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Dental Seminar by Levone


									     Emory University
Continuing Dental Education   Ski & Learn General Information
                              Registration: Register by mail, fax or phone. One check or credit
                              card may cover several registrations; however, please include the
                              name of each individual registrant.
                              Registration on Sunday will begin at 6:45 am.
          presents            Registration Fees: All registration fees include tuition, course
                              materials, breakfast and reception on Monday at 4:30 pm.

                              Fees: $545 Dentist, $380 Auxiliary before December 10, 2009;
                              $570 Dentist, $390 Auxiliary after December 10, 2009.

                              Confirmation: If you do not receive written confirmation of your
                              registration, please call before attending the course (404) 727-6680.

                              Refund Policy: If a course is filled or cancelled, Emory will refund the
                              full tuition. Otherwise, tuition for this course will be refundable upon
                              our receiving written notification of cancellation before the course
                              starts. There will be a $25 administrative charge for withdrawals.

                              Continuing Education Credits: Emory University School of
                              Medicine is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider and an Accepted
                              National Sponsor, FAGD/MAGD Credit. CE credit: 16 hours

                              Location: Nestled at the base of Vail Mountain in the heart of Vail
                              Village, The Lodge at Vail combines a perfect location with classic
                              ambience. This alpine inspired hotel features comfortable guest
                              rooms, a lavish new RockResorts Spa, top-of-the-line fitness center
                              and superb service. For more details go to the web site:

                              Accommodations: We are holding reservations for a block of rooms
                              at the following group rate: Deluxe Guestroom, $329+tax per night
                              single or double; Luxury Guestroom, $459+tax per night single or
                              double. Each additional adult (over 12 years old) in the room will be
                              $25. PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
                              BUT NO LATER THAN 12/9/09 TO RECEIVE THE GROUP RATE.
                              Please call 1-877-528-7625 to make your reservation. Identify our
                              group, Emory 30th Annual Ski and Learn Dental Seminar, to receive
                              the group rate.

                              Lift Tickets
                                                       Adults                    Children
                              3 of 6 days              $270                      $165
                              4 of 6 days              $315                      $185
                              5 of 7 days              $340                      $230

   Dental Seminar
                              6 of 8 days              $375                      $270

                              Please order your lift tickets on the attached registration form. LIFT
                              TICKET ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 12/14/09 TO TAKE
    January 17-21, 2010       NOT BE ABLE TO BE PURCHASED AT ANY OTHER TIME.

                              Ski Rentals: Discounted ski rental packages are available.
       The Lodge at Vail      Rental information will accompany the course confirmation letters.
        Vail, Colorado
                              It is the intent of Emory University School of Medicine to assure that its educational
                              mission, and Continuing Dental Education activities in particular, should not be
                              influenced by the special interests of individuals associated with its programs.
                              Having an interest in or an affiliation with any corporate organization does not
                              necessarily influence a speaker's presentation, but the relationship must be made
                              known in advance to the audience in accordance with CERP Standards. All conflicts
                              of interest will be disclosed prior to the program.
SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 2010                                                        WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2010
7:00-9:00 am         Periodontal Medicine                                       4:30-6:30 pm Etched Porcelain Veneers: To Prep or Not to Prep
                     Dr. Thomas Van Dyke                                                       Dr. Harald Heymann
Course Objectives: After attending this lecture, you will be able to:           Course Objectives: After attending this lecture, you will be able to:
! Review the relationship between periodontitis and systemic disease.           ! Discuss the indications and contraindications for “no prep”

! Discuss the data relating to the mechanism of action of the                      veneers and conventionally prepared etched porcelain veneers.
   diabetes/periodontitis interaction.                                          ! Describe the design parameters and steps for accomplishing

! Discuss potential modifications of treatment regimens for the                    intra-enamel preparations for etched porcelain veneers.
   diabetic with periodontitis.                                                 ! Relate the steps involved in the proper try-in and delivery of

                                                                                   etched porcelain veneers.
4:30-6:30 pm        Periodontally Accelerated                                   ! Describe the technique for generating resin temporaries for

                    Osteogenic Orthodontics                                        veneer preps.
                    Dr. Thomas Van Dyke
Course Objectives: After attending this lecture, you will be able to:           THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 2010
! Review the PAOO literature and what is known and not known                    7:00-9:00 am Artistic Principles and How to Apply Them
  about the biologic basis of this technique.                                                    Dr. Harald Heymann
! Discuss new data relating to biologic investigations.                         Course Objectives: After attending this lecture, you will be able to:
! Discuss modifications of technique and the clinical utility of PAOO.          ! List the artistic elements that are most important in achieving

                                                                                   consistently esthetic results.
MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 2010                                                        ! Identify the clinical relevance of each of the artistic elements,

7:00-9:00 am           Managing the Geriatric Dental Patient                       including shape and form, symmetry and proportionality, and color.
                       Dr. Glenn Maron                                          ! Relate each artistic element to its specific clinical applications

Course Objectives: After attending this session, you will be able to:              and describe how they apply to various conservative esthetic
! Identify the challenges of chronic diseases and deteriorating                    procedures to maximize the esthetic results.
   mental statuses in order to meet the needs of the geriatric                  ! Describe interdisciplinary concepts that utilize the various artistic

   patient.                                                                        elements such as proportionality to optimize results.
! Discuss the physiologic and psychological changes that occur in aging.

! List the tools to safely manage the geriatric patient in the dental office.

7:00-9:00 am        Oral Surgery for the General Dentist
                    Dr. Glenn Maron

Course Objectives: After attending this session, you will be able to:           Harald O. Heymann, D.D.S., M.Ed.
! Describe the techniques for simple extractions and site preservation.         Professor and Graduate Program Director
! Discuss biopsies.                                                             Department of Operative Dentistry
! Explain suturing techniques and materials.
                                                                                University of North Carolina School of Dentistry
! Recognize when to refer to a specialist.

4:30-6:30 pm Alveolar Reconstruction- Techniques and Options                    Glenn Maron, D.D.S.
                Dr. Glenn Maron                                                 Assistant Clinical Professor
Course Objectives: After attending this session, you will be able to:           Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
! Recognize the challenges faced in implant reconstruction in                   Department of Surgery
   patients with moderate to severe alveolar bone loss.                         Emory University School of Medicine
! Determine goals when reconstructing alveolar defects.
                                                                                Section Chief
! Explain when to bone graft prior to implant surgery.
                                                                                Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
! List the options that are available for bone grafting.
                                                                                Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
! Discuss the role that alveolar distraction plays.
                                                                                Private practice limited to Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
7:00-9:00 am Cut Through the Crap and Tell Me What to Buy                       Thomas Van Dyke, D.D.S., Ph.D.
                Dr. Harald O. Heymann                                           Professor of Periodontology and Oral Biology
Course Objectives: After attending this lecture, you will be able to:           Director of Graduate Periodontology
! Relate what the “bottom line” is for many topics in restorative and
                                                                                Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine
   adhesive dentistry.                                                          Associate Director of General Clinical Research Unit
! Distinguish between many time proven products in the realm of
                                                                                Boston Medical Center
   adhesive and restorative dentistry.
! Describe how to be a discriminating dental consumer so that you

   select the best materials for your practice and avoid the “duds”
! Identify numerous new devices that will make your practice

   more effective, and the research to back them up.
30th Annual Ski & learn Dental Seminar
January 17-21, 2010
Vail, Colorado
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Tuition: $545 Dentist, $380 Auxiliary BEFORE December 10
         $570 Dentist, $390 Auxiliary AFTER December 10

Discount Lift Tickets:
(Orders must be received by December 14, 2010)
                 Adults Number     Children Number
3 of 6 days      $270   _______    $165        _______
4 of 6 days      $315   _______    $185        _______
5 of 7 days      $340   _______    $230        _______
6 of 8 days      $375   _______    $270        _______

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