Turnitin @ Adams State College Instructor User Guide

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Turnitin @ Adams State College: Instructor User Guide

Setting Up Your Account

To begin using Turnitin, you must set up an account. The email you received from Turnitin has your
temporary password. You will use your email address and temporary password to log in the first time.
(Figure 1)

Figure 1

1. Go to http://www.turnitin.com.

2. In the top right corner, enter your email address and the temporary password sent to you by
   Turnitin. Click the red button labeled Log In. (Figure 2)

Figure 2

3. You are now on the Welcome screen.       You need to create a new password and select a secret
   question. Then, click Next. (Figure 3)

Figure 3

4. Read the user agreement and click I Agree to finish your profile.

Creating a Class

Now that you have an account with Turnitin, you need to add the classes that you are teaching to the
system. You will add your first class using the Class Setup Wizard.

1. After you have clicked I Agree, you are taken to a page that allows you to log in or start the class
   setup wizard. Click Start Class Setup Wizard to add your first class. (Figure 4)

Figure 4

2. When prompted, enter the name of the class. If you teach several sections of the same course,
   make the class name unique by adding the meeting time. (Figure 5)

Figure 5
3. You are now on a page that provides a class ID number and allows you to create a class
   enrollment password. Remember your class ID number and password. Your students will join your
   class by using the ID number and class password. Click Next. (Figure 6)

Figure 6

4. Your first class on Turnitin has now been created.

Creating an Assignment

The next section of the Class Setup Wizard requires you to create your first assignment.

1. Once you click Next on the class ID and password screen, you are taken to a page where you create
   your first assignment. Type the name of the assignment and select the due date. You also have
   the option of entering special instructions. Click Next. (Figure 7)

Figure 7

5. Your first assignment on Turnitin has now been created. Click End Wizard and Log In.

6. You are now on the Turnitin account homepage. From your homepage, you can view your classes
   and add other classes. (Figure 8)

Figure 8

Changing the Class End Date

On your account homepage, you can see the class that you just created. You will need to update this
class in order to change the class end date.

Every class in the system has an end date. Once a class reaches its end date, it becomes expired. You
and your students will not be able to submit papers to an expired class. Therefore it is a good idea to
set your end date as the last day of the semester.

1. Click the green Update icon.

2. You are now on a screen that shows you the class name, enrollment password, start date, and end
   date. Make your changes.

3. Click Submit.

Adding New Classes

Now that you have created one class, you need to add the rest of your classes to the system.

1. Click Add a Class.

2. When prompted, enter the class name, enrollment password, and class end date. Click Submit.
   (Figure 9)

Figure 9
3. A pop-up window with the class ID and enrollment password appears. Remember the class ID and
   enrollment password so that your students can join the class. Close the pop-window.

Class Homepages

All of your classes in the Turnitin system have class homepages. Access the class homepage by clicking
on the linked name of the class in the column labeled Enter a Class. From the class homepage, you
can update assignments, create new assignments, view your list of students, view student submissions,
and submit papers for students. (Figure 10) You can always return to your account homepage by
clicking the red button labeled My Classes.

Figure 10

One of the first things that you may want to do from the class homepage is update your assignment.
By default, students are not allowed to submit late papers unless you go into the advanced assignment

1. Click the linked title under the column labeled Assignment. (Figure 10)

2. You are taken to the Update Paper Assignment page. On this page, you can alter your assignment
   start date, end date, and instructions. You can also opt to view the Advanced Assignment Options
   by choosing Yes in the drop-down menu labeled Show advanced assignment options.

3. The advanced assignment options appear at the bottom of the screen. (Figure 11)       In the drop-
   down menu labeled Allow submissions after the due date, select Yes.

4. If you want to allow late submissions for all of your assignments, select Yes in the drop-down menu
   labeled Would you like to save these options as your defaults for future assignments.

Figure 11
Creating New Assignments

You can add as many assignments as you want to your class homepage. Creating new assignments for
your classes is very straightforward.

1. From the class homepage, click Create a New Assignment.

2. When prompted, enter the assignment name, start date, end date, and special instructions. You
   can also choose to change the advanced assignment options.

3. Click Submit. You now have a new assignment for your class.

Importing Assignments

You can also import assignments from past or current classes. This means that you only have to create
an assignment once. After it is created, you can re-use it in all of your classes.

1. From the class homepage, click Assignment Library.

2. You are now on a page that allows you to select an assignment. In the menu labeled Select
   Assignment Set, choose the class for which the assignment was originally created.

3. The list of assignments for that class appears. Check the assignment you wish to import.

4. Click Import.

5. Set the start and end dates for the assignment.

6. The assignment has now been added to the class.

The Assignment Inbox

At this point, you need to show your students how to join Turnitin, enroll in a class, and submit papers.
Please see the Student User Guide for more information on students’ interactions with Turnitin.

Once students submit their papers, you can view the text of their papers, read the originality reports on
their papers, and download the papers from the Assignment Inbox.

1. From the class homepage, click the folder icon labeled Inbox.

2. The inbox shows the students enrolled in your class in alphabetical order. The titles of their paper
   submissions appear beside their names. If one of your students has not submitted a paper, the
   phrase No Submission will show up instead of the paper title. If a paper has been submitted
   beyond the due date, the phrase Late will appear in the date column. (Figure 12)

Figure 12

3. If you would like to view the text of a paper, click the linked title. You can also download a version
   of the paper by clicking the .doc icon in the File column.
4. Listed under the Report column are the Originality Reports for each paper. The Originality Report
   is intended to help you decide whether or not a student has plagiarized. This report provides
   documentation for any text matches found in websites or the Turnitin databases. It is color coded
   and provides a percentage that represents the amount of text in your student’s paper that matched
   other documents in the Turnitin system.

5. Click the color coded report icon to view the Originality Report. (Figure 13)

Figure 13

6. You are now on a split screen. On the left half of the screen, the text of your student’s paper
   appears. Text that has a possible match in the system is a different color. On the right side of the
   screen are the sources of the possible matches.

7. Click a section of your student’s paper to retrieve more detail about the possible match. If the
   match is a website or journal article in Turnitin’s database, the text of the source appears on the
   left side of the screen. The matching text in the source is color coded. At the top, the percentage
   of the document that matches your student’s paper appears. (Figure 14)

Figure 14

8. You can print the Originality Report by clicking the Print icon at the top of the screen. Close the
   window to exit the Originality Report.

Submitting Assignments for Students

You may have a student that for whatever is unable to submit an assignment. If you would like to
submit an assignment on behalf of a student, you can do so from the Assignment Inbox.

1. Click the Submit icon in the right corner of the Assignment Inbox.

2. You are now on the paper submission screen. First, you have to choose how you wish to submit the
   paper(s). You have several options in the drop-down menu labeled Submit a paper by.

       a. File Upload – Select file upload and then find the document by clicking the Browse button in
          the bottom of the box. Once you have selected the document you wish to upload, find the
          student author in the drop-down menu and click Submit.

       b. Cut & Paste - If you do not want to upload the document, you can copy the text and paste it
          into the blank box. Then, find the student author and click Submit.

       c. Bulk Upload – Use this option if you want to submit several papers. Browse for the file that
          you want to upload and find the student author. Then, click Attach. Repeat this process
          until you have selected all of the documents that you want uploaded. Click Submit.

       d. Zip File - Choose zip file if the document you want to submit is zipped. Turnitin will unzip
          the document for you.

3. The paper(s) that you submitted are now listed in the Assignment Inbox.

Managing Your Students

From the class homepage, you have the option of managing your students.

1. Click Students in the left corner of the class homepage.

2. A list of the students enrolled in your class appears.

3. You have the option of adding a single student to your class by clicking Add Student.

4. If you want to upload a batch of students, you can click Upload Student List. To perform this
   function, you need to have a list of the students that you want to add in a Word, Excel, or text
   format. To learn how to create this list, choose Click Here on the upload student list page.

5. From the Students page, you can also send a message to your class by clicking Email All Students.