TOPCASED v2 - Installation Guide

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					                  TOPCASED v2 - Installation Guide
                                    Jacques Lescot, August 20th, 2008

1 Introduction

1.1    What is TOPCASED ?
TOPCASED is an integrated System/Software engineering toolkit compliant with the requirements
of critical and embedded applications. It covers the stages from requirements analysis to
implementation, as well as some transversal activities like anomaly management, version control,
and requirements traceability.
TOPCASED is strongly model-oriented : not only TOPCASED provides model editors, model
checkers and model transformations, but is also itself based on modelling and code generation.
TOPCASED is a meta-tool : you can develop your own graphical editors and model transformation

1.2    How to download TOPCASED ?
You can download the current release of TOPCASED at You have three
different ways to install TOPCASED :
   ●   We provide RCP bundles for each platform (Windows, Unix and Mac). In general they are
       available a few days after the official release date. This is the easisest easy way to get
       quickly a complete installation of TOPCASED with all the needed dependencies.
   ●   You can install TOPCASED from an update site. It is possible to install all the necessary
       components ( TOPCASED but also all its dependencies using the Software Update
       mechanism in Help > Software Updates...).
   ●   Finally, you can use one of the archives available at
       group_id=52 but also on the different components page, depending on your needs. Those
       archives do not include the necessary dependencies, please refer to the release note to find
       all the necessary dependencies that you will have to download separately. Main archives
       are :
       ○   org.topcased.sdk : contains the Topcased toolkit, the source code and SDK
       ○   org.topcased.toolkit : contains well-tried components developped as part of Topcased.
       ○   org.topcased.experimental : contains new or unstable components

1.3    What is the TOPCASED licence ?
TOPCASED is available under an EPL (Eclipse Public licence). You can consult the EPL at http://
2 Installing TOPCASED - How to proceed ?
TOPCASED can be possibly used with any platform running Eclipse 3.4.x and has been tested
with : Linux (Debian, GTK+, J2SDK 1.5), Windows (2000/XP, J2SDK 1.5) and Solaris 8 (GTK+,
J2SDK 1.5).
The following components are required :
   •   JRE or JDK 1.5 (or greater) [the Sun J2SDK 1.5 is recommended, see for more informations],
   •   Eclipse v3.4.x
       •   GEF v3.4.x
       •   EMF v2.4.x
       •   GMF v2.1.x
       •   MDT UML2 v2.1.x
       •   MDT OCL v1.2.x
       •   EMF Query v1.2.x
       •   EMF Transaction v1.2.x
       •   EMF Validation v1.2.x
       •   M2M ATL v2.0.x
       •   Smart QVT v0.2.1
       •   EPF Rich Text v1.5.x (For Mac OS users, you must install the EPF Rich Text
           (Linux/GTK) version)
       •   CDT v5.0.x (required by CbChain only)
       •   Acceleo v2.4.x (required by Experimental feature only)
       •   openArchitectureWare v4.3.x (required by Experimental feature only)
       •   EMFT Ecore Tools v0.8.x (optional)
       •   EMFT Compare v0.8.x (optional)
       •   EMFT Search v0.7.x (optional)

These components are distributed under EPL and Apache licenses.

2.1    From an RCP bundle
Let suppose that you have a JVM already installed.
   ●   Download the archive corresponding to your operating system
   ●   Just unzip into your own location
   ●   ... and that's all !
2.2    From Software Updates ...
Let suppose that you have Eclipse and a JVM already installed (if you need information about
installing Eclipse, please refer to
   ●   In "Help > Software Updates...",

   ●   Go into the "Available Software" page, and click on "Manage Sites..."

   ●   Select "Import..." and then select the topcasedBookmarks.xml file
       ookmarks.xml?root=topcased-mm). All the necessary Sites are added, just click on "OK" to
       close the dialog window
●   Click on the selected Topcased feature you wish to install (Topcased SDK, Topcased
    Experimental and "Enabling Features" category for example), and click on "Install"
●   The next page shows you the features you have selected ... click on "Next"

●   Then, you can review licenses, you have to "accept the terms of the license agrreements" and
    then click on "Finish"
   ●   When features are installed, you are invited to restart Eclipse, click on "OK"

   ●   ... and that's all !

3 And now ?
You should refer to the documentation available from the Eclipse help system : in "Help > Help
If you find a bug, or if you are thinking to an improvement of the toolset, please fill a bug/feature
request report at If you are not yet registered, you
will have to create an account here :
A mailing list dedicated to the Topcased users is also available. Please send your questions to this
list. You can subscribe at
It is also possible to download the sources from our CVS server using an anonymous account. To
do so, please refer to
root=topcased-mm where are maintained some Team Project Set files used to quickly set up your
workspace (see
topic=/org.eclipse.platform.doc.user/tasks/tasks-cvs-project-set.htm for more information on how to
import these files).
How to contribute ? Have a look at informations present in the Development Guidelines page
We plan to release a new version every 8 weeks : keep an eye on our website