Women Build Hike for Humanity
                                     May 1, 2010

                                        Hike Descriptions

Many thanks to John Holden, Blue Ridge Mountain Sports (BRMS), for designing and arranging leaders
for a great selection of hikes. This year he has extended the participation limit on the
kayaking/canoeing trip, added a „Dog‟s Day in the Mountains‟ hike, and added an exciting hike into the
Shenandoah National Park. These hikes are described in detail below.

What to bring: Hikers are expected to wear adequate footwear for their particular hike (no flip
flops). It will be 10 – 15-degrees colder in the mountains in early May so please bring a jacket and
rain gear. Special equipment is listed for each hike. Some hikes will cross streams so you may want
to have an extra pair of shoes to change into after your hike. Women Build will provide breakfast,
lunch, and water.

Dogs on a leash are welcome on all hikes except for the „Birds of the Rivanna Trail‟ and „Kayak or
Canoe‟ Trip.

Women Build reserves the right to change, modify or cancel any particular hike.

1. St. Mary’s Wilderness                                                        Easy
Drive time:   1 hour                      Hike: 4 Miles Round Trip (RT)
Hike time:    2 hours                     Special Equipment: Extra shoes and daypack

Appropriate for families with children 9 and up. This is a kid-friendly, easy and adventurous guided
hike. There will be several stream crossings so wet footwear for adults and kids will be part of the
experience. Three waterfalls will be visited and kids will receive a free copy of “Hikes for Kids in
Shenandoah National Park,” a whistle, and a small light. Donation of $50 (or more) includes parent
and child.

2. Hiking on Wheels                       Riverview Park                            Easy
Check in at Park: 10 a.m.                 Hike: 2 – 3 miles RT
Hike time: 1 – 1½ hours                   Special Equipment: None

This hike is designed for those in strollers and wheel chairs, as well as hikers. It will be on a paved
path that is easily accessible. Easy for small children to walk and babies to ride. For this hike, we will
meet at Riverview Park at 10:00 a.m., so families with small children do not need to check in at BRMS.
Donation of $50 (or more) includes parent and child. If we have a large turnout, we will split into age
groups (strollers/toddlers and “big” kids).

3. Wildflowers of the Blue Ridge          Blue Ridge Mountains                  Moderate
Drive time: 1¼ hours                      Hike: 2 – 4 miles RT
Hike time: 2 – 3 hours                    Special Equipment: Hiking footwear and daypack

Hike with a wildflower expert on trails within the Blue Ridge Mountains, location will be determined
based on seasonality factors. Hike provides opportunity to learn native Virginia Wildflowers first hand.
All participants will be given a wildflower book. Sorry, no dogs on this hike.
4. Birds of the Rivanna Trail             Rivanna River North Trail            Easy
Drive time:   20 minutes                        Hike: 4 miles RT
Hike time:    3 hours                           Special equipment: Binoculars, bird book,
                                                daypack, and sturdy footwear

Visit a new area of the Rivanna Trail. This is a wild place and a superb habitat for a variety of birds.
Hikers will get early start, 7 am from BRMS. Sorry, no dogs on this hike.

5. Ramsey’s Draft Hike                                                   Moderate/Difficult
Drive time: 1.5 hours                             Hike: 4-6 miles RT
Hike time:   4 hours                              Special equipment: Extra shoes, walking stick,

Amazing hike; considered one of the best day hikes close to Charlottesville, this is a level hike that
uses three trails and passes through a wilderness area of tall trees and open forest. This hike has 14
stream crossings but is still suitable for beginners. John Holden will lead this hike.

6. Appalachian Trail – Humpback Rocks                       Moderate
Drive time: 1 hour                    Hike: 4 miles RT
Hike time:      2 – 3 hours           Special Equipment: Daypack

This is a beautiful hike along the Appalachian Trail with additional points of interest after Humpback
Rocks. Moderate with several steep sections.

7. Ragged Mountain Natural Area                                         Easy
Drive time: 20 minutes                            Hike: 3½ miles RT
Hike Time: 2 hours                                Special Equipment: Daypack

This hike is a local favorite, close to town and with a very mountain-like feel. Easy with a few short
climbs. This group will travel through tall hardwood forests around scenic ponds. Suitable for kids
able to sustain several moderate uphill climbs of 10 minutes each. The area has nice views and offers
a water and mountain experience.

8. Shenandoah National Park – Hawks Bill Summit               Moderate
Drive time: 90 minutes                 Hike: 2.8 miles RT
Hike Time: 3 hours                     Special Equipment: Daypack

Hike to the highest summit and the best views in the Park where Peregrine falcons are often seen.
The hike will use a combination of 3 trails in an almost circuit. We will spend an hour viewing this
magnificent summit with its stone shelter, open ledges and spectacular views. Expect to be away for
¾ of the day.

9. Dog’s Day in the Mountains                                            Easy
Drive time: 30 minutes                            Hike: 4 miles RT
Hike Time: 3 hours                                Special Equipment: Daypack, extra shoes

Hike designed for dogs and their best friends. Free doggie snacks from Sammy Snacks. Hike 2 miles
to Big Branch Falls in the Shenandoah National Park with 3 stream crossings each way allowing water
dogs a chance to swim and drink along the way. The trail follows water its entire route. This hike is
open to all dogs, and their friends, that love other dogs, on leashes.

10. Kayak ‘or’ Canoe Trip                 Paddle the Rivanna River from Crofton to Palmyra
Drive time: 45 minutes                           Paddle Time: 2 – 4 hours (depends on the current)
Limit: 12-14 participants

This is a hands-on guided trip with some instruction for beginners. This is a great trip in beautiful,
clear, mostly flat water. The banks are very wide and wildflowers, cliffs, and relative wilderness
makes this a fantastic day. Sorry, no children or dogs.

BRMS will provide kayaks, canoes, paddles, and lifejackets. Participants must be good swimmers.

Special Equipment: Quick-dry clothes and water-friendly footwear, sun/rain protection

Space is limited so please register for this trip by April 16. We are asking for a minimum
donation of $80 per person.

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