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Reservation / Registration Form – Rental Properties
In order to reserve the villa, please fill in the appropriate information and mail or fax this form to the
address below.
*You can print this form out to fax or mail to us (or just ask us and we will send you the reservation
form). This is the official agreement, which we need to confirm your reservation for the rental of this

         1.     Availability changes daily. Our on-line availability calendar gives a good indication of
               Availability but it is only updated weekly. You can also call us to check at 386 – 405 - 2450.
         2.    Once you know your villa is available, please fill out this reservation form and send it to us.
               We will send you one if you are unable to print this form.
         3.    Once we receive your 50% deposit and this completed reservation form, we will send you a
               Reservation & Payment Confirmation with a copy of this signed agreement.
         4.    Final payment is due 30 days prior to your rental start date.
         5.    After final payment processing, we will send you pre-departure information including


Name(s): __________________________________________________________________________



Telephone #’s: _____________________________________________________________________

Cell________________________ Work_________________________ Fax______________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________


City/State/Zip: ______________________________________________________________________

Property Name: Butchers Villa               # of weeks: _______________ or # of days: _______________

Dates from: ______________________ to: _____________________
Number of Guests (include all children): ________________________

TOTAL PROPERTY RENTAL COST: Rental price x # of weeks: __________________________________
A 50% deposit of the total rental price is required to reserve your place. Balance is requested 30 days
prior to your scheduled week. The client may cancel at any time prior to the rental start date as long as
written request is provided. Cancellations made 30 or more days prior to the rental start date will result
in the loss of the deposit. Cancellations made 30 days or less, prior to the rental start date, are non-
refundable. No refunds will be made for leaving early or arriving late for your scheduled rental period.

A security deposit of $500.00 will be required when you pick up your key. All guests must leave the
property in the same condition that they found it and are held responsible for any damages resulting
from negligence. In the event of property damage resulting from negligence, the amount will be
deducted from the security deposit.

We ask that all guests determine upon arrival that all is in acceptable working order. If something is
deemed unacceptable the property owner and agent needs to be made aware of the problem
immediately. If the problem cannot be resolved by the property owner or agent then it is your
responsibility to contact Butchers Villa immediately so that we can attempt to find a solution. It’s a fact
of life that sometimes things break. If something does go wrong causing a problem then we simply ask
that we, or the owner/agent, are made aware immediately. Claims made after the rental period will not
be considered for reimbursement or credit.

The price includes the rent and any services or amenities stated in our web site or printed literature as
“included”. Food and other consumables are not included.

In order for us to efficiently and effectively manage the check-in and check-out activity, we must
require guests to arrive at the rental property at no earlier than 4 p.m. unless otherwise arranged.
It is imperative that all guests check-out by 11 a.m. on the scheduled departure date.

In order for us to effectively manage the cleaning of the villa, in between the departure and arrival of
guests. We ask that you try to leave the villa, as it was when you arrived. Dishes - please clean and
put away any dishes and utensils that are used. Towels – please wash and dry any towels that are
used to the best of your ability. There is a washer and dryer in the second upstairs bedroom with
directions.         This would be greatly appreciated.

Please read the following release and assumption of risks. By signing and dating this reservation form,
you agree that IN WITNESS THEREOF, the Release and Assumption of Risk is executed and presented to
Butcher’s Villa.
Release and Assumption of Risks
I acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied to Butcher’s Villa and that Butcher’s Villa relies in part on
others to provide services, accommodations and maintain property.

I further herein acknowledge and agree to accept any and all risks of delay, unanticipated events, illness,
injury, emotional trauma or death and agree to absolve, indemnify and hold harmless Butcher’s Villa, its
organizers and employees from any injury or loss caused by or resulting from the accommodations or
employment of any and all independent contractors.

I have carefully read this Agreement, understand that I am releasing certain legal rights that I otherwise
have and enter into this agreement freely and voluntarily. I understand that Butcher’s Villa, in accepting
my registration to attend, do so on this representation. Please sign on the signature line below.

Contract Signature: _________________________________________________________________

EMERGENCY INFORMATION: Please provided us with 2 emergency contacts:
                   Name(s)                                    Tel #
   1. __________________________________________              _________________________

    2. __________________________________________                         _________________________

PAYMENT DETAILS:                   Total Amount: $____________________

_____ Deposit (50%) $ ______________
_____ Balance or Payment in Full $ ________________
_____ Check – make payable to Janet Butcher.

_____ VISA       _____ MC       ______ American Express          _____ Discover

           Account #: _______________________________________

           Exp. Date: ____________________________

           Name as it appears on card: __________________________________________________

       Signature of Cardholder: ______________________________________________________
       **By signing, you hereby authorize ButchersVilla/Janet Butcher to charge the above-referenced
         credit card.

AGREEMENT:              Enclosed amount is $ ______________________

Mail to:      Janet Butcher                              Tel# - 386 – 405- 2450
              4 Rocky Creek Trail                        Fax# - 386 – 255 - 2569
              Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Dear Guests,

Re: Villa at 6 Mozart Road, Cay Hill, St. Maarten Island

Please provide your airline arrival and departure information below:

Guest Name: ________________________________________________

Name of Airline:______________________________________________

Arrival date:_________________________

Time of Expected Arrival at St. Maarten Airport: _________________________________

Departure date:______________________

Time of Expected Departure from St. Maarten Airport: ____________________________

The information is needed so we can inform the Villa Caretakers of your arrival time, so they will
be able to greet you and provide the keys to the villa.

Thank you for providing the above information.

Mail to:    Janet Butcher                                  Tel# - 386 – 405- 2450
            ButchersVilla                                  Fax# - 386 – 255 - 2569
            4 Rocky Creek Trail
            Ormond Beach, FL 32174