NICOLE F. VELASQUEZ, PhD

                                            Tel: (520) 465-9383

RESEARCH INTERESTS                                       TEACHING INTERESTS

Information Systems Impacts                              Accounting Information Systems
Accounting Information Systems                           Managerial/Cost Accounting
Knowledge Management Systems                             Information Systems for Managers
Behavioral IS and Accounting                             Data Management


Ph.D. – Management Information Systems, 2008                                            GPA: 3.8/4.0
University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
   Dissertation topic: An Examination of Work Practices and Tool Use in High Risk Environments
   (Advisor: Suzanne Weisband)

Masters of Accounting, 2009                                                            GPA: 3.9/4.0
University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

Bachelor of Science – Business Information Systems, 2001                               GPA: 4.0/4.0
Utah State University, Logan, Utah

Associate of Arts and Sciences – Accounting, 1999                                      GPA: 4.0/4.0
Associate of Arts and Sciences – Computer Information Systems, 1999                    GPA: 4.0/4.0
Ricks College, Rexburg, Idaho



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Nicole F Velasquez, PhD              Page 2 of 5                  University of Arizona

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   1. “Designing Tools for System Administrators: An Empirical Test of the Integrated User
      Satisfaction Model” with Alexandra Durcikova, targeting IEEE TEM.
Nicole F Velasquez, PhD              Page 3 of 5                  University of Arizona
   2. “Studying Knowledge Management System Success in System Administration,” with Alexandra
      Durcikova and Rajiv Sabherwal, targeting ISR.

   3. “Integrating Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence,” with A. Durcikova and R.
      Sabherwal, targeting IEEE TEM.

   4. “Communication and Collaboration Among Technicians: The Case of System Administrators,”
      with Suzanne P. Weisband, targeting ASQ.

   5. “The Effects of Interruptions on Individual Work Trajectories and Performance in Critical
      Environments,” with S.P. Weisband, K.J. Fadel, and E. Mattarelli, targeting Management

   6. “Leadership in Virtual Teams,” with S.P. Weisband, targeting Small Group Research


   1. Donie, B.J. A. Koster, N.F. Velasquez, “Encrypting Data in Volatile Memory,” Patent Pending.

*Many early papers published under Nicole Forsgren.


Post-doctoral Research Associate               2008 – 2009
University of Arizona, Management Information Systems Department (Advisor: Alexandra Durcikova)
   Research Projects: KMS success, integrating BI and KM, IT impacts

Research Intern                            July 2007 – December 2007
IBM T.J. Watson Research
   Research Projects: Knowledge Management, System Administrators, HCI

Research Assistant                            2004 – 2005
University of Arizona, Management Information Systems Department (Advisor: Suzanne Weisband)
   Research Projects: Virtual Teams, Leadership at a Distance

University of Arizona, Center for the Management of Information (Advisor: Jay Nunamaker)
   Research Projects: Deception Detection, Linguistic Analysis, Meta-Analysis

University of Arizona, Accounting
   Teaching Assistant: ACCT 461/561 Accounting Information Systems
   - Developed material for student labs, focusing on REA modeling and implementation.
   - Developed course materials and supporting homework.
   - Conducted labs (for all students) and led tutorials for study sessions.

University of Arizona, Management Information Systems
   Course Taught: MIS 304 Using and Managing Information Technology
   Teaching Effectiveness: 4.9/5.0
Nicole F Velasquez, PhD                Page 4 of 5                  University of Arizona
   Teaching ratings relative to historical class mean:
      Teaching effectiveness:; Course mean: 3.9/5.0
      Instructor comparison (to prior): 4.8/5.0; Course mean: 3.9/5.0
      Student treatment: 5.0/5.0; Course mean: 4.6/5.0
   Awarded MIS Department Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor, 2007-2008.
   Awarded Eller School of Management Dean’s Teaching Award, 2008.

BYU-Idaho, Computer Information Technology
   Guest lecture: CIT 203 Visual Programming (Lecture: Intro to HCI)
   Guest lecture: CIT 310 OO Programming (Lecture: HCI and Usability)
   Guest lecture: CIT 350 Managing IT (Lecture: IT Issues for Managers)


Audit/Forensic Accounting Intern             2009-Current
R&A CPAs, Tucson, AZ
   • Responsibilities: Assist with employee benefit plan audits and forensic accounting
      engagements. Refine initiative to measure client perceptions of firm service offerings and

Enterprise Storage Hardware Test                 2008
IBM, Tucson, AZ
   • Responsibilities: Conduct system level service test on DS8000 storage product, analyze user
       interface for accuracy and usability. Drive cost savings effort, saving the division $40k/month in
       depreciation costs.

Performance Analyst                          2005-2007
IBM, Tucson, AZ
   • Responsibilities: Lead RAID rebuild performance efforts, write technical whitepapers, analyze
       enterprise storage hardware performance, perform competitive analysis, conduct out of band
       performance testing

Consultant                                   2002, 2003-2004
TechnoSolutions Group, Honolulu, HI
   • Responsibilities: programming (reports, financials, auditable systems, interactive and batch
      jobs) and design on the AS/400 using RPG and CL

Senior Analyst                               2002-2003
eWorld Enterprise Solutions, Honolulu, HI
   • Responsibilities: program analysis, conceptual design, Lotus Notes development (including
       design and programming of purchase order workflow system), Domino server administration,
       user documentation and training

Software Engineer                            2000-2002
IBM, Tucson, AZ
   • Responsibilities: system analysis and design, Lotus Notes database development, data
Nicole F Velasquez, PhD             Page 5 of 5                University of Arizona


   1. Association Membership
         American Accounting Association (AAA)
         Association for Information Systems (AIS)
         Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
         Decision Sciences Institute (DSI)
         League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA)
         SAGE (USENIX special interest group for system administrators)

   2. Reviewer

   3. Conference Program Committee
         LISA 2009
         CHIMIT 2009

   4. Conference Chair, CHIMIT 2010

   5. Invited Panels/Presentations
       • Panel member, BYU-Idaho Business Summit, March 2008.
       • “Succeeding in Information Systems,” BYU-Idaho Business Summit, March 2008.
       • Guest lecture (Intro to HCI): CIT 203 Visual Programming, BYU-Idaho, March 2008
       • Guest lecture (HCI and Usability): CIT 310 Object-oriented Programming, BYU-Idaho, March
       • Guest lecture (IT Issues for Managers): CIT 350 Managing IT, BYU-Idaho, March 2008

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