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					                             Flip Book Directions
                           Genre: Historical Fiction
                       Due: Thursday, January 31, 2008
                   Staple                                         Staple

                                   Title of Book
                               Retold By (your name)

                              Genre: Historical Fiction
                            (Include a picture in this section)
                               Problem and Solution
                               Problem and Solution
                     Interesting Information and/or Timeline

Directions for Making the Book:
Use three sheets of computer paper. Holding them together vertically, fan the
sheets out, placing one on top of the other, approximately ¾ inch apart, from the
bottom of each sheet. Hold them in that fanned position, and fold down all three
papers from the top, so there are equal sized sections. You should end up with a
wider title page on top and five sections below. Place two staples on the fold line
using the special long-reach stapler we have at school.

Directions for Book Information to be Included:
Label the page edges as in the picture above.
Title Page (top section): Include the title of the book, author, your name and
date, and the genre of the story. Draw a picture to represent the title of the
Setting: Tell where and when the story took place. Include and details to help the
reader learn about the time period and setting. You should also include a picture of
the setting.
Characters: Tell all about the main characters, who they were, and a little bit
about them. Are they related? Did anyone do anything interesting, special, or
courageous? Draw sketches of the characters.
Problem and solution: Choose four problems from the story and the solutions to
each problem and tell about them. You can put two problems on each
Problem/Solution page.
Interesting Information or Timeline: In this section, tell interesting things you
learned from your book. You can draw or create a timeline of events if it is
appropriate to the story you read.
                              Book Report Rubric: Flip Book
                                  Genre: Historical Fiction
                        Project is due: Thursday, January 31, 2008

    Name: ___________________________________________
    Title of story: _____________________________________

                                     3 Points             2 Points          1 Point
         Component                Superior Work         Satisfactory        Limited
                                                           Work          Understanding
 Flip Book has all components
    on the Title Page ( Title,
   Author, Your Name, Date,
  Flip Book includes a written
description of the setting and
a colored drawing to illustrate
           the setting
      Flip book has a brief
  description and drawing of
  the main characters in the
 Flip Book has four problems
   and their solutions clearly
Flip Book includes interesting
information and/or a timeline
         about the story
   The presentation was well
    delivered (spoke clearly,
  stayed on topic, spoke loud
Overall Flip Book is presented
 in a creative, clear, and neat

    Total Points: __________________              Final Grade: ___________________

    Comment: __________________________________________________________________