Stem Cells _ Regenerative Medicine Europe and World Biobanking Summit by maclaren1


									  Stem Cells & Regenerative
      Medicine Europe
and World Biobanking Summit
                           23-25 September 2009
                            Edinburgh, Scotland

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                               Stem Cells Europe
                                              23 September 2009

             Business & Ethics
             Session: Intellectual Property and Regulatory Trends

14:00        Patent Issues for the Regnerative Medicine Field
             Philippa Montgomerie, Associate, DLA Piper
             How does the current climate impact on the ability to obtain patents for stem cell products and process-
             es? How will the lifting of the ban on federal funding in the US affect the regenerative medicine industry
             in the UK?

14:30        Stem Cells : The IP and Regulatory View
             Patrick Kelleher, Partner, Bird & Bird
             This presentation will discuss the legal position concerning patentability of stem cells including the recent
             WARF/Thomson case (G2/06) from the European Patent Office . An overview of the European regulatory
             landscape for new stem cell treatments will also be provided.

             Session: Commercial Landscape

15:00        EUI Opportunities, Issues and Funding
             Chris Harris, Director, Argentix

15:30        Coffee & Networking

16:00        Commercialisation of hES Cells and Their Derivatives: The State of the Market
             Fergus McKenzie, Programme Director, ITI Life Sciences

16:30        Roslin Cellab: Providing the Opportunity to Explore and Exploit Stem Cell Biology
             Laura Ingram, Manager, Roslin Cellab
             Translating stem cell research into commercially valuable technologies requires proof of concept studies
             to be undertaken in a speedy and cost effective manner. This talk will describe the issues involved and
             how Roslin Cellab has been established to address them.

17:00        Regenerative Medicine – Who are the End Users, What are their Needs and how does the Stem
             Cell Field Live up to Expectations?
             Lars Pedersen, Director, Bioneer
             In collaboration with a number of Danish companies, hospitals and universities Bioneer investigated the
             Danish and international landscape(s) of regenerative therapy. We have tried to figure out and will give
             our suggestions for how the society and industry may help in fulfilling the end users needs – end users
             being patients, their relatives, clinicians and companies.

17:30        Sperm from Stem Cells: Reality and Perspectives
             Karim Nayernia, Professor, University of Newcastle

18:00        Close of Day 1

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                          Stem Cells Europe
                                         24 September 2009

        Session: Adult Stem Cells for Cellular Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

09:00   Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells: Critical Roles in Growth, Regeneration and Repair
        Claire Stewart, Professor, Manchester Metropolitan University
        Despite being terminally differentiated, skeletal muscle is highly adaptable, responding to the demands
        placed upon it. The roles/mechanisms of resident stem cells in this adaptability, during health and disease
        and across the lifespan are crucial and will be discussed.

09:30   Keynote Speaker
        Therapeutic and Research Applications of Human Stem Cells
        Stephen Minger, Professor, Kings College London
        This presentation will provide an overview of the research and therapeutic potential of human stem
        cells including cell therapy applications as well as the use of stem cells in drug discovery and compound
        screening, toxicological assays and modernisation of traditional medicine for identification of new biologi-
        cal activities.

10:00   Coffee & Networking in Main Exhibition Hall

10:45   Epidermal Neural Crest Stem Cells
        Maya Sieber-Blum, Professor, Newcastle University
        Epidermal neural crest stem cells (EPI-NCSC) are remnants of the embryonic neural crest in an adult lo-
        cation, the bulge of hair follicles. They are multipotent adult stem cells, non-tumorigenic and conducive to
        autologous transplantation, which avoids graft rejection.

11:15   Autologous Adult Stem Cells in Neurological Disorders
        Nils Haberland, Neurosurgeon, Xcell Centre for Regenerative Medicine

11:45   Skeletal Repair Using Human Stem Cell Derived Therapies
        Brendan Noble, Professor, University of Edinburgh

12:15   Lunch & Networking in Main Exhibition Hall

14:00   Stem Cell Therapeutic Strategies in Skeletal Regenerative Medicine
        Cosimo De Bari, Professor, University of Aberdeen
        MSC approaches to skeletal repair, including the use of culture-expanded MSCs, strategies to standardize
        MSC therapy via quality controls for efficacy, and possible manipulation of endogenous stem cell niches
        for treatment of joint surface lesions and prevention of osteoarthritis.

        Session: Emerging Trends in Stem Cell Research and Utilization of Stem Cells

14:30   Can Extracellular Matrix Direct Stem Cell Differntiation: The Influence of Decellularized Lung
        Matrix on the Differentiation of Adult and Embryonic Stem Cells
        Joaquin Cortiella, Associate Professor, University of Texas
        Our work shows that decellularized natural lung can enhance differentiation of both embryonic and adult
        stem cells into lung lineages and also supports complex tissue formation leading to development of engi-
        neered lung.

15:00   Biodegradable Cationic Lipids: A Safe Method for DNA/siRNA Delivery
        Asier Unciti-Broceta, Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh
        This presentation will describe the development of a novel series of reagents capable of delivering nucleic
        acids into a variety of cell lines, including stem and primary cell lines, which were designed to degrade
        harmlessly into naturally-occurring cell components.

15:30   Coffee & Networking in Main Exhibition Hall

16:15   Development of an in-vitro Analog of Human Bone Marrow
        Joan Nichols, Associate Professor, University of Texas
        Our research group has been working to develop In-vitro replicas of bone marrow to provide a continu-
        ous source of blood cells for transplantation or serve as a laboratory model to examine immune system
        dysfunctions and drug toxicology.

16:45   European Stem Cell Law - Regulatory Trends in Regenerative Medicine
        Timo Faltus, Translational Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University Leipzig

17:15   Industry Landscape of Stem Cells for Cellular Therapy
        Enal Razvi, Biotech Analyst, Select Biosciences
        This presentation will present vignettes from our continuing industry tracking of stem cells. We will pres-
        ent data from our market analyses illustrating the penetrance of different types of stem cells for various
        cellular therapy applications. We will also discuss epigenetics and cellular reprogramming and its effect on
        the stem cells landscape.

17:45   Drinks Reception compliments of
                               Stem Cells Europe
                                              25 September 2009
09:00        Treatment of Plaque Infections and Periodontitis using Stem Cells
             Manoj Hariharan, Researcher, Rajalakshmi Engineering College
             This presentation will focus on the treatment of periodontal and other dental infections using stem cells.

09:30        Plenary Speaker
             Bench to Bedside - Stem Cells Transplantation
             Paolo Macchiarini, Professor, University of Barcelona

10:00        Cartilage Tissue Engineering: Learning How to Turn Stem Cell Science into Stem Cell Medicine
             Anthony Hollander, Professor, University of Bristol
             This presentation will be an overview of cartilage engineering from adult and embryonic stem cells and
             translation of these laboratory methods into therapeutic strategies for a range of diseases.

10:30        Coffee & Networking in Main Exhibition Hall

11:15        Tracing Cell Lineages and Identifying the Stem Cell Niche in Human Tissues
             Malcolm Alison, Professor, Queen Mary University London
             In human epithelial tissues, identifying stem cell niches, the stem cells themselves and lineage tracing
             from these stem cells has been practically impossible. I describe techniques for locating the niche and for
             lineage tracing, taking as exemplars intestine, liver, pancreas and skin.

11:45        Keynote Speaker
             Stem Cells in Brain Repair: Promoting Endogenous Repair or Supplying Exogenous Cells
             Ian Duncan, Professor, University of Wisconsin Madison
             Certain intractable CNS disorders may be targeted for stem cell therapy. Myelin disorders of genetic and
             acquired origin form a significant group of human neurological diseases. I will compare and contrast the
             sources of cells for myelin repair in MS and genetic disease of myelin.

12:15        Boosting Stem Cell Numbers in the Blood - A Pharmacological Approach to Regenerative Medi-
             Sara Rankin, Reader in Leukocyte and Stem Cell Biology, Imperial College London

12:45        Lunch & Networking in Main Exhibition Hall

14:15        Keynote Speaker
             Regulation of Neural Stem Cells by Adhesion Molecules During Development And Regeneration
             Charles ffrench-Constant, Professor, University of Edinburgh
             Work showing how adhesion molecules instruct the correct positioning of neural stem cells critical to
             maintain both their stem cell properties and also the architecture of the CNS will be discussed in this

14:45        Commercialising Cell Therapy - Issues We Should have Addressed Earlier......
             Michael Leek, Vice President, The Weinberg Group

15:15        Coffee & Networking

15:45        Panel Discussion: Mapping the Route to Clinic in Scotland

             Moderator: Philippa Montgomerie, DLA Piper

             Angela Scott, Angel Biotechnology
             Barry Middleton, Cellartis
             Aidan Courtney, Roslin Cells

16:45        Close of Conference

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                  World Biobanking Summit
                                              24 September 2009

             Session: Operational Trends in Biobanking

09:30        Synergy from Integrating Biorepository and Clinical System Functions
             Craig Lilly, Professor of Medicine, Anesthesia and Surgery, University of Massachusetts Medical School

10:00        Coffee & Networking in Main Exhibition Hall

10:45        Robotic Processing and Storage Procedures for a Better Standardization of an Interinstitution-
             al Multidisciplinary Biobank
             Fiorella Guadagni, Chief of Department, IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana

11:15        Sample Management in Biobanks Using Radio Frequency Identification
             Atieh Zarabzadeh, PhD Researcher, Trinity College Dublin

11:45        Poster Viewing Session

12:15        Lunch & Networking in Main Exhibition Hall

14:00        High Quality Biobanking: Rapid Tissue Acquisition (<10 min) is a Prerequisite for Human Tis-
             sue Research
             Hartmut Juhl, CEO, Indivumed

14:30        A Template for Development of a Policy for Access to Data and/or Biological Samples
             Brian Clark, CEO, OnCore UK
             Determining policies for access to biological samples and data is a problem facing all biobanks. After com-
             munity consultation, onCore UK, the National Cancer Research Institute and the National Cancer Intel-
             ligence Network have developed a practical template for the development of access policies and material
             transfer agreements.

15:00        Coffee & Networking in Main Exhibition Hall

             Session: Sample Collections in Biobanking Today: The Diversity of Biobanks

15:45        Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines with Genetic and Chromosomal Disorders
             Anver Kuliev, Director, Reproductive Genetics Institute
             In this presentation we will talk about the world’s first and largest repository of human embryonic stem
             cell lines with genetic disorders.

16:15        Brain Banks, Tissue Banks and Biobanks are the Best Sources for Specimens for Biomarker
             Research in CNS Disorders
             Rivka Ravid, Senior Scientist, Netherlands Institute for Neurosciences

16:45        Stem Cell Banks : Governance Issues and Challenges in a Comparative Perspective
             Rosario Isasi, Researcher, Universite de Montreal

17:15        Driving Quality into Biological Samples and Biobanking Through Accreditation and Biospeci-
             men Research
             Faye Betsou, Biobanqe de Picardie
             The presentation will focus on clinical biobanking quality control activities, Biospecimen Science and the
             potential benefit from accreditation standards.

17:45        Drinks Reception compliments of

                                                                                     Prearrange meetings with other delegates or
                                                                                         follow up with them after the event.

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                  World Biobanking Summit
                                               25 September 2009
09:30        Malignant Mesothelioma Biobank
             Pier-Giacomo Betta, Head of Pathology Unit, ASO Alessandria

10:00        Case Study for Pharma Women’s Health Care Biomarker Research
             Arndt Schmitz, Biobank Researcher, Bayer Schering Pharma

10:30        Coffee & Networking in Main Exhibition Hall

             Session: Trends in Biobanking and Regulation/Legislation of Biobanks

11:15        Trends in the BioBanking Marketplace
             John Comley, Managing Director, HTStech

11:45        How can we Govern Biobanks Well? Learning from the Experiences of the UK Biobank Ethics
             and Governance Council
             Graeme Laurie, Professor, University of Edinburgh

12:15        Practical Problems Caused by the Lack of Harmonization in Regulation and Ethics
             Ann Cooreman, Chief Operating Officer, Tissue Solutions

12:45        Lunch & Networking in Main Exhibition Hall

14:15        Unresolved Issues in Generic and Enduring Consent/Authorisation and Priorities for Surplus
             Tissue Access
             Barry Gusterson, Professor, University of Glasgow
             The presentation will focus on practical issues to facilitate access of surplus tissues for research: who is
             responsible for obtaining consent, where in the patient’s journey should it take place, how is it recorded
             and what is the access policy?

             Session: Emerging Themes in Biobanking

14:45        New Integrated Cryotechnologies for Cell Banks: The Technology of the Global HIV Vaccine
             Research Cryorepository (GHRC)
             Heiko Zimmermann, Professor, Saarland University

15:15        Coffee & Networking

15:45        Preservation of Human Tissue Morphology and RNA Quality During Sample Collection and Stor-
             age in a Novel Synthetic Interstitial Fluid
             Douglas Rees, Chief Scientific Officer, Aqix
             AQIX® technology will significantly advance the ability to store and transport human tissue samples over
             geographic distances in preserving their morphology and RNA integrity to improve diagnostic and prog-
             nostic outcomes.

16:15        Dry-state, Ambient Temperature Storage and Transportation of Biological Samples
             Christian Oste, Manager, GenVault
             GenVault develops technologies to simplify and reduce the cost of biological sample management, i.e.,
             storage and transportation. The company was the first to conceive and design high-density archives,
             based on room temperature storage and automated recovery of discrete aliquots of air-dried sample ma-
             terial. Several examples will be given of applications where traditional cryopreservation methods do not
             guarantee the integrity of the samples over long storage periods.

16:45        Close of Conference

                                                                                      Prearrange meetings with other delegates or
                                                                                          follow up with them after the event.

                                                                                     Check the event website for further information.
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