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					                         The newsletter of the National Capital Area (NCA) Emmaus
                                             for the glory of God

                                 Fourth Day Journal
                           Vol. XXII No. 3                         March 2004

From the Emmaus Lay Director . . .                              We were also introduced to Rob Lloyd our
                                                        Rector for E116. Rob‟s theme is “Love So Amaz-
              ―JOB BAGGAGE…‖                            ing” taken from the last lines in Isaac Watts‟
                                                        hymn, “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.”
        Have you ever had it? You know --- it‟s         Those of you, who know Rob, can well appreciate
that “I don‟t want to go anywhere” feeling!             his infectious smile and big hugs. What a pure joy
You‟ve had a rotten week at work, it‟s Friday           he is.
night, and you just don‟t feel like going to the Ul-            And then we were introduced to the new
treya. Well, last Friday night I must admit I came      Butterflies from C56. Our Chrysalis program is
very close to some of those same feelings! I had        such a wonderful blessing for our young people.
indeed had a tough week at work and I arrived           And what better example of that blessing than Sara
home still carrying my “Job-Baggage.” In my             Scichilone, a young lady from Messiah UMC who
rush to get home and to the Ultreya, it just seemed     walked on C53 just a year ago and who gave an in-
to hang on and I just kept carrying it with me!         spiring Fourth Day Talk. How exciting to see the
When I arrived at the Ultreya, it seemed the pace       Holy Spirit move in our young people. And to finish
of my previous week only increased. See this per-       the worship service, we had a wonderful communion
son…catch that one…arrange for this task, check         meditation by Rev. Pam and Rev Dan Horner fol-
on that one! Whew! Then the music started. I            lowed by communion and closing with my favorite
looked around and what was once a seemingly             song, Exodus XV, “The Lord is My Strength and
hurried crowd suddenly became as one. All fo-           My Song.” Now if that won‟t cap off the week and
cused on the Praise and Worship of our Savior.          get you recharged, I not sure what will.
You‟ve heard the saying…”It just keeps getting                  As I pondered the events of this past Ul-
better!” Well, so too this Emmaus Gathering.            treya, I am amazed at how blessed we are to have
From the opening songs through to the closing, it       such a loving community to share in God‟s amaz-
was a wonderful release.                                ing grace. It makes me wonder all the more why
        We were reminded that Jennie Ailstock           we seem to let that “Job Baggage” get in the way
and her Team would be headed to the Mountain            of experiencing opportunities like last Friday night
the next week along with 38 Pilgrims. Their             --- Maybe it‟s because through the week we loose
theme, “Be Thou My Vision” was taken from               sight of who we are and whose we are. How ap-
Matthew‟s account of Jesus‟ prayer in the Garden        propriate are the themes for the first two weekends
of Gethsemane just before He was betrayed. Jesus        of 2004, “Be Thou My Vision” and “Love So
asked that if it was possible, the cup might be tak-    Amazing!” Those themes could just as easily be
en from Him. However, Christ recognized that it         themes for each of us to live by this year.
was not as he wanted, but as God the Father                     Hope to see you at our next Gathering on
willed. My thoughts on hearing that theme went          March 19th at Arlington UMC, if not before. Ga-
immediately to the hymn “Be Thou My Vision.”            therings are a great place to drop off that “Job
The last two lines of the hymn rang out, “Heart of      Baggage!” Come join us and bring a friend or
my own heart, whatever befall, still be my vision,      two!
O Ruler of all.” It made me think about all that                DeColores,
“Job Baggage” I had carried with me. Where had                  Jerry Taylor
my focus been all week?                                         Community Lay Director
From the Board Spiritual Director                       his plans for us. And do not let the busyness of
                                                        your lifestyle keep you from experiencing what
“Now to him who by the power at work within us          God has planned for you. By your faithfulness,
is able to accomplish abundantly far more than we       you will see things come to pass that you never
all can ask or imagine, to him be glory in the          had hoped or dreamed would be possible.
church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, for-
ever and ever. Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21                           DeColores!
                                                                  Dan Horner
        As people of the NCA Emmaus communi-                      Board Spiritual Director
ty, our great joy is seeing the dramatic changes
that come in a Pilgrim‟s life as the result of their                Community Outreach
special weekend experience. What happens is al-
                                                                      for March-April 2004
ways God‟s initiative. All of the planning and            Date                       Community                   Num
preparation that goes into a weekend is blessed         Mar           Western NY                                M 28
and used by God. But the life altering effects of a     Mar 4-7       Central TX Conf                           W253
weekend can only be explained by the direct inter-                    El Shaddai West Central IN                W-105
vention of God and not our own power. We often                        North Indiana                             M173
reinforce this idea by saying that persons will walk                  Heart of Georgia                          108
                                                                      North Georgia                             W 127
on the particular weekend that God has planned
                                                                      Puget sound Des Moines, WA                W 145
for them and not by our own timetable. For those                      Hi-Sky Midland, TX                        147
of us who have had the great privilege to team, we                    North Indiana Huntington, IN              M-173
trust that God has brought together the women or        Mar 6-9       Oregon Trails OR                          W 58
men that will function together in God‟s perfect                      Northern Utah West Jordon, UT             W
will to perform „the miracle on the mountain‟.          Mar 11-13     Girls Chayah Pheonix, AZ                  G-27
That is what leaves us in such awe at a closing –       Mar 11-14     Seaside Emmaus SC                         W 88
                                                                      Cedar rapids Iowa                         W
when we clearly see that God has transcended our
                                                                      North Indiana Huntington, IN              W 174
own human efforts and worked so strongly in the                       Three Rivers Pittsburgh, PA               M 49
hearts and minds of both pilgrims and team mem-                       Dayspring Emm Georgia                     M 46
bers.                                                                 Bloomington-Normal IL                     M-66
        This is so often the Biblical witness. God                    Emmanuel Emmaus NC                        M-68
surprised ordinary men and women by giving                            Heart of Georgia                          109
them divine assignments that they could never                         Central IL Bondville, IL                  W 171
                                                                      North Indiana                             W174
have completed on their own. This was the case                        East Ohio Emmanuel OH                     M 54
with people like Abraham, Moses, Esther, King                         North Georgia                             M 105
David, Elijah, the Disciples, Paul and Timothy.         Mar 18-21     Aldersgate of Central Florida             104
By taking the initiative in the midst of their every-                 Dayspring Emm Georgia                     W 47
day lives, God brought into fullness great things                     North Georgia                             W 128
for his kingdom building that none of them could                      Three Rivers Pittsburgh, PA               W 50
                                                                      Greater Fredericksburg VA                 M 53
have ever imagined.
                                                                      Terraced Hills Clarinda, IA               M 11
        When we come down from the mountain,            Mar 21-23     Koinonia Erie PA                          M 181
we often lose sight that God has just begun a new       Mar 25-28     Eastern Panhandle Martinsburg, WV         M 82
thing in our lives. We forget that the Walk to                        East Ohio Emmanuel OH                     W 54
Emmaus experience is a beginning of God using                         Terraced Hills Clarinda, IA               W 12
us in a new and exciting way for God‟s kingdom                        Emmanuel Emmaus NC                        W-69
building. When God reveals a new direction in                         KVEC                                      M 49
                                                                      Houston Bay Houston, TX                   M 19
your life, listen and respond in faith. When you
                                                                      Bloomington-Normal IL                     W-67
become discouraged when these plans don‟t seem          Apr 1-4       New River Valley Blacksburg, VA           M 23
to be bearing fruit, remember that you may be in a                    Cross bayou Northwest LA                  W
period of testing to see if you are faithful. God                     Western New York                          W 28
highly prizes our faithfulness and will not forsake                   Houston Bay Houston TX                    W 20

Page 2                                                                        Fourth Day Journal  March 2004
        March Chrysalis Corner                                 There are so many ways that you can sup-
                                                       port Chrysalis beyond teaming and sponsoring.
        Beginning this month, a member of the          While these are two vital roles to the life of the
Chrysalis Board will be writing the Chrysalis Cor-     Community, there are others that are equally as
ner. I thought this would be a great way for the       important. Things as simple as registering your
community to get to know a few of them a little        debit, credit, or grocery cards on e-scrip can help
bit better. This month‟s submission comes from         support the work of Chrysalis.                Go to
Beth Mickey. Beth walked on C-20 and sat at the and register today…your support
table of Lophografa (which stands for Love,            is greatly appreciated. There is also still a need to
Peace, Hope, Grace, Faith.) She attends St. Paul‟s     fill the Treasurer position for the Community.
UMC in Woodbridge. Beth fells blessed to have          Please pray for the Board as we continue to seek a
been part of a number of Chrysalis teams, both as      person to fill this position that has been lovingly
a youth and an adult. Most recently, she was a         manned by Dwain McMullen for so long. Contact
member of C-53 and served as Adult Head Cha on         Gwenda or another member of the Board if you
C-55. Outside of Chrysalis, Beth works as the          are able to assist in this position.
Communications Manager at Capital Children's                   God has truly blessed me as a member of
Museum in D.C. Read on to hear from Beth…              this Community, both as a youth and now as an
        Because thy loving kindness is better than     adult. I praise him for the fire I see in the eyes of
life, my lips shall praise thee. Thus will I bless     each and every person I come in contact with at
thee while I live: I will lift up my hands in thy      the various Chrysalis and Emmaus functions I
name. My soul shall be satisfied; and my mouth         have attended. I pray that there will be many
shall praise thee with joyful lips. Psalm 63: 3-5      more to come who will join in lifting up their
        What an awesome sight it was to see so         hands in joyful praise!
many people praising together during the recent
Hoot that took place in February. Youth and adults            God bless you all and fly with Christ!
alike came together to share their prayer requests,           Beth Mickey
praises and to lift God up through song. It was tru-          Chrysalis Board Member
ly a night filled with praise from joyful lips!
        We are currently in the process of inviting
the Rectors and Rectoras for the summer week-             Seatco Custom Embroidery
ends. Please keep us in your prayers as God‟s              Let us transform your original design into
teams begin to form. It is never too early to sub-              beautiful, lustrous embroidery!
mit caterpillar applications for upcoming week-
ends. There was a time when, much like Emmaus,                    Jennifer Ailstock E-67
there was an actual waiting list to attend a Chrysa-
lis weekend. My prayer is that this will be the        5610 Scoville St.   Bailey‟s Crossroads, VA 22041
                                                           Phone: 703-931-4844       Fax: 703-931-4803
case again. Applications are available on-line or
at most NCA Emmaus or Chrysalis functions.
Please pray for those who God has called to sub-
mit applications to walk and those who have been
called to sponsor.
                                                               I teach Faithbooking!
                                                              Learn how to incorporate your photos
        The Nominating Committee is currently
                                                               with what God is doing in your life.
seeking both adults and youth who are interested
in serving on the 2004-2005 Chrysalis Board.                   Photo-safe Scrapbook Photo Albums
Please prayerfully consider serving the Chrysalis                    Classes and Workshops
Community in this capacity. Those who are inter-                     Business Opportunities
ested in running, or would like to nominate some-
                                                                BARBARA GEATCHES E107
one, should contact Warren Wooten at wwoo-                       Creative Memories Unit Leader or any other Board                               703-642-6179
   Fourth Day Journal  March 2004                                                                    Page 3
           Emmaus Board Members                                                     Emmaus Support Staff
              Term Expiring January 2005                                                       Board Secretary
Denise Bates SD      703-815-8098                Trudy Shearin      703-876-0922
Garey Eakes          703-892-8634                                     Treasurer
Jim Leamon           703-978-3220              Sandy Theiss       703-455-0375    ---
Terry McClelland     703-590-4084                                        Newsletter Editor
Regina Segnari       703-670-3145       Jim Templeton      540-349-9623
Jerry Taylor LD      703-644-9480     JATaylor@Cox.Net                                        Newsletter Mailing
Susan Young          703-491-5460         Garey & Sara       703-892-8634
              Term Expiring January 2006                                Eakes
Suzie Beeson         703-455-9150                         Name & Address Data Base Manager
Vic Granger          540-720-4827                 Jeff Tidd           703-491-5560
Dan Horner SD        703-644-7738                                    Website Manager
April Moore          703-680-4002             Rob Cannon          703-560-5153
Diane Smith          703-528-1205                              Prayer Requests/E-Mail Coordinator
Mike Suddarth        540-856-4041           Rob Cannon         703-560-5153
                                                                                               Team Applications
   Chrysalis Board & Support Staff                                      Sheryl Hope        703-273-0603
Lay Directors (LD), Assistant LD (AL) & Spiritual Directors (SD)                        Pilgrim Applications (& drops)
LD Gwenda Ayers 703-824-1735                       Tom Beeson         703-455-9150 Emmaus.Applications@Cox.Net
AL      Bill Moore       703-369-3868                           Community Palanca
SD      Edwin Clever     703-670-8581         Grace Granger       540-720-4827
        Tom Hazelwood              ver   Caroline Zong       703-878-2972
SD                       703-978-0852
                                                                                               Outreach Palanca
                   Other Board Members                                  Jim & Levina       703-273-2884
Anna Ailstock          703-920-0646              Conklin
Rhianna Ayers          703-824-1735       Bud West                 ---
Bryan Buckles          703-897-9762                                  Emmaus Music Director
Lee Gabriel            571-432-5480             Rodger Casey        703 430-8990
Sam Gero               703-690-1695                                             Manuals
Joe Lenow              540-899-6162                  Tony Bracewell     517-261-3188
Kristi Manwiller       703-590-6162                               Weekend Supply
Brittany Marz          703-455-2005           Winston & Debby 703-878-0878
Beth Mickey            703-566-7163                 Krieter
Bob Weick              703-685-8687                 Ed & Paulette       703-490-5805
Warren Wooten          540-834-0121    Santiagos
                                                                                               Facility Liaison
                     Support Personnel                                  Lynn Copeland       703-521-0706
  Treasurer            Secretary               Music                    Janice Hughes       703-590-2045
Dwain McMullen        Ellen Mickey       Philip Manwiller                                Rector(a) Selection Committee
        Supplies                      Applications                      Ron Russell         703-250-1709
      Kevin Sanborn              Jon Perkins - chrysali-                                           Historian
  Kris & Craig Campesi                       Neal Ailstock       703-920-0646
             Crosses & Fourth Day Packets                                                     Fourth Day Packets
                    Emily McMullen                                      Mark Segnari        703-670-3145
                Agape (Palanca) Support                                               Post Emmaus (4th Day & Reunion Groups)
      Renea Melec, Ellen Mickey and Beth Ann Eadie                      Suzie Beeson        703 455-9150
                    Chrysalis Hoots                                     Cindy Rogers        301-585-4676
          Bryan Buckles                                                 Wooden Crosses & Ropes
                   Chrysalis Historian                                  George Wakefield 703-494-7020
                                                                        Jan Womer           703-670-5236
                      Scott Niehoff
                                                                                   Kairos Information (Weekend, Cookies, Etc.)
                   Chrysalis Outreach
                                                                        George Wakefield 703-494-7020
           Bryan Buckles
                                                                        Jim Templeton       540-349-9623
                                                                                           Kairos Outside Information
                      Prayer Chain                                      Marsha Clements     703-494-4339 ---
                   Community Messages                                   Barbara Teats       703-354-9043
                                                                        Lou Ann Bennett     703-913-0926 ---
     If you have prayer concerns or other Information you wish          NOTE: If you have a new or different email address or
       made available to the community please send them to :            phone number, or don‟t want one or the other listed, please                                       contact Fourth Day Journal editor at Fourthday-
Page 4                                                                                        Fourth Day Journal  March 2004
                 Team for E-116                                          PILGRIMS FOR E-116
       March 25-28, 2004 – Love So Amazing                    CANDIDATE                              CHURCH
      Team Member                  Assignment
                                                             Jeb Baker         St. Andrews Episcopal, Arlington
Craig Amundson             Palanca Cha
                           Ass‟t Dinning Rm & Mañanita
                                                              Harry Barschdorf Clarendon UMC, Arlington
Tom Bee
                           Cha                                Jim Borsari      Trinity Episcopal, Manassas
Jim Brantley               Table Leader                       Bill Cabrera     First Baptist Church, Woodbridge
Bo Carneal                 Chapel Cha                         Ed Camacho       Sydenstricker UMC, Springfield
Ed Chabay                  Agape Cha, Closing Cha
Mike Collins               Table Leader                       Matt Davis       Grace Community Church, Arlington
Russ Craig                 Ass/t Music Dir                    Kyle Dunlap      St. Stephen's UMC, Burke,VA
Lee Fletcher               Old Buffalo, Floater Cha           Jack Fahy        Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge
Dan Leahy                  Table Leader                       Al Grace         Dumfries UMC, Dumfries
Rob Lloyd                  Rector
                                                              Jon Guest        First United Presbyterian, Dale City
Wes Lloyd                  Talk Room & Ass‟t. Agape
                           Cha                                Don Halterman Centreville Presbyterian, Centreville
Greg Loewer                Spiritual Director                 Adam Hansford Kingdom Life Christian Ctr, Wash, DC
Matthew Mann               Ass‟t. Mañanita & Ass‟t Palanca    Gary Heiligman Grace Covenant, Heerndon
                                                              Gavin Henthorn St. Mark's Episcopal, Hazard, KY
Marty Martin               Spiritual Director
Steven Masters             Talk Room, Ass‟t Closing           Todd Howell      Spotswood Baptist Church, Fredericksburg
                           Cha                                Steve King       Our Savior Lutheran Church, Arlington
Jim McCray                 Table Leader                       Tim Lank         Springfield UMC, Springfield
Larry Nottingham           Table Leader
                                                              Dave Luckenbough First United Presbyterian, Dale City
Don Peters                 Dinning Room Cha
Don Pulsifer               Old Buffalo, Floater Cha           Dave Malzahn Aldersgate UMC, Alexandria
Tom Rogers                 Old Buffalo, Floater Cha           Perry Mann       Forcey Memorial Church
Mark Romaneski             Table Leader                       Larry McClellan Columbia Baptist, Falls Church
Paul Spangenberg           Assistant Rector                   Al Nestor        Faith Presbyterian, Kingstown
Mike Suddarth              Music Director
                                                              Mel Olmscheid Prince of Peace (Catholic), Ft. Meade, M
Jerry Taylor               Head Cha
Powell Williams            Ass‟t Head Cha                     Dwight Parker, Jr. Mtn View Community Church, Culpeper
                                                              Rock Roberts     Centreville Presbyterian, Centreville
                                                              Buzz Savage      St Elizabeth Ann Seton, RC, Woodbridge,
     Trying to Locate Team Members                            Billy Scott      Immanuel Bible Church, Springfield
The following women with teaming applications                 Russ Simms       Grace Community Church, Arlington
have unreachable phone numbers:                               Mike Sloniker Sydenstricker UMC, Springfield
                                                              Richard Smith Newness Life Bible Church, Bealton
                      Bess Bee                                Bob Teetsel      Burke Community Church, Burke
                     Martha Cole
                                                              Jim Trawick      Grace Community Church, Arlington
                    Libby Holland
                   Deborah Wright                             Les Tripp        Franconia Alliance Ch, Alexandria

                                                             Darrin Whaley    Spotswood Baptist Church, Fredericksburg
Any insights or information, please respond to
Sheryl Hope at or 703-
273-0603. Thank you & God bless.                                Palanca Drop Off Locations
                                                             You may drop off you Palanca at either of these loca-
                                                             tions no later than 6 PM on he Wednesday immediately
                                                             before the weekend:

                                                                         Lyn Adams – Joy Unlimited
                                                                       108-110 Church St NE, Vienna, VA

                                                                Winston and Debby Krieter – (703) 878-0878
                                                                       13214 Delaney Road, Dale City, VA

    Fourth Day Journal  March 2004                                                                          Page 5
             Pilgrims of E-115        Grant, Caryl
Anderson, Ruth
                                      7006 Lamp Post Ln.
11239 Ramrod Rd.
                                      Alexandria. VA 22306
Woodbridge. VA 22192
                                      h: (703) 768-8723 w: (202) 927-3641
h: (703) 730-1380 w: (703) 282-9654
                                      Grigsby, Donna
Axtell, Jeanne
                                      7638 Kingsbury Rd.
9510 Claychin Ct.
                                      Alexandria. VA 22315-4157
Burke. VA 22015
                                      h: (703) 971-7460 w: (703) 802-2985
h: (703) 866-7073 w: (202) 720-5397
                                      Haines, Marty
Balog, Ziggy
                                      23 Stillwater Ln.
6805 Gillings Rd.
                                      Fredericksburg. VA 22406
Springfield. VA 22152
                                      h: (540) 752-6863 w: (703) 805-0699
h: (703) 866-4336 w: (301) 496-5422
                                      Haney, Heather
Barrett, Stephanie
                                      5804 Norham Dr.
6616 Princeton Drive
                                      Alexandria. VA 22315
Alexandria. VA 22307
                                      h: (703) 971-8137 w: (703) 846-0763
h: (703) 768-7076
                                      Herron, Suzanne
Behr, Lisa
                                      3154 Colchester Brook Ln.
2223 Double Eagle Ct.
                                      Fairfax. VA 22031
Reston. VA 20191
                                      h: (703) 280-1569 w: (703) 641-4318
h: (703) 758-7194 w: (301) 803-2249
                                      Karzen-Raybuck, Karen
Dominique, Paulina
                                      3211 Shoreview Rd.
8131-B Lawson Loop
                                      Triangle. VA 22172
Ft. Meade. MD 20755
                                      h: (703) 221-3299 w: (540) 295-6289
h: (410) 672-3139
                                      Manning, Kim
Donahue, Kimberly
                                      3625 Beaver Ford Rd.
926 S. 17th St.
                                      Woodbridge. VA 22192
Arlington. VA 22202
                                      h: (703) 878-4522
h: (703) 920-1354 w: (703) 824-3625
                                      Matthews, Janet
Droubay, Leigh Anne
                                      2215 Longview Dr.
12014 Skipjack Ct.
                                      Woodbridge. VA 22191
Woodbridge. VA 22192
                                      h: (703) 494-9916 w: (703) 670-4700
h: (703) 492-7189
                                      McNeilly, Joanne
Fahr, Pam
                                      3919 Spect Ct.
1715 Denton Ct.
                                      Alexandria. VA 22310
Crofton. MD 21114-1913
                                      h: (703) 317-9392 w: (703) 697-6239
h: (410) 451-3268
Page 6                                                  Fourth Day Journal  March 2004
Mendez, Jenn
221 Tennessee Ave.                    Santiago, Jodi
Alexandria. VA 22305                  8946 Astongale Ct.
h: (703) 836-2914 w: (703) 875-0634   Springfield. VA 22152                h: (703) 451-3528 w: (571) 642-6000
Nagle, Teri
10504 Catesby Row                     Schou, Pam
Fairfax. VA 22030                     4704 Hopkins Dr.
h: (703) 352-1674 w: (703) 706-4713   Montclair. VA 22026                        h: (703) 580-7544
Negley, Doreen
6440 Baltimore Pike
                                      Slighter, Cathy
Littletown. PA 17340
                                      5258 Sudberry Ln.
h: (717) 359-0073 w: (410) 386-2127
                                      Dale City. VA 22193
                                      h: (703) 680-9312
Newbanks, Tonya             
4007 Buckingham Ct.
Dumfries. VA 22026                    Smith, Linda
h: (703) 878-2909 w: (703) 494-8883   7606 Somerset Ln.           Manassas. VA 20111-1614
                                      h: (703) 369-3136 w: (703) 216-2469
Patterson, Sue              
6157 Morning Glory Rd.
Alexandria. VA 22310                  Stewart, Sue
h: (703) 922-4674 w: (703) 755-5368   1600 River Farm Dr.                  Alexandria. VA 22308-2831
                                      h: (703) 619-9663
Pinkas, Tammie              
6406 Baltimore Pike
Littletown. PA 17340                  Stribula, Carol
h: (717) 359-4881 w: (717) 359-9404   3527 Soffit Pl.                   Woodbridge. VA 22192-5213
Redenbo, Lin                          h: (703) 492-7628 w: (202) 797-8806
7 Beecham Rd.                         X1055
Fishersville. VA 22939
h: (540) 942-7331                     Wassenberg, Amy
                                      3431 Fort Lyon Dr.
Ritter, Valerie                       Woodbridge. VA 22192
792 Old Blue Ridge Tpk.               h: (703) 490-1744
Madison. VA 22727           
h: (540) 923-4721 w: (540) 717-2238                    Watson, Barbara
                                      1621 Pentwood Rd.
Romaneski, Karalee                    Baltimore. MD 21239
4324 O'Kane Ct.                       h: (410) 433-6635 w: (410) 542-1204
Ft. Meade. MD 20755
h: (410) 674-7517
                                      Wilson, Rena
Sabin, Lidia                          9022 Ridgely Dr.
5642 South 7th Rd.                    Lorton. VA 22079-3122
Arlington. VA 22204                   h: (703) 690-2942 w: (703) 690-2942
h: (703) 998-6747 w: (703) 527-3300
    Fourth Day Journal  March 2004                                         Page 7
2004 Weekends and Rector/Rectoras                                Tapestry in Faith—
Please pray for the 2004 Rs, the teams, and the                A Fourthday Celebration
pilgrims without ceasing. We believe that through    Tapestry IV, has been rescheduled for Sat., August 21.
power of prayer the Rs will be blessed abundantly.   Our original date conflicted with the NCA Chrysalis
All weekends will be held at New Windsor.            candlelight. I know NCA will be in the middle of a
                                                     Women's weekend on the 21st, and perhaps we can
Wkend #      2004 Weekend Dates        Rector(a)     encourage a huge turnout for Mananitas during our
E116-M           March 25-28       Rob Lloyd         service Saturday evening.
E117-W            May 20-23        Linda Girten             Brian Lewis, coordinator
E118-M            July15-18        Scott Hamel              Tapestry in Faith
E119-W          August 19-22       Nancy Gero
E120-M         September 16-19     Rodger Casey            Executive Moving Systems, Inc.
E121-W          December 2-5       Sandy Manwiller       Serving Washington, DC and the World
                                                                          Dee & Kathy Bailey
 Kairos Weekends for Spring 2004                                          P.O.Box 4251
                                                                          Woodbridge, VA 22194-4251
 Facility/Weekend #                   Date
                                                                          Phone: 703.497.2700
                                                                          Fax: 703.497.2751
Augusta CC #13 (M)             March 27–30
Pocahontas CU #15 (W)          April 16 – 18
Buckingham CC #24 (M)          April 22 – 25
Greenville CC #3 (M)           April 22 – 25
V.C.C.W. #17 (W)               April 29 – May 2
Fluvanna CC #7 (W)             June 3-6
Nottoway CC #14 (M)            May 20 – 23
Kairos Outside #13             Spring
Keen Mountain CC #5(M) Spring
 For information on Kairos weekends see the con-
 tact names on page 4 or go to the Kairos Web site

  Gifts  Cards  Books  Bibles  Jewelry
          Music  Palanca  T-shirts
  If we don’t have it, we’ll order it for you.                Tom L. Douthat (E43)
                 (703) 242-9145                       Gary Douthat (E-75) - Regional Manager
         108-110 Church Street NE  Vienna, VA
                                                     The Carpet Store That Makes House Calls!

Page 8                                                                   Fourth Day Journal  March 2004
    Fourth Day Journal                                                                     NonProfit Org
The Upper Room Emmaus of                                                                    U.S. Postage
             the                                                                               PAID
   National Capital Area                                                                  Alexandria, VA
      P.O. Box 2243                                                                      Permit No. 2357
    Merrifield, VA 22161

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        The Newsletter of the
    National Capital Area (NCA)
Emmaus and Chrysalis Communities
that encourages Christians to rise,
shine and give God the Glory.

                                                               Announcements at Ultreya
                                                    In order to better serve the community and speed
     Join us for next Ultreya                       up the Ultreya, the board will pass out printed an-
                                                            nouncements during the Ultreya.
        Friday, March 19, 2004                            To have your announcement included,
                            7:30 PM                         please contact Jerry Taylor by the
                                                              Wednesday before the Ultreya
                    Arlington UMC
          716 S. Glebe Road, Arlington, VA                    JATaylor@Cox.Net
Directions: From I-395 in Arlington, take Rt. 120
Glebe Rd North. The church is on your left.              Fourth Day Journal Deadline
                                                                For the April issue the
From I-66, take the Ballston exit and follow Rt.
                                                              Deadline is March 19, 2004
120 Glebe Rd South. The church is on your right.
                                                           Send all electronic submissions to
 Baby Sitting Provided for Ages 2 through 6 ONLY
                                                     (If you email a download file, describe it in your
                                                     email or I may not open it due to the potential of
       The April Ultreya will be on the 16th at                       hidden Viruses)
                      Springfield UMC                       Other material may be mailed to
                                                            Jim Templeton - 7194 Mill Run Drive
    7047 Old Keen Mill Road , Springfield, VA                   Warrenton, VA 20187-7227

    Fourth Day Journal  March 2004                                                            Page 9

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