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					                                              COLORADO FAMILY SUPPORT COUNCIL

                                                                     Spring 2007
2005/2006 Officers
Karla Baken, President
720-874-8747                              WHAT:         COLORADO FAMILY SUPPORT COUNCIL                                    ANNUAL TRAINING
Jo Liebl, President Elect
719-336-7846 ext 136                      DATE:          JUNE 10, 11, 12 & 13, 2007

Lisa Gonzales, Secretary                  WHERE: MARRIOTT HOTEL IN BEAUTIFUL VAIL
720-944-2789                                     COLORADO

Charla Peterson, CACSEA                   DETAILS: CFSC WEBSITE –
970-522-2194 ext 2
Jim Butler, Historian
303-291-5137                              President
                                          By Jo Liebl
Jessica Hood, NW Vice President
970-945-9191 ext 3042                 We are rapidly approaching victory lane and the 2007 Colorado Family Support
                                          Council conference in beautiful Vail!! Your CFSC board has been working very
Denise Kampf, SW Vice President
                                          hard to put together what I’m confident will be the best conference yet.
                                          The agenda committee has been hard at work, and all of the tracks are shaping up
Lupe Abeyta, Central Vice President       to have some wonderful and informative training sessions. All of the committees
303-271-4278                              from registration to entertainment are working hard to ensure that you have a
                                          great time at this year’s conference, while learning great new material to add to
Jan Bryant-Smith, NE Vice President       your playbooks.
303-227-2226       You may have noticed that I have taken over as acting President of the CFSC.
                                          Karla Baken was unable to complete her term and has submitted her resignation.
Ernestine Benavidez, SE Vice President
719-583-6957                              So I will be stepping in to finish the preparations for another great conference. So   grab your sports gear, get in your registrations ( and make your
                                          reservations at the beautiful Vail Marriott. We’ll see you this spring!!
Jeannie Norris, Valley Vice President

Rachel Leone, IV Attorney


If you would like to bring your family to Vail during our annual conference PLEASE DO!!
For reservations and hotel information call: 1-970-476-4444 or 1-800-648-0720
Additional meal tickets for the luncheon, banquet and brunch can be requested at the same time you register on
the web site or at the registration desk during the conference.


With all the snow around lately, it makes me feel as if we are already in beautiful Vail, Colorado. I think we are
so lucky to live in this beautiful state where people really do envy us. Of course, most people think that the
whole state is mountains and they are shocked that Colorado has anything else. Being from the far northeast
corner of the state, I can assure you that Colorado does have something else...the beautiful sandhills and plains.

You wonder why I talk of our gorgeous state? It is because I am chairman of the Vendor committee? Do you
think other states are lucky enough to get vendors to come to visit their child support conferences? I am
thinking not!! Being able to hold our conferences in great areas like Breckenridge last year and Vail this year is
a huge draw. We already have at least five vendors that have voiced interest in attending and we hope there will
be several more as well.

If any of you work with a vendor that you think we might need to contact, please let me know. We are trying to
contact everyone soon so if you can get me that information, I will contact them.

We know all of you like the “vendor goodies” they distribute but we also encourage everyone to stop and visit
with the vendors and make their investment worthwhile for them when you see them in Vail. Hope to see you all

Charla Peterson, Chairman – Vendor committee


Do you ever get overwhelmed with work and family? Have you dreaded coming into the office? Have you
considered turning around and going back home once you get to work?
One of the presenters we have at conference this year will have a great presentation for you.

Connie Pshigoda will speak to us about optimum wellness that produces a beautiful balance in our lives. She is
a life coach who provides clients with information, insight, feedback and guidance to assist them in changing
their attitudes or behavior in accordance to their personal values and beliefs.

In fact, to alleviate your stress even more, we are offering the session at two different times so you will be sure to
attend. Check out Connie’s website at

2007 Registration – Denise Kampf

Okay you sports enthusiasts – Start getting those arms warmed up for the 2007 CFSC Conference in Vail. The
conference is fast approaching and the early bird registrations are starting to fly in. June will be here before we
all know it. Early Bird registrations completed by May 1st are just $170.00 per person. After May 1st, a full
conference registration increases to $180.00 per person with daily registrations at $70.00 per day.

ATTORNEYS: There has been a small change this year in registration. Registration for Attorney’s that would
like CLE credits will be $195.00, without CLE credits the fee is the same as for the general membership-$170.00
early bird, $180.00 as of May 1st. Questions? Please feel free to contact your CFSC Board member Rachel Leone

Please log on to to make your reservations.

Hello from Your Central-Vice-President!!!!

Wow, the time sure flies by fast. It is hard to believe that it is almost time for the conference. This is to let you
know that the CFSC Council has been meeting once a month to plan the conference being held June 10 th
through 13th in Vail. All the council members are hard at work trying to assure this conference will provide the
only some great training but some fun for all to enjoy.

May Spring come soon!!! It would be nice to see those great wild flowers Colorado has. Not this white stuff that
turns this dirty looking mess!

I hope to see many of you there!

Lupe Abeyta
Central Vice-President


1) Early Bird Registration ($170.00) ends April 30, 2007
2) Get your County roll call picture to Dee Price-Sanders
3) Make your hotel reservations
“TEAM MATES”!!!*****

                             COLORADO FAMILY SUPPORT COUNCIL 2006-2007 BOARD MEMBERS
Jo Liebl
President-President Elect
Cherrie Schlauger                                             Lisa Gonzales
Treasurer                                                     Secretary                        

Jim Butler                                                    Charla Peterson
Historian/CFSC Web Master                                     CACSEA Rep                          

Rachel Leone                                                  Ernestine Benavidez
IV-D Attorney                                                 SE Vice-President                            

Lupe Abeyta                                                   Denise Kampf
Central Vice-President                                        SW Vice-President                          

Jan Bryant-Smith                                              Jeannie Norris
NE Vice-President                                             Valley Vice-President                 

Jessica Hood                                                  Judy Nightingale
NW Vice-President                                             Member at Large                           

Julie Tande                                                   Vanessa Trindade
Member At Large                                               Member at Large                                  

Gail VanWagner                                                Patsy Kurchar
Member At Large                                               Member at Large                              

Lara Delka                                                    Christine Sorenson
Member at Large                                               Member at Large                        

Kristina Warren                                               Mardi Houston
Member at Large                                               Member at Large                                

Diana Lopez                                                   Maria Guevara
Member at Large                                               Member at Large                     

Christina Eigel                                               Andrea Harmon
Member at Large                                               Past President                           

Dee Price-Sanders                                             John Bernhart
Past President                                                Honorary Member                        
Diane Dagenhart                                                  Craig Carson
Federal Rep                                                      Honorary Member
Please feel free to contact ANY Board Member with questions, suggestions or ideas you may have. This is –YOUR BOARD