GCSE English Revision the descriptive writing task! by ykb15723


									  GCSE English Revision:
the descriptive writing task!

      How to effectively
       describe a place
What are the key features of writing to
•   Present tense         • Variety of sentence
•   2nd/3rd person          lengths
                          • Use of imagery
•   Snapshots               (personification/sim
•   Five senses             iles/metaphors)
•   Adjectives            • Develop an air of
•   Verbs                   mystery
•   Adverbs               • Structure into
                            logical sequence
•   Showing not telling
        To sum up so far…
• Break the view into snapshot
  scenes by planning

• Describe specific details – not
  the obvious and everyday

• Use the senses to create
Activity four – use language
Remember that examiners love
  creative use of language

• But being creative does not mean using
  long, fancy words (avoid this!)

• Simple words can be used creatively…..
Which of these two sentences would an
      examiner like the most?

1. The shadows cast by a
   birch flicker and dance
   across the carpet.

2. The shadow of the birch
   makes patterns on the
               1 or 2?
1. A discarded tabloid
   screams its headline:

2. The headline of a
   discarded tabloid
   reads: SVEN MUST
                1 or 2?
1. There is a pile of Cosmopolitan

2. Cosmopolitan magazines share their
                1 or 2?
1. The bright, white light interrogates
   the patients, draining colour from
   their faces

2. The bright, white light makes
   everybody appear very pale.
    Which device is the writer
• Yes, it’s personification! Examiners love it.
• Construct three sentences for the
  description of the waiting room using
  personification. The verbs below may help:

   play, sleep, mutter, beg, plead, complain,
Activity Five – Varying sentences
  Finally, use a range of sentence
Try beginning some sentences in your
description with ing clauses. Eg:

Struggling to clear his nose, the
pensioner snorted loudly into his
chequered handkerchief.

Don’t forget the comma.
  Add ing phrases to these sentences

1. Remembering………….., the teenager
   scowled unhappily.
2. Wondering why……………, the receptionist
   answered the phone.
3. Clutching…………….., a small boy sucked his

4. …………….. …………………………………………….
            To sum up…
• Try to use language creatively, through
  personification, for example.

• Start sentences in a range of different
You’ll then create vivid pictures!
        How to plan quickly
  You are required to write four plans for
  descriptive writing pieces which are similar
  to those you could get in the exam. You will
  have three minutes to:
• complete a brief plan, with five snapshots
• write an opening sentences, which begins
  with an –ing clause.
       Task one

Describe the scene in a
   busy market place
       Task two

Describe your favourite
 place to go and relax
      Task three

 Describe the scene in
primary classroom at the
     end of the day
     Task four

Describe a park on a
   summer’s day

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