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Cedar Ridge Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all

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					  Cedar Ridge Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all this year

Cedar Ridge Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all this year. Located on beautiful Burt Lake you’ll find peace and tranquility in this
scenic Northern Ontario setting. Located 30 km off highway 11 we are nestled deep in the forest far away from any traffic providing a peaceful
and tranquil setting one would expect of a remote lodge. Excellent accommodations and the warm and friendly hospitality of your hosts and
staff will make your stay an unforgettable one. Cedar Ridge is a full service outdoor adventure seekers paradise. Guests can choose from our
full American Plan which includes three hearty, delicious home cooled meals per day, served in our large dinning room or cook your own in our
newly renovated Villas complete with kitchenettes.

Discover Cedar Ridge
Besides unsurpassed fishing and hunting, discover the many other wonders of this unspoiled land. Set out for an afternoon of lake hopping or
settle down and enjoy just one. Bring your camera to preserve that special shot, the slap of a beaver’s tail or the famous call of the loon.

At Cedar Ridge, friendships are made to last a lifetime. We are a proud supporter of the “pass it on” movement. Ask us about our special
children’s rates. At night you can choose the privacy of your own room with a book from the camp library or enjoy stories being told by other
sportsman around the fire. You can simply relax in the lounge as well.

Enjoy a good night's sleep after a hard day at play on your comfortable mattress in every room. Our room configurations come with your choice
of two twin beds, a twin and a bunk bed or a double bed. Each building has modern indoor plumbing, hot and cold running water and cedar
lined showers. Rooms are equipped with base board electric heat for those chilly nights.

In order for us to aid you in making a reservation, please use the form on our Contact Us page.
We will respond as soon as possible in order to provide you with all the help you will need to ensure your vacation is as enjoyable as possible.

Mailing Address:
Cedar Ridge Lodge
PO Box 250, Swastika Ontario,
P0K 1T0

Reservations: 519-870-3552

The area boasts various elevations, clearings, open water and swamps providing some of the best habitat for whatever game you are seeking.
Our lodge is situated 25 minutes from Highway 11, on a quiet lake.

We cater to various hunters seeking a wide variety of wildlife including:

• Moose
• Bear
• Grouse
• Rabbit
• Duck
• Geese

Moose Hunting

Cedar Ridge Lodge is on the boundary between Wildlife Management Units (WMU) 28 and 29. Moose hunting in the Kirkland Lake/
Matachewan area has been popular for many years; at only 6 hours north of Toronto, it is the fifth best producing Moose area with over 500
tags available. Our lodge doesn’t offer Moose hunting to Non-residents. Guests must supply tags.

Moose Hunts include:
· One weeks accommodation in our modern lodge
· Orientation
· Tracking & recovery
· Hanging
  American Plan

Bear Hunting (1 of 12)5/3/2005 7:34:33 AM
  Cedar Ridge Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all this year

The area has a heavy concentration of black bear, and offers beautiful landscape for fall hunting. Productivity from blinds and tree stands over
bait is exceptional; seize the opportunity for a record harvest this year. Pope and Young and Boone & Crockett records have been scored here.
Hunters must supply tree stands due to insurance liability.

Bear Hunts include:
· One week accommodation at our modern lodge
· Baited sites & orientation
· Tracking & recovery
  American Plan
****Due to liability reasons, hunters must bring there own tree stands****

Upland Birds

Grouse Hunts include:
· One week accommodation, three meals per day. Grouse abound by the thousands in the area. Often times you will come up on pairs of two
or more. Touring the endless logging roads or a walk on one of the trails nearby will produce a limit. Two kinds of grouse found in the area are
Ruffed and Spruce. Ptarmigan can also be found within a two hour drive if one wishes to travel.

Feel free to bring your favorite bird dog to assist you in your hunt. Excellent training grounds for bird dogs.


Ruffed & Spruce................Sept 15 to Dec 31

Small Game

Small game in the area include the snowshoe hare, timber and gray wolf, red fox and much more!


Our waterfowl hunts include 7 night accommodations, three meals per day, boat & motor package, duck and goose (field & water) decoys,
guide for 2-3 days. We incorporate many different styles of hunting that include open water lakes & rivers, jump shooting on creeks & streams
and field hunting with a full spread of geese and ducks. Public marshlands are also located nearby. Many species of ducks are on the fly way
including mallards and blacks.

Seasons:              Geese..........Sept 1-Dec                              Ducks................ Sept 10-Dec

Don't wait for the Northerns to come down........Come and get them!

Fishing Enthusiasts

We offer the convenience of a drive in lodge but the remoteness of a fly-in. We are the only lodge on the lake and fishing pressure is low. We
are located deep in the forest surrounded by countless warm and coldwater lakes, rivers and streams. Many fishing programs have been
filmed in the area because of the quality of the fishery. Fish species include walleye, northern pike, brook trout, lake trout, rainbow trout,
splake, small mouth bass, herring, whitefish and ling. We are the only area in the province that offers fishing for the rare “Aurora Trout” as well.

The lodge is located on beautiful Burt Lake which has walleye, northern pike, trout, herring, perch & ling. Half the lake ranges from 80ft to
105ft deep and the other half is 6ft to 12ft in depth with many ledges, sunken islands and two islands above water. A short two minute walk will
take you to Burt Lake #1. It is a smaller lake and loaded with pike. It backs onto Burt Creek which is a spawning ground for brook trout and
there is no shortage of them. We are the only people who have access to this lake. A short five minute ATV or 4x4 ride will take you to Burt
Lakes #4 & #5. These are stocked brook trout lakes. Burt Creek empties into the Englehart River which is behind the lodge and the fishing
possibilities are endless with this water system alone. Many more lakes are within a 5-20 minute shuttle of us including the famous “Montreal
River System”.

Anglers find it worthwhile to make the trek here for the various benefits we offer. From Baffin Island to New Zealand anglers have come to visit
us and fish the Arctic Watershed and its crystal clear waters that surround us. There are over 200 lakes & streams in the area for you to
explore. Come and enjoy fishing for the various species in the area including: (2 of 12)5/3/2005 7:34:33 AM
  Cedar Ridge Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all this year

                                             Warm Water Species                   Cold Water Species
                                                    q   Walleye (Pickerel)
                                                                                      q   Brook Trout (Speckled)
                                                    q   Sauger
                                                                                      q   Splake (Lake & Brook Cross)
                                                    q   Northern Pike
                                                                                      q   Lake Trout
                                                    q   Small Mouth Bass
                                                                                      q   Rainbow Trout
                                                    q   White fish
                                                                                      q   Aurora Trout
                                                    q   Pan fish
                                                                                      q   Herring
                                                    q   Ling (Freshwater Cod)


Cedar Ridge Lodge offers the avid angler an assortment of species to pursue as well as the ability to try multiple fishing techniques during your
stay. Some examples include:

                q   Trolling large lakes & rivers

                q   Casting for that big northern pike, walleye or small mouth bass

                q   Jigging for that golden walleye or trophy whitefish

                q   Down rigging deep lakes with planner boards for big walleye & lake trout

                q   Fly Fishing on small streams stuffed with brook trout or small lakes for splake, rainbow trout and small mouth bass

                q   Still fishing with live bait at your favorite fishing holes

Guide Service Packages (priced per group of 2):

Gold Package: $250.00 Includes all day guide, fantastic shore lunch.

Silver Package: $150.00 Includes all day guide, pack lunch

Bronze Package: Free. On your first night, Cedar Ridge staff will familiarize your group with the area (maps & short tour) and point you in the
right direction so you can begin your trip the following morning with confidence.

Boat & Motor Rentals:

To make your fishing trip as comfortable as possible, we have 14ft foot aluminum boats (deep & wide) with 9.9 horsepower motors & swivel
padded seats available anytime. We have boats located on our home lake as well as various other lakes in the area. You are free to use these
boats as well when you rent with us.

Rates: Daily $65

Fishing Services Include:
• Freezer service
• Fish Cleaning Station

****Authorized issuer of Fishing & Hunting Licenses**** (3 of 12)5/3/2005 7:34:33 AM
  Cedar Ridge Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all this year

***Check under the canoe section for more fishing photos***

                                  Walleye                Pike                Mouth   Perch             Brook Trout Lake Trout   Splake   Whitefish
Montreal River                         x                    x                  x
Englehart River                                                                                            x
Burt Lake                              x                    x                  x      x                    x                                x
Kenogami Lake                          x                    x                  x
Watabeag Lake                                               x                                                          x
Middleton Lake                                              x                  x      x
Holmes Lake                                                 x                  x
Galer Lake                                                  x                  x                                       x
Sunny Lake                                                  x                                                          x
Beaver Lake                                                 x                                   x                      x          x
Bompass Lake                                                x

Cedar Ridge Lodge, an ATVer's Paradise

Cedar Ridge Lodge is surrounded with hundreds of miles of endless logging roads, hydro line & bush trails. Enjoy the beauty of the
surrounding landscape including highland trails offering scenic views of surrounding lakes and valleys, winding trails through old growth forests
and open clear cuts. Take an easy trail, or challenge your skills through some low land muddy bogs and hilly ridges that take you to the side of
a remote lake to take in the beauty of what Northern Ontario is all about.

You can also take a break from the trail to settle into a day or two of fishing with boat and motor rentals available on site.


Guests at Cedar Ridge Lodge have a variety of canoeing options available to them. Individuals can paddle the day away on one of our home
lakes, or for more extended trips, they can choose between various routes in the Cedar Ridge Lodge area.

Canoe Shuttle Service

We offer a shuttle service that will take you from the lodge to your chosen lake or drop off point. We can also pick you up at the end of the day
or at the end of the route.


$60.00 pick-up fee, covers both put-in and take out.

Canoe Rentals

$20.00/ day This includes two paddles and two life jackets. To help plan your vacation we have topographical maps and route maps available.


Englehart River Routes

Englehart River to Kap-Kig-Iwan Prov. Park

Start the trip at your drop off on the Englehart River bridge. Head Southeast on the Englehart River , and then through Kenogami Lake . After (4 of 12)5/3/2005 7:34:33 AM
  Cedar Ridge Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all this year

paddling through Robillard Lake , you will be back on the Englehart River . This last stretch includes 7 portages and ends at Kap-Kig-Iwan
Provincial Park .

Distance: 34 km

Duration : 3 days

River Travel : advanced

Lake Travel : intermediate

Portaging : Easy

No. of Portages : 9

Englehart River to Temiskaming

Start the trip at your drop off on the Englehart River bridge. Head Southeast on the Englehart River , and then through Kenogami Lake . After
paddling through Robillard Lake , you will be back on the Englehart River . This last stretch includes 7 portages and ends will take you past
Kap-Kig-Iwan Provincial Park , and finishes on Lake Temiskaming

Distance: 120 km

Duration : 5 days

River Travel : advanced

Lake Travel : intermediate

Portaging : Easy

No. of Portages : 11

Montreal River Routes

Montreal River to Matachewan

This route starts out at Edith Lake of Hwy 560 west of Gowganda. You paddle North through Edith Lake , portaging around the rapids, and
then through Obushkon Lake ti the Montreal River . From here you head North through Beaver Lake taking 3 portages that will lead you to
Tommy Lake . After a 145 m portage you head North through Sisseney Lake , taking 3 portages around rapids back to the Montreal River to
finish at Matachewan.

Distance: 64 km

Duration : 3 days

River Travel : novice

Lake Travel : intermediate

No. of Portages : 8

West Montreal River

Starting out at Wapus Creek west of Gowganda you head North, then North on West Montreal River through Metikemedo and Penassi Lakes . (5 of 12)5/3/2005 7:34:33 AM
  Cedar Ridge Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all this year

A short portage to head North on West Montreal River takes you to a series of portages around rapids and Caribou Falls . You then headNorth
through Mistinikon Lake , and portage around Matachewan Falls . The route then heads South through Matachewan Lake , after 2 portages
you head South to Matachewan.

Distance: 64 km

Duration : 4 days

River Travel : intermediate

Lake Travel : intermediate

No. of Portages : 8

Watabeag River Route

This route starts out at Sylvia Falls on the Watageag Lake Road , and heads North on Watabeag River to a portage around High Falls .
Continue North on Watabeag River to portage around Four Foot Falls. It continues North on Watabeag River with a 3rd portage around rapids
and Egan Chutes. It finishes on the Watabeag River at Hwy 11 bridge.

Distance: 40 km

Duration : 3 days

River Travel : advanced

No. of Portages : 7

Esker Provincial Park Route

Howard Lake to Beaverhouse Lake

Start at the Howard Lake boat launch which is off Hwy #672 (the road to Esker Lakes Provincial Park off Hwy. #66). There is good parking at
the launch site. From the Howard Lake access site go south on Howard Lake into Misema Lake where there are pictographs on the north
shore. Continue down to the shallow spill dam between Beaverhouse Lake and the Misema River . There are lots of little bays to explore with
great scenery and wildlife. A nice side trip is to paddle 3 km north to the top of Howard Lake where there is a waterfall and rapids. A short
portage around the small rapids takes you up to Kennedy Lake

Distance: 30 km

Duration : 2 days

Loop Trip : yes

River Travel : novice

Lake Travel : novice

No. of Portages : 0

Larder River Route

This is a 49 km canoe route with plenty of fast water, rapids and falls. This is a comfortable 2-3 days trip, considered novice to moderate. Some (6 of 12)5/3/2005 7:34:33 AM
  Cedar Ridge Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all this year

rapids may be run or tracked by the experienced canoeists, but during high water, all portages are recommended. Access to this canoe route is
at Raven Lake , via Hwy 624 to Larder Lake and then east on Hwy 66 to the Raven Lake Road . A canoe route map of this route can be
obtained from the Ministry of Natural Resources, as well as topographic maps of the area.

There are primitive campsites all along the route.

In the immediate area you have the following attractions to fill up your day:

• Hiking
• Canoeing
• Snowmobiling
• Golf
• Shopping
• ATV riding
• Wildlife Viewing


                                  Wyndy River Expeditions & Guest Ranch offers the finest in Ontario wilderness horseback vacations, including fully
                                  guided backcountry lodge rides, remote camp wilderness expeditions, backcountry pack-in drop camps & seasonal
                                  pack-in service.
                                  Wyndy River operates in one of North America’s last wilderness frontiers. Located deep in the boreal forest, straddling
                                  the Arctic Watershed, Wyndy River is home to countless lakes, rivers & streams. The foothills of Northeastern Ontario
                                  offer some of the most spectacular scenery found anywhere in the Province. There are no park or territory boundaries
                                  to limit access. You are truly exploring Canada’s wide-open wilderness & rugged terrain.
 Trails wind their way through tall jack & white pine forests, across creeks and rivers, and up through mountain
 terrain only accessible by horseback. You’ll see moose, timber wolves, black bears, lynx, bob cats, eagles and
 many other animals that inhabit the Northeastern Ontario forests. All our trips and services are strictly first class,
 with professional guides licensed and trained in British Columbia, modern lodge accommodations, deluxe
 remote camps, high quality meals, and personalized attention to every guest. Our horses are the finest in the
 business and our equipment is always in excellent, dependable condition. We are able to customize our
 packages to exactly fit your needs.

 Cedar Ridge Lodge-Backcountry Lodge Rides:

 Cedar Ridge Lodge is the hub of our operation and is located at the trails head of our network. This allows for
 easy access for checking in & out and is also home to the best home cooking found in the North. Guests from all
 over the world including Finland, England, Baffin Island and New Zealand have visited Cedar Ridge Lodge to
 explore the beauty and splendor this wonderful rugged countryside has to offer. Guests who choose the
 backcountry lodge ride can expect to ride 3-4 hours per day and return to the lodge every night to enjoy all the
 modern conveniences associated with a full service lodge. Comfortable accommodations, hot & cold running
 water, showers, flushing toilets and a full service dinning hall serving up some of the best home cooked meals
 found in the north. Mealtime is special at the lodge with breakfast & dinners being full course, excellent quality,
 and are served family style. Second & third helpings are the norm and you’ll still have room for dessert, as you’ll
 work up quite an appetite just being in the clean, clear high country air and riding all day. (7 of 12)5/3/2005 7:34:33 AM
 Cedar Ridge Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all this year

Our guests who come to ride engage in a multitude of activities including remote wilderness angling & fully guided
eco-tour wildlife photo safaris. A typical day begins with a hearty early morning breakfast, while the guides feed &
saddle the horses. Lunch will be packed in our saddlebags, and then we’ll mount up and be off for a day of riding,
sightseeing or some fishing if you like. We’ll return to camp each evening in time for dinner. Non- riders can also
enjoy the lodge just experiencing the true northern setting of a remote lodge. They can hike the trails, sit on the
dock and read a book while listening to the loons or rent a boat and try there hand at catching a walleye, big
northern pike or small mouth bass in our main lake. There is a brook trout stream located nearby and that
provides hours of enjoyment for the avid angler. Canoes, horseshoe pits and a beach are also available.

Kids are welcome in our camps. This is a great way to share a true wilderness adventure with your family without having to rough it on your
own. Wyndy River provides lodging, meals, gentle trail riding horses, professional certified guides, and everything necessary to make your
wilderness horseback vacation safe and enjoyable. You provide your personal gear (clothes, boots, and hat) fishing equipment and we
provide the rest. Lodge rides can vary from 2 to 5 days in length and we can accommodate most any size group. After reservations are
made, we’ll send you a detailed suggested list of clothing and items to bring on your trip.

Leaf Rapids Pack-In Camp:

                         Leaf Rapids Pack-In Camp is located in the heart of Northeastern Ontario’s majestic boreal forest set in amongst
                         the rolling hills, tranquil creeks and mystical lakes that one can only appreciate on horseback. The cry of the loon,
                         the faint howling of a timber wolf, the mirage of northern lights or the slap of a beaver’s tail will etch memories
                         that are sure to last a lifetime. Guests are surrounded by the unspeakable beauty, peace and tranquility of this
                         vast wilderness as they experience the traditional gold rush camp lifestyle. You may also have the opportunity to
                         photograph moose, bear or lynx in their natural habitat.
The meadows are alive with backcountry wildflowers and acres of wild blueberries are all at your fingertips. With Leaf Rapids as our base
camp, we set out each day for a fun filled day of riding, photo safaris, or some fly fishing, returning to camp in the evenings.

Our pack-in camp consists of heavy-duty prospector tents with canvas floors and rain flies. There are three guest tents that accommodate
up to four in each and they are equipped with cots, foam pads, lanterns, wood stove, firewood, and a rack for drying wet clothes when
needed. There is a separate cook tent, guide tent, latrine tent and tack tent.

Leaf Rapids Pack-In Camp is a comfortable full-service remote camp with everything furnished except your personal gear and sleeping bag.
As is customary in all our camps, professional certified guides, and the best camp cooked meals are complete and plentiful. Bring your
friends and family to share in this exciting wilderness adventure in one of North America’s last frontiers.

Combination Cedar Ridge Lodge & Leaf Rapids Pack-In Camps:

This popular option combines our two most popular camps in one vacation trip. The number of days in each can be varied as desired.
Fishermen enjoy this option because of the variety water bodies and fish species they have access to. Guests also enjoy this because it
combines a modern lodge facility with amenities as well as a traditional outpost wilderness camp. Let Wyndy River Expeditions & Guest
Ranch share this unspoiled, magnificent countryside with you.

Backcountry Pack-In Drop Camps:

This package is very popular with the do-it-yourself outdoor enthusiast. Fisherman, backpackers and eco-tourist wishing to experience the
great outdoors on their own find this package very fulfilling.

These are un-guided pre-set camps set in the heart of the wilderness, surrounded only by the beauty and ruggedness of this magnificent

Each camp consists of heavy-duty prospector tents with cots and foam pads, rain fly, cooking tent, cook stove, utensils, tables & chairs,
lanterns and axe. Guests are required to bring their personal gear including sleeping bag and should be packed into a duffle bag weighing
no more than 50 lbs. Guests are required to bring their own food and must be limited to 50lbs per person. If you’re into the do-it-yourself
routine, this package is for you.

Seasonal Pack-In Service

Our seasonal pack-in service is for guests who want to bring their own tent, food and gear and only want to be packed-in by horseback and
picked up at a pre-determined time. Site selection is based on the interest of the group. i.e. fishing, backpacking, photo safaris and eco-
tours. We pack your group & provide horse and saddle to and from camp. A weight restriction of 150lbs per person must be followed.

Ontario’s Wilderness Angling (8 of 12)5/3/2005 7:34:33 AM
 Cedar Ridge Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all this year

Ontario’s backcountry fishing is home to some of the best streams, rivers and back lake fishing anywhere in the world.
Brook Trout (Speckled), Rainbow (Steelhead), Lake Trout, Aurora Trout, Walleye & Big Northern Pike frequent
backcountry watersheds virtually untapped by human activity. These areas can only be accessed by horseback
because the bodies of water are generally smaller than the traditional larger bodies and floatplane access is denied. Fly-
fishing, float with live bait, jigs, spinners & body baits often produce some very nice trophy fish or some just the right
size for the frying pan.
Our professional certified guides will help you locate and identify the particular specie you are pursuing. Let Wyndy
River Expeditions & Guest Ranch plan your next angling getaway.

Wyndy River Expeditions & Guest Ranch
Backcountry Wilderness Horseback Expeditions
2005 Prices

1. Cedar Ridge Lodge- Backcountry Lodge Rides
Located six hours from Toronto or seven hours from Sault Ste. Marie you will find yourself surrounded and immersed in the beauty of
Northeastern Ontario’s boreal forest and North America’s last frontier. This is our only drive to camp and it is the check-in and checkout
location for your stay. Our lodge is a remote lodge and offers all the conveniences of a modern lodge including hot showers, comfortable
clean beds, and the best home cooking you will find in the North. Includes: 4 hours of riding/day with guide, three meals/day and

2 to 7 Night Trips Available………………………….………$145 Per Person Per Day CDN
                                        $125 Per Person Per Day US

2. Leaf Rapids Pack-In Camp
A four-hour ride will take you to Leaf Rapids where you will find yourself surrounded by old growth forests, mystical streams and lakes, and
gentle rolling hills. You will be transformed into another world of unspeakable beauty teaming with wildlife and birds that you may never
have seen before. Leaf Rapids is a comfortable remote pack-in camp reminiscent of the gold rush days that happened in the area. There
are 12 gold mines in the area and trying your hand at panning for gold may prove to be worthwhile. Includes: 4 hours of riding/day, three
meals/day, accommodations in prospector tents with cots & foam pads, professional certified guides for the length of your stay, horses &

Minimum 3-day trip.
3 to 7 Night Trips Available………………………………….$125 Per Person Per Day CDN
                                       $105 Per Person Per Day US

3. Combination Cedar Ridge & Leaf Rapids Pack-In Camp
This package combines our two most popular packages. You will spend half your time in a full service modern lodge and the other half and
on an expedition deep into the boreal forests. This is an excellent opportunity to experience first hand what many people dream about.

5 Night Trip……………………………………………………………..$690 Per Person CDN
                                 $585 Per Person US
7 Night Trip……………………………………………………………..$950 Per Person CDN
                                 $820 Per Person US

4. Backcountry Pack-In Drop Camps
This package was designed for the do-it-yourself outdoorsman who is comfortable in the wilderness on their own. We will pack you into a
pre-set camp where you are free to explore, fish or to just relax and enjoy the scenery of the backcountry. We will pack you out on a
predetermined date. There are no horses or guides that stay with you for the duration of your trip.
$400 Per Person
Regardless of number of days spent (3 Day Minimum)

5. Seasonal Pack-In-Service
This service is for experienced campers who want to bring their own personal gear, food, tent and camping equipment. We will pack you in
and out and select a camp setting based on your desires. There are no horses or guides at these camps.
$350 Per Person
Regardless of number of days spent (3 Day Minimum) (9 of 12)5/3/2005 7:34:33 AM
  Cedar Ridge Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all this year

 Wyndy River Expeditions & Guest Ranch
 Wilderness Expeditions General Information

 Full-Service Guided Trips- Includes all meals, lodging (tent camps or                      There are many activities to keep you occupied including fishing
 main lodge), guides and saddle horses, packhorses, riding instruction                      (boat rentals), relaxing on the dock listening to the loons sing,
 (if needed), to provide a safe and enjoyable pack trip.                                    hiking one of the many trails, blueberry picking, windsurfing,
 Drop Camps- These are not guided camps with horses. We will pack                           canoeing down one of the many lakes or rivers, swimming or take a
 you and your supplies in at the beginning of your trip and then pack                       sauna in the Swedish wood fired steam sauna. A fee of $70 per
 you back to base camp at the end of your stay. You will be furnished                       day including lodging and meals is required for this service.
 with a saddle horse to rise to your drop camp and pack out, The                            When Booking- Please let us know of any special dietary or health
 saddle horses will not be left in camp.                                                    needs when booking in order to assure you of a safe and enjoyable
 Price includes packers and all pack horses needed. Packing Service-                        trip with us. Horses- No matter what your riding ability is, we will
 Price includes packers & pack horses to pack your gear and supplies                        match you with the appropriate horse for your ability. Weather
 into a pre-arranged location in the wilderness. You will be supplies                       Conditions- You can expect temperatures to range from 60 to 80
 with a horse and saddle to ride in and out. Activities include fishing,                    degrees during July though September. Nights can be a bit cooler
 hiking and camping.                                                                        so bring an adequate sleeping bag when on the wilderness
 Reservations- A 50% deposit is required to confirm your reservation.                       expeditions. We will send you a complete list of what to bring once
 This payment may be made in the form of a personal cheque, money                           your deposit has been received.
 order or company cheque. The balance is payable upon arrival at the                        Alcohol-Absolutely no alcohol will be allowed to be consumed prior
 lodge and must be paid in cash or travelers cheque. Fishing                                or during our trek on horseback. During the evenings, alcohol is
 License- Fishing licenses are sold at the lodge if needed.                                 permitted in moderate use only. Any abuse of this policy will forfeit
 Transportation- Our lodge is a drive to lodge with good roads leading                      the balance of your trip and you will be escorted out of the
 to our front door. Guests flying in by air can be picked up and                            wilderness. Tipping- Tipping is not mandatory but it is greatly
 dropped off for an additional charge of $50.00 per person. Air                             appreciated by the guide and cook if you feel they have done a
 Canada has scheduled flights, including return, from Toronto to                            good job for you.
 Timmins, Ontario which is approximately one hour and 20 minutes                            Sales Tax- A 7% Goods & Service tax and a 5% Provincial Sales
 from the lodge. Non-Riding Guests- Non-riding guests are welcome                           Tax is not included in the prices.
 at the lodge.

Directions to Cedar Ridge Lodge:

- Travel North on Highway 400 from Toronto.
- Take Highway 11 past North Bay toward Kirkland lake.
- At the second exit to Kirkland Lake, turn Left on Highway 66.
- Follow the Highway 17 Km to the Swastika Tree Nursery sign.
- Turn right on Watabeag road.
- Travel to the 7 Km marker and take the first right.
- Travel 2 Km, the first driveway on the left is Cedar Ridge Lodge.

Travel Time:
Sault Ste Marie Ontario                            7.5 Hours
Toronto Ontario                                    6 Hours

Enjoy your own Private Villa when you stay with us at Cedar Ridge Lodge!

Cedar Ridge Lodge in Kirkland Lake is Expanding to Serve You Better.
Enjoy your sacred leisure activities with the comfort in knowing you get value for every dollar spent.
We are developing 6 New Private Villas in 2 and 3 bedroom options.
Each new unit comes completely furnished, with private bathroom and kitchen facilities.

                                                                    2005 Spring Show Special Rates

                                                                 7 Night Fishing Packages                                               $US             $CDN
Fishing Package # 1
7 Nights Accommodations, 3 Meals per Day, Boat & Motor Package (main & remote lakes) Bait, Gas,                                         $585            $660
Landing Nets, and Minnow Buckets. (10 of 12)5/3/2005 7:34:33 AM
 Cedar Ridge Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all this year

Fishing Package #2
7 Nights Accommodations, Boat & Motor Package Package (main & remote lakes) Bait, Gas, Landing Nets                             $435     $525
& Minnow Buckets.
Fishing Package #3
                                                                                                                                $430     $520
7 Nights Accommodations, 3 Meals per Day
 Fishing Package #4
                                                                                                                                 $295    $350
7 Nights Accommodations Only
                                                               7 Night Hunting Packages                                          $US     $CDN
Fall Moose Hunting Package
                                                                                                                                 NA      $495
Includes: 7 Nights Accommodations & 3 Meals per Day (Guest supplies tags)
Fall Small Game & Upland Bird
                                                                                                                                $450     $495
Includes: 7 Nights Accommodations, 3 Meals per Day
Waterfowl Hunt:
                                                                                                                                $595     $685
Includes: 7 Night Accommodations, 3 Meals per Day, Duck & Goose Decoys, Boat & Motor Package, Guide

Fall Bear Hunt Package:
                                                                                                                                $1,495    Call
Includes: 7 Night Stay, 3 Meals per Day, Pre-Baited Sites, Guide (5 openings left for 2005 hunt)

                                              ****Minimum of three people for a villa. Two or less can stay in the lodge.****
                                                            ****Minimum 7 Nights for villa Rental****

                                                                      Custom pricing available for 4 and 10 day packages

Check-in-time:                 2:00pm
Check-out-time:                9:00am

Deposits & Confirmations

Fishing Vacations:
 A $100.00 deposit is required at time of booking. Personal cheques are accepted for deposits only. Balance to be paid in cash at time of
arrival. No personal cheques or credit cards will be accepted. Deposits will be refunded with 30 days notice.

Hunting Vacations:
50% deposit is required at time of booking. Balance to be paid 60 days before arrival.

What to bring:

     q   Bath & face towels

     q   Toiletries

     q   Thermos

     q   Insect repellant & sun screen

     q   Fishing gear

     q   Life jacket (if you have one)

     q   Snacks

     q   Camera & plenty of film

     q   Rain gear

All beds come complete with bedding & pillow. (11 of 12)5/3/2005 7:34:33 AM
Cedar Ridge Lodge is the perfect place to get away from it all this year

                                                                            12% PST & GST Not Included

                                                                                 Mailing Address:
                                                                                Cedar Ridge Lodge
                                                                           PO Box 250, Swastika Ontario,
                                                                                     P0K 1T0

                                                                            Reservations: 519-870-3552
                                                                           Email: (12 of 12)5/3/2005 7:34:33 AM

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