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United States of America               )
Montana state {organic}                ) ss. "General Public Notice"; 'Common Law Affidavit'
Musselshell county [de jure] &         )
Garfield county [de jure]              )
Justus Township                                 )
                                                             st                                 1)
KNOW ALL FREEMEN BY THESE PRESENTS, on the 21 day January, of 1995, We, Rodney O. Skurdal &
R.O.S. (a trust), co-trustee, Rodney O. Skurdal; Seven Blackfoot Trust, co-trustees, Emmett Clark &
Richard Clark; & LeRoy M. Schweitzer, known to be the "Secured Parties", filed for record the following
documents, [non standard form/non negotiable; Common Law Liens] FS-1's, {with FS-4's as attachments}
and FS-3's with "Commercial Lien", Title 15, U.S.S.E.C. Tracer Flag; Common Law Affidavit/"per curiam",
on the following herein named "debtors"; First Interstate Bank of Commerce, J.M. Taylor & wife, William
D. Lamdin III & wife, EXXON, Dave's Towing & wife, Shawn M. MacCatherine & wife, American Bank,
Rodd A. Hamman & wife, Gloria Jean Clark, Mary C. Nelson & husband, Claire Wilken & husband, Jane
E. Mang & husband, Tony Harbaugh & wife, K. Seward & wife, Penny McPherson & husband, Dan D.
Martin & wife, Paul L. Hazelton & wife, Tim Lytle & wife, Roy H. Yurt & wife, Oran L. Savage & wife,
Loretta Rodreguez & husband, Kenneth R. Wilson & wife, American Bank, Linda Michaelis & husband,
Gregory P. Mohr & wife, G. Paul Smith, Vicki Knudsen, Robert W. Holmstrom, Charmaine Fisher, Ed
Smith, William Hunt Sr., R.C. McDonough, Terry Treweiler, Pam Bailey, Jim Cunningham, Daryll E.
Schoen, J.A. 'Ziggy' Ziegler Sr. & wife, Mike Mathew, Edwood English, J.A. Turnage, John Conway
Harrison, Karla M. Gray, Daniel L. Robertus, Garth B. Jacobson, Pedro Hernandez, Charmaine Fisher,
Stan Stephens & wife, Mark Racicot & wife, Fred Weber & wife, Ed Smith, Pedro Hernandez & wife,
Charmaine Fisher, G. Eppers, Robert E. Mihalovich, G. Paul Smith, R. Graf, L. Osborne, R.W. Jacobi,
Sue Olson, Darrel Brewer, Kelly Gebhardt, Vicki Knudsen, Roy Rodeghiero & wife, G. Paul Smith, R.
Graft, L. Osborne, R.W. Jacobi, G. Eppers, Robert E. Mihalovich, Roy Rodeghiero, Kelly Gebhardt, Sue
Olson, Darrel Brewer, Officer P.T. Hagan, Russell K. Fillner, Dale R. MrKich, Federal Bureau of
Investigation [a federal corporation], Tommie R. Canady - FBI agent & wife, Internal Revenue Service [a
private corporation] G.D. Eastlick Inc., & G.D. Eastlick & wife, First Interstate Bank of Commerce, J.M.
Taylor & wife, William D. Lamdin III & wife, Julie LaRance, Bruce Nelson, Michael J. Ridgeway, John
Schlepp, Vern E. Pluhar, Duncan McDonald, Jon A. Oldenburg, Arron Essex, John J. Cavan, Ward
Swanser, Martin R. Connell, A. Lance Tonn, Bruce M. Brown, Rodd A. Hamman, First Interstate Bank of
Commerce, J.M. Taylor & wife, William D. Lamdin III & wife, Charles A. Phipps, Dale Cox, Gary R.
Brownson, Kenneth R. Wilson,          Jean A. Turnage, Karla M. Gray, Terry N. Trieweiler, William E. Hunt
Sr., Fred J. Weber, John Conway Harrison, James C. Nelson, Jo Ann Stanton, Irl Stanton, John J. Pluhar,
Robert N. Phipps, Billy B. Merlak, Nickolas C. Murnion, Jack D. Shanstrom, A. Chony Maxwell, Gregory P.
Mohr, Lloyd Bentsen, Gordon L. Smith, Frank Davis, Ron Marlenee, Conrad Burns, Max Baucus, Pat
Williams, Janet Sherer, Bill Sherer, First Interstate Bank of Commerce, J.M. Taylor, William D. Lamdin III,
and American Bank, at B.R.E.C., a National Recording & Reporting Service, c/o P.O. Box 741, Boonville,
Indiana state, U.S. of A.. The subject documents permanently clouds the title to the following described
private, real and/or personal property, to wit: "Including, but not limited to: "All personal judgments, any
and all license(s), Bonds, insurance, private/public trusts, Bank accounts, savings accounts, personal and
private property {cars, trucks, vehicles, land/real estate, building(s), livestock, & etc. }, Assignment of all
stocks ,bonds, & certificates of deposit, signatures, all tangible and intangible property, and including but
not limited to their Partners assets, all inventory, all retirement accounts (federal, state and/or local), all
payments while in public office, all private payments received while out of public office, all inheritance, all
accounts receivable, etc., until full accord and satisfaction has been given to the secured party {paid in
full} "in Law". Non-Standard/Non-Negotiable (non-federal form); A Security - 15 U.S.C. This s a U.S.S.E.C.
Tracer Flag, not a point of Law. Group number(s) 1)File # 200, Ref # 100, No. 120194-30, Recorded & dated 23
December, 1994 at 10:15 A.M.; File # 200, Ref # 100, No. 122394-10, Recorded & dated 23 December, 1994 at 12:08 P.M.; File #
200, Ref # 100, No. 112894-18, Recorded & dated 28 November, 1994 at 10:29 A.M.; File # 200, Ref # 100, No. 121994-19,
Recorded & dated 19 December, 1994 at 3:37 P.M. and File # 200, Ref # 100, No. 122394-11, Recorded & dated 23 December,
1994 at 12:08 P.M 2) File # 200, Ref # 100, No. 122394-12, Recorded & dated 1 December, 1994 at 12:10 P.M. & File # 200, Ref #
100, No. 122394-7, Recorded & dated 23 December, 1994 at 12:04 P.M. 3) File # 200, Ref # 100, No. 122394-9, Recorded & dated
23 December, 1994 at 12:06 P.M.."Property to be Seized and Search List"
1. "Private Property": Wages, all income, salaries, all Money, credits, banks deposits, checking
accounts, saving accounts, all Money owed to the Lien Debtors {Account receivable, checking accounts,
accounts of similar financial institutions, contents, and all safe deposit boxes), private vault contents,
private land, all live stock, building(s), home(s), all furniture, automobile(s), truck(s), farm equipment of
any form, boat(s), airplane(s), crop(s), any and all types of tools Coins and coin collections, oil and/or gas
royalties, loan(s), gold, silver, platinum, Bars and Bullion of precious metals and/or ores, rare earth(s),
stocks, bonds, and negotiable and non negotiable instruments, annuities, cash value of any and all
insurance(s) policies, wills, estate(s), equity liens, IRS refunds, trust(s) accounts, rights to property, rent
moneys, signature(s), all signature(s) of any agent(s), water rights, grazing rights, royalty rights, patents
and copyright royalties, stamps and stamp collections, and/or other types of collection(s), credit cards, and
any and all other private properties searched out and or discovered.
2. "Personal Property": All signatures of the debtor(s), all signature(s) of any agent(s), all income,
autos, vehicles, trucks, machinery, heavy equipment of any type, household goods, fallen timber, lumber,
all boats, yachts, airplanes, tug boats, barges, sailboats, cargo vessels, private troop transports,
building(s), dredges, mining equipment, paintings, loan(s), credit card(s), all jewelry (except wedding
rings), office equipment and furniture, computers, typewriters, adding machines, telecommunications
equipment, and any and all other like personal property searched out and/or discovered.
3. "Real Property": All signature(s), all signature(s) of any agent(s), all income, real property, home(s),
rent houses and apartment(s), credit card(s), standing timber and timberlands, quarries, sand, gravel
pots/pits, garages, hardware stores, general merchandise stores, specialty stores, vineyards, wine
stock(s), crop(s), orchard(s), mine(s), mineral right(s), hardrock, geothermal, oil and gas leases, storage's
and petroleum drilling and pumping equipment, machinery and all offshore platform(s), and related
equipment, warehouse(s), loan(s) - public and private, airstrip(s), aircraft, blimps, helicopter(s), ships,
boats, gliders, rental businesses, and any and all other such properties researched and/or discovered.
         "We Must obey God rather than men." Acts 5:29. Holy Scriptures
         This "General Public Notice" & Common Law Affidavit, of necessity, in Law, is true, correct
and certain, being made in "good faith", and pursuant to MCA, Rules of Evidence, Rule "202 (b) (1)
and (11) {notice the notary public seal, ". . . and of notary public."}, (d) "When mandatory", (1) of
the common Law"; {see your own by-laws/statutes, MCA, Title 26, chapter 1, part 10; 26-1-1005, " .
. . having a seal in such foreign country."; and "Again, you have heard it was decreed to the
ancients, that you shall not perjure yourselves, but give up your vow to the Lord. But I tell you in
short, Do not vow at all: not by heaven, for that is the throne of God; nor by the earth, because
that is His footstool; nor by Jerusalem, for that is the city of the great King. Neither vow by your
head, because you are not able to make a single hair white or black, But let your language be
"Yes, yes; No, no; for whatever exceeds these proceeds from evil. "Matthew 5:33-37, Holy
Scriptures, Ferrar Fenton. Title 28, U.S.C., § 1746 (1), {"without the United States"} "Non Negotiable."
         teste meipso this 21 day of January, in the year of our Almighty Yahweh, through our
Redeemer, "Yahshua"/"Emmanuel", 1995, A.D..
                                   "without prejudice", with explicit reservation of all unalienable Rights, waiving none, "without recourse" MCA 30-1-207

Attested & Acknowledgment:
Court Seal:                By:      _____________________________________________
                            R.O.S. (a trust) co-trustee and/or Rodney O. Skurdal
Attested & Acknowledgment:
Court Seal:                By:      _____________________________________________
                            Seven Blackfoot Trust, co-trustees, and/or Emmett Clark &/or Richard
Attested & Acknowledgment:
Court Seal:                 _____________________________________________
                            LeRoy M. Schweitzer
United States of America            )
Montana state de jure               ) ss.
Musselshell county de jure          )
          On this 21 day of January, in the year of 1995, A.D., before me, Rodney O. Skurdal, a de jure Notary
Public in and for Musselshell county, for our de jure Montana state, United States of America, personally appeared
R.O.S. (a trust) co-trustee and/or Rodney O. Skurdal, Seven Blackfoot Trust, co-trustees, and/or Emmett Clark &
Richard Clark, & LeRoy M. Schweitzer, known to me to be the sovereign Freemen characters whose name is
subscribed to the foregoing "General Public Notice" & Common Law Affidavit and acknowledged to they that he
executed the same.
Notary Seal:
Fees:                                      _______________________________________________
Protest           ___________              Private Bonded "Notary Public for Montana state
Notice            ___________              Postal Location Roundup, Montana state, U.S. of A.
Postage           ___________              My Commission expires on      Life     .
Record            ___________
Oaths/Affidavits ___________

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