EAPD 2010

 The 10th Congress of the European
Academy of Paediatric Dentistry joint
with the British Society of Paediatric
       Harrogate International Centre
            Yorkshire, England
            3 rd – 6th June 2010

    EAPD/BSPD 2010

    Introduction                                                            3
    Who Should Exhibit?                                                     4
    Contact Information                                                     5
    General Information on the Conference                                   6
    Social Events                                                           7
    Conference Programme                                                    8
    Sponsorship Opportunities                                               9
    Exhibition Stands                                                      12
    The Venue                                                              13
    Exhibition Information                                                 14
    Exhibition Floor Plan                                                  15
    Exhibition/Sponsorship Booking Form                                    16
    Payment Information                                                    18
    Terms and Conditions                                                   19

                              ORGANSING COMMITTEE

    Professor Monty Duggal       Head of Paediatric Dentistry, Leeds Dental Institute
    Professor Jack Toumba        Department of Paediatric Dentistry, Leeds Dental Institute
    Dr Stephen Fayle             Department of Paediatric Dentistry, Leeds Dental Institute
    Rosemary Bryan               Department of Paediatric Dentistry
    Professor Martin Curzon      Emeritus Professor, University of Leeds

                              ABSTRACT REVIEWING PANEL

    Richard Welbury
    Norbert Kraemer
    Jack Toumba
    Martin Curzon

2                               www.eapd-2010.org.uk
                                                 EAPD/BSPD 2010


On behalf of the organising committee it is our pleasure to invite you to attend this year’s 10th
Congress of the European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry, held jointly with the British Society
of Paediatric Dentistry in Harrogate from Friday 4th June – Sunday 6th June, 2010. As this
congress will also mark the 20th Birthday of the EAPD, we plan to make this a memorable
occasion for all the delegates with not only a high quality scientific programme but also an
exciting social event.

This year’s Congress will take place in the beautiful town of Harrogate which is located in
North Yorkshire, England. The conference will commence on Thursday 3rd of June with a
special course for postgraduate students and for those in specialist education/training
programmes and also a pre-congress course in the afternoon. The main congress will then
begin on Friday 4th June and run over the next 3 days culminating on Sunday 6th June, 2010.

The European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry is an important organisation both within
Europe and worldwide, which is increasingly playing an important role informing opinions
regarding dental health of children in Europe. The guidelines developed by EAPD are also
regarded as significant not only within the profession but also by organisations and bodies
that formulate policies regarding children’s dental health within Europe.

The meeting should be attended by 600-700 delegates from all over the world and the
emphasis for the scientific programme has been to invite internationally renowned speakers,
scientists and clinicians to contribute to the symposia. The Main Conference Symposia is
entitled “NIL STATIS NISI OPTIMUM” (Only the best will do). In addition delegates are invited
to submit papers they would like to present either in oral or poster format at the congress.

Postgraduate study day for Postgraduates and specialist registrars taking place on Thursday
3rd June (free for all postgraduate student participants) is entitled “Communicating with
colleagues and skills for interdisciplinary working”. The pre-congress symposium will be on
“Tooth Surface Loss and its Restoration in Children and Adolescents”.

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    EAPD/BSPD 2010

    We would welcome support from everyone who has products, equipment or is connected
    with the dental care, particularly of children and adolescents.


    EAPD/BSPD meetings are attended by all dentists who have an interest in the oral/dental care
    of children and adolescents. The participants are a mixture of academics and those who work
    in government services and also private practitioners from the UK and from all around Europe.
    There are also a number of participants from USA, Australia, SE Asia and the Far East. Many
    of the attendees are opinion leaders in their countries and therefore wield influence in the
    provision of dental care of children.

    We invite your company to become involved with EAPD 2010 through our exhibition or
    sponsoring opportunities at our event. In return, your firm’s products and services will receive
    high profile and contribute to your marketing initiatives by:

       Raising awareness of company profile
       Gaining market opinion
       Creating sales contacts and goodwill with users
       Opportunity to update knowledge on current trends in techniques and

    Harrogate is a beautiful spa town in the centre of Yorkshire, close to the Yorkshire Dales, the
    vibrant city of Leeds and the historic city of York. We are expecting around 600 delegates
    from around the world to attend our conference and we look forward to the contribution that
    you as sponsors and exhibitors can make.

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                                             EAPD/BSPD 2010
                             CONTACT INFORMATION

Event Organisers
(PCO Registrations, Accommodation, Sponsorship, Exhibition Booking)

Contact: Nicola Peel
HG3 Conference Secretariat
First Floor
Hornbeam House
Hornbeam Business Park
Harrogate HG2 8QT

Email: nicola.peel@hg3conference-secretariat.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 1423 855990
Fax: +44 (0) 1423 855999

The Conference Venue

Contact: Deborah Rolph
Exhibition Services Team
Harrogate International Centre
Kings Road
North Yorkshire

Email: Deborah.rolph@harrogate.gov.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 1423 537444

                                 www.eapd-2010.org.uk                 5
    EAPD/BSPD 2010
                                   GENERAL INFORMATION

    Harrogate is the ideal location for an international conference, being centrally located in the
    UK halfway between London and Edinburgh and having good transport links. Both Leeds-
    Bradford International Airport and Manchester Airport are within easy driving distance, there
    are regular train connections to Harrogate from Leeds or York and there are excellent
    motorway links from around the UK.

    For further information on how to get to Harrogate please visit the conference website.

    Harrogate is a picturesque, cosmopolitan spa town which is famous for its shopping, café
    culture, fine dining and colourful gardens. It has a rich cultural heritage, evident in the
    abundance of elegant architecture seen throughout the town. Harrogate became famous in
    1571 when the natural springs turned the town into one of the leading spas in the UK. The
    Royal Baths still provide an excellent escape for relaxation, as do the Valley Gardens and the
    botanical gardens at Harlow Carr. Harrogate is also famous for the café tea rooms, Bettys of


    The PCO has made reservations at local hotels, accommodating a wide range of budgets.

    All rooms are allocated on a first come, first served basis, however the PCO will liaise with each
    sponsor/exhibitor directly on receipt of their signed contract to establish their requirements in
    terms of accommodation.

    A full list of accommodation with rates will be available from October, 2009 An on-line
    booking form will be live on the conference website and exhibitors/sponsors will be able to
    book via the website or contact HG3 Conference Secretariat to check availability.

    Parking at hotels

    Some hotels have free parking, others charge on a daily basis. Please refer to the hotel
    website when booking your accommodation.

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                                                  EAPD/BSPD 2010
                              OFFICIAL SOCIAL EVENTS

Thursday 3rd June 2010 – Civic Reception at the Royal Hall, Harrogate

Everyone is welcome to attend the Civic Drinks Reception to be held at the Royal Hall with the
Mayor of Harrogate. This function is complimentary.

Friday 4th June 2010 - 20th Birthday Party of the EAPD
at Ripley Castle

£65.00 per person for additional tickets which are not
Included in your sponsorship package

Delegates will be transported to Ripley Castle from outside the Holiday Inn and Harrogate
International Centre. Buses will leave between 6.30pm and 7.15pm to take delegates on the 15
minute bus ride through the wonderful countryside to the beautiful stately home of Ripley

Ripley Castle has been owned by the Ingilby family since 1308 and is set on the banks of the
River Nidd and surrounded by magnificent gardens, and has been the home of the Ingilby
family for nearly 700 years. Ripley Castle has extensive walled gardens, a Regency
conservatory and a landscape designed by 'Capability' Brown.

There will be entertainment provided by Leeds Waites who are Renaissance Musicians and
there will be dancing later on during the evening to a Ceilidh band.

Saturday 5th June 2010, Gala Dinner at the
National Railway Museum, York

£110.00 per person for additional tickets which are not included
In your sponsorship package

The 10th Congress of EAPD Gala Banquet will take place at the National Railway Museum in
York where there is a fascinating collection of locomotives to delight all visitors. Delegates will
be able to wander amongst the carriages, sipping their pre dinner drinks admiring over 300
years of railway history.

                                  www.eapd-2010.org.uk                                            7
    EAPD/BSPD 2010

    Postgraduate study day

    Postgraduate study day for Postgraduates and specialist registrars taking place on Thursday
    3rd June (free for all postgraduate student participants) is entitled “Communicating with
    colleagues and skills for interdisciplinary working”.

    This will be an exciting full day programme for all registered postgraduates, young specialists
    and specialist registrars in Paediatric Dentistry. Three areas where paediatric dentists work
    closely with colleagues to improve the care of their patients (cardiac, non accidental injuries,
    failing anterior teeth) will be explored. The day has an over-arching theme of communication
    skills for interdisciplinary working and will involve communication specialists, acted scenarios
    and assessment tools for appraisal of such skills during specialist training.

    Pre Congress Symposium (Thursday 3rd June, afternoon)

    The pre-congress symposium will be on Tooth Surface Loss and its Restoration in Children
    and Adolescents
    Dr R Frankenberger, Germany
    Dr Martha-Ann Keels, North Carolina, USA
    Prof David Bartlett, London, U.K

    Key-Note Scientific Lectures

    Prof Paul Sharpe, Guys London, UK – Genetic Control of Tooth Development

    Dr Dorte Haubek, Aarhus, Denmark – Aggressive Periodontitis in Children and Adolescents
    The Old, the New and the Future

    Main Congress Symposia- NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM (Only the Best will do)

    I. Quality of life through high quality care for children
    Prof Alan Colver, Newcastle, UK
    Dr Stephen Fayle, Leeds, UK

    II. Genetic defects of tooth development
    Prof Tim Wright, North Carolina, USA
    Dr Nick Lygdakis, Greece
    Dr Alan Mighell, UK

    III. The interface between Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry
    Dr Marco Rosa, Italy
    Dr Simon Littlewood, UK
    Dr James Spencer, UK

    IV. Caring for children with transplanted organs
    Prof Andrew Cant, UK
    Dr Barbara Sheller, Seattle, USA

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                                                EAPD/BSPD 2010
                         SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

We currently have an array of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities available that offer the
following benefits:

   Association with the highly successful EAPD Congresses

   Increase your company’s awareness and profile among a captive audience of
     academic and industry professionals from around Europe and the world

   Associated with opinion leaders in dentistry, especially those involved in
     promoting Child Dental Health.

Monty/Jack do you want to add any other benefits in here

The following sponsorship options are available, however if you have additional suggestions
for sponsorship please speak to the event organisers.

Platinum Sponsorship Package
£15,000 GBP

   Name associated with a full scientific session including room hire.
   Title slide with company logo at the session
   Publicity included in conference packs, website and at the congress
   Acknowledgement at the congress of the support by President of EAPD and Chairman
     of the congress
   Registration for two with tickets to all social events
   Trade stand with lunch included for two exhibitors for three days

Gold Sponsorship Package
£10,000 GBP

   Name associated with a Speaker/Lecture
   Title slide with company logo before the lecture
   Publicity included in conference packs, website and at the congress
   Acknowledgement at the congress of the support by President of EAPD and Chairman
     of the congress
   Registration for two with tickets to all social events
   Trade stand with lunch included for two exhibitors for three days

Silver Sponsorship Package
£5,000 GBP

   Publicity included in conference packs, website and at congress
   Acknowledgement at the congress of the support by President of EAPD and Chairman
     of the congress
   Registration for two people with tickets to all social events
   Trade stand with lunch included for two exhibitors for three days

                                 www.eapd-2010.org.uk                                        9
                          SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

 Programme Advertisement – deadline 2 nd April, 2010

 The programme to be published will contain the conference programme, abstracts, local
 information and guidance for the duration of the conference. Sponsors are invited to place an
 advert into this programme at the following rates and must provide artwork:
 Full page – inside front cover      £800 GBP
 Full page – back cover              £800 GBP
 Full page – inside publication      £600 GBP
 Half page – inside publication      £300 GBP

 Additional costs may be incurred for any artwork design and origination costs if colour

 To include name as sponsor on all announcements and on conference website for EAPD 2010.

 Insert into delegate wallets – deadline 3rd May, 2010
 £1,000 GBP+ provision of insert

 To ensure every delegate receives your product literature, an A4 double-sided insert may be
 placed into the conference bag.

 To include your company name as sponsor on all announcements and on conference website
 for EAPD 2010.

 Conference Bags – deadline 2nd April, 2010
 £5,500 GBP+ any origination and artwork costs

 To make sure your company name is ‘up front’ throughout the conference. A conference bag
 displays the name of the conference along with the sponsoring company logo.

 The bags will be provided by the PCO and your company logo will b put on the bag in
 conjunction with the EAPD/BSPD Logos on all conference bags.

 To include your company name as sponsor on all announcements and on conference website
 for EAPD 2010. .

 Conference Notepads – deadline 2nd April, 2010
 £800 GBP+ provision note pads

 Note pads are provided with company name/logo of company (on exclusivity basis). Company
 should provide own pads and deliver them to the organiser before the conference.

 To include your company name as sponsor on all announcements and on conference website
 for EAPD 2010.

10                                 www.eapd-2010.org.uk
                                               EAPD/BSPD 2010
                          SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

Conference Pens – deadline 3rd May, 2010
£600 GBP+ provision note pads

Pens are provided with company name/logo of company (on exclusivity basis). Company
should provide pens and deliver them to the organiser before the conference

To include your company name as sponsor on all announcements and on conference website
for EAPD 2010.

Badge Sponsorship – deadline 3 rd May, 2010
£1,500 GBP

Have you company name and/or logo printed onto the delegate badges. This acts as a
constant reminder to delegates of your company’s support during the event. Please provide

To include your company name as sponsor on all announcements and on conference website
for EAPD 2010.

Poster Prize – deadline 2nd April, 2010
£400 GBP

Awarded to the best poster submitted either generally or for a specific interest area. Your
company’s name will be associated with you award and publicised in the programme book
and the presentation of the award.

To include your company name as sponsor on all announcements and on conference website
for EAPD 2010.

Welcome Drinks Reception – deadline 2 nd April, 2010
£3,000 GBP

This event provides you with the opportunity to promote your company through a welcome
reception attending by all conference delegates on the first evening of the conference.

One page advertisement in the Conference Handbook

                                  www.eapd-2010.org.uk                                    11
                                    EXHIBITION STANDS

 Trade Stand £950 GBP for 3 day exhibition (Friday 4th June – Sunday 5th June, 2010)

 Space is available for companies within the exhibition. Choice of space will be allocated on a
 first come, first served basis and will include the following:

 The cost of the stand includes:

     3m x 2m basic shell scheme stand
     Lunch for a maximum number of two
     One conference pass
     Tea and coffee (2 persons)
     Drinks reception (2 persons)

 For any companies who wish to have an additional stand personnel then the cost will be
 £85.00 per day which will include entry into the exhibition and lunch, tea and coffee on each

 Optional extras (e.g. display fittings, wall panels, additional lighting etc) are available.

 Larger size stands can be accommodated. Please contact the event organisers to discuss
 your requirements. Please email nicola.peel@hg3conference-secretariat.co.uk
 Tel +44 (0) 1423 855990

 Exhibition Opening Hours:
 Friday 4th June, 2010         09.00 – 18.00
 Saturday 5th June, 2010       09.00 – 18.00
 Sunday 6th June, 2010         09.00 – 13.00

12                                  www.eapd-2010.org.uk
                                                EAPD/BSPD 2010
The Venue

The EAPD/BSPD 2010 exhibition will be held in Hall Q at Harrogate International Centre (HIC).

HIC is one of the largest conference and exhibition centres in the UK. The main conference
sessions will be held in the Main Auditorium, with parallel sessions taking place in the Queen’s
Suite. The King’s Suite is adjacent to Hall Q and is available for company presentations or
workshops if required.

There will be a large number of posters on display within the exhibition Hall Q, mainly around
the edge allowing the exhibition stands prominent space at the front of the Hall. Lunch, tea
and coffee breaks will be served in Hall Q, seating areas and computing facilities will also be
located here.

The HIC is located at the very heart of the spa town which means that many of the town’s
excellent hotels and amenities are within easy walking distance. The beautifully restored Royal
Hall, at one end of HIC, will be the venue for our opening drinks reception on Thursday 3rd

                                 www.eapd-2010.org.uk                                        13

                                EXHIBITION INFORMATION
 The click modular shell scheme stands include grey loop nylon fabric wall panels, light grey
 carpet tiles, and individual fascia boards with name and stand number, spotlights and power
 points according to the size of the stand booked.

 1. Fascia board - white laminate both sides. Height
 300 o/a, 170 visible board.

 2. System post - 55mm wide with 8 channels.

 3. System rail - 65mm high.

 4. Infill panel - rigid white melamine or grey nylon

 5. Panel for exhibitor name and stand number.

 6. Standard carpet laid direct to floor.

 Fittings provided in the standard package cannot be exchanged; all spotlights provided on this
 basis will be fitted to the rear of the stand fascia within the stand area. Sockets will be fitted
 onto perimeter walling. Spotlights and sockets provided on this basis can be relocated within
 the stand area for an additional charge. If additional lights are required, or you would like any
 further information on additional fittings, then please contact the event organisers.

 Additional exhibition space is available at a cost of £200 per m2.

 The basic shell scheme stand is 6 m2 (3m x 2m). Larger shell scheme stands are available such
 as 3m x 3m, or 4m x 2m. Alternative sizes will be considered on request. We will do our utmost
 to meet all requests for stand space.

 Site Inspections

 Please contact the event organisers if you would like to inspect the HIC Hall Q at any time.

14                                   www.eapd-2010.org.uk
                EAPD/BSPD 2010

           Floor Plan

See Separate Floor Plan Attached

    www.eapd-2010.org.uk           15

 Please fully complete all sections of this form and return by 2 nd April, 2010 to:

 Nicola Peel, HG3 Conference Secretariat, First Floor, Hornbeam House, Hornbeam Business
 Park, Harrogate, HG 2 8QT
 Email: nicola.peel@hg3conference-secretariat.co.uk
 Tel: +44 (0) 1423 855990 Fax: +44 (0) 1423 855999

 (Please use BLOCK capitals)
 Company/Institute Name:       _________________________________________________
 Contact Name:                 _________________________________________________
 Correspondence Address:       _________________________________________________
 Post Code:                    _________________________________________________
 Tel:                          _________________________________________________
 Fax:                          _________________________________________________
 Email:                        _________________________________________________

 Exhibition Stands
 Standard exhibition space is a basic shell 2m x 3m scheme £950
 Stand No:      First choice           Second choice                 Third choice
 Any additional space or extras will be charged after agreement with event organisers.

 Exhibition Registration
 As part of the stand package two stand representatives are entitled to lunch, tea and coffee
 for three days, a non-personalised invitation to the drinks reception for two people, and one
 conference pass.
 Please provide details of the two stand representatives below:
 Title: ____ First Name: _________________ Surname: _________________________
 Title: ____ First Name: _________________ Surname: _________________________
 Title: ____ First Name: _________________ Surname: _________________________

 If you require any further delegates to attend the conference please visit the conference
 registration web page at www.eapd-2010.org.uk
  I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of exhibiting and sponsoring as set out

 Signed…………………………………………………….. Date……………………………

16                                   www.eapd-2010.org.uk
                                                EAPD/BSPD 2010

Please tick your requirements from the list below (details and prices on previous pages) and
we will be in touch in due course to finalise details:

Platinum Package

Gold Package

Silver Package

Advertisement in Conference Programme
Full page – inside front cover   □
Full page – back cover           □
Full page – inside publication   □
Half page – inside publication   □
Inserts into Delegate Bags       □

Conference Bags

Conference Notepads

Conference Pens

Badge Sponsorship

Poster Prize

Welcome Drinks Reception

Trade Stand

Additional Stand Personnel
Friday        □
Saturday      □
Sunday        □

Sub Total from Exhibition                        £____________

Sub Total from Sponsorship                       £____________

Total                                                                  £_______________

                                 www.eapd-2010.org.uk                                          17
                                         PAYMENT INFORMATION
 A cheque can be sent along with the booking form or a credit card number can be entered on
 the form. If an invoice is required please tick the box below and an invoice will be sent to the
 correspondence address provided on the previous page.


          Please tick if you require an invoice.

 Invoice address if different from correspondence address:


 Visa/Mastercard/Switch (AMEX/Diners not accepted)
 Number: _ _ / _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ / _ _ / _ _
 Expiry Date: _ _ / _ _ Valid From: _ _ / _ _
 Issue Number: _____ (switch)
 Card holder’s name and address (if different from above):


 NOTE: Please add on to your bank transfer any bank charges incurred. Failure to do so will
 result in an invoice being raised for the amount outstanding.
 Account Name:                               HG3 Conference Secretariat LLP Client 3

 Bank and Branch:                                         Nat West
                                                          3 Cambridge Street
                                                          Harrogate Hg1 1PE
 Sort Code:                                               53-50-21
 Account Number:                                          51219468
 SWIFT Code                                               NWBKGB2L
 IBAN Code                              GB80NWBK53502151219468
 You must send your BACS confirmation and remittance advice to Nicola Peel, details below,
 otherwise we cannot monitor payment and your account will still be shown as unpaid.

 Please make cheque payable to HG3 Conference Secretariat LLP Client 3
 Cheques must be in £gbpsterling, drawn on a UK bank and sent to:

 Nicola Peel, HG3 Conference Secretariat, First Floor, Hornbeam House, Hornbeam Business
 Park, Harrogate, HG 2 8QT

18                                            www.eapd-2010.org.uk
                                                       EAPD/BSPD 2010
Dates of opening
The Exhibition will be held at the HIC in the Hall Q and the schedule is as follows:
Thursday 3 rd June, 2010 Build Up
          th               th
Friday 4 June – Sunday 6 June, 2010 Exhibition
Applications for and allocation of stand space
Applications for stand space must be made on the form provided which should be returned to the
Conference Secretariat, HG3 Conference Secretariat LLP Exhibition space will be allocated on a first come
first served basis and companies wishing to exhibit should complete the booking form listing their 1 st, 2nd and
3 choice.
Stand choices will be confirmed in writing to all companies.
Exhibition Hours
Friday         09.00 – 18.00
Saturday       09.00 – 18.00
Sunday         09.00 – 13.00
Access & Set-up
Set up time from 8.00 hrs on the 3rd June, 2010
Breakdown is from 13.00 hrs on 6th June, 2010
Hall Dimensions:
Height clearance (outer doors) – 3.66m wide x 2.36m high
Height clearance (inner doors) – 3.45m wide x 2.6m high
Loading Bay
Exhibitors may load and unload at the appropriate gate at the Exhibition Centre if issued a ‘delivery’ or
‘Collection Pass’ from the Traffic Controller. Please note, once unloaded, vehicles must not be left here for
the duration of the conference.
All vehicles can be parked in the main visitors’ car park under the Harrogate International Centre or the
Dragon Road Car Park for large exhibitor vehicles – these car parks are both chargeable.
Deliveries will only be accepted by the HIC for this event on agreed dates and between normal office hours,
unless by prior arrangement and convenience to the venue. Deliveries will be very strictly managed and
controlled and failure to adhere to the dates will result in non-acceptance by the venue. Goods must be
labelled clearly and include:
Event Title, Stand Number, Company Name, Deborah Rolph, Exhibition Services Team, Harrogate
International Centre, Kings Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 5LA.
To comply with conditions laid down by the Harrogate International Centre, all connections made to the
electrical supply must be by the official contractor. The venue has the right to remove any stand or
equipment which causes and obstruction or violates Health & Safety regulations.
Lighting and power services will be available to the Exhibitor. A schedule of these services will be available in
the Exhibitors’ Technical Manual.
The venue has the right to prevent the use of any electrical equipment brought by exhibitions which is
deemed dangerous or unfit for use. All exhibitors must carry out electrical testing and be able to provide an
up to date PAT certificate as proof, on request.

                                     www.eapd-2010.org.uk                                                     19
     Terms of Payment
     Once you have completed and returned the booking form and you have received a confirmation in writing
     you have agreed to the terms and conditions and cancellation terms will apply. An invoice will be sent to you
     for payment and there will be options to pay by cheque, bank transfer or credit card. Details will be sent with
     all invoices. Payment terms will be within 30 days from date of invoice.
     Charges for Stands
     The charge for an exhibition stand includes: shell scheme with grey nylon loop wall panels, white melamine
     fascia and 1 fascia name board per open side of stand, charcoal grey carpet tiles and an electrical package of
     spotlights and 500w socket/s dependant on sq.m of your stand (conditions apply). Full technical details will
     be sent prior to the exhibition.
     Cancellation or Reduction of stand space
     An exhibitor cancelling his stand once his application has been received and contracted is liable for the
     following cancellation charges:
     Cancellation up to and including                1st April, 2010                             90% refund
     Cancellation after                              2 April, 2010                               No refund
     Bankruptcy or Liquidation
     In the event of an Exhibitor failing to pay any sum due to the Company on the due date or becoming
     bankrupt or entering into liquidation (other than voluntary liquidation for the purpose of amalgamation or
     reconstruction) or having a receiver of any description or an administrator appointed, the contract with such
     an Exhibitor will terminate forthwith, the allotment of stand space will be cancelled and all sums paid by the
     Exhibitor under the contract shall be forfeit.
     Sub-letting or licensing the use of stand space is not permitted, neither may the products or services of firms
     not exhibiting their own right be promoted or displayed as exhibits, except where the Exhibitor is the SOLE
     United Kingdom selling agent for such products or firms, or expenses.
     Occupation of Stand Space
     The Exhibitor may enter the building at a time nominated to them for the purpose of stand fitting and
     In the event of an Exhibitor failing to take possession of his stand the Organisers have the right to relet the
     stand and all monies paid shall be forfeit. All exhibits, displays, stand fittings and materials must be removed
     from the building by 8pm on Sunday 6 June, 2010 but not before the exhibition closes at 4pm.
     Obstruction of gangways and open spaces
     Exhibitors will not be permitted to display exhibits in such a manner as to obstruct the light or impede or
     project over gangways or affect the displays on neighbouring stands. Gangways must at all times be kept
     clear and free for passage. Any Exhibitor who continues to cause a nuisance or obstruction after notice has
     been given will be liable to have their stand cleared by the Organisers at the Exhibitor’s own risk and expense.
     Dangerous Materials and Exhibits
     The Exhibitor must confirm to the conditions concerning explosives and dangerous combustible materials as
     laid down by the Organisers and every appropriate authority, or the item will be removed from the building
     at the Exhibitor’s risk and expense.
     Fire Precautions
     In accordance with the requirements of every appropriate authority, all material used in construction work,
     display material, etc., must be effectively flame proofed or made of non flammable materials. Fire
     extinguishers will be provided by the HIC in the areas and placed as regulations require. The Exhibitor must
     comply with all reasonable instructions given by the Organisers or any appropriate authority to avoid the risk
     of fire.

20                                        www.eapd-2010.org.uk
                                                           EAPD/BSPD 2010
First Aid
First Aid facilities are available from the HIC – there are First Aid rooms located across the complex and
trained first aiders will be on site at the event.
Floor Loading
Although no maximum permitted floor loading has been advised, exhibitors must inform the HIC of any
heavy equipment being taken into the venue at the earliest opportunity.
The centre provides no overnight security within the exhibition but the hall will be locked secure at the end
of the working day. Anyone wishing to have additional security should the contract the Organisers.
Damage to premises, fixtures, fittings and shell scheme
No nails, screws or other fixtures may be driven into any part of the Premises including floors nor may any
part of the Premises be damaged or disfigured in any way. Should any such damage occur the Exhibitor
concerned will be invoiced for any reparation charges incurred.
The organisers will arrange for the daily cleaning of public areas outside Exhibition opening hours and basic
stand cleaning.
Exhibitors are reminded of the need to consult their Insurance Company or Insurance Broker to cover
themselves fully against all risks at the Exhibition. Particular attention is drawn to the need for the following:
Abandonment Insurance – Exhibitors should note below that the Organisers and/or the Company are not
obliged to return any monies paid for space in the event of cancellation or restriction of the Exhibition.
Stands/Fixtures and Similar Insurance – All risks on loss or damage to Exhibitor’s property, fixtures, fittings
and all other property of a similar nature such as personal property of directors, principals and employees
whilst on the premises and transit risks to and from the Exhibition.
Failure to Vacate – If the Exhibitor should fail to remove all his property or otherwise fail to vacate the
Exhibition premises by the time stated in the technical manual, due to any cause whatsoever, the Exhibitor
shall be fully responsible for any penalties imposed by the owners of the premises or any other losses and
costs incurred by the Organisers as a result of the Exhibitor failing to vacate the premises by the agreed time
and without prejudice to any other right or remedy of the Organisers.
Public Liability - Liability to the public may arise out of the Exhibitor’s activities and should be covered by
Insurance should be effected with the minimum delay
General Conditions
The organisers are responsible for the control of the Exhibition Areas. Exhibitors are responsible for the
control of their own stands. The decision of the Organisers is final and decisive on any question not covered
in the foregoing regulations.
Exhibitors must comply in all respects with the requirements of every competent authority, the Terms of
Agreement by which the Organisers may occupy the Premises and with policies of insurance effected by the
Organisers so far as they relate to the activities of the Exhibitor under this contract and where any of them
conflict with those regulations they shall override those regulations.
Exhibitors will fully and effectively indemnify the Organisers and the Company against all costs, expenses,
liabilities, claims and demands arising from:
(a) breach of any of their obligations under this Contract
(b) claims by third parties for breach or infringements of any intellectual property rights, right of confidence
    or confidentiality or for libel or slander arising from the production, use or distribution of any document,
    information or material (written or unwritten) provided, used or distributed by the Exhibitor during the
    course of their activities under this Contract and this indemnity shall extend also to the organiser
(c) any liability of the organisers to third parties to the extent that it arises from any act, omission,
    negligence or default on the part of the Exhibitor.
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