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					WELCOME Sunday, May 02, 2010
We are a community restaurant. We cure our own meats, bake our own bread, and, naturally, link our own sausage. Our fruits and
vegetables come principally from this region’s farms; all of the beef, lamb, and goat we serve is grass-fed and raised entirely on pasture;
our pork is only from family-owned farms. Our menu changes daily with what our farmers give us. Learn more about us and our farmers,
and read our blog, at

SOUP & SALAD & BREAD                               House baked jalapeño-bacon cornbread            STARTERS
                                                   w/ bay butter 5.5
Semolina bread and local oils 6.5                                                                  Grilled green beans in ginger soy sauce 7.5
House baked semolina bread, local                  House pickled pastured chicken egg 1.5          Green beans, cask-aged Shoyu soy sauce
avocado oil (Bella Vado), local olive oil          House pickled jalapeño 1.5 – muy picante        brewed in the traditional method (vegan)
(Rancho Cortes), Sonoma sea salt smoked
over red oak, unsmoked Sonoma sea salt             Grilled corn on the cob w/ bay butter 5         Chips and dip 8.5
(vegan)                                                                                            Haas avocado (Stehly Organics) dip, kettle-
                                                                                                   fried tortilla chips (Tortilleria Lily), cucumber
Green salad 7.5                                                                                    and carrot slices (La Milpa Organica &
Mixed greens (La Milpa Organica), market                                                           Wingshadows Hacienda) (vegetarian)
produce, lemon herb vinaigrette (vegan)
                                                                                                   Smoked oyster peach 8
Heirloom tomato salad 6                                                                            Pacific oyster (Sol Azul, Guerrero Negro,
Heirloom tomatoes (Munak Farms), local                                                             Baja California), Sweet Lady peach
olive oil (Rancho Cortes), Sonoma sea salt                                                         (Tenerelli Farms), local olive oil (rancho
(vegan)                                                                                            Cortes), lime basil (Wingshadows Hacienda)
B.L.T. salad 9                                                                                     Oxtail ravioli 9
Butter lettuce (Wingshadows Hacienda),                                                             Grass fed oxtail (Spanish Oak Ranches),
heirloom tomatoes (Munak Farms), house                                                             house made pasta, shiitake mushroom (Live
cured bacon (Vande Rose Farms), house                                                              Green), sweet corn, La Panza Gold aged
baked semolina croutons, Green Goddess                                                             cheese (Rinconada Dairy)
                                                                                                   Steamed local clams 10
Grilled chicken hot wing salad 9                                                                   Sunburst Manila clams (Carlsbad Aquafarm)
Locally pastured chicken (Womack Ranch),                                                           house cured meat, Winchester Gouda broth,
Jericho romaine (La Milpa Organica),                                                               peach pico de gallo (Tenerelli Farms)
watermelon radish (La Milpa Organica), blue
cheese dressing (Point Reyes)
Chicken tortilla soup 9.5
Locally pastured chicken (Womack Ranch),
avocado (Stehly Organics), Cheddar cheese                                                          BOARDS
(Spring Hill Dairy)                                                                                Cheese & fruit board 12.5
                                                                                                   100% pastured cow's milk cheeses:
                                                                                                   Thomasville Tomme, (cow, Sweetgrass
LINKERY                                                                                            Dairy, Thomasville GA), Point Reyes Blue
With your choice of today‟s house made                                                             (cow, Point Reyes Station, CA), seasonal
links                                                                                              fruit (vegetarian)
Starter 8.5                                                                                        House cured meat & pickle board 12.5
with house made Rainier cherry mustard,                                                            Bresaola (Grass-fed beef from Open
house baked beer bread                                                                             Spaces Meats), mortadella (Berkshire breed
                                                                                                   pork from Kelly Biensen), house-pickled
Hand roll 10                                                                                       vegetables
in a toasted house baked semolina roll,
Rainier cherry mustard
Tacos 12.5
White corn tortillas (Tortilleria Lily), refried
pinquito beans (Righetti Ranch) - one link,                                                        GRILLED FLATBREADS
two tacos                                                                                          house made with whole wheat
Picnic plate 16.5                                                                                  Cheese 13.5
Two links with fuji apple slaw, potato salad                                                       Provolone, Grana Padano, marinara sauce,
(Weiser Farms potatoes), Winchester                                                                fresh herbs (vegetarian)
Gouda cheese, and house baked bread                                                                Tomato basil 15
(Mini-picnic plate with one link is 13.5)                                                          Tomatoes (Valdivia), basil (Wingshadows
Choucroute 14.5                                                                                    Hacienda), provolone, marinara sauce
One link with house made sauerkraut                                                                (vegetarian)
braised in Alsatian Riesling, house cured                                                          Chorizo 16.5
pork (Kelly Biensen's farm) melted                                                                 House made beef chorizo (Open Space
Winchester Gouda, house baked beer bread                                                           Meats), roasted garlic sauce, goat cheese,
Add one link to any plate 5.5                                                                      red onions
               TODAY‟S LINKS                                                                       Chicken 17
                                                                                                   Chicken pineapple sausage (made with
*Andouille (Vande Rose Farms pork, garlic,                                                         local, pastured chicken from Curtis
black pepper, cayenne, thyme) - SPICY                                                              Womach), queso Oaxaca, fresh herbs,
                                                                                                   rocket-basil pesto (Wingshadows Hacienda)
*Loukanika (Pastured Berkshire pork,
pastured lamb, onion, orange zest,                                                                 Add house-cured pepperoni (Open Space
coriander, Greek oregano)                                                                          Meats) 2
*Chicken Pineapple (Local, pastured organic
chicken, pineapple, garlic, nutmeg) add $1

                                                                                                   NORTH PARK MEAT CO
PORTOBELLO VERSIONS vegetarian                                                                     House cured meats to go, price per ounce–
                                                                                                   To Go
Hand roll 9
Grilled portobello and caramelized onions in                                                       Lardo 0.75
a toasted house baked semolina roll (vegan)                                                        Berkshire pork from Barney Bahrenfuse
Tacos 11.5
White corn tortillas (Tortilleria Lily), organic                                                   Honey bacon 1
greens salad (Wingshadows Hacienda) and                                                            Berkshire pork from Kelly Biensen (Iowa)
lime vinaigrette - one ‘shroom, two tacos,
can be veganized                                                                                   Hungarian salami 2
                                                                                                   Berkshire pork from Kelly Biensen (Iowa)
Burger 12.5
Grilled portobello topped with pastured                                                            Whole smoked cabrito 35 (approx 2.5 lbs)
chicken egg (Wingshadows Hacienda),                                                                Baby goat from Dream Dairy
grilled pineapple, Winchester Gouda, house-                                                        Mortadella 1
baked bun and more (can be veganized)                                                              Berkshire pork from Kelly Biensen (Iowa)
Add portobello to any flatbread or plate 2.5

Small grilled house baked beer bread 2

                    The cost of table/bar service for dining-in guests is included on each check at 18%. We do not accept tips.
                 If you‟d like to express extra gratitude, please leave cash behind for our charity of the month, Rolling Readers.
                                       The Linkery – 30th St & North Park Way in San Diego –
MAINS available after 5:30pm                    IPA with Simcoe hops Stone                             8.5    RED WINE              2oz taste, 5oz glass, or 750ml bottle
                                                Le Freak Belgian IPA Green Flash                         8
Vegan stir-fry 15.5
Yellow wax beans (La Milpa Organica),           Levitation hoppy amber ale Stone                       8.5    CASK RED WINE
shiitake mushrooms (LiveGreen), summer                                                                        Linkery Cuvee #1 taste 4.5 / glass 11 / one-liter carafe 55
squash (La Milpa Organica), onion, red          DRAFT BEER                          half pour / full pour     Christopher Cameron Vineyards, Bordeaux-style blend
pepper, organic Californian brown rice                                                                        grapes from Dry Creek CA, pressed & blended in
(Massa Organics)                                Hottenroth Berliner Weisse The Bruery             4 .5/ 6     Carlsbad
                                                - have it 'mit schuss"!
Add fried pastured chicken egg (Fountain of     Eric's Ale 2005 sour aged ale with peaches New
Youth farm) 2.5                                 Belgium                                                       OUR NEIGHBORHOOD
                                                                                             4 .75/ 6.5       Costa Azul, Grenache 06Vlle de Guadalupe 5 / 12 / 42
Baja grouper 18
Pan seared brown grouper, red potatoes          Dandelion Ale New Belgium                    4.75 / 6.5       San Pasqual, Cab/ Merlot 05 San Diego     4.5 / 11 / 39
(Weiser Family Farms), capers, golden           La Folie sour brown ale New Belgium          4.75 / 6.5       Christopher Cameron Vineyards, Merlot 05 Sonoma
raspberry (Stehly organics), lemon & lime       Biere de Mars with oats, lemon verbena,                       grapes pressed and bottled in San Diego 5 .5/ 12.5 / 44
basils, local olive oil (Rancho Cortes)         brettanomyces                                                 Hawk Watch, Meritage 05 Warner Springs CA5 / 12 / 42
                                                New Belgium                                  4.75 / 6.5
Pastured sirloin steak 23                                                                                     Hawk Watch, Syrah 05 Warner Springs CA 4 / 9.5 / 40
Grilled grass-fed top sirloin steak (Open       FLIGHT OF 4 BEERS cask or draft, 5 oz each             12     Hawk Watch, Syrah "Signature Reserve" 05 Warner
Space Meats), smashed blue potatoes                                                                           Springs CA                                            49
(Weiser Family Farms), heirloom tomato
(Munak Farms), blue cheese (Point Reyes         BOTTLES OF BEER                                               Salerno, Cab/Petit Sirah "Elegante" 05Ramona CA
Farmstead)                                      OUR NEIGHBORHOOD                                                                                          4 / 9.5 / 33
                                                X extra pale ale, AleSmith 22oz                           9   Martellotto, Cabernet Sauvignon 06 Paso Robles local
Local pastured quail 21                                                                                       winemaker                                             39
Grilled local pastured quail (Wingshadows       Levitation hoppy amber ale, Stone 12oz                    5
Hacienda), basil-sweet corn fritters, lemon     Trippel Green Flash 22oz                                 16   NEW WORLD
cucumber (Munak Farms) salad, dandelion
(La Milpa Organica)                             IPA Mission 22oz                                         10   Gruet, „Cuvee Gilbert Gruet‟ Pinot Noir 06 Albuquerque
                                                YuleSmith imperial IPA AleSmith 22oz                     21   NM                                             5 / 12.5 / 43
House-made pasta 16.5                            rd                                                           Ata Rangi, Pinot Noir 06 Martinborough NZ                  88
Hand cut pappardelle, Grana Padano &            3 Anniversary Ale Double IPA Port 22oz                   17
Gouda cheese (Winchester cheese Co),            Wee Heavy AleSmith 750ml                                 23   Kilikanoon, Grenache „Prodigal‟ 04 Clare Valley AUS 58
heirloom cherry tomatoes (Valdivia)             Decadence English-style barleywine AleSmith 750ml             Arido, Malbec 06 Mendoza,Argentina            3.5 / 8.5 / 30
(vegetarian)                                                                                             25   Teague Vineyards, Merlot 05Hollister CA            4 / 9 / 32
Add house cured pancetta (Kelly Biensen) 4      Angels Share 2008 aged at least 6 months in freshly           Robert Sinskey Vineyards, Merlot 04 Los Carneros
                                                emptied Scotland brandy casks Lost Abbey 750ml 65             Napa Valley Organic Grapes                       6 / 15 / 53
                                                Speedway Stout brewed with Ryan Bros. Coffee                  Tablas Creek, Cotes de Tablas 06 Paso Robles CA 56
                                                AleSmith 750ml                                           25
                                                                                                              Edmunds St John, Rocks and Gravel 05 Sierra
                                                Stone Brewing, Vertical flight of Old Guardian                Nevada Foothills                                           37
SPECIALTY OF THE HOUSE                          Barleywine,                                             200
                                                22oz each not for sale individually                           Qupe, Syrah 06 Central Coast CA              4.5 / 10.5 / 36
Lowcountry boil 29                              06 07 08 09 One barley wine, four bottles, four vintages      Basket Case, Cabernet Sauvignon 06 WA 3.5 / 9 / 32
Wild Mexican shrimp, house made andouille                                                                     Ukiah, Cabernet Sauvignon 05 CA                 3 / 7.5 / 28
sausage (pork from Vande Rose Farm),
local Sunburst clams (Carlsbad Aquafarm),       OTHER CALIFORNIANS                                            Jenke Vineyards, Cabernet Franc 05 Barossa
All Blue potatoes (Weiser Farms), Mexican                                                                     Australia                                      5.5 / 13 / 46
                                                Trumer Pils Berkeley 12oz                           5
sweet corn, boiled with house made                                                                            Happy Canyon „Piocho‟ Bordeaux-style blend 05
seasonings and served on a platter with         Summer Solstice "Cerveza Crema" Anderson Valley               Santa Barbara County CA                                    53
                                                Brewing, Boonville 12oz                             5
house baked jalapeño cornbread.                                                                               Jake Ryan Cellars, Zinfandel 06 Mt Veeder, CA
                                                Summer Ale American wheat ale Anchor Brewing,                                                                5 / 12.5 / 44
                                                San Francisco 12oz                                  5
                                                                                                              York Creek, „MXB‟ 06 Mixed Black Zinfandel field blend
                                                Pale 31, Firestone Walker, Paso Robles 12oz         5         Napa Valley                                                47
                                                Damnation golden strong ale Russian River, Santa              Quivira, Petite Sirah 06 Healdsburg CA biodynamic
SANDWICHES                                      Rosa 750 ml                                        17                                                        5.5 / 14 / 53
                                                Steelhead Extra Stout, Mad River, Blue Lake 12oz 5.5          Easton, Zinfandel 07 Amador County CA                      39
Pastured chile dogs 13                                                   th
Two house made grass-fed beef hot dogs          XII barrel-aged blend, 12 Anniversary Ale, Firestone          Dashe, Zinfandel 06 Dry Creek Valley CA                    49
(Open Space Meats), pinquito bean & grass-      Walker, Paso Robles 22oz                           55
                                                                                                              Engelbrecht Els, Proprietor‟s Blend 04 S Africa            76
fed beef chile (Righetti Ranch & Open
Space Meats)), Jersey cheddar (Spring Hill                                                                    Porter-Bass Zinfandel 04Russian River Valley
                                                BELGIAN                                                       biodynamic and organic                                     51
Cheese Co), house baked semolina bun
                                                Blanche de Bruxelles white ale 12oz                 6         Showket Vinyards, „Asante Sana‟ Super-Tuscan style
Grass-fed burger with “the lot” 15.5            St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition Castle Brewery Von            red 05 Oakville Napa Valley                                92
Pastured beef (Spanish Oak Ranches),            Honsebrouck, Inglemunster 375 ml                  13
topped with pastured chicken egg, grilled       Signature Ale De Proef with Tomme Arthur, Lochristi-          OLD WORLD
pineapple, house cured bacon (Kelly             Hijfte 750ml                                      25
Biensen), Winchester Gouda cheese,                                                                            Marchesi Di Barolo,Maraia, Barbera Monferrato 06
house-baked semolina bun and more               De Noël holiday saison Fantôme, Wallonia 750ml 35             Piedmonte, Italy                             3 / 7.5 / 26
                                                Grand Cru Rodenbach, Roselare 750 ml              23          Kermit Lynch," Vin de Table du Vaucluse" 04 Vaucluse,
Get your sandwich “Zaki style” by topping it                                                                  France                                       3 / 7.5 / 30
with any link 5.5                               Duchesse de Bourgogne Flemish red ale, Brouwerij              Domaine Maxime Chomel, Crozes- Hermitage Cuvee
                                                Verhaeghe, Vichte 11.2 oz                       10.5          Sassenas, 05 Rhone,France                    6 / 14 / 49
                                                                                                              Feudi di San Gregorio, Aglianico, Rubrato 05
                                                GERMAN                                                        Campania, Italy                              4 / 9.5 / 33
                                                Surtaler (Light Beer) Landbrauerei Shöenram ,Bavaria          Marques De Murrieta, Rioja Reserva 04 Spain 6/14.5/51
SWEET PLATES available after 5:30pm             .5 liter                                              9
Ask your server for daytime selection                                                                         Guido Porro, Dolcetto d' Alba 05 Piedmont IT           37
                                                George Schneider‟s Wiesen Edel-Weiße
                                                (Hefeweissen) organic wheat beer 0.5 liter         10.5       Erik Banti, Morellino Di Scansano 06 Tuscany, Italy
Lemon & raspberry bread pudding 9                                                                                                                           4 / 10 / 35
Lemons and raspberries (Stehly Organics),       St Josefi -Bock, hearty, malty, lager Reutberger
house made Opal basil ice cream                 Dortmunder,Bavaria .5L                               11       Chateau Musar, Rouge 98 Lebanon                        82
                                                Fest-weiße, unfiltered hefeweissen, flavors of chestnuts      Terre Di Balbia, Balbium 06 Calabria IT     5.5 / 13 / 46
Lardo ice cream sandwich 10                     Landbrauerei Shöenram ,Bavaria .5L                   11
                                                                                                              Chateau de Pibarnon, Bandol 05 Provence France
house made organic Taza chocolate chunk         Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen Brauerei Heller            Mourvedre                                              84
& hazelnut cookies, house made lardo ice        Bamberg 0.5 liter                                    12
cream, candied house cured bacon. Pair                                                                        DRINK LIKE A EUROPEAN
with Stone Smoked Porter or Hawk Watch
Muscat Canelli                                  CRAFT BEER FROM OTHER PLACES                                  little jar o' wine red                                   5.5
                                                Session Lager Full Sail, Hood River OR 11.2oz 3.75
Peach & blackberry shortcake 8                  LTD 03 malty pilsner Full Sail, Hood River OR 12oz 5          SWEET & STRONG
Fancy Lady peaches (Tenerelli Farms),                                                                         Broadbent, Fine Rich Madeira                             5.5
blackberries (Stehly Organics), lemon           Festina Peche berlinerweiss w/ peach Dogfish Head
verbena (Wingshadows Hacienda)                  Milton DE                                            6        Broadbent, 5yr Reserve, Madiera                          7.5
                                                Original Pale Ale Coopers, Adelaide AUS 12oz         5        Broadbent, Colheita 96 Madeira                          14.5
Chocolate truffle 3.5
Organic Taza chocolate, house smoked salt       Wild Devil ipa with wild yeast Victory, Downingtown PA        Ramos Pinto, Ruby Port                                   5.5
Pair with Ramos Ruby port or El Diablo          750ml                                              20
                                                                                                              Ramos Pinto, LBV, 2001, Ruby Port                          9
coffee                                          Fred golden special ale with rye malts and 10 hop
                                                                                                              Grahams, 10 year, Tawny Port                             10
                                                varieties Hair of the Dog 12oz                     11
Fresh fruit sorbet 5                            Ellie's Brown Ale Avery, Boulder CO 12oz             5        Grahams, 20Year, Tawny Port                              15
Rainier cherry (Barbagaleta Farms)
                                                MEXICO                                                        Method to the madness and particular libations of
                                                Negra Modelo Vienna lager, 12oz                          5    We have lots of light beers for this warm weather.
                                                Cucapá Obscura brown ale, Mexicali 12oz                  5    Bavarian Surtaler, Anderson Valley Summer Solstice
                                                                                                              cerveza crema, Full Sail Session lager, Firestone Pale
                                                                                                              31, and AleSmith X, just to name more than a few.
                                                                                                              Wine-wise... We are VERY proud to offer the Domaine
                                                                                                              Tempier Bandol Rosé, 2008. Bandol produces the
                                                                                                              most serious, well known wines in Provance. The
                                                                                                              Mourvedre grape rules here. Adding Cinsault and
                                                                                                              Grenach brings nice fruit and helps to soften the wine.
                                                                                                              A BEAUTFUL Rose. We offer it as a 2oz taster, by the
CASK BEER                           full pour                                                                 glass or by the bottle.
                    The cost of table/bar service for dining-in guests is included on each check at 18%. We do not accept tips.
               If you‟d like to express extra gratitude, please leave cash behind for our charity of the month, Rolling Readers.
                                     The Linkery – 30th St & North Park Way in San Diego –
2oz taste, 5oz glass, or 750ml bottle
* highlights great pairings for all the plums, peaches,
and nectarines on the menu now
Cht De Pampelone,Cotes de Provence 07 Provence,
                                                  4 / 10 / 39
Le Fraghe, Bardolino Chiaretto "Ro Don" 07 IT 3 / 7 / 28
* Cht St Martin de la Garrigue, Tradition 08
Languedoc France                                  3.5 / 9 / 32
Hawk Watch, White Grenache 07 Warner Springs CA
                                                  3 / 7.5 / 28
Chateau Musar, Cuvee Rosé 04 Bekaa Valley
Lebanon                                                     42
Ramian, Grenache Rosé 06 Napa Valley CA                     32
Cesconi, Lagrein Rosato 07 Trentino, Italy                  30
Jenke Vineyards, Rosé of Cabernet Franc
08 Barossa, Australia                               4 / 9 / 32
Domaine Tempier, Bandol 08,Provance, FR 10 / 18.5 / 65

Vionta, Albarino 06 Rias Baixes, Spain    4.5 / 10.5 / 36
* Pascal Jolivet, Sancerre 06 Sancerre, France
100% Sauvignon Blanc                      5.5 / 13.5 / 47
* Agent For Change, Sauvignon Blanc 06 Central
                                           3.5 / 8.5 / 30
Hope Estate, Verdelho 06 Hunter Valley, AUS 3 / 8 / 28
* Meyer-Fonne, Vin D'Alsace,"Gentil" 07 Alsace FR
                                                4 / 9 / 32
Pierre Sparr, "Alsace One" 07 Alsace FR                 34
Tablas Creek, Cotes de Tablas Blanc 06 Paso Robles
                                            5.5 / 13 / 46
Trevor Jones, Virgin Chardonnay 07Barossa Australia
                                            4.5 / 11 / 39
Salerno, Bianco Tosto 07Ramona CA            3 / 7.5 / 28
Charles Smith, "EVE", Chardonnay 07 Mattawa WA
                                              4 / 10 / 38
Chateau Musar Blanc 1999 Lebanon                        59
Hawk Watch, Muscat Canelli,"Galway Vineyard" 08
Warner Springs, CA                3oz glass 7 / bottle 43

Summariva, Prosecco di Conegliano, NV Brut
Piedmont IT                       glass 7.5 / bottle 30
* Gruet, Rosé100% Pinot Noir, Méthode
Champenoise, Albuquerque, NM        glass 9 / bottle 34
Heidrun Meadery, Madras Carrot Blossom Méthode
Champenoise                                   bottle 36
Heidrun Meadery, Montana Clover Blossom Méthode
Champenoise                       glass 9.5 / bottle 36
Wandering Aengus Ciderworks, Semi-Dry Cider
Salem OR 100% organic apples 750ml glass 9.5 / bottle 38

house made sangria, red or white glass 7.5 / carafe 32
add an ounce of Broadbent, Fine Rich Madeira         1

coffee ground to order, 17oz press pot
Decaf Librarian's Blend A bold blend of Indonesian.
African, and Central American coffees. Sparkling acidity
balanced by its dark roast sweetness. Roasted by
Intelligentsia Coffee, Los Angeles                           4.5
Flecha Roja Costa Rica
A flavorful light roast coffee with clean acidity, red fruit
and citrus at the forefront, followed by notes of vanilla
and praline for a sneaky sweet ending
Roasted by Intelligentsia Coffee, Los Angeles                  6
La Tortuga Honduras
Dark roast medium body coffee with citrus aroma, hints
of tangy orange and butterscotch, subtle sweet cane
sugar finish
Roasted by Intelligentsia Coffee, Los Angeles                  7
Organic Earl Grey. traditional blend of black tea with
the intense floral citrus flavor of bergamot oil.
(Intelligentsia Coffee)                                      3.5
Organic Blend 333. herbal tea, a blend of tart rosehips,
chamomile and peppermint. (Intelligentsia Coffee) 3.5
Organic Jasmine. green tea, sweet, scented with fresh
aromatic jasmine blossoms (Intelligentsia Coffee) 3.5

Iced tea                                                    3.5
Sparkling water house carbonated                            2.5
Sparkling citrus soda fresh squeezed                        3.5
Kombucha house brewed and fermented                         4.5
Jamaica unsweetened hibiscus tea                            3.5
“Sam Malone” hibiscus tea and sparkling water                 3
Dublin Dr. Pepper real cane sugar in Dublin, TX 8oz           4
Mexican Coca Cola made with real cane sugar                 3.5

                           The cost of table/bar service for dining-in guests is included on each check at 18%. We do not accept tips.
                      If you‟d like to express extra gratitude, please leave cash behind for our charity of the month, Rolling Readers.
                                            The Linkery – 30th St & North Park Way in San Diego –

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