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Emergency Shelter Cluster Cyclone Nargis Response - DOC - DOC by Levone


									                        Shelter Cluster Philippine Typhoon Response
                         Meeting Notes, Manila, December 08, 2009
MEETING:                                                  NEXT MEETING:
7th Meeting                                               Thursday 10 December 2009, 10.00 (LKG
Cluster Coordination Contacts
SC Coordinator/Information Manager:         Jan-Willem Wegdam    
SC Admin. Assistant:                        Mary Ann Datoy       
SC Technical Advisor:                       Efren Mariano /
Action Points
    1. The ESC cluster coordination will be handed over to the International Organization for Migration
        for the early recovery phase effective December 15, 2009
    2. Follow up on identified agencies to coordinate shelter activities on the provincial/municipal level.
        (shelter cluster)
    3. Actively pursue project coordination/cooperation at the local level as the coming election will
        not allow government to close new contracts during the election period (except those that are
        essential and had been started). Address disbursement (this has been done during typhoon
        Durian) of this ‘blockade’ at NDCC through the RC.
    4. Follow up BDO land development with City of Taguig (Habitat for Humanity?)
    5. Pursue potential funding source from the Swiss Solidarity Fund (all) and Spanish govt. (SC).
        Actively work on establishing a network between private and public sector.
    6. Technical Working Group to conduct December 15, 2009 technical session on criteria /selection
        of beneficiary; emergency and transitional designs/options . IOM to take the lead.
    7. Recommended inclusion of Early Recovery in programs/projects. Guiding principles and adoption
        of useful tools recommended

1.   Introduction
     Shelter cluster attendees:
         Ms. Maureen, Abelardo, Banco De Oro
         Ms. Yasmin Hatta, Oxfam
         Ms. Camilla Pante, Handicap International
         Mr. John English , Early Recovery Advisor, UNCO Philippines
         Mr. Guillaume Zerr, Handicap International
         Ms. Alice de Sagun, Habitat for Humanity
         Mr. Ryan Russel, CRS
         Mr. Dave Bercasio, IOMMr. Romeo Lambinicio, Swiss Embassy
         Mr. Werner Rytz, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

2.  Evaluation Emergency Workshop
     Conclusion was that the emergency shelter workshop broke the ice between the government and the
        humanitarian sector and private sector. A real working relationship will require more time though.
     It was positive to observe that the government agencies also wanted to work closer together with eachother.
        Especially NHA and MMDA with NDCC.
     There is an intention to share more information and to continue organizing these kind of workshops.
     Learned what the government and the private sector is doing”
     There is a big need to consolidate, link the plan of the government and private sector, to gather/share more
        information, gather capacities, etc.
     Also there is a need for more coordination in the field. Therefore the cluster decided to divide the coordination
        in the provinces / municipalities between the following organizations. The coordination meetings might be
        combined with other clusters.
             o IV-A Rizal         -> Handicap International
                         Shelter Cluster Philippine Typhoon Response
                          Meeting Notes, Manila, December 08, 2009
              o  IV-A laguna        -> Swiss Development Aid
              o  III Bulacan        -> CRS
              o  NCR Muntinlupa -> IOM
                 Not confirmed because absent during the meeting
             o I Pangasinan         -> PNRC
             o NCR Taguig           -> Habitat for Humanity
        John English (ER advisor) will follow up the regional coordination with OCHA.
        Presentations used at the workshop uploaded at the website:

3.   Situation overview and agency activities
         Cluster coordination handover to IOM
      The IFRC will hand over the shelter cluster coordination per the 15th of December to IOM.
         LGU budgets, land procurement and elections
      By law the government funds will be frozen about 2 months before elections. This could hamper the
         procurement of land for relocation by the LGU’s seriously. In former disasters there has been made an exception
         / disbursement on this rule. Address this issue at NDCC through the RC
         BDO Foundation
      BDO is actively looking for partners to develop their sites in Calumpit
      In Taguig BDO has offered a nice piece of land to the LGU, with the conditions that the LGU will develop the
         infrastructure. Till now the LGU did not follow up. Maybe Habitat for Humanity can mediate??
         Swiss development agency
      SDA has established that a piece of land of 124.000 m2 has been donated from Lepanto tiles to the LGU of
         Calamba. SDA will develop and build permanent shelters on this site in cooperation with PNRC, Swiss Red Cross,
         OXFAM and DSWD.

4.   Funding
    Flash Appeal did not generate more money yet.
    SC is still working on the press release for addressing the issue of underfunding of the shelter sector. There has been
     some delay in the writing. IFRC will try to produce the press release before handover.
    SC will approach the Spanish government if they are interested in funding shelter projects.
    Swiss solidarity has allocated 10 MIO CHF for Indonesia and The Philippines. Agencies can follow this up.
    Other opportunities for funding support are:
          o Mobilizing the private sector for funding, creating a network.
          o Explore other ways of support. Discounted materials, cooperation with real estate developers, architects, ,
                 structural engineers unions, banks (for loan / lease constructions) etc.
          o BDO knows an architect who is innovative in bamboo shelter designs, if interested, Maureen has the

5.   Early recovery
    John English presents the ER matrices, with the background to mainstream and map the ER activities of the
    The cluster agrees with the method, and will try to start working with it.

6.   Technical issues
    There is a need for information sharing about ‘beneficiary selection standards’
         o A TWIG meeting will be organized on the 15 of December to capture the standards in this.
    There is still a need for a specifying and sharing transitional shelter designs.
         o TWIG meeting 15 December.

7. NEXT Meeting
To be chaired by IOM, invitation will follow

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