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     75 Anniversary
FRIENDS’ Blue Ridge Parkway
Golf Classic & BRP Experience
   Roanoke, Virginia

Sponsorship Proposal
Event Overview
Ballyhack Golf Club (www.ballyhackgolfclub.com) and Virginia Tech Head Football Coach
Frank Beamer are proud to host the Annual FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway Golf Classic
(Blue Ridge Parkway Golf Classic). The Blue Ridge Parkway is celebrating its 75th
anniversary in 2010. FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway (FRIENDS) joins with its partners
                                                                      Ballyhack Golf Club,
                                                                      Frank Beamer,
                                                                      Sheraton Roanoke
                                                                      Hotel and Conference
                                                                      Center and The
                                                                      Shenandoah Club to
                                                                      celebrate the
                                                                      Parkway’s storied
                                                                      heritage and budding
                                                                      Parkway future for a
                                                                      day of truly unique
                                                                      golf, camaraderie and
                                                                      social activity.
Discover your opportunity to honor the past and shape the future.

The Annual FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway Golf Classic and the “Experience The Blue Ridge
Parkway” Dinner are limited events. A reception will be held on Friday, May 28th at the Sheraton
Roanoke Hotel and Conference Center. The Golf Classic will tee off on Saturday, May 29th at
the Ballyhack Golf Course. This golf tournament will set the stage for future annual events that
will draw regional and national attention and players to our area. The “Experience The Blue
Ridge Parkway” Dinner will be held at the Shenandoah Club the evening of May 29th.

Event Format

Golf Classic
The Blue Ridge Parkway Golf Classic is a one-day
event on Saturday, at Ballyhack Golf Course.
FRIENDS invites golfers of all levels and abilities to
participate in this tournament. This event is limited
to 25 teams.
The course at Ballyhack is nothing short of
spectacular, already recognized as the #3 “Best
New Private Course” for 2009 by Golf Magazine. The
190-acre Lester George-designed 18-hole
championship course is a classic Scottish highland-
type design incorporating the dramatic topography
of the property. Featuring 50- to 70-foot elevation
changes, fairways as wide as 150 yards, and old-
style, gouged-out, roughed-out bunkers, the course will set new benchmarks in modern golf
course design.

Experience the Blue Ridge Parkway Evening
The Shenandoah Club will host the “Experience The Blue Ridge Parkway” evening that will touch
all senses: sight, sound, feel and taste. At the reception you will step foot into the “live stage” to
experience unique venues of the Blue Ridge Parkway. An award winning storyteller will captivate
your imagination from “jack tales” to history, and interpretive figures from the past will move
amidst you as artists paint and a creative palate of local food tantalizes your taste.

As the oldest, continually-operating private club in Virginia, the Shenandoah Club has been
serving members for over a century. Quietly tucked away in downtown Roanoke, the Club is
located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just steps from the downtown business district,
dining, shopping and art venues. Since 1893 the Club has provided members with a quiet and
luxurious setting for lunches, dinner, receptions, business meetings, educational events, holiday
programs and other activities.

When you enter from the Club parking lot on Bullitt Avenue you will step into a world of quiet
elegance, polished wood floors, oriental rugs, and framed artwork by local artists. World-class
dining awaits you in the comfort of the Main Dining Room. Chef Roger Light and his staff are
planning a unique dining experience for you which will feature a seasonal menu consisting of a
delectable entrée accompanied by the freshest locally-grown produce the area has to offer.

Proposed Schedule

Kick-off Reception
7:00 PM        Sheraton Roanoke Hotel and Conference Center for players, sponsors and guests

Golf Classic at Ballyhack
9:00 AM        Check-in/Registration at the clubhouse, Ballyhack Golf Club
               Driving Range Opens
10:30 AM       Shotgun Start
1:00 PM        Old Fashion Picnic Lunch & Blue Grass Music
4:00PM         Celebration & Awards

“Experience the Blue Ridge Parkway” Dinner/Evening
6:00 PM     Shenandoah Club

FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway’s 75th anniversary is 2010. FRIENDS is using this celebration as the
opportunity to “jump start” the Annual Golf Classic. FRIENDS was incorporated in 1988 and has
over 8,500 members nationally. FRIENDS, headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia, provides funds,
volunteer services and works with the Parkway border communities through the outreach of
FRIENDS’ Chapters. FRIENDS has made a difference in both preserving the Parkway and in
providing financial support for over 21 years.

The mission of FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge is to help preserve, promote and enhance the
outstanding natural beauty, ecological vitality and cultural distinctiveness of the Blue Ridge
Parkway and its surrounding scenic landscape, thereby preserving this national treasure for
future generations.

The cornerstone work of FRIENDS is to save Parkway views and vistas, engage children and
youth in nature, recruit Parkway volunteers, secure Parkway trails and preserve historical
structures. FRIENDS funds the planting of Parkway viewsheds, interpretive programs,
environmental education programs, hemlock research, distribution of visitor information, and
much more – all to empower individual responsibility in the preservation and protection of this
unique natural resource – the Blue Ridge Parkway. We accomplish these projects through
partnership with organizations, businesses and volunteers of all ages: children, students and
adults alike.

The Save Parkway Views Program is a national model for working with local communities
and developers to enhance the Parkway’s views. It is FRIENDS’ signature program.
FRIENDS’ members serve as community diplomats and raise funds for tree planting projects
that restore ecological buffers between development and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

                       Site of Viewshed Restoration Project (Before)

Computer Generated Assimilation of Trees in 15 to 20 Years at Milepost 125.5 (After)

Sponsorship Benefits

                   INVESTMENT INCLUDES                                            Number Total
SPONSORSHIPS                                                                      Needed Golfers

                                •   A Coach Beamer coaching experience
                                    before you tee off
                                •   2 Golf Foursomes
                                •   4 Additional Reception Tickets
                                •   Your Prominent Logo placement displayed
                                    on all event material and signage
                                •   Recognition at awards ceremony
                                                                                       1       8
Mabry Mill
                      $15,000   •   Special Appreciation Gift
Title Sponsor
                                •   Your Logo on Team Awards
                                •   Your Prominent Logo & link on Tournament
                                    Website providing a year-round presence
                                •   Welcome gifts/Reception/Lunch for players
                                •   4 x 6 Title Sponsor Banner
                                •   Ad in Roanoker Magazine recognizing
                                    sponsorship and event
                                •   A PGA representative coaching experience
                                    before you tee off
                                •   1 Golf Foursome                                    2       8
Peaks of Otter &
                                •   2 Additional Reception Tickets
Roanoke Mountain      $10,000
                                •   Your Logo on Tournament Banner
                                •   Your Logo & link on Tournament Website
                                    providing a year-round presence
                                •   Tee Gifts/Reception/Lunch for players


                                •   Day-of-Event program recognition
Parkway Milepost
                                •   Your Logo & link on Tournament Website
Sponsors               $2,000
                                    providing a year-round presence
                                •   Reception/Lunch
Reception Only          $25     •   Single Reception

Player Fee             $300     •   Play Only
Team Foursome                   •   Play Only
Fee                             •   Free admission to reception at the Sheraton

                                            •   Box Lunch W/Logo
                                                Shared W/Major Sponsors
Lunch Sponsor                  $2,500       •   Your Logo & Link on Website providing a                 1
                                                year-round presence
                                            •   Standalone Lunch Sponsor Banner
                                            •   Signage with Company Logo at each Beverage
                                                Station                                                 2
Beverage Cart
                               $1,500       •   Your Logo on Tournament Banner
                                            •   Your Logo & Link on Website providing a
                                                year-round presence
                                            •   Golf Foursome
Hole N One
                                            •   Company Logo on Contest Signage                         1
                               $2,500       •   Your Logo & Link on Website providing a                          4
                                                year-round presence
                                            •   Reception/Lunch/Dinner for players
                                            •   Company Logo on Golf Balls
Golf Ball Sponsor         + Cost of Balls
                                            •   Your Logo & Link on Website providing a                 1
                                                year-round presence
                                            •   Tee Signage
Tee Box Sponsors                $250        •   Your Logo & Link on Website providing a
                                                year-round presence
Single Player Fee               $300        •   Play Only                                               LIMITED
Team Foursome
                               $1,000       •   Play Only                                               LIMITED


                                            •   Reception and Lunch
                                            •   3 Seats at Coach Beamer’s Table
Dinner Sponsor
                               $5,000       •   Table Center Pieces W/Logo                          3
                                                 Shared W/Major Sponsors
Table Center
                                            •   Your Logo & Link on Website providing a
Pieces Sponsor
                                                year-round presence
                                            •   Standalone Dinner Sponsor Banner
Coach Beamer’s
                                $500        •   Seat at Coach Beamer’s Table
Table                                                                                             7/10
                                            •   Reception/Lunch ($100 Value)

Celebrity Tables:
2 PGA Tables
NPSBRP Superintendent’s                     •   Seat at PGA/Pro Table                                   4    40
Table                           $300                                                              Tables
4th Table TBA                               •   Reception/Lunch ($100 Value)
Inches from Coach                                                                                  of 10
Beamer’s Table

                                            •   Single Reception (fee included for all golfers)
                                            •   Live Music
Reception Only                   $25
                                            •   Non-golfer only

Dinner Only                                 •   Single Dinner Entry
Feet from Special               $150
Tables above

Contact Information
For information regarding sponsorships and/or The Blue Ridge Parkway Golf Classic please
contact John Schoenbaum, Director of Development of FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway at
John_Schoenbaum@FriendsBRP.org or call at 800.228.PARK (7275).