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					Dear Fellow Owner

As a fellow villa owner at Sands Beach, Lanzarote, I would like to tell you
about a large and active group of villa owners who have formed an
organisation to provide mutual support and a forum to share our common
interests in the enjoyment of Resort facilities and our villas and also,
importantly, to focus on our significant investment in the Resort’s long term
success and our personal return on that investment.

We call ourselves “Sands Beach Global Owners” (SBGO) since we have over
100 villas represented by our group with committed, active owners from
Spain, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Czech Republic and the remainder
of continental Europe.

SBGO was formed eighteen months ago to facilitate communications and
mutual support between villa owners since we share a broad range of
common interests and can benefit from significant cost savings that SBGO
provides to individual owners particularly on legal and financial issues. SBGO
holds regular all-member meetings, has formed an operations committee of
elected and very active volunteers, organises events, does the leg-work to
address key issues on behalf of member villa owners, and importantly
provides an open channel of communication for all members. In this regard,
we have formed an active Yahoo Group that provides a “no cost,” user-
friendly, information exchange for all members.

Additionally, our group meetings are a great opportunity to meet and
socialise with other owners and share our Sands Beach and Lanzarote
experiences as well as to be up-to-date on all major Resort issues. At our last
meeting Robin Brinkman, Resort manager, and Vladimir Kokorev, Resort and
major villa owner/investor, attended so that they could explain the new lease
program to us and answer our often burning questions on monthly fees, resort
management issues and the limitations on rental program involvement in

We invite you to join SBGO. As a member you will enjoy the many benefits
listed below as well to take advantage of the insights that have and will
continue to come from SBGO investigation and monitoring of Resort
management activities to ensure that they are always aligned with villa
owner interests. Here is a more detailed list of our benefits and activities:
   1. Sharing issues as they emerge through our very active Yahoo Group
      Internet communications channel

   2. Be represented at the Grouping of Property Owners Association of
      Sands Beach Villas Resort annual general meeting via proxy to SBGO if
      you cannot go to Lanzarote in person in December of each year

   3. Receive legal advice on key issues that affect all villa owners including
      leasing of your villa, Grouping of Owners Association rights and
      responsibilities, Quill, handling of funds by SBV Management including
      your monthly maintenance fee payments and reporting on Resort
      maintenance expenses, transparent and accurate formulation of
      maintenance fees, Spanish law requirements for maintaining financial
      accounts in a transparent manner, ownership rights and privileges
      concerning the Resort and the use of its facilities, and other complex
      legal and financial issues that can have a significant impact on your
      investment returns from your villa

   4. Attend regular meetings of SBGO villa owners – a great opportunity to
      socialise with other owners, share experiences and get answers to
      questions you may have regarding your investment

   5. Establish and maintain a good, fair and transparent working
      relationship with SBV Management, the company controlled by Mr.
      Kokorev, that manages and maintains Resort facilities and sets villa
      rental rates and maintenance fees

   6. Share local Lanzarote knowledge (where to find the best currency
      deals, mortgage rates, car rentals, local property tax payment issues,
      property insurance requirements and rates, etc.

   7. Benefit significantly from the financial and labor-saving synergies
      provided by SBGO membership. SBGO active committee members do
      the above tasks on your behalf always guided by your and other
      group members open and transparent input. Individual owners simply
      do not have the time and experience to stay on top of the important
      communications, legal and monitoring tasks that SBGO does on your
      behalf. Importantly you also benefit financially since the costs of
      carrying out these important activities on your own would far exceed
      the entry fee for SBGO membership.

SBGO is proud to report that is has made significant progress on the above
issues and tasks and has the resources to continue this work on behalf of
owner members. By joining SBGO you are providing additional resources to
strengthen our position, you save money, and you help to protect your
investment interest in the Resort and your own villa.
Additionally, we want to provide you with further information on current and
very important legal activities being carried out by our Spanish legal counsel
that can have an impact on all members:

   1. Negotiating to achieve a 1% reduction on mortgage rates through

   2. Ongoing communications with SBV Management and actions to
      ensure that the Grouping of Owners Association, which all owners are
      members of, have accurate financial information to justify the monthly
      maintenance fees that are charged to owners and that the funds
      involved are handled in accordance with Spanish law which prohibits
      co-mingling of funds

   3. Reviewing the key documents that govern villa ownership rights and
      privileges versus Resort owned facilities to ensure balance, fairness,
      transparency and accuracy in the overall management of the Resort
      and the handling of and reporting of financial matters of Resort
      management and villa owners. Overall, we are attempting to ensure
      that both short and long term Resort management/majority investor
      interests are clearly and unequivocally aligned with those of individual
      villa owners.

One of the main concerns at the moment is the community/monthly
maintenance service charge. SBGO is actively trying to reduce this charge to
levels consistent with the quality of the service provided and market
conditions and to protect us all from any future increases wherever
realistically possible. Fees that are higher than can be justified by market and
best of class service management performance can jeopardize the current
and future return on our investment. High maintenance fees and the
unexpected reductions in rental program participation and rental program
payments to participating villa owners have already caused major financial
hardships to a number of both recent and long term villa owners.

Further information can be found on our website
Communications are sent almost daily from members, meetings are currently
being held semi-annually and our doors are open to all individual villa owners.
Full access to SBGO’s data, services and networking benefits costs only 300
GBP or 375 Euro on a one time basis and is payable by cheque made out to
Sands Beach Global Owners and sent to SBGO, Southview, Newtown
Common, Newbury, RG20 9DE.

One testimonial from an SBGO member which is also repeated by most others
is as follows:

“This has probably been the best 300 GBP we have invested. We have had
great value for money, the comfort of knowing that we are not alone, having
the support of the group, sharing our concerns and receiving the benefit of
the legal advice. The group is well established, organized and focused upon
helping us all. A big thank you to all of those who work so hard.”

If you would like to hear more about us or join our group, please feel free to
call me Ainsley Cheetham, on 01253 700960 or 07861 249945.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Ainsley Cheetham

Chair SBGO