sacramento
Small Paws Rescue - Bakersfield                                California Lobby for Animal Welfare - Santa Ana
Small Time Rescue - Pasadena                                   Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation
Sounds of Silent Spirits Rescue & Sanctuary - Lucerne Valley   Citizens for a Humane Los Angeles
South Central Stray Rescue Foundation - Los Angeles            Coalition for Cats and Dogs - Stanislaus County
South County Animal Shelter Coalition - Aliso Viejo, Lake      Coalition for Pets & Public Safety - Los Angeles
   Forest, Laguna Hills and Rancho Santa Margarita             Community Animal Network - Newport Beach
Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue - Palmdale       Compassion in Action Club - Newport Beach
Southern California Siamese Rescue - El Cajon                  Dawnwatch - Los Angeles
Southland Collie Rescue, Inc. - Gardena                        Directors of Animal Welfare, County of Los Angeles - Studio
Southland Collie Rescue, Inc. - Riverside                        City, Glendale, West Van Nuys, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks
Southland Sheltie Rescue - San Diego                           Dog Land Spay & Neuter Hotline - Los Angeles
Sparky & the Gang - Los Angeles & Orange County                Dog Psychology Center of Los Angeles
Spay and Neuter Intermountain Pets and Pet Placement -         East Bay Animal Advocates - Martinez
   Burney                                                      Fight for Animal Rights - Los Altos
STAND Foundation - Sherman Oaks                                Garfield Pet Alliance - Venice
Starlight Stepping Stones Cat Rescue - Long Beach              HarpSeals.Org - Santa Monica
Stonecliffe Animal Rescue - Lemoore                            Home for Every Living Pet
Stray Cat Alliance - Los Angeles                               H.O.P.E. Animal Foundation - Fresno
Streetsmarts Rescue - Hawthorne                                HSUS Hollywood, Producers, The Genesis Awards
Surfer Dogs - Garden Grove                                     Humane Education Network
Tahoe Dogs - Carnelian Bay                                     LAShelterDogs.com - Los Angeles
Take Me Home - Santa Monica                                    League for Earth & Animal Protection - Studio City
Tanya’s, Inc. Rescue - Phelan                                  League of Humane Voters - California Chapter
T.E.A.M. (Teaching Everyone Animals Matter) - Sacramento       Long Beach Spay & Neuter Foundation
Tehama Wild Care - Cottonwood                                  MaryJo and Hank Greenberg Animal Welfare Foundation
Thumping Tails Rescue - Los Angeles                            Mercy for Animals
TopCats on the Ridge Inc. - Paradise                           Missing Pet Partnership - Clovis
Town Cats - Morgan Hill                                        Nature Network, Inc. - West Los Angeles
Valley Animal Center, Fresno                                   Network of Humane Organizations
Valley Lake Ranchos Animal Rescue - Madera                     New Hope for Animals, Inc. - Los Angeles
Villalobos Rescue Center, Inc. - Tia Torres, President         NoHo Alliance for Animals - North Hollywood
Underdog Rescue - Lemoore                                      NorthCoast Animal Welfare Advocacy Center - Eureka
Voice for the Foundation - Santa Monica                        NorthCoast Greyhounds.net - McKinleyville
Volunteers for Inter-Valley Animals - Lompoc                   No Voice Unheard - Santa Cruz
Westie Rescue - El Cajon                                       Orange County People for Animals
West End Adoption Center - Ontario                             PAWS - San Diego County, Inc.
Westside German Shepard Rescue - Los Angeles                   Pet Overpopulation Coalition, Inc. - San Bernardino and
Whiskers & Tails Foundation - Rancho Palos Verdes                Riverside Counties
White Dove Rescue - Thousand Oaks                              Project Purr Feral Cat Advocate Organization - Santa Cruz
Wildcare - San Rafael                                          Responsible Humane Force - Alisa Viejo
Winchester Retriever Club - Winchester                         Roy Dunlap Spay/Neuter Foundation
Wonder Dog Rescue - San Francisco                              Sacramento Area Animal Coalition
Woody's House - Thousand Oaks                                  San Diego Animal Advocates
Xaviar’s Rescue, Inc. - Galt

                                  AB 1634 CALIFORNIA HEALTHY PETS ACT 2008
                                         SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS

CA ANIMAL WELFARE ORGANIZATIONS (cont’d)                     David P. Bonicatto, RVT - Los Angeles
Santa Barbara Humane Legislation Network                     Diana Lannes, Director of Animal Welfare - Glassell Park
Seeds for Change Humane Education - San Diego                Dog Remedy Behavior Modification & Training -
Senior Citizens for Humane Legislation and Education -          Beverly Hills
 Sherman Oaks                                                Doggie TV - Los Angeles
ShelterWatch.com - Bell                                      Dog’s Life Magazine
Social Compassion - Laguna Beach                             Don Williams, Humane Officer, Central California SPCA
Southern California University People for Animal Welfare     Dr. Michelle Stone/Pet Behaviorist
Spay Neuter Action Program - Oceanside                       Eisanne Tanimoto, RVT - Los Angeles
Spay Neuter Action Project - San Diego                       Elia Alondra Gomez, RVT - San Diego
Taxpayers for Responsible & Ethical Animal Treatment -       Felicia Korman, RVT - Pasadena
  Bakersfield                                                Firehouse Dogs - Thousand Oaks
Teaching Everyone Animals Matter - Sacramento                Fox Companion Care
Voice for a Viable Future                                    Gary Baratta, North Hollywood Mid-town Neighborhood
Voice for the Animals - Santa Monica                            Councilmember and Director of Animal Welfare
                                                             George K. Findley II, Animal Control Officer - Fresno
CA ANIMAL SPECIALISTS & PROFESSIONALS                        George Shea, Chairman, Animal Welfare Committee,
Adele Langdon, Director of Animal Welfare for the               Studio City Neighborhood Council
  Bel Air Neighborhood Council                               Ginnette Cooper, RVT - San Bernardino
ALAPet.com - Los Angeles                                     Gini Barrett, Associate Professor, Biomedical Ethics &
Andrea Nusbaum, Canine Behaviorist                              Public Policy, Western University - Devore
Andrew Lofts, CEO, Vetraceuticals - Three Rivers             Good Scents! Dog Training - Los Angeles
AnimalNews.Info                                              Health Mutts - Fresno
AnimalsVoice Magazine                                        Home Buddies Pet Sitting - Huntington Beach
Arkin Disc Dogs - Westlake Village                           Jamie Simmons, Humane Officer - San Bernardino
Audra Baker, RVT - San Bernardino                            Jana Kohl, Psy.D. & Author, A Rare Breed of Love -
                                                                Beverly Hills
Aurora Animal Behavior - Long Beach
                                                             Jeanette Andreas, North Hills West Neighborhood
Barkbusters Home Dog Training - International
                                                               Councilmember and Director of Animal Welfare
Barbara Costa, RVT - La Honda
                                                             Jennifer Wilson, RVT - Summerland
Barbara Oliva, Director of Client Services, Commonwealth
                                                             Jill Gasparac, Dog Trainer - Whittier
  Animal Hospital and J & J Medical Center - Bellflower
                                                             Judith Baumgarden, RVT - Bellflower
Beatrice Leemhorst, Director of Animal Welfare - Atwater     Julie Iles, Canine Trainer & Behaviorist - Frazier Park
  Village                                                    Kay Carlo, Dog Trainer - Manhattan Beach
C. Miriam Yarden, B.S.c., MS, Animal Behavior Counselor      Kendra McCafferty, RVT, LATG - San Diego
  And Educator - Long Beach                                  Kenneth Morgan Phillips, Esq, nationally recognized and
Canine Communications (Trainers) - Los Angeles                  media-consulted authority on Dog Bite Law
Carol’s Pet Sitting - Santa Clara                            K9 Connection Dog Training - Santa Monica
Catherine Doyle, Founder, Los Angeles Alliance for           K-9 Toddlers Behavior Training - Los Angeles
  Elephants, & Recipient, City of Angels Animal              Kristen Strouse, RVT - Los Angeles
  Humanitarian Award                                         Kristina Webb, RVT - Los Angeles
Cesar Millan Inc. (Trainers)                                 Laura Jacobs, RVT - Los Angeles
Chateau DuMeow - San Diego                                   Leslie Gallagher McMahon, CCMT, CCRT - Los Angeles
Christine Cardin, RVT - San Bernardino                       Lisa Reveen, Lake Balboa Neighborhood Councilmember
Cliff Jacobs, Van Nuys Neighborhood Councilmember               And Director of Animal Welfare
  And Director of Animal Welfare                             Lockwood Training Center - Frazier Park
Colleen Gowen, RVT - Los Angeles                             Lori Spagna, Dog Trainer & Behavioral Specialist - L.A.
Cora Torres, City of San Jose Dept. of Parks, Recreation &   Marlene Goodman, Chair of the Animal Welfare Committee
  Neighborhood Services, Animal Care & Services Division        for the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council, Director of
Countess Critters Pet Sitting - Citrus Heights                  Animal Welfare Executive Committee Member
Critter Crusades - Van Nuys                                  Matt Freshwater, Animal Control Officer - Fresno
Cynthia L. Comer, RVT - Riverside                            Maya Padilla, RVT - Anaheim
Cynthia Rains, Animal Control Supervisor - Madera            Megan Westbrook, Pet Specialist - Burbank
Dale’s Doggie Daycare                                        Michelle Boyce, Euthanasia Technician - Fresno

                                  AB 1634 CALIFORNIA HEALTHY PETS ACT 2008
                                         SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS

CA ANIMAL SPECIALISTS & PROFESSIONALS                          CrueltyFree.com - Los Angeles
(cont’d)                                                       Custom Canine Quilts - Lake Elizabeth
Missy Woodward, Director of Animal Welfare - Reseda            Daisy’s Delights Gourmet Pet Treats - Los Angeles
Nancy Ware, RVT - San Diego                                    Dance Garden - Atwater Village
Officer Rosemary Frieborn, RVT - Auburn                        Danny Goldman Casting
Pacific Pooch - Laguna Beach                                   Denson & Denson Design Association - Agoura Hills
Palisades Park Dog Walkers - Santa Monica                      Diana Theater Studio - Los Angeles
Panzer, Inc., Pet Assisted Therapy - Tarzana                   Elizabeth Dinkel Design Associates - West Hollywood
Paws and Cues Dog Training - Oakland                           Erika Brunson Design Associates - Los Angeles
Pawsitive Reaction Dog Training - Los Angeles                  Forsyth Steel Co., Inc. - Santa Ana
Pet Press - Los Angeles                                        Garberville Thrift Shop
Pet Set Doggie Daycare & Pet Hotel - Long Beach                Garrett Interiors - Westlake Village
Pet Staff Dog Training - South Bay, Los Angeles, Long Beach    Greenspan Artists Management - Los Angeles
Pickett’s Pets - Santa Monica                                  Herald Publications
Pocket Dogs - San Jose                                         Hebivore Magazine
Poochie Mama Pet Sitting - Burbank                             Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles
Primo Love - Santa Monica                                      Housing Choices Coalition - Watsonville
Randy Malmud, Dog Trainer & Behaviorist - W. Hollywood         Independence Alliance - Woodland Hills
Rayna Hiscox, RVT - Los Angeles                                Inscape Design and Care - Los Angeles
Richard A. Wadkins, Animal Control Officer - Fresno            It’s a Grind, Inc. - Statewide (30-40 locations), CA-based
Robin Erdman, RVT - Los Angeles                                Jacqueline Green Public Relations Inc - Los Angeles
See-Spot-Stay, Dog Training, Boarding, Fitness - Los Angeles   Joe A. Gonsalves & Son - Sacramento
Shanae Daffin, Assistant Hospital Manager, Commonwealth        John Calley Productions - Culver City
  Animal Hospital and J & J Pet Medical Center - Bellflower    Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do - Los Angeles
Sharon L. McWethy, Hospital Manager, Commonwealth              Katie Mack Real Estate - Gold River
  Animal Hospital and J & J Pet Medical Center - Bellflower    Keller Williams Realty - Los Angeles
Susan Coyt, RVT - Valley Village                               Kessler & Schneider - Encino
Susan Weingartner, Film Producer & Member, Board of            KIOSK - Los Angeles
  Directors, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society                 Linda Williamson, General Contractor - Palm Springs
Tim Mitchell, Supervising Euthanasia Technician,               Little John Rug Rats - Laguna Niguel
  Central California SPCA - Fresno                             Little Film Company - Studio City
Tower Rescue Trainers, LLC - Sacramento                        Lohr Insurance Agency - Manhattan Beach
Transito Lovos, Mobile Dog Groomer - Los Angeles               MacDonalds Trust - Santa Monica
Tuesday Cool, RVT - Santa Maria                                Ma Snak Superior Treats - Sonoma
Two Hands Four Paws, Inc. - Los Angeles                        Michael F. Dillon & Associates, Inc. - Sacramento
Walk With Wendy - Santa Monica                                 Mike Lorrig Photography - West Hollywood
Wendy’s Pet Sitting Service                                    Mink Shoes - Los Angeles
                                                               Modernica, Inc. - Los Angeles
CA BUSINESSES & CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE                           Pamela A. Hogan, Inc. - Santa Monica
Baldwin Park Chamber of Commerce                               Panzar, Inc.
All-is-On Promotions - Woodland Hills                          Pariah Film & Television - Los Angeles
All Vegan - San Diego                                          PD Production Line Design - Venice
Arena Fitness - Encino                                         PearlParadise.com - Los Angeles
Bardwell’s Boneyard - Alhambra                                 Platinum Public Relations - Manhattan Beach
Beynon Creative Communications - Sherman Oaks                  Pooch Potty
CaliMax - Inglewood                                            Purple Cat Thrift Store, Del Norte
Campos Painting - Palmdale                                     Ragazzi Vegan
CARTUS - Mission Viejo                                         Ring of Fire Enterprises - Ben Lomond
Cecilia Simi Designs - Alameda                                 Robert T. Denton General Contractor - Berkeley
Coast Dermatology Medical Associates - Torrance                Sauthier, Steele & Associates - Encino
Colette Studio - Berkeley                                      Shigetomi-Pratt Architects - Los Angeles
Commonwealth Action - Venice                                   Staged to Move - Sacramento
Connell Auto Center - Oakland                                  Steam Salon - Los Angeles

                                                                                                                    - 10 -
                                  AB 1634 CALIFORNIA HEALTHY PETS ACT 2008
                                         SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS

CA BUSINESSES & CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE                         Howard F. Lyman, LL.D, Author
(cont’d)                                                     James A. McKelvey, Attorney at Law - Fresno
Studio Maglia - Studio City                                  Jane Colombero, Assoc. Scientist, AMGEN - Camarillo
Tichenor & Thorp Architects - Beverly Hills                  Judy Hofflund, Owner, Hofflund Talent Management - B.H.
Vegan.com - South Lake Tahoe                                 Judy Polone, Exec.VP of Movies & Mini-Series, Lionsgate
VeganStyleReport.com - Los Angeles                             Television
Villas of Italy - Santa Monica                               Karen Caesar, Information Officer, California Air Rescources
Voice Trax West - Studio City                                  Board - Sherman Oaks
Weil Public Relations - Sherman oaks                         Katcef Associates - Annapolis, MD
                                                             Kate McCallum, Executive Administrator, L.A. Opera
Whole Minds - Santa Monica
                                                             Kevin E. Mueller, Esq. - Alisa Viejo
                                                             Kevin Oreck, Architect - Los Angeles
Winogradsky Company - North Hollywood                        Kimberly D. Fross, Esq., Jeffer Mangels, Butler & Marmaro
Xponent Phtonics, Inc. - Monrovia                              LLP - Los Angeles
                                                             Kristen Garabedian, Foundation Secretary, The Carnegie
                                                               Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching - Stanford
INDIVIDUALS & OTHER SUPPORTERS                               Laurette Timms, Texas Humane Legislation Network
Aaron Frank, Attorney & Professor of Environmental           Libra Max, Singer/Songwriter & Documentary Film Producer
 Law & Ethics, San Francisco University                        Los Angeles
Ajay Sahgal, Author & Screenwriter - Studio City             Lisa M. Chaiken, Radiation Oncologist - Santa Monica
Alexandra Denman, Attorney at Law - Beverly Hills            Marcia Hobbs, Editor, The Design Magazine - Los Angeles
AnimalRightsHawaii.com                                       Marie Atake, Former Commissioner, Los Angeles Board of
A-SAVES - Arizona                                              Animal Services Commission
Barbara Kennedy, Member of the Humboldt County               Mariners Village Community Services Committee - Marina
  Democratic Central Committee                                 del Rey
Barbara Shults, KMUD Radio Show Host                         Marsha Kramer, Television and Theatre Actor
Beth Klein, Sr. VP of Talent & Casting, SHOWTIME             Martin D. McCarthy, Esq.-Venice
Betsy Rosenfeld, Project Director, Center for                Mary Catalano, Actor, Comedienne - Venice
  Governmental Studies                                       Michael Becker, Music Producer & Film Music Supervisor -
Bonnie Tiegel, Senior Supervising Producer, “Entertainment     Encino
  Tonight” and “The Insider”                                 Nancy Volpert, Deputy Director, Center for Governmental
Carey K. Jenkins, Project Manager, Community                   Studies
  Redevelopment Agency, City of Los Angeles                  North Mesquite Dental Group - Texas
Cat Care Network of Colorado and New Mexico                  Oasis Sportswear, Inc.
Cat Spay & Neuter Clinic of Colchester, VT                   Pam Eisenberg, CDI Parents Association - Chatsworth
Charlotte Laws, Ph.D, Government Relations Committee -       Pamela A. Hogan, Ph.D, Psychologist, Author, Publisher -
  Los Angeles                                                  Santa Monica
Daniel B. Hayes, Esq., Davis Shapiro Lewit & Hayes,          Paul G. Nelson, Detective Supervisor, LAPD (retired)
  LLP - Beverly Hills                                        Paula Kent Meehan, Founder, Redkin
Dave Cook, Educator - Camarillo                              Rebecca Harrell, Landmark Education Organization - Reseda
Dr. Anteneh Roba, MD                                         Reseda Neighborhood Council, Board of Directors
Dr. Christine D. Forest, M.D. - Los Angeles                  Reverend Jane Eagle - Graton, CA
Dr. George Weinberger, M.D. - Santa Monica                   Ron R. Edwards, Animal Control Professional - Lakewood
Dr. Karen Y. Nishimura, MD - El Dorado County                Shelby Surfas, Director of Occupational Therapy, Pediatric
Dr. Nooshin Noghreian, DDS - Torrance                          Specialist - Los Angeles
Dr. Peggy W. Larson, DVM, MS (Pathology) - VT                Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council
Dr. Ramin Noghreian, DDS - Torrance                          Small Paws Rescue - Tulsa, OK
Dr. Wayne Bemus, DDS - Torrance                              Tama Davis, Director of Research, American
Dr. Z.W. Scott, MD - Lancaster                                 Historical Press
EarthVoiceFoodChoice.com                                     Van Nuys Neighborhood Council
Elaine Livesey-Fassel, Portrait Artist - Los Angeles         Vegan Coalition - San Diego
Francine Harvey, Laboratory Manager, USC Health Center       Vegan Society
Greater Valley Glen Council                                  Vegetarian Club of the Ozarks - Missouri
Greg Perry, Supervising Segment Director, “Dr. Phil”         Virginia Becchine, Program Director: Respiratory Therapy
Hampton Pet Club, Jason Neimark, Founder & Director            Program, Foothill College - Los Altos Hills

                                                                                                                - 11 -
                         AB 1634 CALIFORNIA HEALTHY PETS ACT 2008
                                SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS

WARM, Inc. - Woodstock, NY
Wiley Corbett, CEO, ProVar Worldwide

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