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    We request you to study the contents of this manual carefully. Please return all forms of the services required by
    you; before the due date. Please do not forget to put your company stamp and contact details of the concern
    person for the stall requirement on each form, since each form would be handled individually.

    Exhibitors are requested to note the following important information:

    The exhibition area would be open from 0800 hours to 2300 hours during build-up and breakdown period (see
    Time table)

    Possession of the Stall area and temporary electrical connection during built up period will be given to exhibitors
    only after their obtaining of "No Dues" certification from ICM 2010 Accounts Department.

    Stall layout drawings and design plans to the scale must reach the Organisers by 15th July, 2010 for approval.The
    stall-incharge of each exhibitor should be available at site on Wednesday, 18th August 2010, to attend last
    minute requirements, if any.

    General Public and Children below 18 years are not permitted.

    Repacking of exhibits and removal of portable items are allowed only after the official closure of the exhibition.All
    items/exhibits and stall structures must be removed before 6.00 pm on Friday 27th August 2010. Charges
    mentioned in the forms for relevant services are exclusive of all Taxes and Levies.

    Exhibitors are requested to contact Exhibition Organisers for their specific requirements at following numbers.

    Conference & Exhibition Logistics

    K W Conferences Pvt Ltd
    A 56/12, DLF Phase I
    Gurgaon 122 002
    Tel: 91 124 4636 700
    Fax: 91 124 410 2075

    The exhibition area will remain open for stall erection and dismantling purposes from 0800 to 2300 hours daily,
    during the build-up and break-down periods on 18 August & 27 August 2010 till 2300 hrs.

    On exhibition days, exhibitors are permitted to enter the exhibition halls one hour before opening (i.e. from
    0800hours) and remain until one hour after closing (i.e till 1900 hours) to service their stalls. For Security reasons
    exhibitors who want to stay beyond closing time must obtain permission from the Organisers.

    Please liaise with the official freight clearing and forwarding agents in case exhibits are arriving earlier or later-than
    the date specified. Exhibitors may please note that small portable and attractive exhibit items are most at risk of
    theft, usually after the Exhibition closes each day. Exhibitors are therefore advised to keep such items locked each
    day before leaving the exhibition area.

    Dismantling of Shell constructed stalls will commence on the afternoon of Friday, 27 August 2010. Exhibitors are
    advised to remove all display material from the partition panels which they wish to carry back.All "Bare Space" Stalls
    must also be dismantled and materials removed by 2300 hrs 27 August, 2010.

    (Organisers reserve the right to alter/amend the above schedule.)

    This Schedule is correct at the time of printing. Should there be any amendment to the below time table, an updated copy will
    be sent to the exhibitors.

     Date              Day          Time                                 Details
     18 August 2010 Wednesday 08:00                        – 2300        Possession of Stall ad construction
     Exhibition Opening & Closing Hours
     19 August 2010 Thursday        09:00                  –   1800      Exhibition    opens
     20 August 2010 Friday          09:00                  –   1800      Exhibition    Day II
     21 August 2010 Saturday        09:00                  –   1800      Exhibition    Day III
     22 August 2010 Sunday          09:00                  –   1800      Exhibition    Day IV
     23 August 2010 Monday          09:00                  –   1800      Exhibition    Day V
     24 August 2010 Tuesday         09:00                  –   1800      Exhibition    Day VI
     25 August 2010 Wednesday 09:00                        –   1800      Exhibition    Day VII
     26 August 2010 Thursday        09:00                  –   1800      Exhibition    Day VIII
     Dismantling & Packing
     27 August 2010 Friday          09:00                  – 1600        Exhibits to be removed by 23:00 hrs

                                               EXHIBITION LAYOUT

    Stands Size: 3mtr x 3mtr                                           18        17    16        15

       Premium Stands
                                                                                            Halls - 5&6
                                                                                             40 Stalls
        Stands Size: 3mtr x 2mtr
                                                                            40    19                      Fire Exit

                                                                            39    20              14

                                                                            38    21              13

                                                                            37    22              12

                                                                                                          Fire Exit

                                                                            36    23               11

                                                                            35    24              10

                                                                            34    25              09

                                                Entry / Exit


                                                                                                          Fire Exit

                                                                            33    26              06

                                                                            32    27              05

                                                                            31    28              04

                                                                            30    29                      Fire Exit

                                                                                  01    02         03
             * This is a proposed layout and
             is subject to change

                                                               Entry / Exit




               Stand / Space rental options

               Space Options                                                          Cost INR
               Shell Stand 9sqm                                                       2,00,000/-
               Shell Stand 6sqm                                                       1,40,000/-

    *The INR rate given includes all taxes & bank charges.
    For additional equipment, orders can be placed as of April 2010 via the appropriate order form to be found on the
    ICM 2010 website closer to the date.

    Shell stands include
    Separation walls
    Fascia inscription with company name
    3 spotlights
    Booth Carpet
    1 Counter
    ? table cum lockable cabinet
    2 chairs
    Power outlet (Indian Type one outlet point with Independent Control Switch
        with a maximum power load of 1Kw)

    The stand space is available in sizes of 6sqm and 9sqm. A request for exhibition space is valid only when made in
    writing by the Exhibitor to the organizer by returning a completed and signed Exhibition Stand Reservation Form
    (found at the end of this guide). Once the signed application for exhibition space has been accepted by the organizer,
    it becomes legally binding on both parties.

    Every effort will be made to accommodate assignment of preferred exhibition space.The assignment will be made
    on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Based on submitted preferences, the organizer will inform the Exhibitor of the assigned space.The Exhibitor has 07
    days to request an alternative available space. After this time, the assignment will be considered definite and a
    confirmation letter will be sent to the Exhibitor.The organizers reserves the right to modify floor plan layouts and
    relocate assigned booths if this is in the overall interest of the Congress and Exhibition.

    All exhibitors must submit 2 copies of the layout plan elevation drawing, showing dimensions, positions and height of
    various partitions, cabin, display boards, logos and exhibits within their stalls to the organizers for approval, before
    15/07/2010. One copy of the plan, duly approved, will be returned to the exhibitor.The exhibitors are required to
    keep the copy of the approved plan at the stall allotted to them during the build-up period. Modifications and/or
    alterations suggested by the organizers will be binding on the exhibitors. If the actual display arrangements of the
    stalls are not in conformity to the approved layout plan, the organizers reserve the right to remove or cause removal
    of unapproved installations from the stall at the cost and risk of the exhibitors.

    General Guidelines:
    ?  The Exhibitor is responsible for safety at the stand and for ensuring industrial safety and accident prevention
       regulations are complied with. The exhibitor is liable for any damage that results from the construction or
       running of his stand or the exhibits displayed in it.
    ?  Exhibitors are strictly advised to follow the guidelines of stall construction and display as specified by the
    ?  There would be general lighting within the hall.Temporary electrical connection would be provided to carry the
       construction work only from 0800 hrs to 2300 hrs, which will be disconnected at 23.00 hrs till 0800 hrs next
    ? or grouting or cutting of floor is not permitted in the Hall.
    ?  Aisles must be clear at all times, during the construction and dismantling periods.
    ?  Only Prefabricated materials will be allowed (Painting, Carpentry is not allowed)
    ?  Loose wiring or hanging wires should not be found in any of the stand to ensure safety of stall personnel and
       visitors. All wiring must be carried out in PVC, Electrometric or other plastic sheathed cables. No exposed
       means of cable joints are permitted.
    ?  Sides, which are open to the aisles, should not be blocked by panels more than 30% of the length of such side.Any
       structure, publicity material, Photographs, charts, should not have height exceeding 2.5 meters. However, height
       of Products on display can be more than 2.5 meters.
    ?  The panels adjacent to other stands and the ceilings of the stand area that is visible from above must be properly
       finished. If this is not done, the organizer will carry out the necessary work and charge all the expenses the
       defaulting exhibitor's account.
       The main
    ? supply points and electrical installations in the stand should be easily accessible and should not be
       concealed / covered by the panels / partition or even by the exhibits.
       Wall, if
    ?any along the aisles should not carry any projections, texts, other than name of the exhibitor and his logo
       on the side facing aisles.
    ?  Logos can be displayed upto a height of 3.0 meters in the stalls of the exhibitors, provided they are away from
       adjacent stalls by a minimum distance of 2 meters.
    ?  Enclosures for office, conference or pantry can be set up in the stalls provided the height and area covered by
       such enclosures is not more than 2.5 meters and 30% of the stall area respectively. Such enclosures should be
       located along the building wall of the exhibition hall, if any or at the rear of the stall. Enclosures should be at least
       2 meters away from the aisles.

    Use of suitable floor covering inside the stall, without damaging the floor is permitted.
    Use of
    ?loudspeakers, musical instruments etc. in the stalls is prohibited. Films, multimedia presentations, video
    or slide shows on products, systems and services may however be conducted within the stalls provided the
    sound level is kept sufficiently low to avoid causing disturbance to others.
    Use of
    ?bright and /or colored lights, neon signs of any size, shape or color or any other electrical decorative
    material is allowed within the stall area and forbidden on periphery. Depicting exhibitors name or logo in non-
    flickering/ non off-on type light is however permitted. Use of cloth banner inside and outside the stall is not
    Use of
    ?all types of publicity materials such as posters, banners, hanging decorations made of any material is not
    allowed outside the stall area by the exhibitors. Suspending of display items form the hall ceiling or any other
    structure falling within the stands is also not permitted.
    ? banners hangings and advertisement boards will be put up by organizers and will be available as
    sponsorship opportunity for the exhibitors.
    Use of potted plants is allowed only inside the stall.
    An exhibitor whose design has been approved by the fair architect may only commence erection on or after the
    due date. No exhibitor shall be allowed to start work on his or her stands without the prior approval of the
    plan. The decision of the fair architect as regards to the approval of the plan shall be final and binding upon
    exhibitors and the work must be carried out as per the approved drawing only.
    Exhibitors are requested to note that it is the responsibility of their appointed stall-fitting contractors to clean
    the stalls upon completion of construction, before handing over to the Exhibitor.Thereafter, the official cleaning
    contractor will clean the aisle.
    The rules of bare space holder are also applicable to the contractors doing interior decoration for Shell
    Scheme Stalls.

    ? and cleaning of aisle carpets
    General security after closing hours
    ? badges based on stand size
    On-site presence during setup and dismantling
    ?Congress Final Programme
    Listing in
    ? sponsorship activities

    The Organizer have appointed the official stand Contractor for the exhibition. Exhibitor may appoint any
    contractor only to decorate stall interiors and arrange any freestanding display or fitments that may be required,
    subject to following conditions.
    ?   No additional fittings or display, including additional name boards, covers, logos, balloons, etc. may be attached,
        nailed, screwed or drilled to the shell scheme stall structure. If this instruction is ignored, the official contractor
        will provide assistance in hanging or displaying exhibits on the stall structure.
    ?   No painting or wallpapering of panels is allowed. Exhibitors who wish to have panels painted must inform the
        official contractor, who will provide a quotation and carry out the work.
    ?   No freestanding fitment may exceed a height of 2.5 mtrs. except with the permission of the Organizers. This
        includes towers, and Logos/ Names, etc.
    ?   No suspensions are to be made from the ceiling of the exhibition hall, nor may any fixing be made to the floor,
        columns, walls or any other parts of the building structure.
    ?   Any change to the type of colour of the floor covering provided, must be negotiated with the official contractor.
        All costs must be borne by the exhibitors.
    ?   No financial credit will be given by the organizer for any unutilized shell scheme package

    All Exhibitors must be registered and wear their Exhibitor badge during set-up, exhibition times and dismantling.
    Exhibitor badges do not provide access to the Conference sessions. Badges will be provided as follows:

    6sqm             2 badges
    9sqm             2 badges
    18sqm            4 badges
    27sqm            6 badges
    36sqm            8 badges

    Additional Exhibitor's badges can be purchased at EURO 80 per badge. Badges can be ordered from June 2010 and
    will be ready for pickup on site at the Exhibitor's registration desk on Wednesday 18 August, from 10:00 – 19:00 and
    on Thursday 19 August, from 08:00 to 17:00. No badges will be mailed ahead of time.

    Working badges are limited to set-up and dismantling times are free of charge and can be obtained onsite and must
    be picked up at the Exhibitor registration desk on Wednesday 18 August (08:00 – 19:00). The use of Exhibitor
    badges by individuals not belonging to the temporary or permanent staff of the Exhibitor is prohibited.

    The following are basic rules that all Exhibitors commit to; these have been developed in the best interest of the
    Congress, its delegates and exhibitors.Abiding to these fundamental “fair play” rules will ultimately promote a more
    successful event for all participants.

    Advertising is permitted only on the stand space (aisles excluded). Displays of printed matter or advertising outside
    this area but on the premises of the Congress are not allowed. No flyers, posters, handouts, etc. can be left on tables,
    in Congress hotels, on buses, etc.; however, there are a number of sponsoring activities that offer selected
    opportunities to promote a brand or service beyond the exhibition hall.
    In addition, Exhibitors must comply with all national and international rules and regulations related to advertising
    and promotion of all products and services as part of their stand.The exhibition organizer bears no responsibility
    for non-compliance by the Exhibitor.

    Audio activity on stand
    Exhibitor's using audio devices must ensure that sound does not carry beyond their assigned space.The organizers
    reserves the right to determine what constitutes an acceptable sound level and may request the Exhibitor to take
    action to bring it to that level.

    Disposal of waste
    It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that all waste material from stand construction (including boxes for
    packaging) are completely removed from the exhibition area prior to the opening of the exhibition and at the end of
    the Congress.Waste cleared by the organizers will be charged to the Exhibitor.

    Lotteries, games and prizes
    While lotteries and other luck-based activities are not permitted, knowledge or skill-based games may however be
    organized with prior approval from the organizer, both for the nature of the activity and the planned reward(s).

    Overflow of activity
    All stand activity must be held on the stand. In case stand activities create an overflow of presence in the aisles that
    prevents a free flow of visitors, the Exhibitor must interrupt the activity.

    Photography and other image capturing
    Exhibitors are free to capture still or moving images of their stand during set-up and during exhibition hours. No
    pictures of other exhibits are allowed without permission from the relevant Exhibitor.The organizer is entitled to
    reproduce its own pictures of the exhibition both in its publications and in the press.

    Stands must be manned during the official opening hours of the exhibition.

    The ICM 2010 is a non-smoking event and smoking is prohibited throughout the venue, including the exhibition hall.

    Stand sharing / stand sub-letting
    Exhibitors may not share space with others without prior consent from the organizer.As a general rule, each stand
    is rented by one company. Request for stand sub-letting need to be submitted to the Organizer for approval.

    Surveys/market research conducted by Exhibitors during the Congress must be confined to the assigned stand

    Work regulations
    Exhibitors are requested to ensure that all parties involved through them with the Congress respect Indian law,
    particularly regarding labour conditions.

    Other situations
    The organiser reserves the right to take any action on site necessary to correct any activity or behaviour that is felt
    inappropriate or that creates prejudice to the organizer, delegates or other Exhibitors.

    Whilst the Organisers will Endeavour to protect the Exhibitors' property, while on display at the Exhibition, it must
    be clearly understood that neither the Hyderabad International Convention Centre nor the Organisers can accept
    liability for loss, damage or injury sustained or occasioned from any cause whatsoever.

    Exhibitors will be responsible for all damage to property and for any loss or injury caused by them or their
    employees and will indemnify the Organisers against all claims and expenses arising there from. In the event of it
    being necessary, for any reason whatsoever, for the Exhibition to be abandoned, postponed or altered in any way, in
    whole or in part, or if the Organisers find it necessary to alter the dates of the Exhibition, the Organisers shall not
    be liable for any expenditure, loss or damage incurred by the Exhibitors and shall be entitled to retain such part of all
    moneys paid by the Exhibitors as the Organisers consider necessary to cover expenses incurred in connection with
    the Exhibition. The Organisers shall further not be liable for any loss which the Exhibitor may incur owing to the
    intervention of any authority which prevents or restricts the use of the Premises or any part thereof in any manner

    The details of the official contractors can be obtained from the ICM 2010 website closer to the exhibition. The
    official contractors will include -

    Freight Forwarders
    Booth Contractor
    Hotel Accommodation

    ? Line
    Telephone                            Rs. 1200 plus taxes per day
    Internet Connection                  Rs. 1200 plus taxes per day

    For additional furniture and fixtures please refer to the Furniture Brochure at the end of the manual.

Please fill the below form and return it to

Company Name:

Contact Person:


City                                   Zip:                           Country, State:

Tel:                                                                  Fax:


Price information

Space Options                                                                  Cost INR
Shell Stand 9sqm*                                                              2,00,000/-
Shell Stand 6sqm*                                                              1,40,000/-

(*) includes walls, carpet, company banner, 3 spotlight, 1 power point, 1 counter table, 3 chairs,

Note: The INR rate given includes all taxes & bank charges.

Booth n° choice:             1st choice:            2nd choice:                3rd choice:

Type:                        Space only             Shell Stand

We require: . . . . . . . . sqm (minimum is 6sqm)

We hereby confirm that we have read, accept and abide by the Exhibition Guidelines.


Signature & stamp:

Terms of Payment
Payment within 15 days after receipt of invoice.

Payment Methods
Payment could be made by

International Exhibitors - Credit Card or by bank transfer
National Exhibitors - Demand Draft or Cheque (in favour of “KW Conferences Pvt Ltd”)

Bank Transfer Details:
Beneficiary Bank:                 Account No. 11131588
                                  Axis Bank Ltd (Formerly UTI Bank Ltd)
                                  B-81, Defence Colony, New Delhi, INDIA
SWIFT Code:                       AXISINBB357
IFSC Code:                        UTIB0000357
Beneficiary Account No:           357010200000578
Beneficiary Name:                 KW Conferences Pvt Ltd

*Bank charges are the responsibility of the payee.

Cancellation Policy
From the date of payment receipt issued

Till 15th April, 2010                      30% of total amount charged
From 16th April - 15th May, 2010           50% of total amount charged
After 15 May, 2010                         100% of total amount charged

for any queries please contact :

Bharat S.
K W Conferences Pvt Ltd
A 56/12, DLF Phase I
Gurgaon 122 002
Tel: 91 124 4636 700
Fax: 91 124 410 2075


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