Extended Essay for the IB Diploma Programme by qji84535


									Assessment Objectives
• Plan and pursue a research project
  with intellectual initiative and insight

• Formulate a precise research question

• Gather and interpret information from
  primary and secondary sources

• Structure a reasoned argument in
  response to the research question on
  the basis of the material gathered

• Present the essay in a format
  appropriate to the subject,
  acknowledging sources in MLA style

• Use the terminology & language
  appropriate to the subject with skill and

• Apply analytical and evaluative skills
                                                                                 Extended Essay for the
  appropriate to the subject, with an
  understanding of the implications and
                                                                                IB Diploma Programme
  the context of research

Responsibilities of the Student               Donna Nedelisky
                                              Media Specialist/EE Coordinator
• Start work early!

• Think carefully about the research
  question                                    Rex Putnam High School
                                              4950 SE Roethe Rd.
• Plan how to find research materials         Milwaukie, OR 97202               Rex Putnam High School
• Schedule time for researching & writing                                         Milwaukie, Oregon
• Utilize the research log

• Write with a clear structure

• Proofread final version carefully
Purpose                                      Traits of the Extended Essay              International Dimensions
The essay is intended to promote high-
level research and writing skills,           • It is an experience in independent      Some extended essays include cross-
intellectual discovery and creativity. It      research                                cultural questions within them. Others
provides an opportunity to engage in                                                   invite such an approach. Whatever the
personal research on a topic of the          • The topic is chosen from a list of      subject, you should strive to find relevant
student’s own choice, under the                approved IB subjects                    information from a diverse range of
guidance of a supervisor.                                                              sources.
                                             • The topic is selected by the student
The Extended Essay is a major piece of       • The essay is written in depth on a
formally presented structured writing, in      limited topic
which ideas and findings are
communicated in a reasoned and               • It has a focused research question
coherent manner, appropriate to the
                                             • It uses both primary and secondary
subject chosen.                                                                        Subject Choices
Significance                                 • It has a maximum word length of 4,000   Group 1 (Language A) – Literature
It is the prime example of a piece of work     words
where students have the opportunity to                                                 Group 2 (Language B) – Literature,
show knowledge, understanding and            • It is the result of approximately 40    Language, or Culture
enthusiasm about a topic of their choice.      hours of work                           (written in German or Spanish)

EE and the IB Learner Profile                                                          Biology
The learning involved in researching and
writing the essay is closely aligned with                                              Chemistry
the development of many of the
characteristics described in the IB                                                    History
Learner Profile.
                                             Guidance Through the Process              Mathematics
Relationship to TOK
                                             • EE Coordinator – Donna Nedelisky        Visual Arts
Whichever subject is chosen, the essay
shares with the Theory of Knowledge
(TOK) course a concern with interpreting     • Subject Supervisor – to be assigned
and evaluating evidence, and
constructing reasoned arguments.             • School and Academic Librarians
Where the two differ is in the emphasis
placed on the research process and its
formal outcomes.

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