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					Draft for Review= 3 Dec 2009=

                         Minutes of The 13th APIC Meeting
                                  November 2, 2009
                        Montien Riverside Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Host: Thai Paint Manufacturers Association
Participants: 31 participants from overseas. 52 from Thailand. Namelist attached.
              10 APIC member associations;
                   Australian Paint Manufacturers' Federation Inc. (APMF)
                   Bangladesh Paint Manufacturers' Association (BPMA)
                   China National Coatings Industry Association (CNCIA)
                   Malaysian Paint Manufacturers' Association (MPMA)
                   Japan Paint Manufacturers Association(JPMA)
                   Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturers (PAPM)
                   Singapore Paint Manufacturers Association (SPMA)
                   Taiwan Paint Industry Association (TPIA)
                   Thai Paint Manufacturers Association (TPMA)
                   Vietnam Paints & Printing Ink Association (VPIA)
              IPPIC representatives, 4 PRESS

MC of the meeting: Mr. Worawat Chaiyosburana (TPMA)
1 Welcome speech / Ms. Petcharat Eksangkul, Board Chairman of TPMA
2 Review meeting schedule and agenda / Mr. Worawat Chaiyosburana (TPMA)
3 Review the minutes of 12th APIC meeting / Ms.Yoshiko Norizuki, JPMA
        The minutes of the last years' meeting, which was already distributed, were reviewed.
        Any corrections should be forwarded to JPMA, otherwise, the minutes is confirmed.
4 Activities of each APIC Member Association
4-1 Australian Paint Market / Mr. Richard Phillips
   East Asia is now largest export destination of Australia, especially China. Ethic base of
   Australia is also shifting to Asia base, especially Chinese and Indians increasing.
   Paint production fell by 0.6% in 2008 due to the financial crisis. Imports of decorative
   paints increased in 2008, where exports stayed about the same level. Water based paints
   are increasing when compared with Solvent based paints.
   Major industry issues are: Current Economic Climate; The Environment/Sustainability;
   Product Stewardship; Chemical Regulatory Framework; Federal Government’s Reform
   Agenda (Huge reform is coming in); Early adoption of GHS (Good thing in long term, but
   difficult in short.)

4-2 Bangladesh Paint Market / Engr. Mohammed Abdur Rahman
   GDP growth for 2008-09 is 5.9%. Paint per capita consumption is 400-430grams, lower
   than neighbouring countries, meaning there're big market to be developed.
   Paint industry growth was 12% per annum in 2008. In 2007, paint growth declined due
   to political uncertainty, down turn of overall economy, etc. And world financial crisis
   would likely to cause decline of paint industry growth in 2009, but recovery is projected
   for 2010 and 2011. The size of paint market has almost doubled in last 6 years, 12.83 mil
   gallons in 2008. Decorative paint is the major segment of paint industry. Solvent paints
   are decreasing, replaced by emulsion paints, but more technology is required to enhance
   more water base paints.
   10-12 companies out of 100 companies contribute to 90% of paint market. Berger paints
   (50%), followed by Asian Paints 17%. Smaller companies mainly offer enamel paints.
   There is strong competition in the market.
   Recent trends are; innovative industrial products, more technologies imported, like PU
   based coatings, producing import substitute products, eco-friendly and health hazard-
Draft for Review= 3 Dec 2009=

   free paints. One stop service on paint usage is now provided, offering color selection and
   paint problems solution to consumers/ proposing interior decorations.
   There are also allied industry products, such as construction materials, and adhesive in
   furniture and foot ware industry.

4-3 MPMA report 2008 / Ms.Julina Bt Zainal Abidin West
   GDP growth rate of 4.6% in 2008 is expected to decline in 2009, hit by global recession.
   Exports go to Singapore, USA, Japan, China and Thailand, and Imports come from China
   Japan, Singapore, USA and Taiwan.
   Paint industry production indices marked –30.2% in 2008 from 2007, however, sales
   value marked 2% increase. Looking at paint types, emulsion paint reduced largely, from
   125,382L in 2006 to 74,824L in 2008.
   Decorative paints has largest segment 50-55%, followed by Protective / Marine paints.
   Chemical regulations affecting the industry are; Malaysian Standards on GHS; drafted
   CLASS (Chemical classification); and Regulation on transportation of dangerous goods by
   Ministry of transport which requires the certification of export cargo. There are also
   global requirements like REACH and IMO.
   Decorative market: Point of sales tinting is becoming popular and growing rapidly. Low
   VOC and Heat reduction paints are coming into market. New added functions, such as
   Antibacterial and 10 years protection are also found in the market.
   MPMA activities include yearly statistics on accidents of association members, dialog with
   government bodies related to GHS and CLASS, setting up eco-label criteria for paints with
   Malaysian Standards Body, and introduction of Coatings Care will be major project for
   MPMA next term. Presently, there're 16 members in MPMA

4-4 Japanese Paint Market / Ms.Yoshiko Norizuki
   Japanese economy is having a hard time, hit by global recession. Since late 2008, all
   economic statistics shows down turn until February 2009, where it seems to mark the
   bottom, and started showing upward trend. Same trend applies to paint industry in
   Japan. Looking into paint market by its usage, motor vehicles paints faced the worst
   decline. Buildings/ exterior coatings were affected by unstable weather rather than
   recession, and marine paints managed to maintained fairly stable.
   According to JPMA members survey, 30 paint manufacturers are operating overseas,
   producing about 1.23 million tons, decrease of 8% from previous year. Almost half of the
   volume was produced in China, followed by SE Asia. JPMA forecast –15% decrease from
   shipment volume of 2007.
   JPMA work with 2 other paint industrial associations to promote paint industry. Leaflets
   were provided to suggest interior wall-paper painting, and high reflectance paints as a
   way to prevent global warming.
   Paint Show 2010 was cancelled, due to tough economic situation, and instead, JPMA will
   set up a booth in "ECO Products 2009" in 10-12 Dec 2009, where various eco-friendly
   products/activities are introduced.
   To make contributions to the society, the next edition of JPMA Standard Paint Colors will
   include colors of "Color Universal Design", colors that would be easily recognized by
   people having color weakness.

4-5 Philippines Paint Market / Ma.Theresa D.Abuel (President-Representing ADD
   Philippine paint market has been making slow growth in last 10 years, with very few
   multinational players, almost no direct exports and price-conscious market. The
   technologies are also back-integrated.
Draft for Review= 3 Dec 2009=

   There are 3 organized industry associations. Adhesives industry, AMAPI (Adhesives
   Manufacturers Association of the Philippines, Incorporated), Printing inks, PAPIM
   (Philippine Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers) and PAPM represents paint industry.
   The market size is 300ML. in total, where 220Ml are paints, 55Ml are inks, and 25Ml
   PAPM was Founded in 1961, 65 member companies consists of 23 manufacturers and 42
   suppliers. PAPM works on Government Representation, Camaraderie & General Well-
   being, Technology & Quality Uplift and Social Responsibility.
   Largest segment of paint industry is Water decorative 110Ml, followed by solvent deco
   20Ml, and marine, industrial, auto refinish, protective, 15Ml each. The rest is shared by
   OEM, furniture can coil powder.
   There are only 30 legitimate paint companies. Major players are local, such as Pacific
   Paint & Oil, Charter Chemicals. Market volume is stable. Raw materials dependent on

4-6 Singapore Paint Market / Mr.Lim Khoon Guan, Ms.Phua Ling Wee
   Singapore’s 2009 GDP growth forecast was revised to -6.0 to -4.0 % in July 2009,
   improving from previous forecast, -9.0 to -6.0 %. However, outlook for 2H09 remains
   subdued, considering declining export markets and consumption demand of advanced
   economies has yet to show signs of recovery.
   Singapore Construction Sector grew by 32.7% compared to Q109, driven by growth in
   public and private construction activities.
   In comparison to 2008 paint production up to May, 2009 figure remains 87%. Singapore
   annual paint production kept growing since 2002, is likely to decrease for 2009.
   SPMA leads various projects sponsored by Ministry of Manpower. Some workplace
   accidents lead to project of creating Workplace Safety Management Guideline, a
   guideline on safety and wellbeing of workers at the workplace. When launched in
   Dec2009, it may form part of the Workplace Safety & Health Act.
    Another project is on VOC Limits, proposed to be launched as Singapore Standard, on
   solvent to water substitution and standardization of VOC in paint. This project has raised
   and include the interest of Singapore Environmental Council (SEC), which governs the
   country’s first voluntary environmental labeling for Coatings, “Singapore Green Label”.
   Singapore Green labeled paints qualify for points awarded by Green Mark program
   launched by Building and Construction Authority(BCA). Its criteria are revised every year.
   ISO certification is required for environmental setting of factory. New requirement
   include expanded range of raw materials restriction.
   Another project with SEC is Waste Recycling and Reduction. Infrastructure of the
   industry it is not recycle-friendly, and reprocessing of recycled materials would consume
   more resources. It would be effective to reduce waste, such as packaging reduction by
   providing bigger bag sales.
   Other Projects with Spring Singapore are; National quality standard SS542:2009 Code of
   Practice for the Painting of Building, a "cradle to grave" guideline, was established.
   Establishment of Singapore Standard for water based sealer, co-led with Housing
   Development Board, HDB. Changing from Solvent base to water base is encouraged for
   public housing

 4-7 Taiwan Coating Industry Association Report / Ms.Kathleen K.L.Juan
  2009 started slowly, almost half against 2008 in January, later showing gradual recovery.
  Production volume of 2008 was 415,836t, 27% was Export and 73% Domestic.
  TPIA, now having 159 members, is certified by the Chinese National Laboratory
  Accreditation (CNLA) to serve as Laboratory and Inspection Body for the Chinese
  National Standards (CNS) Testing, and already certified 89 test items. TPIA assists
Draft for Review= 3 Dec 2009=

   member companies in the audits of ISO-9001 quality control management and
   implementation of CNS.
   Economic growth rate of Taiwan in 2008 was 0.06%, where it was 5.7% in 2007. In Feb
   2009, Ministry of Economy passed $15 billion bill on a “5 Year Expansion of Public
   Construction Investment Plan for Economic Revival” extends the current infrastructure
   network refurnishing of the old urban building structures.
   Ministry of Interior, Construction & Planning Agency announced to increase minimum use
   of Green Label certified Building Material in all public construction works from the current
   5% to 30% of total surface area. All green products must comply formaldehyde free,
   under TCLP limits, with TVOC below 0.19mg/m2/hr etc.
   Free-trade talk between Taiwan and China, ECFA (Economic Cooperation Frame Work
   Agreement) will start in early 2010. Already 40% of export is to china now. If this
   agreement passes through, higher economic growth is expected.

4-8 Vietnam Paint Market / Mrs.Nguyen Thi Lac Huyen (VPIA Vice-Chairperson)
   Vietnam was ranked 5th in the top of 177 of Happy Planet Index. With various economic
   stimulus factors, Vietnam GDP in 2009 is estimated to grow 5%. There are strong
   building/ housing investments.
   2009 Paint industry forecast is very positive, 6-10% volume increase, 8-12% in value.
   Residential / office housings supports the growth of Decorative Coatings.
   Multi-national Companies' growth rate is about 5%, local producers are 10%.
   Marine coatings for new ships are declining affected by economic crisis, but ship-
   repairing project maintained. Protective coatings are stimulated by Government of
   Infrastructures, so in total, -5 to 10% is forecasted for this area in 2009.
   Wood Coatings is also declining, affected by low demand from US, EU and Japan.
   Solution will be to explore new market, focusing on specified application and domestic
   demand. Forecast decline 15-20%.
   Market is quite stable for Powder Coatings and Coil coatings, both expecting 5-6%
   growth. Motorbike paints are covering up the decline of car paints, resulting in about 3%
   growth for this sector.
   Appropriate measures ought to be applied to exported & domestic goods, such as
   Internal requirement of Law of Environment, Law of Chemicals and Goods labeling, and
   Externally, Reach, GHS and RoHS.
   New trends are coming for Green Products, low VOC property, and water Borne paints.
   VPIA organize seminars for members, on such issues as; How to apply cleaner
   production, HSE and CSR, Treating of Waste solid and water management.
   VPIA seek for supporting from APIC, such as case-studies of Coating Test Methods
   Standards, and Responses and product liability of coatings business to REACH, GHS
   RoHS, and TBT issue.

4-9 Thailand Paint Market / K.Petcharat Eksangkul
   ASEAN Summit was held in Thailand this year. Economic trends of Asian countries are
   rather similar.
   Consumption of decorative paints in Thailand 2009 is expected to be –20% compared to
   2008, and -47% for automotive paints. The USA recession has given great impact on
   Thai automotive industry.
   The regulations regarding paint industry are such as Import license for hazardous
   materials, Pollution control Bill, Waste Management Control, Labors Safety Act, Product
   Liability, Etc.
   Requirement for paints related export products are CAS No, GHS, FDA certificate, ISO,
   Certificate of Analysis, Rule of Origin, etc.
   For the outlook of 2010, the Thai paint industry is preparing for new challenges.
Draft for Review= 3 Dec 2009=

   Relation with chemical suppliers would likely to weigh more, and half of 32 TPMA
   members are material suppliers.

  4-10 Environmental activities in Japan / Ms.Yoshiko Norizuki
   JPMA is promoting paints as a mean of Global Warming Countermeasures.
   a) Created posters to introduce Energy-saving activities at Paint Sites and Factories.
   b) High solar reflectance paint is now a candidate of Environmental Technology
     Verification, official notification of the validity of the technology.
   c) Antifouling Paints for ships contribute to CO2 reduction. According to "ICCA
   International Council of Chemical Associations" document, "the average fuel consumption
   of ships without antifouling coatings would be 29 percent higher".
   JPMA is also making voluntary activities on Management of Chemical Substances, such as
   VOC emission reduction, Indoor formaldehyde restriction and IMO International
   Convention. We also support members on GHS labeling and REACH preparations.
   Chemical Substances Management Act was revised last year, and to coincide with global
   legislations was one of the major targets of this revision.

 4-11China Paint Market / Mr.Yue Wangkun, Ms.Xu Yan
  In 2008, many energy saving and emission reduction policies were introduced. China
  coatings industry was also impacted by international economy, natural disasters, raw
  materials price fluctuation, market volatility, slow real estate and global financial crisis etc.
  However, in all, coatings industry has achieved remarkable success in technology
  innovation and marketing transformation while facing various challenges.
  The total coatings output in 2008 is 6.38mil tons, +7.64 % over 2007. Geographically,
  middle region has the highest growth rate at 23.76 and the Yangtze River Delta increases
  only slightly at 3.97. The market is gradually concentrating on big enterprises and brand
  enterprises. And the ratio of coatings industry towards GDP contributions is increased,
  indicating the enhanced profitability of coatings industry. On the whole, the market
  competitiveness actually improved.
  The monthly coatings output dropped dramatically in 4Q 2008 (sales value increased),
  especially in exports. However, the coatings output in March and April increased by
  36.27 % and 73.55% respectively compared with previous month.
  The demand structure of China coatings market has changed in the following aspects:
  Domestic demand becomes the major market; Infra-construction boosts economy
  growth; rural area becoming large paint market; The accelerated development in middle
  and western regions.
  The coatings market pattern has also changed: branding is necessary trend; government
  policies and measures are playing more important roles; HSE consciousness is quickly
  promoted; and competition becomes more intensive. The global financial crisis
  accelerates the coatings industry upgrading, industry integration and structure
  In architecture, the energy saving rate is set at 50% in all cities by 2010. (65% in mega-
  cities). By 2020, energy saving rate in all cities and towns construction will reach 65%.
  Estimated market for this project is estimated to be RMB 2,000 billions.
  There are also a lot of opportunities in raw material price fluctuation in regions, mergers
  and reorganizations, transformation of profit patterns, intangible assets integration etc.
  The coatings enterprises should go through product innovation, strategy transformation,
  and industry integration to ensure stable, substantial, rapid and healthy development of
  the whole industry in facing of the global financial crisis.

5-1 IPPIC Activity update / Mr.John Hopewell, IPPIC
Draft for Review= 3 Dec 2009=

   IPPIC was established in 1992, to represent the global perspectives and complex industry
   – government relationships. Current Membership represents US, EU (CEPE, FIPEC and
   VDL), Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, China, India. Key Objectives are to unify
   (global) industry positions, to be key representation at global agencies, and to be
   Clearinghouse for information.
   IPPIC has official NGO Status, and takes part in activities such as Lead Use Restrictions,
   GHS promotion, WHO-IARC Research Initiatives on Cancer risk from “painting activities”,
   Also WGs are set to focus on works with International Maritime Organization (IMO).
   Coatings Care® Program, a health, safety and environmental responsibilities program for
   paint industry, consists of Codes, Management Practices and Self-assessment Levels to
   support effective management. “Coatings Care II” will move away from ”codes” and
   develop guidance documents on emerging aspects.
   Other IPPIC issues include VOC and other Product Composition Controls, Paint Waste
   Management, Industry Statistics and Global Market Analysis.
   APIC is a member of IPPIC, and anyone who wish to join IPPIC as a member should
   contact IPPIC secretariat.

5-2 IPPIC AF WG Mr.Julian Hunter (Chairman IPPIC AFWG)
   IPPIC has formed AF WG in order to provide appropriate expert information to
   international/national bodies related to AF regulation. The WG consists of IPPIC
   secretariat, paint manufacturers, biocide suppliers and paint associations. The key
   issues are: 1. Exchange of information on developments in regional a/f legislation
   (request for inputs from SE Asia and Korea)
        2. Discussion on IMO AF issues
        3. Development of a globally recognized ISO scheme for risk assessment of A/Fs
        4.Interacting with China on Copper issues.

5-3 IPPIC: VOC/GHS Regulations United States & European Union / Mr.Jim Sell
   Present status of VOC regulatory systems and GHS adoption in US and EU were
   explained, and useful US/EU web sites for VOC regulation/calculation and GHS
   information were introduced.

6 APCJ introduction / Mrs. Elit Rowland (Editor-Asia Pacific Coatings Journal)
   APCJ activities were briefly introduced. APCJ is over 20 years old and is the only coatings
   publication covering the ASEAN region. In addition to 5000 prints, Digital Edition was
   launched last year. Also sponsors APCS 2010, ACC 2011 and KCS 2010.

7 Thermoplastic Powder Coatings / Mr.Louis Mc Culloch (James Consulting)
   Performance, markets and types of Thermoplastic Powder Coatings were introduced.
   While Global Coatings market is 25-27bn Litres, Powder coatings in 2005was 1.05mil tons.
   Drivers of the coatings market would be Global GDP growth , Growth export driven China,
   India and continued liquid to powder conversions.

8 APIC issues / Discussion
   1) Task Force
   To make short-time meeting more fruitful, APIC Task Force will pick about 2 topics as
   major issue of the meeting and create common format to be filled and collect information
   from APIC members. For APIC 14, Task Force will consist of Pamela Phua (Singapore),
   Julina West (Malaysia), Petcharat Eksangkul (Thailand) and Yoshiko Norizuki (Japan).
   Task Force will work on-line, E-mail basis.
   Candidate topics are: GHS, Lead, VOC regulation.
Draft for Review= 3 Dec 2009=

   Basic format for association report will also be created.

   2) Next APIC meeting
   It will be held sometime between September-November in China, hosted by CNCIA.

Draft for Review= 3 Dec 2009=

                    13th APIC Meeting Attendies list on November 2, 2009
*Overseas Members
            Member's Names                              association                                  Note
 1   Mr.Richard Phillips               Australian Paint Manufacturers' Federation Inc.
 2   Engr.Mohammed Abdur Rahman        Bangladesh Paint Manufacturers' Association       Organizing Secretary
 3   Mr.Yue Wangkun                    China National Coatings Indurtry Association
 4   Ms.Xu Yan (Jade)                  China Na/ional Coatings Indurtry Association      International Department
 5   Ms.Julina Bt Zainal Abidin West   Malaysian Paint Manufacturers' Association        Chairman of MPMA
 6   Mr.Syed Salleh                    Malaysian Paint Manufacturers' Association
 7   Mr.Tetsuo Ezawa                   Malaysian Paint Manufacturers' Association
 8   Mr.Masafumi Kume                  Japan Paint Manufacturers Association
 9   Mr.Tatsuhiko Yamazaki             Japan Paint Manufacturers Association
10   Ms.Yoshiko Norizuki               Japan Paint Manufacturers Association
11   Ma.Theresa D.Abuel                Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturers     President
12   Mrs. Juanita Dumrique             Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturers
13   Mr.Lim Khoon Guan                 Singapore Paint Manufacturers Association
14   Mr.Wang Chyang                    Singapore Paint Manufacturers Association
15   Ms.Phua Ling Wee                  Singapore Paint Manufacturers Association
16   Mr.Tsai He Fang                   Taiwan Paint Industry Association
17   Mr.Su Wen He                      Taiwan Paint Industry Association
18   Ms.Kathleen Juan                  Taiwan Paint Industry Association
19   Mrs.Nguyen Thi Lac Huyen          Vietnam Paints & Printing Ink Association         VPIA Vice-Chairperson
                                                                                         The Head of Science &
20   Mr.Vuong Bac Dau                  Vietnam Paints & Printing Ink Association

21   Mr. Jim Sell                      IPPIC                                             IPPIC
22   Mr. John Hopewell                 IPPIC                                             IPPIC
23   Mr. Julian Hunter                 International Paint                               Chairman, IPPIC AFWG
24   Mr. Andrew Jacobson               Dow Microbial                                     IPPIC AFWG
25   Mr. Eiichi Yoshikawa              Chugoku Marine Paints                             IPPIC AFWG
26   Mr. Eivind Berg                   Jotun                                             IPPIC AFWG
27   Dr. Jacques Warnon                CEPE                                              IPPIC AFWG
28   Mr.Louis McCulloch                James Consulting (UK)                             EDITOR
29   Mrs.Elit Rowland                  DMG World Media (UK)                              EDITOR
30   Mr.Kirsten Wrede                  European Coatings Journal (GERMANY)               EDITOR
31   Mr. Hirozumi Arima                The Paint&Finishing News (JAPAN)                  EDITOR

*TPMA attendies list
                         Company                              Title                      Name
 1   Akzonobel Paints (Thailand) Co.,Ltd                     Director   Mr. Vichien Cherdrungsi
 2   Alphani International Co.,Ltd.                     Consultant      Mr. Phani Kalayanakupt
 3   Alphani International Co.,Ltd.                          Member     Mr. Dhanate Achariyawan
 4   Bayer Thai Co.,Ltd.                                     Member     Mr. San Wangthanapat
 5   Bayer Thai Co.,Ltd.                                     Member     Ms. Wara Kamchaisatian
 6   Beger Co.,Ltd.                                    Vice Chairman    Mr. Worawat Chaiyosburana
Draft for Review= 3 Dec 2009=

7    Clariant Chemicals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.     Member        Mr.Teerachai Ngauviriyasiripong
8    Clariant Chemicals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.     Member        Mr. Kiatisak Napalai
9    Clariant Chemicals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.     Member        Ms. Sopida
10   Connell Bros.(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.           Member        Mr.Karn Songwuittiwichai
11   Credo International Co.,Ltd.             Vice Chairman   Mr. Suchart Teinpothong
12   Dimet (Siam) Public Company Limited.       Secretary     Mrs. Saovaluck Choke-arpornchai
13   Dimet (Siam) Public Company Limited.       Member        Mr. Suraphol Rujikarnchana
14   Dimet (Siam) Public Company Limited.       Member        Mr. Richard Bell
15   Dupont                                     Member        Mr. Nuttaphol T.
16   Eason Paint Public Company Limited.        Chairman      Ms. Petcharat Eksangkul
17   JBP International Paint Co.,Ltd.         Vice Chairman   Mr. Prasit Phumsathitpong
18   JBP International Paint Co.,Ltd.           Member        Mr.Sarawut Rachanakul
19   Kemcote Co.,Ltd.                           Member        Mr.Sumeth Suvapatrachai
20   Mirotone (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.                Director     Mr. Somboon Roongrittikrai
21   Mirotone (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.                Director     Mr. Prasong Tantisirivat
22   MRC Resins (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.             Member        Mr.Naris Trisanawadee
23   MRC Resins (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.             Member        Mr.Akkarachai Mewang
24   Oriental Paint Co.,Ltd.                    Member        Mr.Paradorn Markiay
25   Powder Plus Co.,Ltd.                       Member        Mr.Metee Temridiwong
26   Qualimer Co.,Ltd.                         Consultant     Mr. Chuan Chuthaprutikorn
27   Qualimer Co.,Ltd.                          Member        Ms. Ananya Charuchitsopol
28   Qualimer Co.,Ltd.                         Consultant     Mr. Chuan Chuthaprutikorn
29   Sand and Soil Industry Co.,Ltd.            Member        Mr.Kampon Yuttapiboon
30   Sand and Soil Industry Co.,Ltd.            Member        Mr.Nunthawat Reakrungsima
31   South City Petrochem Co.,Ltd.              Member        Ms.Suree Bunjongthanakij
32   Tara Chemicals Ltd., Part.                  Director     Mr. Kawepat Lertsuthimatta
33   Tara Chemicals Ltd., Part.                 Member        Mr.Sanya Lertsuthimatta
34   Thai DNT Paint MFG. Co.,Ltd.                Director     Mr.Tares Mahakitpaisal
35   Thai DNT Paint MFG. Co.,Ltd.               Member        Ms.Nongnuch Tachanant
36   Thai Kansai Paint Co.,Ltd.                  Director     Dr. Chinnarong Asavaroengchai
37   Thai Kansai Paint Co.,Ltd.                 Member        Mr.Sayan Mandee
38   Thai Matsuo Co.,Ltd.                       Member        Mr.Vudhipong Voravisuthikul
39   Thai TO-A Industries Co.,Ltd.            Vice Chairman   Mr. Pramote Thammajinda
40   TOA Paint (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.               Director     Mr. Chairat Kosolvathawongse
41   TOA Paint (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.               Director     Mr. Chairat Kosolvathawongse
42   TOA Paint (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.              Member        Mr. Nattavuth Tangkaravakoon
43   TOA Paint (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.              Member        Mr. Manat Petchbuasak
44   TOA-Chugoku Paints Co.,Ltd.                Member        Ms.Puangpen Saengphet
45   TOA-Chugoku Paints Co.,Ltd.                Member        Mr. Masataka Higashi
46   Urai Phanich Co.,Ltd.                      Treasurer     Mr. Piriya Chalothorn
47   V. Powdertech Co.,Ltd.                      Director     Ms. Miruntee On-aree
48   V. Powdertech Co.,Ltd.                     Member        Mr.Phongkorn Kitrueangphatchara
49   V. Powdertech Co.,Ltd.                     Member        Mr. Saroch Pornputtkul
50   Viago Interchemical Co.,Ltd.                Director     Mr. Gomin Vongsalaknakon
51   World Paint Co.,Ltd.                        Director     Ms. Angkana Thamwilai
52   World Paint Co.,Ltd.                       Member        Ms. Sorada Seison

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