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Invitation to
Bangkok – Thailand
           IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center

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Poster Exhibition
                           The XV International AIDS Conference •11–16 July, 2004 • Bangkok, Thailand

                           Invitation to Exhibition
                           On behalf of the Thailand Ministry of Public Health, I wish to extend to all of you a very special and
                           warm welcome to Thailand in 2004. Our people and the Royal Thai Government are honoured to host
                           the XV International AIDS Conference. We welcome the opportunity for the advancement of multidisciplinary
                           and cross-cultural communication and collaboration among developed and developing countries. We especially
                           look forward to fostering a global approach to the pandemic and sharing the results of HIV/AIDS research and
                           intervention programs from an international perspective.

                           It is appropriate that the venue for the Conference is in an Asian country, as the epicentre of the global AIDS
                           epidemic is moving from Africa to this region. Asia – being home to more than one third of the world’s
                           population and harbouring more than one fourth of the world’s new infections – has the potential for
                           a devastating spread of the epidemic. On the other hand, Asia offers lessons learned on local responses for a
                                        large range of effective interventions in prevention and control of HIV. While community-based
                                        responses are acknowledges as being the most effective, in Thailand we also recognize that political
                                        commitment at the highest level of government makes the critical difference in supporting
                                        community, provincial, national and international action on HIV/AIDS. Enlightened political
                                        leaders help create an environment in which the economic, social and cultural rights of all people,
                                        including those with HIV, are protected and respected.
                                            With the great effort and cooperation between IAS and the local organisers, we are confident
                                        that the XV International AIDS Conference will be a great success and one of the best to be
                                            I look forward to your participation in this important global meeting.

                           Dr. Vallop Thaineua
                           Permanent Secretary
                           Thai Ministry of Public Health

                           In 2000, the International AIDS Society brought the International AIDS Conference to Durban, South Africa.
                           “Break the Silence” was the theme. And, indeed, the silence was broken. Durban marked a turning point in the
                           global fight against AIDS. Political leaders in the South could no longer remain silent or complacent, and their
                           counterparts in the North could no longer deny efficient support. Nobody can stop the process that started there,
                           a process which will speed more HIV prevention, treatment and care to regions most affected by the HIV pandemic.

                                      After Durban and before Barcelona, the International AIDS Society decided again to move the
                                      conference to the South: to Asia, yet another epicentre of the epidemic. Unfortunately, if appropriate
                                      action is not taken, the spread of HIV during the next decade is projected to be even more rampant
                                      in Asia and the Pacific than what has happened in Sub-Saharan Africa.
                                          I am therefore pleased to invite you to the XV International AIDS Conference in 2004 which will
                                      take place in Bangkok. This first ever International AIDS Conference held in Southeast Asia will be
                                      organised by the IAS in collaboration with the Thai Ministry of Public Health, UNAIDS, and local
                                      and international community organisations.
                                          I look forward to working with all of you to make the Bangkok Conference another milestone
                                      in the fight against HIV/AIDS

                           Dr. Joep MA Lange
                           International AIDS Society, IAS

invitation to exhibition                                                                                                            1
General Regulations
The General Regulations of the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center as well as the specific instructions
of the Exhibitor Services Manual constitute an integral part of the present General Regulations.
The International AIDS Society, IAS, through its agent Congrex, is the official Organiser of the exhibition
at the XV International AIDS Conference, and XCON Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the Co-ordinator,
is technical co-ordinator of operations, and responsible for on-site management of the above-mentioned
Exhibition at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center.

1      Exhibition Dates & Hours                             Conference Dates & Hours
       Saturday, 10 July                                    Registration                     08.30–19.00
       Sunday, 11 July            13.00–19.00               Registration                     08.30–20.00
                                                            Opening Ceremony                 19.30–21.00
       Monday, 12 July            10.00–18.00               Conference Programme             08.30–17.30
       Tuesday, 13 July           10.00–18.00               Conference Programme             08.30–17.30
       Wednesday, 14 July         10.00–18.00               Conference Programme             08.30–17.30
       Thursday, 15 July          10.00–18.00               Conference Programme             08.30–17.30
       Friday, 16 July                                      Conference Programme             08.30–14.00

       (These operational hours are subject to change upon notice to the Exhibitor by the Organiser.)

2      Place of Exhibition
       IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center
       99 Popular Road
       T. Bannai, A. Pakkred
       Nonthaburi 11120 (Bangkok), THAILAND
       Telephone: + 66 (0) 2 504 5050, ext. 5108
       Fax: + 66 (0) 2 504 4445
       E-mail: info@impact.co.th
       Website: www.impact.co.th

3      Exhibition Organisers
       Organiser                                            Exhibition Technical Co-ordinator
       IAS through Congrex Sweden AB                        XCON Co., Ltd.
       E-mail: aids2004@congrex.se                          300/30-32 Viphavadee-Rangsit Road
       Telephone: +46 8 459 66 00                           Dindaeng, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400
       Fax: +46 8 661 91 25                                 THAILAND
                                                            Telephone: +66 (0)2 275 5312
                                                            Fax: +66 (0)2 275 5314, 2275 5311
                                                            Contact: Mrs. Jutharat Sarisdiwongse
                                                            E-mail: jutharat@xcon.co.th

                           Official Freight Handling Agent and Customs Broker
                           Elite Transportations Services Ltd.
                           134/17 Soi Athakravi 3, Rama IV Road
                           Bangkok 10110
                           Telephone: +66 (0)2 258 2991
                           Fax: +66 (0)2 258 5990
                           Contact: Tongchai Chiochan
                           E-mail: tongchai@elitethai.com
                           Website: www.elitethai.com

                 4         Purpose of the Commercial Exhibition
                           The purpose of the Exhibition is to complement the Conference program and provide all participants with
                           information about the most recent progress relevant to the prevention and management of HIV/AIDS.

                 5         Stand Rental Information
                           The exhibition will be held at the IMPACT Exhibition Center. The total size of the exhibition area is
                           estimated at 7 500 sqm. The general ceiling height in the exhibition hall is 21 meters, although in some
                           areas it is only 12.50 meters.
                           Stands will be available either as a standard package (up to 18 sqm) or as a floor space. The cost for these
                           alternatives is as follows:

                           A. Standard Stand Package
                           9 sqm (3×3 m)        US$ 4 850 exclusive of VAT or
                           18 sqm (3×6 m)       US$ 9 700 exclusive of VAT
                           Standard Stand rental includes:
                           •   white back and side walls, height 2480 mm
                           •   2 100W spotlights
                           •   white fascia board including one inscription in black lettering. Size of lettering: 100 mm
                           •   floor needle punch carpet
                           •   1 table, 0,50×1.00×0.75 m.-h and 3 folding chairs
                           •   1 electric outlet and consumption for smaller equipment (max 5 amp. fused)
                           NB.: voltage is 220 V. Socket points take round two-pin plugs.
                           • set-up and dismantling of the standard stand described above.

                           B. Floor Space
                           (minimum 18 sqm)                US$ 400 per sqm exclusive of VAT
                           Standard Stand Rentals and Floor Space Rentals include:
                           • Daily vacuuming of aisles and general housekeeping of the exhibition common areas.
                           NB.: It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to keep and maintain each exhibition space and paths thereof in
                           a clean, dust-free and orderly fashion for the duration of the Conference.
                           • Decoration of the Hall (carpets in the aisles and green plants)
                           NB.: Exhibitors requiring dedicated equipment will be responsible for arranging this separately and at
                           their own expense, and should indicate their requirements on the designated form provided to confirmed
                           • General lighting for all the event areas (excluding on-stand electricity consumption).

invitation to exhibition                                                                                                               3
    Standard Stand Rental or Floor Space Rental does NOT include:
    • Transportation, warehousing, brokerage services, special materials, movement, transfer, removal,
       storage, set-up and dismantling of custom exhibits.
    • Telephone, computer data lines and specialised telecommunication services.
    • Specialised security staffing.
    • Third party liability insurance
    It is the responsibility of each Exhibitor to determine whether specialised security staffing for stands or
    exhibits either overnight or during the event is needed.

6   Non Government and Non-Profit Organisation
    Display Stand
    A number of smaller booths will be reserved free of charge for non-government, non-profit
    Organisations. The numbers are limited, so a selection process will be established by the Organisers.
    Organisations interested in applying for display space should contact Congrex at aids2004@congrex.se

7   Exhibition Catalogue / Signage
    An exhibition catalogue will be included in the delegate registration package. The catalogue will include
    a map of the exhibition area and a complete listing of all exhibitors and relevant contact information.

    Logo on Stand in Exhibition Catalogue Map and on Signage (USD 10 000)
    To highlight an exhibitor’s stand sponsors can have their logo (b/w) placed on their stand in the
    exhibition catalogue map handed out onsite and (colour) on the signs with the exhibition map placed
    around the exhibition area. In the exhibition catalogue list the sponsor name will be presented in bold.

8   Eligibility to Exhibit
    The XV International AIDS Conference in its sole discretion will determine the eligibility of any
    applicant to exhibit at the Exhibition. The Organiser may decline exhibition space, wholly or in part,
    which in its opinion is not in keeping with the character and purpose of the XV International AIDS

9   Stand and Floor Space Allocation
    Stands and floor space are assigned on a “first come, first served” basis, according to the date applications
    are received. The application deadline is 31 December, 2003.
    Exhibition space will not be confirmed without the required and signed application form with initial
    deposit to be invoiced by the International AIDS Society Stockholm AB, (to be followed by payment in
    full by the date specified) and accepted by the Organiser.
    The Exhibition Application Form must include the signature of an authorised person, which makes the Form
    binding and accepting all conditions of the Exhibition and the General Regulations of IMPACT Bangkok.
    The Organiser reserves the right to accept or reject an application. The Organiser also reserves the right
    to assign space other than the applicant’s choice; no objection concerning such a change or relocation
    will be considered after 14 days from notification.

                 10 Payment Conditions
                           An invoice with payment instructions will follow all application forms for exhibition space from the
                           International AIDS Society Stockholm AB for the deposit in the amount of 50% of the total sum.
                           NB.: The balance of the exhibition space payment is payable no later than 30 April, 2004. Non-receipt
                           will automatically result in the release of the reserved space, forfeit of the deposit fee and cancellation of
                           the contract.
                           Invoices issued or received after 30 April, 2004 shall be payable in full immediately. Under no
                           circumstances may any discounts be deducted. If more exhibition space than was originally applied for
                           is required and allocated, the additional sum owing shall be payable immediately.

                 11 Cancellation Policies
                           Contract payments and deposit fees will be refunded upon receipt of written notice of cancellation,
                           according to the following schedule:
                           Cancellations received in writing prior to 31 December, 2003              full refund of amount paid.
                           Cancellations received in writing prior to 30 April, 2004                 50% refund of amount paid.
                           Cancellation received in writing after 30 April, 2004                     no refunds.

                 12 Exhibition Move-in and Set-up Times
                           Friday, 9 July        08.00–20.00
                           Saturday, 10 July     08.00–20.00
                           Sunday, 11 July       08.00–12.00
                           • Exhibitors will have access to the Exhibition Hall for set-up of displays and stands ONLY on the
                               dates and times shown above.
                           • Access to the Exhibition Hall will be granted only to those persons who have been registered and
                               are wearing the approved identification badge (see Exhibitor Services Manual).
                           • All exhibits and displays must be set up and ready for inspection before opening time at 13.00 on
                               11 July, 2004.

                           NB.: No display material except that carried by hand will be permitted to move through the exhibition
                           area during the Conference hours.
                           • Any exhibit or display that is not set up prior to the event start date and time may be removed and
                               stored by the Co-ordinator at the sole expense of the Exhibitor.
                           • Any exhibition space that is abandoned or unoccupied 24 hours before the event opens may be
                               repossessed without indemnity and reassigned by the Organiser.
                           • All assigned exhibition/display space must be staffed at all times during the Conference hours.
                           NB.: All move-in vehicle and foot traffic will be required to enter/exit the exhibition area through
                           a security check.

invitation to exhibition                                                                                                                    5
13 Exhibition Breakdown
    Friday, 16 July      09.00–24.00
    Saturday, 17 July    09.00–24.00
    No exhibit/display shall be dismantled before the official closing time of Friday, 16 July at 09.00.
    Any material left in the building following the official move out time will be removed by the official
    cranage contractor and held in storage and charged at prevailing rates at the Exhibitor’s expense.
    The Co–ordinator shall be entitled to seize and hold (at the Exhibitor’s expense) any exhibition or
    display materials of Exhibitors with outstanding payments owed to the Organiser or the Co-ordinator.
    These will be released once all claims on the part of the Organiser/Co-coordinator have been settled.

14 Stand Specifications
    Details regarding available stand furnishings, flooring, set-up and breakdown labour charges, specialised
    materials handling, freight forwarding services and customs brokerage information will be forwarded by
    the Co-ordinator and the forwarding agent.

15 Sub-letting
    No Exhibitor is allowed to assign, sub-let or apportion the whole or any part of the space allocated, nor
    exhibit therein any goods other than those manufactured or handled by the Exhibitor in the regular
    course of his business, or take orders in the Exhibitors’ space for any such other goods.

16 Stand Regulations
    • No background may be placed to obstruct, block or interfere with the lighting or visibility of an
       adjacent stand.
    • Aisle space may not be used for exhibiting purposes or for solicitation of business
    • Distribution of materials outside the stand is expressly forbidden
    • Distribution of samples, etc. is permitted providing it does not interfere with an adjoining Exhibitor
       and is conducted in a dignified manner. Noisemakers, blinking lights or any action, which, in the
       opinion of the Organiser, may be a source of annoyance or danger to the health or safety of others,
       will not be permitted. A list of samples should be submitted to the Organiser prior to the
       commencement of the Conference
    • The Exhibitor must keep the exhibit open and properly staffed during the specific exhibition hours
       and shall not close or remove the exhibit until the conclusion of the entire Exhibition, unless
       otherwise directed by the Organiser.
    • Prizes, raffles or contests, unless under the auspices of the Organiser, are expressly forbidden.
    • Distribution of refreshments or other products for consumption are subject to the general rules and
       regulations issued by IMPACT.
    • No signs or other articles are to be fastened to the walls, drapes, ceilings etc. by any method
       The use of thumbtacks, nails, screws, bolts or any tools or material, which could mark the floor or
       walls, is strictly prohibited.

                           NB.: Removal of any marks will be done by the Exhibition Hall Staff with full liability and cost
                           to the Exhibitor.
                           • Robots, or other remote control devices, should be limited only to the Exhibitor’s space.
                           • The Exhibitor shall be responsible for all damage to structures, furnishings, etc. caused by their
                              representatives, employees or guests etc.
                           • Touch-ups of exhibits, etc. must be done in such a manner as not to deface or damage the property
                              of the Co-ordinator. Proper precautions must be taken; otherwise repairs and cleaning will be carried
                              out at the expense of the Exhibitor.
                           The Organiser reserves the right to prohibit the installation or enforce the removal of any exhibit which,
                           in the opinion of the Organiser, may be detrimental to the Conference or to terminate the contract to
                           lease space to the Exhibitor at any time during the Conference, if an Exhibitor or their representatives
                           have misrepresented any article exhibited by an Exhibitor.
                           Any proposals for structural changes and any proposals for alterations, additions or improvements to the
                           design or construction of the stand that are not in accordance with stand regulations must be submitted
                           by the Exhibitor to the Organiser for prior written approval.

                 17 Custom Stand Approval
                    (Exhibitors occupying floor space)
                           A drawing or plan of the proposed stand installation, showing the ground plan, elevation and electrical
                           layout must be submitted in duplicate to the Co-ordinator for inspection and approval.

                 18 Exhibitors’ Registration and Accommodation
                           All Exhibitors must pre-register representatives prior to the Exhibition opening. The appropriate form
                           will be sent to you by the Organiser together with the Exhibitor Services Manual.
                           For hotel reservations please contact:
                           Congrex Sweden AB
                           P.O. Box 5619
                           SE-114 56 Stockholm, Sweden
                           Telephone: +46 8 459 66 00
                           Fax: +46 8 661 91 25
                           E-mail: aids2004.accommodation@congrex.se
                           The Exhibitors’ representatives at the Exhibition shall be limited exclusively to their executives and
                           employees. Four (4) free Exhibitor badges will be given per company. Additional Exhibitor badges may
                           be bought at US$ 135 per person.
                           Official identification badges must be worn by Exhibitors and their representatives at all times during
                           the Conference and Exhibition. Any changes in registration made during the event must be authorised
                           by the Organiser.
                           Exhibitor badges may be picked up 9–11 July in the Registration Area at the IMPACT Convention
                           Center, level 1.
                           NB.: Exhibitor badges will not allow entry into plenary and scientific sessions. Exhibitors who plan to
                           attend the Conference must purchase a Conference Registration.

invitation to exhibition                                                                                                             7
    The right to exhibit is limited to those individuals, partnerships and corporations who have submitted a
    duly completed and executed Application for Exhibition Space, which has been accepted by the Organiser,
    and who has paid in full for their exhibition or display space. Only personnel authorised by the Organiser
    shall participate in the set-up, operation and dismantling of stands. Any violation of this ruling, false certi-
    fication, or misuse of Exhibitors badges will result in expulsion of the violator from the Exhibition Hall and
    Conference without obligation by the Organiser to refund exhibition fees or honour claims for damage.

19 Quality of Display
    Advertising, solicitation and distribution of literature for commercial products will not be permitted
    except in the stand space assigned in the Exhibition Hall and then only with the prior written approval
    of the Organiser and in accordance with such rules, regulations and conditions as the Organiser may
    impose in that regard.
    While orders for goods may be taken, no sales involving payment by cash, check or other means may
    take place in the Exhibition Hall.

20 Stand and Display Structures
    Full details concerning regulations on stand and display structures, signage and height limits will be
    forwarded to the Exhibitor by the Co-ordinator.

21 Materials Handling
    Exhibitors are responsible for the movement of their material to and from the Exhibition Hall, i.e. from
    the place of origin to IMPACT Convention and Exhibition Center.
    The Official Freight Handling Agent and Customs Broker, Elite Transportation Services, will provide
    assistance for movement of exhibition materials from the shipment arrival in Thailand to the show stand
    and re-export them to the place of origin or other destinations. This assistance includes custom
    clearance, local transportation, forklifts, with operators and dollies for the movement of Exhibitor
    freight until safely placed at the exhibition stand.
    NB.: Exhibitors or exhibition contractors with specialised or dedicated equipment needs, should liase directly
    with Elite Transportation Services. For prices of these services, please contact Elite Transportation Services.
    Uncrating, assembling, storing and re-crating of exhibition material is the Exhibitor’s responsibility.

                 22 Shipping, Receiving and Storage
                           Elite Transportation Services will provide the following services:
                           •   Coordinate freight movement direct with the exhibitors or exhibitors’ freight agent.
                           •   Provide full shipping information and Thai custom regulation.
                           •   Custom clearance both permanent import and temporary import for all AIDS 2004 shipments.
                           •   Provide custom temporary import guarantee, or bond to gain the temporary import of the
                           •   Coordinate and arrange the necessary temporary import license from the Ministry of Public Health.
                           •   Deliver the shipment from port to IMPACT.
                           •   Unpacking
                           •   Assist with labour and lifting/moving equipment until the exhibits are properly positioned.
                           •   Storage of the empty case/crate.
                           •   Retrieval of the empty case/crate.
                           •   Revert all the above services until the shipments have arrived safely at the required destination.

                           Restricted/Controlled Items
                           Medical, surgical equipments and/or pharmaceutical products are subject to approval by the Thai
                           Ministry of Publilc Health prior to the shipments arrival in Thailand.
                           Normally, the temporary import will take several weeks to complete. Exhibitors are strongly
                           recommended to prepare the commercial invoice and list of exhibits with full specification and send
                           this information to Elite Transportation Services 21 days prior to the intended departure date of the
                           shipment. Please note that all documents and the quantity of the exhibits must match with the
                           commercial invoice. Discrepancy will cause delay and fine.

                           Brochures And Giveaway Items
                           Brochures and giveaway items/souvenirs are permitted entry into Thailand, but some are subject to
                           import duties of between 20% and 80% of the CIF value. These dutiable items amongst others are
                           leather wallet, leather key holders, T-shirts, ties, scarves, badges and label pins. Such items must be
                           packed and declared separately.
                           Please note that import duty will be calculated based on declared value or customs assessed value,
                           depending of which one is greater.

                           Deadline For Documents
                           Those shipments that require temporary import license must send a commercial invoice and a list with
                           full specification of the exhibits no later than 21 days prior to the departure date from the country
                           of origin.
                           Those shipments that will NOT require temporary import license must send a commercial invoice and
                           list with full description of the exhibits 7 days prior to the departure date from the country of origin.

                           Deadline For Shipments
                           27 June, 2004 for shipments arriving by air freight
                           27 June, 2004 for shipments arriving by sea freight.

invitation to exhibition                                                                                                               9
23 Thai Health Regulations
     It is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure the products and materials they will be exhibiting
     are lawfully brought into Thailand and used and displayed only in accordance with the terms and
     conditions governing the entry of the products and materials into Thailand and the use of such materials
     in Thailand.

24 Lighting and Electrical Requirements
     The Exhibition Hall features standard overhead lighting. Exhibitors are advised that additional lighting
     should be ordered on a form included in the Exhibitor Services Manual.
     One single-phase 220V 10-amp line is provided for each 9 sqm stand, for loads up to 2 kW. Electrical
     fittings on open stands will be supplied on request. The cost thereof will be included in the Exhibitor
     Services Manual.
     Details given when completing the order forms for power supply must be precise, since the cost for the
     installation, as originally requested, will be invoiced in full, whether or not the whole of it has been used.
     All electrical equipment in use at the event and lighting used in display stands must conform to the
     regulations of Thai law.

25 Exhibition Advertising and Promotion
     Advertising and promotion must be limited to the confines of the exhibition space. The Organiser
     reserves the right to ban what it may consider objectionable premiums or novelties, and to prevent the
     distribution of any article or product which it believes might endanger the health and safety of those
     attending the Conference.
     Handouts and brochures may only be distributed from the Exhibition Area. The distribution by non-
     exhibitors of advertising material, magasines and brochures on the exhibition site is strictly forbidden.

26 Exhibitor Services Manual and Official Suppliers
     The Organiser shall distribute to all registered Exhibitors, not later than 3 months prior to the
     Conference, an “Exhibitor Services Manual” containing the names and addresses of those parties
     designated as Official Suppliers of goods and services to Exhibitors, and order forms supplied by such
     Official Suppliers in respect of services such as electrical equipment, customs brokerage, stand cleaning,
     audio-visual equipment, security, decorating services, freight forwarders and other services that may be
     required by Exhibitors in connection with the Exhibition.
     Exhibitors wishing to use any of the services listed in the Exhibitor Services Manual should use the order
     forms provided in the Manual. The order forms must be completed and received by the Co-ordinator
     not less than 2 months prior to the opening of the Conference. All such contracts for services shall be
     settled directly between Exhibitors and the suppliers. The Organiser shall not be a party to any such
     contract and shall not be liable either to the Exhibitor or to the supplier of any service for any alleged
     breach or failure to perform under such contract.

                 27 Fire-Prevention Regulations
                           a) The use or display of flammable liquids/gasses is prohibited at the IMPACT Exhibition and
                              Convention Center
                           b) All materials used in the Exhibition must be of a non-flammable nature and resistant in order to
                              conform to local IMPACT ordinances and in accordance with regulations established.
                           c) Hessian, thatch and straw are regarded as major fire hazards and exhibitors planning to use these as
                              part of their display will be required to provide a”Retardant/Retarded Certificate” indicating that the
                              product has been treated with a fire-retarding compound.
                           d) Electric signs and equipment must be wired to meet the specifications of local fire authorities.
                           e) Fire extinguishers on walls or on the floor or elsewhere may not be removed or obstructed in any
                           f) Any Exhibitor having equipment which produces heat, smoke or open flames as an integral part of
                              product demonstration must receive written approval of plans from the IMPACT Exhibition Services
                           g) All aisles and exhibits must be kept clear at all times and fire stations and fire extinguisher equipment
                              is not to be covered or obstructed.
                           h) Absolutely no storage of any kind will be permitted within the confines of the Exhibition Floor or
                              placed behind the stand against the IMPACT walls or curtains.
                           i) All displays are subject to inspection by the Security Department of IMPACT. Any construction
                              materials found not to be fireproof may be ordered to be dismantled.

                 28 Insurance
                           Exhibitors must carry their own fire, theft, or other insurance to cover all risks.
                           The Organiser, the Co-ordinator or IMPACT shall not be responsible for damage to crated and uncrated
                           materials, materials improperly or poorly packed, or any concealed damage, nor shall the Organiser or
                           his agents be responsible for any loss, disappearance or theft of Exhibitors materials.
                           In the event of any labour or related jurisdictional disputes or any other problems connected with the
                           shipment, consignment or pick up of exhibits by or for the Exhibitor, the Co-ordinator may reject, move,
                           delay or immobilise an exhibit or act in what it deems to be a necessary and proper fashion without
                           liability to the Exhibitor.

                 29 Limitation of Liability
                           Should the premises be destroyed or damaged by fire or the elements, or by any other cause, or if any
                           circumstances whatsoever, including strikes, shall make it impossible for the Organiser to permit any
                           Exhibitor or Exhibitors to occupy the premises, the Exhibitor shall pay for space only for the period the
                           space was or could have been occupied by such Exhibitor or Exhibitors.
                           The Organiser is released from any kind and all claims for damage that might arise in consequence thereof.

                           Cancellation of the Exhibition:
                           If, for whatever reason, the exhibition does not take place, all registrations are cancelled. Any credits
                           outstanding after payment of expenses incurred will be shared among the exhibitors in proportion to the
                           sums they have paid. Exhibitors expressly renounce all right of appeal, on whatever grounds, against the
                           decisions of the Organiser.

invitation to exhibition                                                                                                            11
30 Compliance with Regulations
     The Organiser reserves the right to take such action and to make such changes including changes to
     these Conditions and Regulations as are considered necessary or desirable to the efficient and proper
     conduct of the Exhibition. The Organiser reserves the right to restrict exhibits or terminate the contracts
     of Exhibitors, which, because of noise or any reason, become objectionable.
     Non-compliance with regulations as determined by the Organiser may result in the removal of the
     offending Exhibitor or the closing of his exhibit without indemnity and the Organiser is released from
     any and all claims for damage, which might result inconsequence thereof.

31 Governing Laws
     Each and all of these General Terms and Conditions for Exhibition AIDS 2004 Bangkok, held at the
     IMPACT shall be deemed an integral part of the contract for Exhibition space which shall arise on the
     written acceptance by the Organiser of the Application for Exhibition Space, a copy of which is attached
     hereto duly completed and signed and submitted by a potential Exhibitor to the Organiser, with the
     same force and effect as if set forth in the said contract.
     The law governing the interpretation and implementation of this contract is the law prevailing at all
     times in Bangkok, Thailand.

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