ESB Tools User Guide

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					ESB Tools User Guide

1. Introduction
     1.1. What is ESB?
     1.2. Key Features of ESB Tools
     1.3. Requirements and Installation
2. ESB Tools Tasks
     2.1. Creating ESB Project
     2.2. Creating ESB Project Using JBoss Tools Project Examples
     2.3. Deploying a ESB Project
     2.4. Creating a ESB File
     2.5. Configuring ESB Runtime in Preferences
     2.6. Using and Configuring SOA Platform
3. ESB Editor
     3.1. ESB File Editor
     3.2. ESB Editor Features
          3.2.1. ESB Syntax Validation
          3.2.2. Support for XML Schema
          3.2.3. Content Assist for ESB XML File
          3.2.4. OpenOn for ESB XML File
          3.2.5. Synchronized Source and Visual Editing
4. Summary
     4.1. Other Relevant Resources on the Topic

JBoss AS and Archive Tools User Guide

1. Introduction
     1.1. Key Features of JBoss AS and Archive Tools
     1.2. Requirements and Installation
2. Quick start (to delete ?)
     2.1. Starting JBoss Server
     2.2. Deploying an Application to JBoss Server
     2.3. Stopping JBoss Server
     2.4. Project Archiving
3. AS Tools Tasks
     3.1. Setting a New Runtime
     3.2. Copying the Existing Runtime Configuration
     3.3. Creating a New Server
     3.4. Editing the Server Configuration
     3.5. Drag-n-drop of Deployable Project/Resources to the
     3.6. Publishing to a Sever
     3.7. Using TPTP Profiling on JBoss Server
4. Archive Tools Tasks
      4.1. Creating an Archive
      4.2. Creating a Fileset
      4.2. Publishing an Archive to Server
5. Reference
     5.1. JBoss AS Perspective
     5.2. Views and Editors
         5.2.1. Servers View
     Servers View Toolbar

      Server State
      Server Status
      XML Configuration
      Server Context Menu
          5.2.2. Project Archives View
      Project Archives Toolbar
      Archive Context Menu Actions
          5.2.3. Server Log View
          5.2.4. Server Editor
     5.3. Wizards
          5.3.1. New Server Runtime Environment Wizard
          5.3.2. New Server Wizard
          5.3.3. Run on Server Wizard
     5.4. Keyboard Shortcuts
6. Summary
     6.1. Other Relevant Resources on the Topic

Seam Tools User Guide

1. Introduction
     1.1. What is Seam?
     1.2. Key Features of Seam Tools
     1.3. Requirements and Installation
2. Quick Start
     2.1. Creating a CRUD Database Application with Seam
          2.1.1. Starting a Database
          2.1.2. Creating a New Seam Project
          2.1.3. Generating Seam Entities
          2.1.4. Running Application on JBoss AS
          2.1.5. Using CRUD Seam Application
3. Seam and Maven Integration Tools
     3.1. Creating a Maven Ready Seam Project
     3.2. Importing Existing Maven Seam Projects
4. Seam Refactoring Tools
     4.1. Refactoring in Java Editor
     4.2. Refactoring in Seam Components View
     4.3. Refactoring in JBoss Tools XML Editor and Others
     XML/HTML Editors
     4.4. Refactoring in JBoss Tools Properties Editor
     4.5. Renaming Projects and Folders
5. JBoss Seam Tools Tasks
     5.1. Adding JSF Capabilities during Seam Project Creation
     5.2. Changing Seam Version
     5.3. Changing Seam Parent Project
     5.4. Adding Custom Capabilities to Seam Project
     5.5. Adding Seam Support to EAR Project
     5.6. Using Seam Test Project to Run Seam Tests
6. Reference
     6.1. Seam Project Overview
          6.1.1. Seam WAR Project
          6.1.2. Seam EAR Project
          6.1.3. Seam Test Project
     6.2. Seam Perspective
     6.3. Seam Wizards
          6.3.1. New Seam Project Wizard
      Seam Web Project Page
      Java Page
      Web Module Page
      JSF Capabilities Page
      Seam Facet Page
          6.3.2. New Seam Action Wizard
          6.3.3. New Seam Form Wizard
          6.3.4. New Seam Entity Wizard
          6.3.5. New Seam Conversation Wizard
          6.3.6. Generate Seam Entities Wizard
          6.3.7. Refactoring Wizard
     6.4. Seam Editors
          6.4.1. Visual Page Editor
          6.4.2. Seam Pages XML Editor
          6.4.3. Seam Components Editor
          6.4.4. Main Features of Seam Editors
      Content Assist
      Seam Validation
     6.5. Seam Views
          6.5.1. Seam Components View
          6.5.2. Project Explorer
     6.6. Seam Menu Commands
          6.6.1. Open Seam Component
          6.6.2. Find Seam References
          6.6.3. Find Seam Declarations
     6.7. Seam Preferences
          6.7.1. General Preferences
          6.7.2. Validation Preferences
          6.7.3. Project Preferences
     6.8. Keyboard Shortcuts
7. FAQ
8. Summary
     8.1. Other Relevant Resources on the Topic