MEETING OF HATFIELD TOWN COUNCIL                                     14 SEPTEMBER 2009
held at the Council Offices, Cuckoo Lane, Hatfield

Members present:

                             Mrs P Panks (Town Mayor)

M Glynn                                                  Mrs R Chafen
Mrs I Harrison                                           J Brown
E Durdy                                                  T Gibbs
D Fiennes-Gregory                                        K Knight
B Jackson                                                J Bloor
Mrs J Credland                                           J Hart
Mrs R Sheppard

D Wright, Town Clerk
B Spencer, Deputy Town Clerk


     No apologies for absence were received.


     Councillor Mrs I Harrison declared a personal interest in respect of Minute No 52, being
     a permanent member of Doncaster MBC’s Planning Committee.


     Seven members of the public attended the meeting and the following matters were

a    Westfield Road, Hatfield – Parking

     Residents expressed concern about the problems being created by employees of a local
     electrical company parking their vehicle on Westfield Road from 7.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
     This creates problems particularly for those residents who have no parking facilities on
     their properties. The residents pointed out that the company were in breach of planning
     permission in that it is a condition that they park on their own land.

     Resolved: that the Clerk writes to the company concerned, requesting their co-operation
     in asking their staff to park in their own car park and not on Westfield Road. Further
     resolved: that the Clerk contacts Doncaster MBC Planning in order to ascertain any
     conditions of the planning permission appertaining to parking of vehicles.

b    Dr Waters Gardens

     Residents complained that Dr Water Gardens were not being locked and unlocked at
     appropriate times and that youngsters had been observed taking drugs etc. The incident
     had not been reported to the Police and the residents had been requested to report any
     further such incidents immediately. The two residents previously entrusted with the keys
     expressed their willingness to return to locking and unlocking the gates.

b    Resolved: that the keys for Dr Waters Gardens be returned to the residents previously
     responsible for locking and unlocking the gates. Further resolved: that new notices are
     erected, stating when the gates will be locked each evening.


     Darren Hauton, the PCSO had submitted his apologies but had sent an email outlining
     activities in the area from 24 August to 6 September 2009. This month’s priority is
     nuisance motorbikes in Dunsville.

     Resolved: that the Clerk circulates the report to all Members.

     13 JULY 2009

     The Minutes of the Meeting of the Town Council held on Monday 13 July 2009 were
     approved as a true record and signed by the Town Mayor, Councillor Mrs P Panks.


a    Councillors’ Surgery

     Further to Minute No 36a, no members of the public had attended the surgery.

     Resolved: that the next Councillors’ Surgery will be held on Saturday 10 October 2009
     with Councillors Mrs J Credland and M Glynn in attendance.

b    Christmas Arrangements

     Further to Minute No. 36b, the Clerk had received a letter from the Reverend Paul
     Wilson stating that the Parochial Parish Council has agreed, in principle, to the proposed
     Christmas tree in the ground of St Lawrence Church. He raised the question of power for
     any lighting and the potential for vandalism. Members discussed the issues highlighted
     and it was -

     Resolved: that the Clerk contacts Reverend Wilson, suggesting the Town Council could
     provide additional Christmas lighting on the church itself, out of reach of vandals.

c    Cemetery of the Year Award

     Further to Minute No 36c, the Clerk had been informed that Hatfield Cemetery had not
     been included in the short list for this year’s awards. They would be sending out
     feedback forms after the awards and the Clerk would report back.

d    Road Safety Concerns

     Further to Minute No 36f, the Clerk had received an email from a resident asking if the
     7.5 tonnes weight limit imposed on Station Road, Hatfield in 1996, could be reinstated
     and at a meeting prior to the Town Council meeting residents had once again expressed
     concern about the number of large lorries travelling through Hatfield. It was felt that an
     independent traffic survey should be carried out on all roads in and out of the village i.e.
     A18 into Hatfield (from Jubilee Bridge), at the Ingram Arms corner, the corner of Station
     Road (outside the church), along Station Road and near Somerfields in Dunscroft. The
     Clerk had received an email from Ian Brightman, Doncaster MBC Traffic Manager who
     had informed him that a recent Road Safety Health Check by the Department of
     Transport had indicated that road safety in Doncaster was being tackled very effectively.
     A briefing pack was being prepared outlining the tremendous casualty reductions in the
     borough over recent years and the reasons for this success.

     Resolved: that an independent traffic survey is commissioned by the Town Council, on
     the routes stated above.

e    Family Fun Day – 16 August 2009

     Further to Minute No 37, Members reported on a very successful Family Fun Day and the
     demonstration by Team Extreme at the Skate Park was very well received. Members
     considered the possibility of holding a similar event in 2010, as well as a “Fake Festival”,
     which was to have been held in 2009.

     Resolved: that a letter of thanks is sent to John Pattrick and Sue Rawlings for their
     invaluable contribution to making the Fun Day a success. Further resolved: that a
     meeting of the Jubilee Park Sub-Committee is arranged to discuss next year’s events.

f    Cemetery Chapel – Structural Report

     Further to Minute No 40a, the Clerk had received a structural report on the cemetery
     chapel spire and certain remedial works were suggested.

     Resolved: that the costings for this and for all the other work identified in the earlier
     structural report are sought and a report presented to the meeting of the Burial &
     Recreation Committee in December 2009.

g    Skate Park – Drainage

     Further to Minute No, 40d, the Clerk reported that new drainage channels had been
     installed in the Skate Park, which appear to have resolved the problem of flooding.

h    YLCA Joint Annual Meeting – 18 July 2009

     Further to Minute No 40h, Councillor B Jackson had attended the meeting and one issue
     that had been highlighted was the legislation with regard to travellers. There appears to
     be four different types of legislation, covering four different types of travellers.

i    Audit Working Group

     Further to Minute No 40q, Members gave a verbal report on the Audit Working Group,
     which had taken place immediately prior to the Town Council meeting. One minor
     comment was made regarding timesheets but overall the Working Group were satisfied
     with all the internal controls and would be preparing a report which will be forwarded to
     the Clerk.

j    Bus Service Changes

     Further to Minute No 40u, the Clerk had received a letter from South Yorkshire PTE,
     advising the Town Council that First could not maintain the frequency of the 87 and 88
     services as the level of use could not justify the number of departures and there was no
     additional resource available for this route. The Deputy Clerk had also attended the
     recent Doncaster Rural Transport Form and gave feedback.


     The Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Town Council held on Wednesday 29 July
     2009 were approved as a true record and signed by the Town Mayor, Councillor Mrs P


     The Clerk reported that he had not received a response to the letter he had sent to
     Doncaster MBC on behalf of residents.


     Further to Minute No 40o, the Planning Sub-Committee had met in August to discuss the
     planning applications and observations had been made in respect of two of these (see
     Minute No. 52b).

a    Planning Applications – Received (no observations)

     Resolved: that the Town Council has no observations in respect of the following
     planning applications:


     Extension and refurbishment of household waste recycling centre (being application
     under Regulation 3 Town and Country Planning (General Regulations 1992), Household
     Waste Recycling Centre, Bootham Lane, Dunscroft

     Erection of ground floor conservatory extension to rear of detached house, 36 Amanda
     Drive, Hatfield

a     09/1613/COU
     Change of use of shop (A1 use) to hot food takeaway (A5 use), 14 High Street, Dunsville

     Retrospective planning application for increasing the roof height of detached bungalow
     and installation of roof lights (being amendment to previous permission granted under ref
     08/2458/FUL on 12.01.2009), Holly Farm Cottage, Hale Hill Lane, Hatfield Woodhouse

     Erection of first floor pitched roof extension above existing to side/rear of semi detached
     house, 29 Cleveland Way, Hatfield

     Change of use from vacant retail unit (Class A1) to hot food takeaway (Class A5)
     including installation of flue to rear, Units 3 and 4, 245 Station Road, Dunscroft


     Retrospective application for change of use of building from pharmacy (Class A1) to hot
     food takeaway (Class A5), Snack Stop, Crookes Broom Avenue, Hatfield

     Formation of rooms in roofspace including installation of three pitched roof dormer
     windows to side elevation of semi-detached house, 164 High Street, Dunsville

     Erection of changing room (7.32m x 2.75m) (being re-submission of application
     previously granted under ref 09/0823/FUL on 22.5.09), Hatfield Town Cricket Club, Carr
     Side Lane, Hatfield

     Erection of lean-to extension (24.38m x 7.01m) to existing agricultural building, Bank
     House Farm, Scunthorpe Road, Thorne

     Formation of vehicular access to a classified road (C111), 102 Broadway, Dunscroft

     Raise roof height in connection with rooms in roofspace created, 33 Hoddesdon Crescent,

     Erection of two storey pitched roof extension to side and rear and ground floor
     conservatory extension to replace existing also to rear of detached house, 16 Hund Oak
     Drive, Hatfield

     Erection of pitched roof porch/WC extension to front of detached house, 46 Coppice
     Avenue, Hatfield
a    09/2058/FUL
     Erection of pitched roof porch extension to front and pitched roof extension to rear of
     detached bungalow (being re-submission of planning application 09/1576/FUL, granted
     on 21.8.09 – larger extension), 4 Leyland Avenue, Hatfield

b    Planning Applications – Received (observations)

     Resolved: that the Town Council has observations in respect of the following planning


     Outline application for erection of detached dwelling on approx 0.17ha of land, Willow
     Tree Farm, Ancient Lane, Hatfield Woodhouse

     Observations: Object to the application on the grounds that it is agricultural land also the
     entrance/egress is between two very bad bends.

     Erection of detached house on approx 0.03ha of land, land at The Hawthorns, New Mill
     Field Road, Hatfield

     Observations: object to the application on the grounds of over-intensive backland
     (tandem) development. Also possible non-compliance with previous planning condition

c    08/3259/FULM
     Creation of 1.5ha fishing pond with associated woodland, meadow, marsh areas and
     car parking including the extraction and removal off site of approximately 70000
     tonnes of sand and gravel and the formation of a temporary access road (being re-
     submission of previous application 07/3660/FULM withdrawn 11.1.08), land of
     Mosscroft Lane, Hatfield
     Erection of detached house on approx 0.26ha of land following demolition of
     existing dwelling, the Villa, Brierholme Carr Road, Hatfield

     The Clerk had been notified that the above applicants had appealed against Doncaster
     MBC’s decision to refuse planning permission.


     The Clerk circulated a financial report comparing actual income and expenditure with
     budget for the period to 31 august 2009.

     Resolved: that the report is accepted.


a    External Audit of Accounts 2008/09

     The Clerk had now received the Annual Return “signed off” by External Auditors. The
     one issue raised was with regard to the Town Council acting as Trustee for a charity for
     the relief of poverty. The report recommended that the Town Council should resign as
     trustee of the charity and withdraw from any administration functions it may perform.

     Resolved: that the report is noted and that the Clerk will seek further guidance and report
     back to the next meeting of the Town Council.

b    Half Term Activities

     The Clerk had received an email from Sue Rawlings, Doncaster MBC requesting
     permission to use Jubilee Park and Station Road Recreation Grounds for sports activity
     sessions on the five days of the October half term.

     Resolved: that the Town Council has no objection to the use of Jubilee Park and Station
     Road Recreation Ground for the above activities.

c    Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham Joint Strategic Waste Development Plan

     The Clerk had received a letter from Doncaster MBC inviting Members to attend a drop-
     in session at Dunsville Community Centre on 4 September 2009 to discuss the above
     plan. The Clerk had circulated copies of the letter to Members prior to that meeting.

d    Abbey Playing Fields – Allotments

     Further to Minute No 6 (B&R Committee 1/2 June 2009), the Clerk had received a letter
     from the Dunscroft Oval Allotments Association declaring an interest in setting up
     allotments on Abbey Playing Fields. It had been suggested that the allotments would be
     placed in a line immediately to the rear of the new housing. Members reported that
     several residents had expressed concerns about vandalism should the allotments be given
     the go ahead in the position required.

     Resolved: that the matter is referred to the next Burial & Recreation Committee.

e    York Road Recreation Ground

     Further to Minute No 8 (B&R Committee 1/2 June 2009), the Clerk had received a
     quotation from Doncaster MBC in the sum of £600 plus tipping fees for clearing the
     perimeter of the field.

     Resolved: that the quotation from Doncaster MBC is accepted.

f    Structures Policy (Rights of Way)

     The Clerk had received a letter from the Rights of Way Officer, Doncaster MBC
     enclosing a draft policy to cover all structures that cross rights of way, including those for
     stock control purposes and public safety. Comments were requested by 30 September
f    Councillor B Jackson gave feedback on his attendance at the recent Rights of Way
     meeting. The footpath at the side of the Ingram Arms, Hatfield had been discussed and it
     was stated that the highest number of objections in the Borough had been received by
     Doncaster MBC on this matter. It would appear that the landlord had a legal right to
     completely block off the footpath and any legal challenge to this could take up to two
     years to conclude. It was also apparent that the original bollards had not been removed
     illegally by the landlord as they were situated on his land.

     Resolved: that the Clerk invites George Diprose, Rights of Way, Doncaster MBC to the
     next meeting of the Town Council to clarify the position.

g    Hatfield Woodhouse Recreation Ground – Dog Waste Bin

     The Clerk had received a request from a local resident for the Town Council to provide
     an additional dog waste bin on Hatfield Woodhouse Recreation Ground at the Slay Pit
     Lane end.

     Resolved: that a dog waste bin is provided.

h    Hatfield – Public Toilets

     The Clerk had received an email from a local resident asking if the Town Council would
     consider providing public toilets in the village.

     Resolved: that the email is noted.

i    British Gas – “Green Streets” Initiative

     The Clerk had received a letter from Caroline Flint MP detailing British Gas “Green
     Streets” Initiative. British Gas are looking for 14 national projects that help to reduce
     energy or create green energy in their local community.

     Resolved: that the letter is noted.

j    Cuckoo Lane, Hatfield – Sewerage Problems

     The Clerk had received a letter from a local resident giving details of the problems
     caused during heavy rainfall when the sewer inspection hatch cover lifts due to water
     pressure, flooding the road. The Clerk had contacted the resident concerned and had
     been informed that Yorkshire Water are monitoring the situation.

k    SLCC “Paper Chase” Seminar – 23 November 2009

     The Clerk had received details of the above Seminar which was to take place in York on
     Monday 23 November 2009. The cost is £95.00 per delegate.

     Resolved: that the Clerk attends the Seminar.

l    SLCC Training Day

     The Clerk had received details of the Training Day to be held on Friday 9 October 2009
     at Aston-Cum-Aughton Parish Hall.

     Resolved: the Clerk and Deputy Clerk attends the Training Day at a total cost of £30.00.

m    Charity Governance Seminar – 22 October 2009

     The Clerk had received details of the above Seminar to be held at the Royal York Hotel
     on Thursday 22 October 2009 at a cost of £80 per delegate, including VAT.

     Resolved: that the Seminar is noted.

n    SYPA – Annual General Meeting – 29 October 2009

     The Clerk had received an email from South Yorkshire Pensions Authority, giving details
     of the Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday 29 October 2009 in Sheffield.

     Resolved: that the email is noted.

o    Remembrance Day

     The Clerk reminded Members that a date was required for a meeting of the Remembrance
     Day Committee.

     Resolved: that the Remembrance Day Committee will meet on Wednesday 14 October
     2009 at 6 p.m.

p    Health & Safety Committee

     The Clerk reminded Members that a date was required for a meeting of the Health &
     Safety Committee.

     Resolved: that the Health & Safety Committee will meet on Monday 28 September 2009
     at 6 p.m.

q    Newsletter

     The Clerk had circulated a draft copy of the Autumn issue of the newsletter. Members
     suggested a number of additional items.

r    Joint Charter

     The Clerk had received a letter from Doncaster MBC enclosing a copy of the agreed Joint
     Charter between Doncaster Council and Parish and Town Councils which was endorsed
     at the Parish Councils Joint Consultative Committee on 15 October 2007 and adopted at
     the Doncaster Council Cabinet meeting held on 14 January 2009 and signed by Doncaster
     Council and Parish and Town Councils.

s    Skate Park – Insurance

     The Clerk had been advised that the additional insurance premium for the Skate Park is
     £1500.00 plus insurance premium tax.

t    Dunsville Quarry – Future Meetings

     The Clerk reported that he had contacted Ian Pearson, Group Mineral Estates Manager at
     Marshalls to determine whether a further meeting had been arranged and requesting a
     copy of the minutes of the meeting held on 10 March 2009. Ian had promised to supply
     a copy of the minutes and stated that a meeting was due some time in October.

u    Dunsville Parish Plan - Grant

     The Clerk had received a letter from The Big Lottery Fund (Awards for All), confirming
     that they were prepared to offer a grant of £7572 towards the Dunsville Parish Plan. The
     grant would be paid to the Town Council and earmarked entirely for the Parish Plan. The
     Dunsville Parish Plan Steering Group are due to meet next week.

v    Coalfields Regeneration Trust –Small Grants Scheme

     The Clerk had received a letter from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust enclosing a
     booklet on the CRT Bridging the Gap grant. It was felt that webbing to stop erosion on
     the Skate Park might qualify for a grant.

     Resolved: that the Clerk makes enquiries as to what qualifies for a grant and reports back
     to the Town Council.


     Resolved: that the following accounts be approved and passed for payment:

     Invoices paid end July/August

     Cheque No.

      5079        D Wright – salary, Aug 2009                                      1265.05
      5080        B Spencer – salary, Aug 2009                                      788.72
      5081        S Williamson – salary Aug 2009                  1147.46          1060.80
                         Less rental for Cemetery House            (86.66)
      5082        S Briggs – salary, Aug 2009                                      1049.38
      5083        A Briggs – salary, Aug 2009                                      1074.28
      5084        Cheque cancelled
      5085        B Rodwell – Office Cleaning – Aug 2009                             49.84
      5086        SYPA – Pension contributions – Aug 2009                          1337.29
      5087        Inland Revenue – Tax/NI Aug 2009                                 1792.52
      5088        Team Extreme Ltd – Deposit re Skate Park Demo                     809.03
      5089        Edge Designs Ltd – Cemetery Software – Annual Licence             166.75
      5090        Arco Ltd – Consumable materials                                    32.36
5091         Grantham Industries Ltd – Purchase of top soil                 12.77
5092         SLCC Enterprises Ltd – Delegates fee (VAT course)             109.25
5093         Jubb Signs – Sign for Peace Garden                             25.30
5094         Benchmark Grounds Maintenance Ltd – Grass cutting, July      1412.20
5095         Parkes Bros Ltd – Repairs to Sports Pavilion roof             230.00
5096         Zurich Insurance Company – Insurance premium, Skate Park     1575.00
5097         Yorkshire & Humber RTP – Delegates fees, Scarborough          580.00
             RTP Conference
5098         Travis Perkins – Fence posts and grating                      116.24
5099         Team Extreme Ltd – Skate Park demo balance                   1887.73
5100         Zurich Municipal Management Services – LCAS Annual            166.75
5101         Lee Garth Tools Ltd – new generator/angle grinder             438.73
5102         NPower – supply                                               294.87
                    Sports Pavilion                        50.61
                    Council Offices                      150.20
                    Cemetery                               94.06
5103         Brier Hills Recycling Ltd – green waste disposal              110.98
5104         Doncaster Garden Machinery – mower spares/service             314.14
5105         Handyman – consumable materials                                23.35
5106         Hannah Reed & Associates Ltd – professional fees re Skate      72.45
             Park (part)
5107         Aitkens Sportsturf Ltd – herbicide                            156.52
5108         N T Killingley Ltd – reimbursement re Skate Park             2350.00
Dir Deb      Barriecars – Fuel, July                                       111.10
Dir Deb      YHCC Telecom – Mobile Phone charges, June                      14.41
Dir Deb      YHCC Telecom – charges                                         26.77
                    Cemetery                               5.16
                    Council Offices                      21.61
TOTAL                                                                    14216.35

 Invoices paid September

Cheque No.

5109         Travis Perkins – consumable materials                          66.52
5110         D Tomlinson – distribution of Fun Day flyer                    60.00
5111         Grantham Industries Ltd – planings for Jubilee roadway         28.06
5112         Arena Business Machines – photocopying charges                 43.79
5113         Doncaster MBC –                                               738.11
                Printing of Fun Day flyer                 378.00
                Structural Engineer’s report              360.11
5114         Benchmark Grounds Maintenance Ltd – grass cutting            1412.20
5115         Handyman – consumable materials                                28.19
5116         YPO – consumable materials                                     49.68
5117         Lazer Security – Council Offices Alarm, annual service         86.25
5118         Yorkshire Water – charges                                     159.77
                Sports Pavilion                     50.35
                Council Offices                     38.99
                Cemetery                            70.43
         5119           BDO Stoy Hayward LLP – Audit fee – 2008/09 accounts       1006.25
         5120           Car Care Thorne – Compressor                                92.00
         5121           Manor Tyres Ltd – puncture repair, Tipper                   11.50
         5122           Doncaster Garden Machinery – Protective clothing            40.25
         5123           D Wright –                                                1455.17
                            Salary – September 2009          1265.05
                            Petty cash – Imprest              190.12
         5124           B I Spencer – salary, September 2009                       788.72
         5125           Cheque Cancelled                                             0.00
         5126           S Briggs – salary, September 2009                         1049.18
         5127           A Briggs – salary, September 2009                         1074.08
         5128           E M Fletcher – Sports Pavilion wages, p/e 13 September      59.76
         5129           B Rodwell – office cleaning, September 2009                 62.30
         5130           Inland Revenue – Tax/NI, September 2009                   1702.36
         5131           SYPA – Pension contributions, September 2009              1337.29
         5132           XMA Ltd – Imaging Drum for printer                         134.98
         5133           Lee Garth Tools Ltd – welder                               239.61
         5134           S Williamson –                                            1060.80
                            Salary – September 2009          1147.46
                            less rental for Cemetery House    (86.66)
         Dir Deb        Barriecars – fuel, August                                  100.31
         Dir Deb        YHCC Telecom – mobile charges, September                    10.73
         Dir Deb        YHCC Telecom – charges                                     119.24
                                Cemetery                    54.33
                                Council Offices             64.91
         TOTAL                                                                   13017.10


       Resolved that the public and press are excluded from the remaining proceedings of the
       meeting in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.

Signed .......................................................... (Town Mayor)

Date: 12 October 2009


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