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									                 Biography Book Report with Oral Presentation

                          Due Date: February 26, 2010

Report Format: Report with paragraphs and illustrations, if possible
Presentation:  Notecards – Visual – Book

Your report should include the following:

1. Cover Page – Centered on the page

                                        Book Title
                                       Biography of
                                  Birth and Death Year
                                 Publisher and Copyright
                                 Your Name, Date, Hour

2. Introduction: Introduce your subject.
      a. Give your subject’s name and a brief description.
      b. Include the date and place where your subject was born and raised.
      c. Family: Tell about his/her family life, but don’t include too many
         family details or details about habits and hobbies that are not
         influential in the subject’s future.
      d. Does your subject have a trademark name or phrase.
      e. The “Hook”
      f. Reason you selected this biography
3. Body: Several paragraphs
      a. Early years: Write what you have learned about the person’s early
         years. What kind of person was he/she? What was it about your subject
         that helped him/her succeed? How did your subject prepare for his/her
         future? How did these childhood experiences influence the person’s
         achievements as an adult?
      b. Middle years: What important things have happened to this person to
         make him/her famous? How does this person handle these events in
         his/her life? How did he/she change the world? What lasting effects
         did (or will) he/she have on the lives of others?
      c. Final years or Future: Describe final years or potential future. What
         should we know about him/her?
4. Main Accomplishments: What were this person’s main accomplishments?
      a. Goals: Describe the goals of this person.
              i. Was this person successful? Why? or Why not?
             ii. What factors influenced this person’s achievements?
            iii. What were the weaknesses, failures, or disappointments for this
      b. Influences on others: What influence did this person have on the
              i. Community?
             ii. Country?
            iii. World?
      c. Who influenced this person’s life and how?
5. Closing:
      a. What is your opinion of this person’s life and accomplishments?
      b. What is most impressive?
      c. Things you have learned about this person.
      d. What would you have done differently?
      e. Would you recommend this biography to others? Why or why not?
      f. Has this character inspired you?
      g. In what ways would you like to be him/her?

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