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                                               Dr Eileen N. Ostlund
                                National Veterinary Services Laboratories, VS, APHIS, USDA
                                 P.O. Box 844, 1800 Dayton Avenue, Ames, IA 50010, USA
                                        Tel.: (1-515) 663-7551, Fax: (1-515) 663-7348

                      Summary of general activities related to the disease

1    Test(s) in use/or available for the specified disease at your laboratory.

                       Test                                  For                     Specificity         Total
                       AGID                                Antibody                    Group               38
                      CELISA                               Antibody                    Group              927
                        CF                                 Antibody                    Group               18
                       VN1                                 Antibody                     Type               25
                 Sheep Inoculation                         Antibody                    Group              298
         Embryonated hen’s egg and BHK-                 Virus isolation                Group              230
            21 cell culture inoculation
                       PCR                          Viral RNA detection                Group              257
                    Typing PCR                  Differentiate BTV types 2,10,           Type                  7
                                                        11, 13 and 17

      Each VN test represents neutralization assays against multiple bluetongue serotypes.

2.   Production and distribution of diagnostic reagents

     AGID, CF, and CELISA diagnostic kits, licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture, are
     commercially available in the United States. Pre-license testing is conducted by the Center for Veterinary

                                                                   Supplied nationally              Supplied to OIE
                           Reagent                                  + Laboratory use               Member Countries
                                                                         (units)                       (units)
     Strong positive ELISA/AGID BT antiserum (OIE)                              1                         3
      Weak positive ELISA/AGID BT antiserum (OIE)                               1                         3
             Bluetongue antibody proficiency panels                            121                        0
                      (20 samples/panel)
     Bluetongue virus antiserum for VN (various types)                         37                         4
                Bluetongue virus (various types)                               116                        15
         Bluetongue virus fluorescent antibody conjugate                       32                         0
           Weak positive ELISA/AGID BT antiserum                               63                         2
           Strong positive ELISA/AGID BT antiserum                              8                         2
                     Bluetongue virus RNA                                      34                         0

Annual reports of OIE Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres, 2007                                          1

                          Activities specifically related to the mandate
                                   of OIE Reference Laboratories

3.   International harmonisation and standardisation of methods for diagnostic testing or the
     production and testing of vaccines

     Bluetongue AGID/CELISA proficiency panels are prepared and used in annual certification of approximately
     60 laboratories in the United States. The panels are available to OIE Member Countries upon request. The
     laboratory participated in one international quality assurance BT antibody panel tests supplied by OIE countries

4.   Preparation and supply of international reference standards for diagnostic tests or vaccines

     Strong and weak positive AGID/ELISA OIE reference standard serum is available.

5.   Research and development of new procedures for diagnosis and control

     Reverse-transcriptase PCR methods were developed to identify isolates of bluetongue virus by serotype. The
     laboratory participated in validation studies of a real time reverse-transcriptase PCR diagnostic test for bluetongue

6.   Collection, analysis and dissemination of epizootiological data relevant to international disease

     Data on number, location (state), and serotype of U.S. bluetongue isolates are compiled and available upon request

7.   Provision of consultant expertise to OIE or to OIE Member Countries

     Designated expert provided lectures on bluetongue for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency course on Foreign
     Animal Diseases.

8.   Provision of scientific and technical training to personnel from other OIE Member Countries

     Laboratory assistance and training are available at the National Veterinary Services Laboratories.

9.   Provision of diagnostic testing facilities to other OIE member countries


10. Organisation of international scientific meetings on behalf of OIE or other international bodies


11. Participation in international scientific collaborative studies

     The NVSL collaborated with the Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright, UK, in the molecular serotype
     identification of recent North American bluetongue isolates. Reference North American isolates were also
     submitted to the IAH for their international repository.

12. Publication and dissemination of information relevant to the work of OIE (including list of
    scientific publications, internet publishing activities, presentations at international conferences)

     ■ Presentations at international conferences and meetings
     Bluetongue activities at the NVSL. OIE Ad Hoc Group on Bluetongue. 12 – 14 March 2007. Teramo, Italy. This
     meeting concerned the establishment of a network of bluetongue reference laboratories.

2                                                 Annual reports of OIE Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres, 2007

     Johnson DJ, Mertens PPC, Maan S, Ostlund EN. Exotic bluetongue viruses identified from ruminants in the
     southeastern USA from 1999-2006. Proceedings of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory
     Diagnosticians, 50th Annual Conference Reno, NV, October 2007

     Mertens PPC, Maan NS, Johnson DJ, Ostlund EN, Maan S: Sequencing and RT-PCR assays for genome segment
     2 of the 24 bluetongue virus serotypes: Identification of exotic serotypes in the Southeastern USA (1999-2006).
     Proceedings of the 13th International World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians Melbourne,
     Australia, November 2007.

     Exotic bluetongue viruses identified from ruminants in the southeastern U.S. from 1999-2006. United States-Japan
     Cooperative Program in Natural Resources, Panel of Animal and Avian Health. 5 December 2007. Tsukuba,
     Ibaraki, Japan..

      ■ Other communications

      CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)-USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Meeting on
      Bluetongue. 12 June 2007. Ottawa, Canada. This meeting was held to discuss the identification of new U.S.
      serotypes of bluetongue virus and the possible impact to Canada, in particular, risk to livestock, trade issues, and
      bluetongue-free status.


Annual reports of OIE Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres, 2007                                            3

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