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Geography- Virginia Studies - DOC - DOC


									Geography- Virginia Studies

   1. Name the two bodies of water that border Virginia.
            Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay

   2. Name the 5 states that border Virginia.
            Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina

   3. What is the natural border between the Coastal Plain and Piedmont
      regions where waterfalls prevent further travel on the river? Fall Line

   4. Name the 5 geographic regions of Virginia from east to west.
            Tidewater, Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountain, Valley & Ridge, and
            Appalachian Plateau

   5. Which region is also called the Coastal Plain region? Tidewater

   6. Which region of Virginia has flat land and is located near the Atlantic Ocean
      and Chesapeake Bay? Tidewater

   7. Which region of Virginia has old, rounded mountains and is part of the
      Appalachian Mountain system? Blue Ridge Mountain

   8. Which region of Virginia includes the Great Valley of Virginia and other
      valleys separated by ridges? Valley and Ridge

   9. Which region is east of the Fall Line? Tidewater

   10. Which region is located in southwest Virginia? Appalachian Plateau

   11. Which region of Virginia is located west of the Blue Ridge Mountains?
             Valley and Ridge

   12. Which region of Virginia has rolling hills and is located west of the Fall
       Line? Piedmont

   13. In which region of Virginia would you find the Eastern Shore?
              Tidewater (Coastal Plain)

   14. Which region of Virginia is located between the Piedmont and Valley and
       Ridge regions? Blue Ridge Mountains

   15. Which region’s name mean “land at the foot of the mountains”? Piedmont

   16. Which region of Virginia is the source of many rivers? Blue Ridge Mountains
17. What is a piece of land border by water on 3 sides? Peninsula

18. Name the 4 major rivers that flow west to east (downhill) into the
    Chesapeake Bay. Potomac, Rappahannock, York, and James

19. What body of water provided a safe harbor and was a source of food and
    transportation? Chesapeake Bay

20. The city of Alexandria is located on what river? Potomac

21. Which body of water provided transportation links between Virginia and
    other places (Europe, Africa, Caribbean)? Atlantic Ocean

22. The city of Yorktown is located on what river? York

23. The city of Richmond is located on what river? James

24. Jamestown is located on what river? James

25. The city of Fredericksburg is located on what river? Rappahannock

26. What was a source of food and provided a pathway for exploration and
    settlement of Virginia? Rivers

27. What is the peninsula bordered by the Chesapeake Bay to the west and the
    Atlantic Ocean to the east? Eastern Shore

28. What was the name that Christopher Columbus called the people he found in
    the lands he discovered? Indians

29. When Christopher Columbus named the Indians where did he think was?
         Indies (near China)

30. What do you call items such as arrowheads, pottery, and other tools that
    have been found which tell a lot about the people who lived in Virginia?

31. Name the 3 major language groups. Algonquian, Siouan, and Iroquoian

32. What major language group was located primarily in the Piedmont region?

33. What major language group was spoken in Southwestern Virginia and in
    Southern Virginia? Iroquoian

34. What language group did the Powhatan belong to? Algonquian
35. What language group did the Cherokee belong to? Iroquoian

36. What major language group was spoken primarily in the Tidewater (Coastal
    Plain) region? Algonquian

37. How is the climate in Virginia? Mild

38. What is the result of the mild climate and four distinct seasons in Virginia?
          A variety of vegetation

39. What covers most of the land in Virginia? Forests

40. What do we refer to Virginia’s Indians as? Eastern Woodland

41. What did the kinds of food the Indians ate, the clothing that they wore, and
    the shelters they had depended on? Seasons

42. In what season did the Indians harvested crops? Fall

43. In what season did the Indians hunt birds and animals? Winter

44. In what season did the Indians grow crops such as beans, corn and squash?

45. In what season did the Indians fish and pick berries? Spring

46. What did the Indians use for clothing? Animal skins (deer)

47. What did the Indians make from the materials around them? Shelter

48. When did the settlers arrive to the site of Jamestown? 1607

49. At the time of settlement Jamestown was located on a narrow __________
    bordered on 3 sides by the James River. Peninsula

50. Today Jamestown is located on an _________________.             island

51. Name the 3 reasons why the colonists chose the Jamestown site.
      a. the location could be easily defended from attack by sea (Spanish)
      b. the water along the shore was deep enough for ships to dock
      c. the colonists believed they had a good supply of fresh water
52. Name the factors that caused the colonists to move the capital from
    Jamestown to Williamsburg.
          a.) drinking water was contaminated by seepage of salt water
          b.) dirty living conditions caused diseases
          c. Williamsburg was situated at a higher elevation than Jamestown
          d. Fire destroyed wooden buildings at Jamestown

53. Name the factors that caused the colonists to move the capital from
    Williamsburg to Richmond.
       a. Population was moving westward
       b. Richmond was a more central location
       c. Richmond’s location was better for trade
       d. Moving to Richmond increased the distance from attack by the English

54. After the American Revolution, Virginia’s agricultural base began to change
    and as a result large numbers of Virginians moved where? West and south

55. After the American Revolution, why did Virginians move west and south?
                1. looking for better farmland
                2. new opportunities

56. Name the crop that was hard on the soil and caused many Virginias to have
to search for new farmland after the American Revolution. tobacco

57. After the American Revolution, as Virginians moved they took what with
    them? traditions, ideas, and cultures

58. What did settlers cross the Appalachian Mountains through as they
    migrated to new lands in the west? Cumberland Gap

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