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					Histology & Cytology
                   Product Guide

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                                      Lomb Scientific (Aust) Pty Ltd ABN 65 002 691 287
                                      Sydney Head Office
                                      26 Atkinson Rd PO Box 2223 Taren Point NSW Australia 2229
                                      Ph: (02) 8536 6222 Fax: (02) 8536 6250
                                      National: 1300 725 973 Sales Order Fax: 1300 30 30 25
                                      Web: www.lomb.com.au Email: sales@lomb.com.au

                                                Product                       Agency                              Page

                                                Bags                          Lomb                                  3
                                                Balances                      A&D                                   3
                                                Base Moulds                   Simport                               3

More than you                                   Baths
                                                Biopsy Pads
                                                Blades, Microtome
                                                                              Thermoline, Clifton, GFL
                                                                              Kartell, Simport
                                                                              Feather ®
                                                                                                              Page 3, 4
                                                                                                                 3 4
                                                                                                                 3 4

imagine...                                       Base Serum
                                                Blood MouldsSeparator Gel
                                                Bone Decalcifier
                                                 Biopsy Pads
                                                Brush, Cervical & Cytology
                                                                               Thermoline, Clifton, GFL
                                                                              Wallach, Simport
                                                                               Kartell, Rover
                                                                                                                 3 4
                                                                                                               3, 4 4
                                                                                                                 4 4, 5
                                                 Blades, Microtome             Feather ®                         4
                                                Buffer Solutions
                                                 Blood Serum Separator Gel    Reagecon, RDH
                                                                               SeraSieve                         4 5
 Following the publication of the very          Cabinets
                                                 Bone Decalcifier             Mediking, Justrite
                                                                               RDO                               4 5
                                                Cassettes Dispenser
                                                 Bottle Top                   Kartell, Premier, Simport
                                                                               Boeco                             4 6
popular Histology Buyers Guide several           Brush, Cervical & Cytology
                                                Centrifuges                    Wallach,
                                                                              Statspin® Rover                  4, 5 8
years ago, we are delighted to present this      Buffer Solutions
                                                Counting Chambers              Reagecon, RDH
                                                                              Boeco                              5 8
                                                Coverslips                     Mediking, Justrite
                                                                              Menzel                             5 8
new updated and expanded guide                   Cassettes
                                                Drum Transfer Pumps
                                                                               Kartell, Premier, Simport
                                                 Centrifuges                   Statspin®                       7, 8 9
incorporating consumables and                   Dye, Tissue Marking
                                                 Counting Chambers            Davidson
                                                                               Boeco                             8 9
instrumentation utilised in Histology and       Embedding Accessories
                                                 Coverslips                   Simport, Paraplast
                                                                               Menzel                            8 9
                                                 Drum Transfer Pumps
                                                Eyewear                        PumpMaster
                                                                              Bolle                              9 9
Cytology laboratories.                           Dye, Tissue Marking
                                                Gloves                         Davidson
                                                                              Protos                             9 10
                                                 Embedding Accessories
                                                Haematocrit Tubes              Simport, Paraplast
                                                                              Vitrex                             9 10
                                                 Eyewear                       Bolle                             9
The product listing while comprehensive is      Hotplate/Stirrer
                                                 Gloves                       Clifton
                                                                               Protos                           10 10
                                                Lipemic Clearing Reagent
                                                 Haematocrit Tubes            Statspin®
                                                                               Vitrex                           10 10
not necessarily reflective of the total range   Marker Pens
                                                 Hotplate/Stirrer             Statlab
                                                                               Clifton                          10 10
of products offered for applications in          Lipemic Clearing Reagent
                                                Microscope, Binocular          Statspin®
                                                                              Boeco                             10 11
                                                 Marker Pens
                                                Mounting Media                 Statlab
                                                                              Eukitt                            10 11
Histology and Cytology so if an item you         Microscope, Binocular
                                                Oil, Immersion                 Boeco
                                                                              Pure Science                      11 11
require is not listed, please do not hesitate    Mounting Media                Eukitt                           11
                                                 Oil, Immersion               MMMScience
                                                                               Pure                             11 11
to contact your local Lomb Account              pH Indicator Paper
                                                 Ovens                        Macherey-Nagel
                                                                               MMM                              11 11
                                                pH Meters Paper
                                                 pH Indicator                 Hanna
                                                                               Macherey-Nagel                   11 12
Executive or Customer Service                    pH Meters
                                                Pipettes, Transfer             Hanna
                                                                              Samco                             12 12
Representative and they will be pleased to       Pipettes, Transfer
                                                Sealing Film                   Samco
                                                                              Parafilm                          12 12
                                                 Sealing Film
                                                Slide Mailers & Storage        Parafilm
                                                                              Simport                           12 13
assist further with your enquiry.                Slide Mailers & Storage       Simport                          13
                                                Slide Staining
                                                 Slide Staining               Vitlab, Simport, Schott
                                                                               Vitlab, Simport, Schott           13,
                                                                                                              13, 1414
                                                 Slides                       Menzel, Sail
                                                                               Menzel, Sail                     14 16
                                                                                                            14, 15, -16
Our product range has grown over the            Solvents & Acids
                                                 Solvents & Acids             Labscan, Chem-Supply, Ajax
                                                                               Labscan, Chem-Supply, Ajax       16 16
                                                 Specimen Containers
                                                Specimen Containers            Labserv
                                                                              Labserv                           16 16
years in response to your enquiries so if        Speculums
                                                Speculums                      Lomb
                                                                              Lomb                              17 17
you require an item we will endeavour to         Sprays
                                                Sprays                         Safe-T-Fix, Surefreeze
                                                                              Safe-T-Fix, Surefreeze            17 17
                                                 Stains                        Amber                          17, 18
source it on your behalf and add it to our      Stains drawers
                                                 Storage                      Amber
                                                                               Simport                           17,
                                                                                                                18 18
                                                Storage drawers
                                                 Thermometers                 Simport
                                                                               Brannan                          1818
product range.                                  Thermometers
                                                 Timer                        Brannan
                                                                               Lomb                             1818
                                                Timer                          Kimwipes
                                                                              Lomb                              1818
Thank you for your support over the last        Wipes                         Kimwipes                             18
two decades and we trust this guide will        Lomb Scientific (Aust) Pty Ltd ABN 65 002 691 287
                                                Sydney Head Office
prove useful in assisting you to source         26 Atkinson Rd PO Box 2223 Taren Point NSW Australia 2229
your histology and cytology consumables         Ph: (02) 8536 6222 Fax: (02) 8536 6250 Toll Free Fax: 1300 30 30 25
                                                Web: www.lomb.com.au Email: sales@lomb.com.au
into the future.
                                                Queensland Office and Warehouse
                                                Unit 12a, 28 Bangor Street Archerfield QLD Australia 4108
                                                Ph: (07) 3373 8466 Ph(2): 1300 725 973 Fax: (07) 3373 8477

All that you need...                            Victoria Office and Warehouse
                                                Unit 9, 9 Hitech Place Rowville VIC Australia 3178
                                                Ph: (03) 9764 2430 Ph(2): 1300 725 973 Fax: (03) 9764 2460
                                                Western Australia Office and Warehouse
                                                Unit 3, Lot 8 Cocos Drive Bibra Lake WA Australia 6163
understanding...                                Ph: (08) 9434 6948 Ph(2): 1300 725 973 Fax: (08) 9434 6960
                                                Lomb All Other States
                                                Ph: 1300 725 973 Sales Fax: 1300 30 30 25
                                                Email: sales@lomb.com.au
Bags, Autoclave Assorted
Code                     Description                  Unit
AWB2760                  30.5x60.5cm                 Ctn/200
AWB5570                    55x72cm                   Ctn/200
AWB7291                    72x90cm                   Ctn/100
Bags, Specimen Carrier Lomb                          [BIO-HAZARD LABELLED]
Code               Description                  Unit
L99          Four wall Bio-hazard bag         Ctn/2000
Custom label Specimen Bags are also available. Minimum quantities apply.

Balances, GX-Series A&D                          [TOP-PAN BALANCES]
· One Touch Internal Calibration - A simple push of the CAL key calibrates the
· Automatic Self Calibration - The GX self-calibrates automatically when the balance
  detects ambient temperature changes.
· Automatic Adjustable Environment Setting - The most suitable environment response
  setting can be automatically selected with one touch key operation (Fast, Mid, Slow)
· Ultra Fast Measurement Speed using Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) - Ultra fast 1
  second response time on fast setting. No wasting time waiting for display to settle
· Standard RS-232C Interface & Windows® Communication Tools (WinCT) - Balance
  can be easily connected to a PC or printer (AD-8121) using the RS-232C and when
  used in conjunction with the WinCT you can import the data directly into your PC
  software such as Windows 95/98 Word/Excel software.
· Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) - You can output data complete with balance ID,
  calibration type, date, time and serial number.

Code             Capacity           Resolution                Pan Size
GX-200             210g              0.001g              128mm x 128mm (wxd)
GX-400             410g              0.001g              128mm x 128mm (wxd)
GX-600             610g              0.001g              128mm x 128mm (wxd)
GX-2000           2100g               0.01g              165mm x 165mm (wxd)
GX-4000           4100g               0.01g              165mm x 165mm (wxd)
GX-6100           6100g               0.01g              165mm x 165mm (wxd)
GX-6000           6100g                0.1g              165mm x 165mm (wxd)
GX-8000           8100g                0.1g              165mm x 165mm (wxd)
Base Moulds Simport                           [DISPOSABLE]
· Convenient and easy to use.
· They are inexpensive enough to be discarded after use, yet strong enough to be re-used
· A smooth interior finish and rounded corners facilitates easy removal from cassettes.
· Exellent thermal exchange is achieved through the use of specially formulated plastic
· Supplied in cartons of 1000 and 2 packs per carton

Code             Description              Unit
M475-2           15x15x5mm              Ctn/1000
M475-3           24x24x5mm              Ctn/1000

Bath, Flotation Thermoline                           [BATH & DEEP TRAY INSERT]
New style Flotation Bath for tissue preparation work featuring illuminated lift-out
borosilicate glass insert. Dimensions of insert are 28cm x 20cm x 5cm, complete with lid
to cover bath when not in use. Samples are illuminated from below the water surface by
an in built 9W high efficiency lamp. The unit is finished in grey PVC coated steel, with a
stainless steel work top.
Optional Deep Bath tray insert
Insert is extended to depth of 85mm using a stainless steel ring.
Code                               Description                         Unit
NFB-190-A                  Illuminated Flotation Bath                  Each
NFB-190-2000              Optional Deep Bath tray insert               Each
Baths, Water Clifton                        [UNCIRCULATED NE2-D SERIES]
· Temperature range ambient +5°C to 99°C                   · PID temperature control
· Sensitivity ± 0.2°C - Uniformity ± 0.1°C                 · 3 year warranty
· Supplied with stainless steel false base
· Easy to read digital display with 1°C resolution

· Gabled and hinged lids
· Various stainless steel test tube racks
Code            Capacity           Internal Dimensions             External Dimensions
NE2-4D            4ltr           300x150x150mm (wxdxh)           332x185x290mm (wxdxh)
NE2-8D            8ltr           300x240x150mm (wxdxh)            32x270x290mm (wxdxh)
NE2-14D           14ltr          325x300x150mm (wxdxh)           361x332x290mm (wxdxh)
NE2-22D           22ltr          500x300x150mm (wxdxh)           538x332x290mm (wxdxh)
NE2-28D           28ltr          500x300x200mm (wxdxh)           715x332x290mm (wxdxh)
     Baths, Water GFL [UNCIRCULATED]
     · Digital temperature setting and display in steps of 0.1°C
     · Two over-temperature protection devices
     · Temperature range from approx. 5°C above ambient to 99.9°C, after installation of an
       adjustable water level regulator
     · A wide variety and sizes of stainless steel test tube racks
     Code           Capacity          Internal Dimensions               External Dimensions
     GFL-1002         7ltr          245x200x145mm (wxdxh)             325x395x255mm (wxdxh)
     GFL-1003         14ltr         400x245x145mm (wxdxh)             485x440x255mm (wxdxh)
     GFL-1004         21ltr         600x245x145mm (wxdxh)             685x440x255mm (wxdxh)
     GFL-1005         40ltr         410x296x325mm (wxdxh)             495x490x455mm (wxdxh)
     GFL-1008         20ltr         400x245x205mm (wxdxh)             485x440x315mm (wxdxh)

     Biopsy Pads Kartell & Simport                                  [FOAM PADS]
     · Manufactured from blue synthetic sponge with a calibrated porosity.
     · Manufactured from cellular polyester urethane foam, which guarantees consistent
       quality and optimum solvent flow.
     · Pads will resist temperatures from -40°C to 121°C.

     Code              Description              Dimensions             Unit
     2922-04         Biopsy foam pad            30 x 25mm             Pk/500
     M476-2          Biopsy foam pad           24.5x2.03mm            Pk/1000

     Blades, Microtome Feather                          ®   [S35]
     The Feather ® range of disposable microtome blades consistently provide a uniform
     ribbon without any grooves or split sections of paraffin. Suitable for use with most
     makes and models of microtomes.

     Code                      Description                            Unit
     HS35                “S35” microtome blades                       Pk/50
     HR35          “R35” microtome blades for hard tissue             Pk/50
     Blood Serum Separator Gel SeraSieve                                      [DISPENSER]
     SeraSieve dramatically speeds up the process of separating Serum/Plasma from blood.
     The SeraSieve system uses only one container, thus avoiding the time consuming
     requirement to transfer samples from one container to another. Relabelling is also
     avoided, and clerical errors involved in transferring data from one container to another is
     also eliminated.

     Code                   Description                      Unit
     HS4090         SeraSieve Gel with dispenser            500ml

     Bone Decalcifier RDO                    [RAPID & BIODEGRADABLE]
     RDO is the decalcifier of choice when superior staining qualities are desired in a
     minimum amount of time.

     Code                       Description                    Unit
     RDO/3.8L         Biodegradable Bone Decalcifier           3.8L
     Brush, Cervical Wallach & Rover                                  [CELL COLLECTION ]
     · The Wallach Papette™ is designed to gather both endo and ecto cervical cells including
       those in the transformation zone.
     · The Papettes soft LDP bristles with slip agent gathers a full spectrum of cells in a one
       stop procedure.
     · Rover Cervical brushes are also available.

     Code               Description                 Unit         Unit Ctn
     908004          Wallach Papette™              Pk/100         40 Pks
     MCC02          Rover Cervical Brush           Pk/50          10 Pks

Brush, Cytology Assorted                                                                    [14]
· A superior means for collecting endocervical cell samples.
Code                    Description                     Unit         Unit Ctn
15201/200          Cytology Sample Brush                200           50 Pks
MCC01           Cytology Brush Endoscan Plus            100           10 Pks

Buffer Solutions Reagecon & RDH                                   [COLOUR CODED]            [15]
Code             Description        Colour             Unit               Unit Ctn
10405C              pH 4             Red              500ml               6 Bottles
10705C              pH 7            Yellow            500ml               6 Bottles
33667-500ml         pH 9             Blue             500ml               6 Bottles
11005C             pH 10             Blue             500ml               6 Bottles

Cabinet, Microslide Storage Mediking                                      [FILING]          [16]
Unique stacking system, enables the unit to expand according to your needs. Supplied
in standard olive green or grey colour.
Code                       Description                            Unit
PC-1               Dust cover lid 15mm high                       Each
PC-2              Two draw wax block Cabinet                      Each
PC-3             14 draws slide storage Cabinet                   Each
PC-4                Lockable storage Cabinet                      Each
PC-5                 Static base 150mm high                       Each
PC-6        Alternate mobile base with 75mm castors               Each

Cabinets, Safety Justrite                      [FLAMMABLE]                                  [17]
All Justrite cabinets are fire tested to comply with the FM rating and exceed Australian
Standards AS1940.
· Fully welded construction (1.2mm steel), Double wall (40mm thermal barrier)
· Dual vents with built-in flash arresters
· Close fitting, sequential self closing and latching doors
· 3 point locking mechanisms
· Leak proof fully welded 150mm deep containment sump
· Shelves with built-in troughs to contain spills
· Adjustable shelf height increments to maximise space storage
· Superior electrostatic high gloss yellow powder coat paint finish on all cabinets

Drum Cabinets
Code                           Description                        Capacity
AU25662                 Horizontal Drum - 2 doors                  207ltr
AU25701            Vertical Drum - 2 door with Rollers             207ltr
AU25701W        Vertical Drum - 2 door for Waste Products          207ltr
Storage Cabinets
Code                         Description                       Capacity
AU25302          2 Shelves, 2 Doors - 6 x 20ltr Drums           160ltr
AU25452          3 Shelves, 2 Doors - 9 x 20ltr Drums           250ltr
AU25602         3 Shelves, 2 Doors - 12 x 20ltr Drums           250ltr
Tray Top or Under Bench Cabinet
Code                 Description             Capacity
AU25748           2 Shelves, 2 Doors          100ltr
Compact Storage Cabinet
Code                  Description            Capacity
AU25712            2 Shelves, 1 Door           60ltr
AU25714            2 Shelves, 1 Door           30ltr
Cabinets, Safety Pratt                    [FLAMMABLE AND CORROSIVE]
All cabinets meet or exceed relevant Australian standards.
· Five point shelf support for extra strength
· Perforated shelves to facilitate free movement of air
· Shelf brackets located at 40mm increments permits the end user to
  configure the shelves to suit individual requirements
· Three point latching facility for additional safety and security
· Lockable to prevent access by unauthorised personnel
· Solvent or acid resistant enamel finish            · Self-closing doors
· Double walled reinforced construction for strength and performance
Models are available for: Flammable liquids, Oxidising agents, Organic peroxides,
Toxic substances and Corrosive substances
Code        Substances       Capacity          Code             Substances       Capacity
5516AS      Flammable          30ltr           5516ASPH          Corrosive         30ltr
5517AS      Flammable          60ltr           5517ASPH          Corrosive         60ltr
5535AS      Flammable         100ltr           5535ASPH          Corrosive        100ltr
5530AS      Flammable         160ltr           5530ASPH          Corrosive        160ltr
5555S       Flammable         205ltr           5545ASPH          Corrosive        250ltr
5555VS      Flammable         205ltr
5545AS      Flammable         250ltr
5560AS      Flammable         250ltr
                   Cassettes, Embedding Assorted
                   The efficient flow-through slots in to Simport M505 Unisette™ and M492 Histosette II
                   maximises fluid exchange and ensures good drainage. The one piece integral lid
                   eliminates the need for separate steel lids. The snap latch and hinge design lid on the
                   M505 series prevents accidental separation of the base and lid and allows for one hand

                   · The M505 Unisette Embedding Cassette series is available in fourteen colours.
                     White (-2), Pink (-3), Green (-4), Yellow (-5), Blue (-6), Peach (-7), Tan (-8), Grey (-9),
                     Lilac (-10), Orange, (-11), Aqua (-12), Fluoro Pink (-16), Fluoro Green (-17) and
                     Fluoro Yellow (-18)
                   Code                       Description                        Unit              Unit Ctn        [19]
                   M505               Unisette Embedding Cassette               Pk/500              1500
                   The M492 series is supplied with an integral lid which can be opened and closed as often
                   as necessary and will always lock securely without the danger of specimen loss. The
                   45°C writing angle simplifies sample identification
M505 Series        · The M492 Histosette II Embedding Cassette series is available in fourteen colours.
                     White (-2), Pink (-3), Green (-4), Yellow (-5), Blue (-6), Peach (-7), Tan (-8) Grey (-9),
                     Lilac (-10), Orange (-11), Aqua (-12), Fluoro Pink (-16), Fluoro Green (-17) and
                     Fluoro Yellow (-18)
                   · Contact your local Lomb Account Representative or Customer Service Representative
                     to request a copy of the Simport Histology family catalogue or visit Simport online by
                    clicking on the Plasticware icon on the Lomb home page www.lomb.com.au
                   Code                         Description                      Unit            Unit Ctn          [20]
                   M492              Histosette II Embedding Cassette          Pk/500               1500
                   · The HLH Embedding Cassette series are supplied with clip closure lids and are
                     available in eight colours: White (W), Blue (B), Yellow (Y), Lilac (L), Green (GR),
                     Grey (G), Orange (O) and Pink (P)
                   Code                   Description                           Unit           Unit Ctn            [21]
                   HLH250           Embedding Cassette with lid                Pk/250           1000
M492 Series        · The 2921 Embedding Cassette series with removable clip on closure lid and are
                     available in six colours: White (-03), Blue (-04), Yellow (-06), Red (-10), Green (-12)
                     and Pink (-13)
                   Code                       Description                                  Unit       Unit Ctn     [22]
                   2921     Embedding Cassette with removable clip on closure lid         Pk/500       2000
                   · The LBSHEC Embedding Cassette series are supplied without lids and are available in
                     nine colours: White (101), Blue (102), Yellow (103), Pink (104), Green (105), Orange
                     (106), Aqua (110), Mauve (112) and Beige (116)
                   Code                     Description                          Unit
                   LBSHEC           Embedding Cassette without lid              Pk/1000
                   Cassettes, Histoscreen Richard Allen                                      [WITH LIDS]
                   Histoscreen Cassettes holds small tissue samples in place, and prevents them from being
                   lost during processing. The tinted blue screen, enables quick location of even the
M512 Series        smallest specimen. The transparent screen facilitates viewing of the specimen orientation
                   during processing.
                   Histoscreen cassettes are available in ten colours, Aqua, Blue, Grey, Green, Lilac,
                   Orange, Pink, Red, White and Yellow.

                   Code                    Description                Colour         Unit
                   C-1000-BL           Histoscreen Cassette            Blue         Pk/250
                   Cassettes, Macroscreen Simport                                [WITH LIDS]
                   Disposable plastic cassettes designed to hold larger tissue specimens during the
                   embedding process, as well as in a storage cabinet. Moulded from a special high density
                   polymer, these patented cassettes keep specimens safely submerged in liquid and are
                   totally resistant to the chemical action of histology solvents.
                   The efficient flow through slots maximise fluid exchange and ensure proper drainage.
                   The one piece integral lid eliminates the need for separate steel lids. They can be opened
                   and closed as often as necessary and will always relock securely without danger of
                   specimen loss. Large labelling areas are located on the three sides of the cassettes for
M481 Series        your convenience. The anterior writing area is slanted at a 45º angle to make the cassette
                   more suitable for use with certain types of cassette labelling instruments.

                   Code             Description               Unit         Unit           Unit/Ctn
                   M512           Embedding cassette          White       Pk/250            750

                   Cassette Lids Simport                      [METAL]

                   Code                Description                     Unit
                   M481              Metal Cassette Lid                Pk/25
Centrifuge Statspin                 ®
                                        [CYTOFUGE 2]
The StatSpin® CytoFuge® is a low-cost personal cytocentrifuge. StatSpin® CytoFuge®
is ideal for a complete range of body fluids.

· Pleural fluids                          · Bronchial Washings
· Sputum                                  · Peritoneal fluids
· Urine                                   · Cerebrospinal fluids
· Synovial fluids
· Pericardial fluids
· Fine Needle Aspirates

The CytoFuge® 2 is:
· Compact and quiet - fits in small area or safety hood
· Reduces exposure to biohazards with covered rotor and chamber gaskets
· Patented rotor design eliminates trunnion carriers or bulky clamps
· Accurate & reproducible - speed & cycle time controls accommodate a range of
Disposable Filter Concentrators
Save time and improve results by eliminating the need to clean and sterilise reusable
sample chambers. The filter concentrators includes a unique hinged backing plate and an
integral filter card which absorbs fluid at a controlled rate during the spin cycle. Cells
are gently concentrated in a monolayer onto a 7mm diameter area on the slide with
minimal cell loss to the filter.
· Sample volume 50 to 400µl.
Reusable/Disposable Cell Concentrators
Available in 1 and 3-well formats, these silicone gasket-sealed devices are made of
transparent plastic are competitively priced for disposable use. Autoclavable versions are
also offered.
Sample Volume Range
3-well Concentrator permits application of different samples, different concentrations or
controls on the same slide.
           1-well Cell Concentrator       300 to 800µl         sample size
           3-well Cell Concentrator       50 to 200µl          sample size
· Safety Features - Cover interlock system & leak-resistant rotor with transparent lid
· Rotor Capacity - One to four slides
· Operating Times - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 30 minutes
· Speeds (Forces)
          600 rpm (20 xg)               1300 rpm (93 x g)
          700 rpm (27 xg)               1600 rpm (140 xg)
          850 rpm (40 xg)               2200 rpm (265 xg)
          1000 rpm (55 xg)              4400 rpm (1060 xg)

Code                         Description                               Dimensions
CF02         CytoFuge® 2 Cytocentrifuge includes universal          15.2x16.8x21.8cm
            power supply, 4-place rotor with lid and start-up
                        supply of accessories.
Centrifuge Statspin                 ®
                                        [DIFFSPIN ® 2]
The DiffSpin® 2 provides a modern alternative to wedge smears.

Features and Benefits
· Minimises damage to WBC's and improves RBC morphology
· Produces uniformly distributed cell monolayers
· Improves counting accuracy, especially for monocytes
· Eliminates technician-to-technician variations
· Promotes even staining and easier counting
· Takes three seconds - helps streamline workflow
· Reduces exposure to blood


· Blood films for WBC differentials and blood cell morphology studies
· Q.C. of automated CBC instruments
· Centrifugal spreading of cells on a microscope slide
Duration Control
· Seven settings from 0.4 seconds to 3 seconds
· 30 µl to 150 µl
Type of Sample
· Capillary blood or anticoagulated venous blood (K2 EDTA, K3 EDTA)
Safety Features
· Cover interlock system
· Gasketed chamber with transparent cover
· Patented slide holders contain excess blood and minimise aerosol generation

Code                                        Description
DS02        DiffSpin® 2 Slide Spinner with one DiffSpin Slide Preparation Kit.
DSPK        Consists of microscope slides, slide holders and 50µl drop size transfer
            pipettes. Kit contains 70 test sets
     Centrifuge Statspin                   ®
                                               [EXPRESS 2]
     The StatSpin® Express 2 will improve turnaround time and productivity in any pathology
     lab. The Express® 2 can produce serum or plasma equal to tubes spun for 7-10 times in
     conventional clinical centrifuges.
     Gel barrier tubes are separated rapidly within minimum barrier distortion. When used
     with any automated analysers for blood or serum analysis the Statspin®
     Features and Benefits of the Statspin® Express 2
     · Fast - Spins are completed in 2 or 3 minutes
     · Compact - Takes less than 18cm of bench space
     · Quiet - Generates only about 60 dB of noise
     · Safe - Cover interlock system, chamber gasket and proven mechanical containment for
       operator safety
     · Self diagnostic - Error code lights help reduce chance of operator error and aid in
       instrument trouble shooting

     · Speed/Force - 8500 rpm/4440 x g (-5%)
     · Cycle Time -
               Quick Spin         30 seconds
               Normal             120 seconds
               Hard Spin          180 seconds
     · Tube Accommodation - Accepts up to 5ml blood tubes (13 x 75mm), Monovette syringe
       tubes and smaller tube formats
     · Dimensions 15.2x16.8x21.9cm (hxwxd)

     Code                               Description                                      Unit
     SSX2          Statspin® Express 2 including 4 place rotor, removable                Each
                             chamber liner and four 5ml inserts

     Centrifuge Statspin                   ®
     Used in conjunction with LipoClear lipemic sample cleaning reagent the Statspin MP
     high speed centrifuge is an ideal system for clearing lipemic samples in only 95 seconds

     · Clears plasma/serum in 95 seconds, spinning at 15, 800rpm
     · Easy to load - Rotor loads with simple push-on/pull-off action, no tools required
     · Easy to use - Light indicates cycle in process , beep signals completion
     · Small and lightweight
     · Whisper quiet

     Code                     Description                              Dimensions
     SSMP           Statspin® MP Centrifuge (240 V)                16.25x13.12cm (wxd)

     Counting Chambers, Haemacytometer Boeco
     Ideal for applications ranging from counting erythrocytes and leucocytes, to the analysis
     of urinal and cerebrospinal liquids.

     Code                                Description                                       Unit
     BOE14         Neubauer improved bright line double ruling with cover glass.           Each

     Coverslips Menzel
     Menzel coverslips are designed for use with all microscopes fitted with standard lenses.
     The smooth finish of Menzel coverslips facilitates the viewing of specimens without
     distortion. Menzel coverslips are also manufactured for use with automated
     instrumentation. Coverslips are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses. Circular
     coverslips are also available. A full listing including pricing and stock availability of the
     entire coverslip range is available by vistiting www.lomb.com.au

     Code                     Description                  Unit
     CS18181GP              18x18mm, No.1                 Pk/100
     CS19191GP              19x19mm, No.1                 Pk/100
     CS22221GP              22x22mm, No.1                 Pk/100
     CS22321GP              22x32mm, No.1                 Pk/100
     CS22401GP              22x40mm, No.1                 Pk/100
     CS22501GP              22x50mm, No.1                 Pk/100
     CS22601GP              22x60mm, No.1                 Pk/100
     CS22641GP              22x64mm, No.1                 Pk/100
     CS24241GP              24x24mm, No.1                 Pk/100
     CS24321GP              24x32mm, No.1                 Pk/100
     CS24401GP              24x40mm, No.1                 Pk/100
     CS24501GP              24x50mm, No.1                 Pk/100
     CS24601GP              24x60mm, No.1                 Pk/100
     CS24641GP              24x64mm, No.1                 Pk/100
     Coverslips, Haemacytometer Menzel                                       [GROUND]
     Optically plane ground edges, thickness 0.4mm

     Code                   Description            Unit              Unit Pk
     CSHAEMO                 20x26mm               Pair             5 Pairs/Pk
     CSHAEMO1                22x22mm               Pair             5 Pairs/Pk
Drum Transfer Pumps PumpMaster                                       [KIT]
· Safe - the pump seals the dispensing drum eliminating any possibility of fumes escaping
  or contaminants entering the drum.
· Clean - no fluid passes through the pump mechanism so cleaning is easy.
· Versatile - PumpMaster pumps fit all common sized drums.
· Economical - drums may be emptied to within 3mm of the bottom of the drum.
· Robust - the pump body is made of polypropylene and the stem is polyethylene,
  resulting in a durable and light weight unit.
Three models available:
· Blue model - EPDM rubber seals (food grade), suitable for use with most water
  based solvents.
· Green model - Viton rubber seals (for special pumping applications).
· Red model - Nitrile rubber seals suitable for use with most oil based fluids.

Code                         Description                      Unit
111.101BLUE              Blue PumpMaster kit                  Each
111.101GREEN             Green PumpMaster kit                 Each
111.101RED                Red PumpMaster kit                  Each

Dye, Tissue Marking Davidson                             [MARKING SYSTEM]
The Davidson range of tissue marking dyes are available in six colours: Green (-1),
Yellow (-2), Black (-3), Red (-4), Blue (-5) and Orange (-6).
The Davidson Marking dyes are designed for marking peripheral tumours or surgical
margins. The dyes are available in either 2oz (59ml) or 8oz (237ml) bottles or are
supplied as complete systems with 3, 5 or 6 coloured dyes.

Code               Description                Unit
1163           Tissue Marking Dye             2oz
3408           Tissue Marking Dye             8oz
Embedding, Medium OCT
A freezing medium designed to support tissue blocks in cryostat sectioning. OCT is
specially formulated to promote rapid freezing and enhanced sectioning of specimens.

Code             Description                 Unit
OCT           Embedding Medium               4 oz
Embedding Rings Simport
Embedding rings securely holds tissue samples in the microtome chuck adaptor for
sectioning and then identifies the sample while in storage. Simport embedding rings are
manufactured from high impact polystyrene and are available in five colours. M460 is the
standard white rings, Pink (-3), Green (-4), Yellow (-5) and Blue (-6).

Code              Description            Colour            Unit          Unit Ctn
M460            Embedding Rings          White            Pk/250          1000
Embedding Wax Paraplast                              [EMBEDDING MEDIUM]
· Melting point of 56°C (ASTM) · Handy pellet form melts rapidly.
· Supplied in 1kg packs and in cartons of 8 x 1kg.
· Cuts into 4 micron thickness with excellent ribbon continuity.
Paraplast Plus
· Contains a small percentage of DMSO for faster tissue penetration.
Paraplast X-TRA
· Lower temperature infiltration eliminates tissue “cooking” which can cause distortion.
· Cuts into 2 micron thickness with excellent ribbon continuity.
Code                        Description                  Unit           Unit Ctn
HR19685M                Paraplast Embedding             Pk/1Kg           8 Pk
HR19685PLUS                Paraplast Plus               Pk/1Kg           8 Pk
HR19685EXTRA             Paraplast X-TRA                Pk/1Kg           8 Pk
Eyewear Bolle                [SAFETY SPECTACLES]
The Bolle Bat 2 is a redesigned version of the original Bat with a hydrated nylon frame
and a 2-piece polycarbonate lens. The Bat 2 is available in clear, smoke, silver flash and
blue flash lens.
An all polycarbonate safety spectacle available in either clear or smoke lens and with anti
fog/anti scratch coating. The Bandido combines style, fit, comfort and protection.
The Bolle Blade is a sleek modern style ultra lightweight all polycarbonate safety
spectacle and is available with clear, smoke or silver flash lens.

Code              Model                  Description                  Unit
1663209         Bolle Bat2           Black frame/clear lens           Each
1667201        Bolle Bandido         Clear frame/clear lens           Each
1668201         Bolle Blade          Clear frame/clear lens           Each
      Latex Gloves Protos                     [LIGHTLY POWDERED & POWDER FREE]

      Lightly powdered
      Code                       Size                 Unit             Unit Ctn
      MCGUL100XS              Extra Small            Pk/100             10 Pk
      MCGUL100S                 Small                Pk/100             10 Pk
      MCGUL100M                Medium                Pk/100             10 Pk
      MCGUL100L                 Large                Pk/100             10 Pk
      Powder Free
      MCGLPF100S                 Small               Pk/100             10 Pk
      MCGLPF100M                Medium               Pk/100             10 Pk
      MCGLPF100L                 Large               Pk/100             10 Pk

      Nitrile Gloves Protos                      [LIGHTLY POWDERED & POWDER FREE]
      Featuring a textured finger tip, eliminating slippage associated with standard nitrile gloves.

      Lightly Powdered
      Code            Size                   Unit           Unit Ctn
      01 221         Small                  Pk/100           10 Pk
      01 222        Medium                  Pk/100           10 Pk
      01 223         Large                  Pk/100           10 Pk
      01 224        X-Large                 Pk/100           10 Pk
      Powder Free
      02 221           Small                Pk/100            10 Pk
      02 222          Medium                Pk/100            10 Pk
      02 223           Large                Pk/100            10 Pk
      02 224          X-Large               Pk/100            10 Pk

      Haematocrit Tubes Vitrex                         [PLAIN & HEPARINISED]
      The tubes are fire polished at the colour-coded end and conforms to international
      standard ISO 12772.

      Code                  Description                Unit             Unit Ctn
      JC1575P               75mm Plain                Vial/100          10 Vials
      JC1575H             75mm Heparinised            Vial/100          10 Vials
      Hotplate/Stirrer Clifton                        [CERASTIR SERIES]
      Using a ceramic glass heating surface resistant to most chemicals, the plate can be
      precisely controlled using an energy regulator. The low profile case is designed to ensure
      that any slippage will not affect the operation of the unit. The hotplate dimensions are
      210x210mm and the operating temperature range is ambient to 450°C.

      Code           Description              Ceramic Plate           Temp control          Unit
      CH-1E         Hotplate/Stirrer          210 x 210mm                + 5°C              Each
      Lipemic Clearing Reagent Statspin                                 ®
      Fast-Effective Process
      · Most common analytes are not affected including enzymes and bilirubin
      · Non toxic, non-carcinogenic reagent, assures safe handling
      Available in convenient prefilled tubes
      · Low cost reagent is pre-dispensed into microtubes, no measuring required with two
        sample sizes available
      Simple Procedure
      · Mix well and let stand for 5 minutes
      · Centrifuge and remove clarified sample for analysis
      · Multiply results by 1.2
      · Add lipemic sample according to recommended procedure to reagent prefilled tube

      Code                  Description                       Unit
      LC40             0.5ml LipoClear® Tubes                 Pk/40
      LC15             1.5ml LipoClear® Tubes                 Pk/40
      LC10             0.5ml LipoClear® Tubes                 Pk/10
      LCP1             LipoClear® Plus Reagent                30ml
      Marker Pen, Permanent Statlab                                   [STATMARKTM]
      Finally… a better laboratory marking pen.
      Introducing the… Statmark™ Permanent Marker for Cassette and Slide Labelling.
      The Statmark™ Pen is the ideal marker - the one that histology and cytology labs have
      been waiting for. It has a permanent ink that resists even the harshest chemicals,
      including formalin, alcohol, and xylene. The writing remains clean, clear and legible
      throughout the range of laboratory procedures including processing and staining.
      The ink dries quickly and will not run or smear. It lasts through fixatives baths, dips
      stains, bleaches and more. Best of all, the Statmark™ Pen won't readily dry out!

      Code                       Description                           Unit
      SMP-BK          Black Laboratory Permanent Marker                Each
Microscope, Binocular Boeco                                   [BM-180/SP]
Magnification:        · 40x - 1600x
Optical Head:         · Sliding Binocular Head, 45° inclined, 360° rotatable Interpupillary
                        distance 55 - 75mm
Nosepiece:            · Quadruple revolving nosepiece
Eyepiece:             · Pair Eyepiece WF 10X/18mm Widefield
                      · Pair Eyepiece P 16X
Objectives:           · Boeco Semi-plan Achromatic DIN Objective 4x/0.10
                      · Boeco Semi-plan Achromatic DIN Objective 10x/0.25
                      · Boeco Semi-plan Achromatic DIN Objective 40x/0.65 spring loaded
                      · Boeco Semi-plan Achromatic DIN Objective 100x/1.25, Oil,
                        spring loaded
Stage:                · Double layer mechanical specimen stage
                      · 140 x 140mm tracking area 75 x 50mm, right hand stage handle
Focusing:             · Low position, coaxial coarse and calibrated fine focus control, with
                        graduation reading 2 microns per division. Total focusing range
                        20mm, safety autofocus stop function
Condenser:            · Abbè Brightfield condenser, N.A. 1,25 with Iris diaphragm and filter
                        tray, with rack & pinion height adjustment.
Illumiation:          · 6V 20W Halogen light with variable intensity of brightness
Body/Power:           · Sturdy body with supportive rubber and inbuilt power supply
Supplied with:        · Dust cover, blue + green filter, immersion oil, 1 spare halogen bulb
                        and instruction manual

Additional Features:
· Easy to replace halogen lamp                    · Quadruple revolving nosepiece
· Coaxial coarse and calibrated fine tuning focus

Optional accessories:
· Dark field condenser                              · Photo attachments
· Koher illumination                                · Trinocular head
· Phase contrast equipment                          · Video attachments
· Epi-fluorescent attachment
Code                         Description                              Dimensions
1800.200           Binocular Microscope BM 180/SP               170 x 250 x 375 (wxdxh)
Mounting Media Eukitt                           [QUICK HARDENING]
Eukitt is neutral and colourless. Its refractive index is the same as that of the glass slides
and coverslips to which it is applied. Eukitt does not affect the form, structure or colour
of the specimen. It is also resistant to heat, cold (down to -17°C), humidity and light
including UV rays hence, the specimen is conserved indefinitely in an unchanged
condition. Eukitt has a significantly shorter hardening time than other similar products.
Eukitt is also suited for sealing of specimens jars containing anatomical-pathological

Code                                Description                                      Unit
HEUKITT            Quick hardening Media for microscope preparations                500ml
Oil, Immersion Pure Science
A highly refined, high boiling point, mixture of mineral oil suitable for microscopy. A
colourless and transparent fluid, with no odour.

Code                      Description              Unit
100-IMO.100              Immersion oil            100ml

Ovens, Venticell MMM                           [FORCED CONVECTION]
The popular MMM range of Ovens are now available in two versions the Standard Blue
Line and Comfort Blue Line.
                                          Comfort Line
Standard Line                             · 6 programs
· 3 programs                              · Programming temperature ramps
· RS232 - interface for printer or PC     · Heating sequences
· Delayed heating start and stop function · Programme cycles
· Acoustic alarm                          · Adjustable ventilation rate 10 - 100%
· Time range 99 hours 59 minutes          · Chip card system for individual program
· Mechanic safety thermostat class 3        storage

Code              Capacity          Internal Dimensions           External Dimensions
MC000712           55 ltr             400x390x350mm                  620x590x680mm
MC000714           111 ltr            540x390x530mm                  760x590x860mm
MC000716           222 ltr            540x540x760mm                 760x740x1100mm
MC000718           404 ltr           540x540x1410mm                 760x740x1910mm
MC000720           707 ltr           940x540x1410mm                1160x740x1910mm
pH Indicator Paper Macherey-Nagel                                       [NON-BLEEDING]
Code          pH           Description           Unit          Unit Ctn
92110       pH 0-14        pH Indicator         Pk/100          10 Pks
92115        pH 0-6        pH Indicator         Pk/100          10 Pks
92125       pH 7-14        pH Indicator         Pk/100          10 Pks
      pH Meter, Precision Hanna                           [PH 211]
      The pH 211 bench top pH meter from Hanna measures pH from 0 to 14 and temperature
      from 0 to 100°C with 0.01 pH and 0.5°C accuracy. The pH 211 can also measure mV in
      two ranges of ± 399.9 and ± 1999 mV in conjunction with ISE and ORP electrodes. The
      large horizontal display shows both pH (or mV) and temperature at the same time.
      Calibration has been reduced to a few simple steps, all guided by the meter's sophisticat-
      ed custom microprocessor.
      The user can calibrate the meter at one or two points aided by automatic buffer
      recognition at pH 4.0, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18 and 10.01.
      All pH measurements are automatically compensated for the temperature variance with
      the probe attached. Supplied complete and ready-to-use with a glass pH electrode and
      stainless steel temperature probe.

      · Hanna Exclusive Custom Microprocessor - Provides automatic calibration at 5
        buffers, guided operation and stability indication.
      · Ergonomic design - with dual display of temperature and pH.
      · Reliable, Quick and Accurate - With all the accessories included in the package.

                             Range                            Resolution        Accuracy
      pH                 0.00 to 14.00                            0.01           ± 0.01
      mV      ± 399.9 mV (ISE): ± 1999 mV (ORP)         0.1mV (ISE): 1 mV (ORP)
      °C                  0.0 to 100.0                            0.1

      pH Meter, Waterproof Hanna                              [PORTABLE]
      The Hanna 9025C measures pH and °C and can also measure ion concentration and ORP
      in the mV range. Unlike conventional microprocessor pH meters that offer only the
      standard pH buffer solutions of 4.01, 7.01 and 10.01 for calibration, the HI9025C also
      facilitates calibration at the important NBS (NIST) buffers of 6.86 and 9.18.
      The powerful software of the HI9025C facilitates 1 or 2 point calibration using any of the
      5 memorised buffers and the HI9025C is supplied complete in a rugged carrying case
      containing an HI 1230B plastic, double-junction, combination, gel, pH electrode, an
      HI 7669/2W temperature probe, 4 x 1.5V AA batteries, and pH 4 & 7 buffers.

      · Rugged, Waterproof Construction - The ABS housing provides the instrument with
        ultimate protection from harmful environments.
      · Dual Level Display with Graphic Symbols - A dual level LCD displays pH or mV
        and temperature at the same time. Graphic symbols guide the user through the
        calibration process.
      · READY Function - The meter will only allow calibration when the electrode has

                                 Range                Resolution           Accuracy
      pH                     0.00 to 14.00               0.01               ± 0.01
      mV (ISE)                  ± 399.9                   0.1                  -
      mV (ORP)                   ± 1999                    1                   -
      °C                      0.0 to 100.0                0.1                ± 0.5
      Pipettes, Transfer Samco                       [STERILE & NON-STERILE ]
      Samco transfer pipettes are available in a range of sizes and lengths and with a choice of
      tip designs. The pipettes are manufactured from polyethylene and are available in sterile
      or non sterile. Sterile pipettes are supplied individually wrapped or in a bulk packs of 20
      pipettes. Specific pipettes are available for clinical applications as listed below.

      Sample packs of Samco transfer pipettes are available upon request.

      Code                            Description                            Unit        Unit Ctn
      202-1S              7.7ml General Purpose (Ind. wrapped)              Pk/500        8 Pks
      202-20S               7.7ml General Purpose (Sleeve/20)               Pk/500        8 Pks
      222-1S                       1ml (Ind. wrapped)                       Pk/500        8 Pks
      222-20S                        1ml (Sleeve/20)                        Pk/500        8 Pks
      225-1S                  3ml Graduated (Ind. wrapped)                  Pk/500        8 Pks
      282-20S                  1.5ml Paediatric (Sleeve/20)                 Pk/500        8 Pks
      Non Sterile
      202                        7.7ml General Purpose                      Pk/500        10 Pks
      222                       1ml Graduated Large Bulb                    Pk/500        10 Pks
      225                       3ml Graduated Large Bulb                    Pk/500        10 Pks
      231                        1ml Extended Fine Tip                      Pk/400         8 Pks

      Sealing Film Parafilm                       [WATERPROOF]
      Parafilm is a flexible, stretchable, self adhesive, thermoplastic film. It allows gases,
      (oxygen, CO2, etc.) to pass through, yet is a good moisture barrier. Available in 5, 10
      and 50 cm wide rolls.

      Code                  Description                    Size               Unit
      PM992             Parafilm sealing film          5cm x 76mtr            Each
      PM996             Parafilm sealing film          10cm x 38mtr           Each
      PM998             Parafilm sealing film          50cm x 15mtr           Each
Slide Mailer Simport [M480 UNIMAILER                               TM
The UniMailer™ is an innovative new design of slide mailer from Simport, manufactured
from high impact polystyrene, each UniMailer™ stores one slide. The UniMailer™ fits
snugly on top of each other and are secured by an innovative locking mechanism.
Tamperproof seals are available as a further security feature. Slides are stored in a
horizontal position in the UniMailer™ and are easily inserted and removed. Sample
details may be recorded on the slides and/or top of the UniMailer™. The M800 series is
also available in Green (-100G), Pink (-100P), White (-100W) and Yellow (-100Y) to
further aid sample identification.
Code                Colour           Unit         Unit Ctn
M800-100B            Blue            Pk/50          200
Slide Mailers & Storage Boxes Assorted
Slide Mailers and Slide Storage Boxes are available to hold various quantities of slides.
Wooden, carboard or plastic slide mailers and storage boxes are available.

Slide Mailers
Code                   Description                      Type                         Unit
H020              Mailer for twenty slides            Cardboard                      Each

LBSSM75             Mailer for one slide               Plastic                       Pk/100
MSL-15             Mailer for five slides              Plastic                       Pk/100
LVL809-22         PP Mailer for 5-10 slides            Plastic                        Each
Slide Storage Boxes
Code                     Description                    Type                         Unit
H2712               Holds up to 100 slides             Wooden                        Each
H2712S            Holds 100 slides 50x76mm             Wooden                        Each

P0925               Holds up to 25 slides               Plastic                      Each
P9100               Holds up to 100 slides              Plastic                      Each

Slide Staining Kit Vitlab                        [UNIVERSAL]
This unbreakable kit is suitable for both low-volume and mass staining operations.
· Conserves staining solutions, only a 150ml volume is needed.
· Jars are particularly well-suited to storage of enzymes.
· Made of black polyoxymethylene, which not only provides a tight seal, but is also
  resistant to attack by virtually all laboratory chemicals.
Code                            Description                       Unit
LVL990-99           Staining jar with rack for 25 slides          Each
Slide Staining System Simport [EASYDIP                                      TM
The EasyDip™ Slide Staining Rack will hold up to 12 microslides, which fit into
individual slots for free passage and rapid drainage of staining fluids. This system has
two components: a square staining jar and a 12-position vertical slide rack. The M900
series is also available in Green (-12G), Pink (-12P), White (-12W) and Yellow (-12Y) to
help better identifying contents or applications.

Code                Colour           Unit
M900-12B             Blue            Pk/6
Slide Staining System Simport [STAINTRAY                                         TM
The StainTray™ has a black base made of tough ABS plastic withstanding a wide range
of chemicals. It accepts up to 20 slides on 4 plastic rails covered with a polymer strip
designed to hold slides even if the tray is held at an angle. The well between the rails
holds water for techniques needing a humid environment. The base holds excess stain
solution dripping from the tray.
Code                Description                Unit
M920-1           Base with clear lid           Each
M920-2           Base with black lid           Each
Slide, Staining Dishes & Trays Schott [GLASS]
Code                                      Description                                         Unit
2331500                        Hellandahl type dish, for 16 slides                            Each
2331600                     Schiefferdecker type dish, for 10 slides                          Each
2131700                   Staining tray for 10 slides up to 52mm wide                         Each
2331800                     Glass box, with cover for tray 2131700                            Each
2907500                     Stainless steel handle, for tray 2131700                          Each
Slide, Staining Dishes & Trays Lomb                                     [GLASS]
Code                                       Description                                        Unit
17710G          Dish, with lid, for 30 slides with stainless steel tray, and handle           Each
17730G                         Hellandahl type dish, for 16 slides                            Each
      Slide, Staining Jars Schott [COPLIN TYPE]
      · Manufactured from clear polished, quality glass the jars are resistant to attack by
        virtually all laboratory chemicals.
      Code                        Description                       Storage Size          Unit
      2331900           Coplin glass staining jar with lid            10 slides           Each

      Slide, Staining Jars Vitlab                            [PMP, & PP ]
      · The jars are resistant to attack by virtually all laboratory chemicals.
      Code                           Description                     Storage Size         Unit
      LVL1336-93                  Coplin type jar, PP                  10 slides          Each
      LVL803-55                Hellendahl type jar, PMP               8-16 slides         Each
      LVL991-99             Trough for use with LVL992-99                  -              Each

      Slide, Staining Rack Vitlab                            [POM ]
      Code                           Description                        Unit
      LVL992-99              25 place staining rack, POM                Each

      Slide Storage System Simport                              [SLIDEFILETM JR.]
      · Holds up to 200 slides for long term storage.
      · Includes a slide box and removable tray with 50 individually numbered slots.
      · The base is available in five different colours Blue (-50B), Green (-50G), Pink (-50P),
        White (-50W) and Yellow (-50Y) to assist in slide identification.
      · A tinted hinged cover facilitates viewing of slides.
      · Slides are stored upright for easier insertion and removal

      Code                   Colour             Unit
      M700-50B                Blue              Pk/10

      Slide Storage System Simport                              [SLIDEFILETM]
      · The SlideFile M700 series holds up to 400 slides for long term storage.
      · The unit includes a slide box and removable tray with 100 individually numbered slots.
      · The base is available in five different colours Blue (-100B), Green (-100G),
        Pink (-100P), White (-100W) and Yellow (-100Y) to assist in slide identification.
      · A transparent lid facilitates viewing of slides.
      · Slides are stored upright to facilitate reading via a bar code scanner.
      · Expandable storage capacity - store from 100 up to 400 by removing the slide file tray.

      Code                   Colour             Unit
      M700-100B               Blue              Pk/10

      Slide, Urine Analysis [FAST READ]
      Code               Description                Unit
      2131896        Urine analysis slides          Pk/10

      Slides, Chinese Sail Brand                             [GROUND EDGE]
      · Economically priced, supplied with or without interleaves.
      · Supplied in packs of 50, and 50 packs per carton.
      · All slides are 1 to 1.2mm thick unless specified.

      Code                               Description                              Unit    Unit Ctn
      7101A                  Ground edge plain slide 0.8-1.0mm                    Pk/50    50 Pk
      JIA7101WT           Ground edge plain slide without interleave              Pk/50    50 Pk
      7103                      Single cavity slide 1.2-1.3mm                     Pk/50    50 Pk
      7104                       Twin cavity slide 1.2-1.6mm                      Pk/50    50 Pk
      JIA7105GRN         Ground edge single frost slide with interleave           Pk/50    50 Pk
      JIA7105WT         Ground edge single frost slide without interleave         Pk/50    50 Pk
      JIA7107GRN          Ground edge twin frost slide with interleave            Pk/50    50 Pk

      Slides, Diagnostic Menzel                              [TEFLON OR EPOXY COATED]
      Menzel diagnostic slides are available with either a Teflon or Epoxy coating.
      The 90 degree ground edge slides prevents cuts during handling and the superFrost
      marking area on each slide provides for easy labelling and subsequent identification.

      The following configurations are available:
      · 3 wells slides 14mm diameter in black Epoxy or Teflon
      · 8 wells slides 6mm diameter in black Epoxy or Teflon
      · 10 wells slides 6mm diameter in black Epoxy or Teflon
      · 1 well slide 8mm diameter in blue Epoxy or Teflon
      · 12 wells slides 5mm diameter in white Epoxy or Teflon

      Menzel diagnostic slides are supplied in packs of 100 pieces and are available with the
      same adhesive coating used on Menzel SuperFrost Plus and Polysine slides.
      Custom sizes are also available.
Slides, Plain Menzel                     [GROUND EDGE]
For routine microscopy applications, Menzel microscope slides have a clean, smooth
surface-optimum qualities that guarantee easy wetting and application of specimens and
smears. Menzel ground edge slides reduces the danger of cuts and infections to
laboratory personnel.
Code                    Description                Unit Pk              Unit Ctn
S31013A            Ground Edge, 1mm 90°             Pk/50                40 Pks
S31103A            Ground Edge, 1mm 45°             Pk/50                40 Pks
S31103B           Ground Edge, 1.2mm 45°            Pk/50                72 Pks
Slides, Twin Frosted Menzel                           [GROUND & CUT EDGE]
Menzel’s twin frosted slides have a consistent and porous surface making labelling
effortless. The standard slide in this product line has a frosted area approximately 20mm
Code                                   Description              Unit Pk       Unit Ctn
S21102A/40NC                          Cut Edge, 1mm              Pk/50        40Pk/Ctn
S21102A/100NC                         Cut Edge, 1mm              Pk/50       100Pk/Ctn
S21102B                              Cut Edge, 1.2mm             Pk/50       100Pk/Ctn

S41104A/100NC                    Ground Edge, 1mm 45°             Pk/50      100Pk/Ctn
S41104B                       Ground Edge, 1.12-1.3mm 45°         Pk/50       72Pk/Ctn
S41104C                         Ground Edge, 1.4mm 45°            Pk/50       72Pk/Ctn

S41014A/40NC                     Ground Edge, 1mm 90°             Pk/50       40Pk/Ctn
Slides, SuperFrost Menzel                         [GROUND & CUT EDGE]
SuperFrost microslides come with a light opaque coating in seven standard colours:
white, blue, pink, yellow, green, orange and purple. Resistant to commonly used
laboratory solvents, SuperFrost slides are also resistant to scratching or sticking when
stacked together.
Code                        Description                   Unit             Unit Ctn
SF41206/40NC           Ground Edge, White 45°             Pk/50             40 Pks
SF41207/40NC            Ground Edge, Blue 45°             Pk/50             40 Pks
SF41208/100NC           Ground Edge, Pink 45°             Pk/50            100 Pks
SF41209/100NC          Ground Edge, Yellow 45°            Pk/50            100 Pks
SF41210/40NC           Ground Edge, Green 45°             Pk/50             40 Pks
SF41211/40NC           Ground Edge, Orange 45°            Pk/50             40 Pks
SF41290/40NC           Ground Edge, Green 90°             Pk/50             40 Pks
SF41291/40NC           Ground Edge, Orange 90°            Pk/50             40 Pks
SF41296/40NC           Ground Edge, White 90°             Pk/50             40 Pks
SF41297/40NC            Ground Edge, Blue 90°             Pk/50             40 Pks
SF41298/40NC            Ground Edge, Pink 90°             Pk/50             40 Pks
SF41299/40NC           Ground Edge, Yellow 90°            Pk/50             40 Pks
SF21201/40NC               Cut Edge, White                Pk/50             40 Pks
SF21202/40NC                Cut Edge, Blue                Pk/50             40 Pks
SF21203/100NC               Cut Edge, Pink                Pk/50            100 Pks
SF21204/100NC              Cut Edge, Yellow               Pk/50            100 Pks
SF21205/100NC              Cut Edge, Green                Pk/50            100 Pks
SF21206/100NC              Cut Edge, Orange               Pk/50            100 Pks
Slides, SuperFrost Plus Menzel                               [ELECTROSTATIC]
· Eliminates background staining
· Places a permanent positive charge on standard microscope slides.
· Electrostatically attracts frozen tissue sections and cytology preparations binding them
  to the slides and forms a bridge so that covalent bonds develop between formalin fixed
  sections and the glass.
Code                Description           Unit           Unit Ctn
SF41296SP          Superfrost Plus        Pk/72           20 Pks

Slides, Polysine Menzel                        [ADHESIVE]
Polysine slides offer state-of-the art adhesion incorporating revolutionary technology that
electrostatically and chemically attract a range of tissues and sections from plant, animal
and human sources. Polysine slides are also specially modified to attract and adhere both
exfoliated and cultured cells.

Code               Description         Unit          Unit Ctn
SF41296PL           Polysine           Pk/72          20 Pks

Slides, Sysmex Menzel
Sysmex slides are specially manufactured for use with Sysmex analysers. Slides are
supplied in packs of 50 and carton quantities of 100 packs
Code                             Description                    Unit
SS08032E/100NC            SuperFrost, clipped corners           Pk/50
                                                          ®                                          [75]
      Slides, SuperFrost Ultra Plus Menzel
      SuperFrost Ultra Plus® Slides are made using a new process ensuring firm electrostatic
      attraction to the slide of cytological samples, frozen tissue sections or
      formaldehyde-fixed paraffin (or resin) sections.

      · Binds difficult cytological preparations
      · Improves tissue adherence in microwave assisted special staining
      · Optimises section adherence for in-situ-hybridisation techniques
      · Saves time by reducing the need for adding fixative solutions to the slides
      · Helps standardise and improve reproducibility of your routine diagnostic staining

      Code                   Description                  Unit Pk            Unit Ctn
      SF41296UP          SuperFrost Ultra Plus®            Pk/72              20 Pks

      Solvents & Acids Labscan                         [AR GRADE]
      Labscan specialises in the purification of solvents and acids, for use in a wide variety of
      applications. The Labscan range includes a comprehensive range of analytical grade
      solvents, some of which are listed below. Further details on the Labscan range are
      available by visiting www.lomb.com.au and clicking on the Chemical icon.

      Code               Description                      Unit               Unit Ctn
      A3501-2.5L         Acetone                         2.5ltr              4 x 2.5ltr
      A3505-2.5L         Chloroform                      2.5ltr              4 x 2.5ltr
      A3511-2.5L         Ethyl Acetate                   2.5ltr              4 x 2.5ltr
      A3513-2.5L         Methanol                        2.5ltr              4 x 2.5ltr
      A3541-2.5L         Petroleum Ether 40/60           2.5ltr              4 x 2.5ltr
      A3542-2.5L         Petroleum Ether 60/80           2.5ltr              4 x 2.5ltr
      A3515-2.5L         Propan-2-ol                     2.5ltr              4 x 2.5ltr
      A3518-2.5L         Toluene                         2.5ltr              4 x 2.5ltr
      A3523-2.5L         Xylene                          2.5ltr              4 x 2.5ltr
      Solvents are also available in 25 litre metal drums
      A8401-2.5L         Acetic Acid Glacial              2.5ltr             4 x 2.5ltr
      A8603-2.5L         Hydrochloric Acid 32%            2.5ltr             4 x 2.5ltr
      A8601-2.5L         Hydrochloric Acid 37%            2.5ltr             4 x 2.5ltr
      A8202-2.5L         Nitric Acid 70%                  2.5ltr             4 x 2.5ltr
      A8301-2.5L         Sulphuric Acid 98%               2.5ltr             4 x 2.5ltr

      Solvents, Histology Ajax                        [HP GRADE]
      Ajax range of HP Solvents are specially formulated for use in histopathology
      applications. HP grade solvents are available in plastic containers. The new range
      includes a special grade of plastic packaging suitable for the storage of Xylene. Plastic
      containers are fitted with handles for ease of lifting and a special dispensing cap is
      available as an optional extra. The new plastic containers are lightweight, easy and safe to
      The following HP solvents are available in plastic containers.

      Code                      Description                            Unit
      5001                   Xylene HP Grade                       10ltr & 20ltr
      5004                Ethanol 95% HP Grade                     10ltr & 20ltr
      5077              Ethanol Absolute HP Grade                  10ltr & 20ltr
      5078              Ethanol 100 IMS HP Grade                   10ltr & 20ltr
      5111         Methylated Spirit IMS 95% HP Grade              10ltr & 20ltr
      5004                  Methanol HP Grade                      10ltr & 20ltr
      All HP grade solvents are also available in 10 and 20L metal drums

      Solvents, Bulk Histology Chem-Supply & Labscan
      Code                        Description                      Grade          Unit
      EL043-20L                 Ethanol Absolute                    LR            20ltr
      ML004-20L                     Methanol                        LR            20ltr
      AL008-20L                     Acetone                         LR            20ltr
      XL003-20L                      Xylene                         LR            20ltr
      AL048-20L              Alcohol denatured 100%                 LR            20ltr
      AL047-20L              Alcohol denatured 95%                  LR            20ltr
      A3548MK-20L                Formaldehyde                       AR            20ltr
      Specimen Containers Labserv                             [STERILE]
      · 70ml PP and 120ml PS containers with leak proof caps.
      · Also available in 60ml, 200ml, 250ml, 400ml and 500ml capacities.
      · Customised labels are available. Minimum quantities apply.
      Code                    Description                            Cap Colour            Unit
      LBS30004PPUL            70ml unlabelled uv sterile               Yellow             Ctn/500
      LBS31004PPUL            70ml unlabelled gamma sterile            Yellow             Ctn/500
      LBS30005YL              70ml labelled gamma sterile              Yellow             Ctn/500
      LBS30121                120ml unlabelled uv sterile              Yellow             Ctn/300
      LBS30123                120ml labelled uv sterile                Yellow             Ctn/300
      LBS30124                120ml labelled gamma sterile             Yellow             Ctn/300
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