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									Blister Packaging in Pharmaceutical
In blister packaging plastic and aluminum is used and is basically a pre-formed
packaging used for small consumer goods, like medicines.

Packaging is done basically to protect the products from all sorts of damages caused
during delivery. In fact it becomes difficult to sell products when the package gets
damaged. When it comes to packaging, even plastic wraps or bubble wraps can be used
but such packaging is not effective because such packaging may fail to withstand the
changes in the weather. Some products have the tendency to accelerate their expiration
date, like medicines. And there are products that can both contract or expand. This is
when the blister packaging helps.

In blister packaging plastic and aluminum is used and is basically a pre-formed
packaging used for small consumer goods. The two primary components of blister
packing are the ‘cavity or pocket’ and the ‘lidding’. The pocket is made from plastic or
aluminum and it holds the product while the lid made from paper, carton, plastic or
aluminium seals the product in the package.

Blister packs are primarily used as unit-dose packaging for pharmaceutical tablets,
lozenges or capsules. The packing protects the products from scratches and damages
during transportation and keep the quality of the medicine intact.

Even toys, hardware and electrical goods are packed in other types of blister packs
comprising carded packaging. Here in fact the consumer can examine the product
through the transparent plastic. Blister packaging, however, cannot be done at home. The
plastic used to cover the product is molded. Moreover, a special adhesive is required to
stick the aluminum or cardboard. The process is quite complex, and if you wish you can
try it at home. The shape of blister packages is such that they can be stacked one upon the
other, and even side by side, without damaging the products.

Innovations in Blister Packaging

Smart blister packaging having at least one security tag created from the metal layer of
the blister pack.

Demand for blister packaging machines in international markets

China (Mainland), United States, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Australia, Malta, United
Kingdom, France, Spain

Prominent Places to Source Blister Packaging Machines from India
Mumbai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Chennai, Faridabad, Hyderabad, Delhi , Thane,
Vadodara, Bangalore, Navi Mumbai, Noida, Nashik, Pondicherry, Rajkot, Rakanpur

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