Homework Packet #1

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Homework Packet #1
Directions: Use the Homework Folder on the ibook to help answer the following

Go to Unit 1 folder, Geography folder
1. What feature on a map would you use in order to find the direction?
       a. Scale
       b. Legend
       c. Key
       d. Compass Rose

2. Name the seven (7) continents.
       a. __________________________
       b. __________________________
       c. __________________________
       d. __________________________
       e. __________________________
       f. __________________________
       g. __________________________

3. Two continents are frequently combined as one land mass. What are the names of
those two continents?
       a. Australia and Asia
       b. Africa and Europe
       c. Europe and Asia
       d. Africa and Australia

4. What is the name of the land mass when you combine the answer from number 3?

In the ibook: Homework Folder/Unit 1/Geography/”Geography Regions” for
questions 5-7
5. Using the chart, choose the best answer to replace the question mark.
Name of Region                 Location                       Description
Coastal Plain                  ?                              Broad flatlands with many
                                                              excellent harbors.
Rocky Mountains                West of Great Plains           Sharp Jagged Rocks

       a.   West of the Appalachian Highlands
       b.   Along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean
       c.   East of the Coastal Range
       d.   East of Interior Lowland

   6. Which of the following is the best description of the Appalachian Highlands?
        a. Sharp, jagged rocks containing the Continental Divide.
        b. Horseshoe-shaped region with glacier carved lakes.
        c. Old, eroded mountain range located west of the Coastal Plain.
        d. Dry, flat grasslands rising in elevation as you move west.

   7. Which geographic region is known for its flatlands and many rivers?
       a. Great Plains
       b. Interior Lowlands
       c. Appalachian Highlands
       d. Basin and Range

In the ibook: Homework Folder/Unit 1/Geography/”Rivers” for questions 8-11
    8. The body of water used as a highway by explorers, early settlers, and immigrants
        a. Pacific Ocean
        b. Atlantic Ocean
        c. Gulf of Mexico
        d. Mississippi River

   9. The “Gateway to the West” is another name for which of the following rivers...
       a. Ohio River
       b. Gulf of Mexico
       c. Columbia River
       d. Colorado River

   10. The Rio Grande is the border between the United States and what other country...
       a. Canada
       b. Mexico
       c. Alaska
       d. Texas
   11. What pair of rivers was important to the economy of the Interior Lowlands
       because of their use as an artery for farm and industrial products?
          a. Colorado and Rio Grande Rivers
          b. Missouri and Colorado Rivers
          c. Missouri and Mississippi Rivers
          d. Mississippi and Rio Grande Rivers

In the ibook: Homework Folder/Unit 1/Native Americans for questions 12-26
    12. The Inuit lived in present day Alaska and northern __________________.

   13. Name two ways the Inuit got their food
   A.   __________________________B. ___________________________

   14. The Iroquois were located in the Eastern Woodlands region, which lies east of
        what river system? __________________________________

   15. Which of the following was not a way that the Native Americans got their food?
            a. Gathering
            b. Hunting
            c. Farming
            d. Shopped at the trading posts

   16. Growing cotton in order to make clothing was a characteristic of which Native
       American tribe?
         a. Iroquois
         b. Inuit
         c. Pueblo
         d. Sioux

   17. The region that the Pueblo lived in is characterized by high cliffs and very hot and
       _________________ (or dry).

   18. What region of North America would you find the Pueblo?
         a. Southwest
         b. Northwest
         c. Northeast
         d. Great Plains

   19. What part of North America did the Kwakiutl live?
         a. Southwest
           b. Northwest
           c. Northeast
           d. Great Plains

   20. Which of the following is the best description of the climate of the region where
   the Kwakiutl lived?
         a. Hot and Humid
         b. Arid
         c. Mild and Rainy
         d. Arctic

   21. The Sioux lived in which dry flat grasslands region of North America?
          a. Great Plains
          b. Northeast
          c. Northwest
          d. Southwest

   22. What animal did the Sioux use as a main source of survival?
         a. Caribou
         b. Seal
         c. Whale
         d. Buffalo

     Use the chart to correctly fill in the blanks for numbers 23 -26.
Native            Location            Description of Clothing            Food
American                              location
Inuit             Arctic              Freezing          Seal skin        whaling
23.               Northwest           Mild and rainy Animal skin,        Hunting,
                                                        tree bark        fishing
Pueblo            24.                 Hot and arid      Cotton           Farming,
Sioux             Great Plains      25.                Buffalo           hunting
Iroquois          Northeast         Woodlands          26.               Hunting,

   23. _____________________________________________
   24. _____________________________________________
   25. _____________________________________________
   26. _____________________________________________
   In the ibook: Homework Folder/Unit 1/Explorers for questions 27-40
   27. All of the following countries explored North America except…
          a. Spain
          b. France
          c. England
          d. Germany

For questions 28-31 place the correct area of North America where each explorer
went to from Europe.
   28. John Cabot - _______________________________
   29. Samuel de Champlain - _______________________________
   30. Francisco Coronado - ________________________________
   31. Robert LaSalle - ____________________________________
   32. All of the following were obstacles face by European explorers except…
          a. Economics
          b. Poor maps and navigational tools
          c. Disease and starvation
          d. Fear of the unknown

   33. List the three accomplishments made by European explorers.
          a. ____________________________________
          b. ____________________________________
          c. ____________________________________

Complete the chart below to answer numbers 34-37.

COOPERATION                                CONFLICT
a. 34.                                     a. Disease
b. Trade                                   b. 36.
c. 35.                                     c. Competition for Trade
                                           d. 37.

   34. _______________________________________
   35. _______________________________________
   36. _______________________________________
   37. _______________________________________

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