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CRADR 2008 Spring Meeting Agenda Vail Cascade – Vail_ Colorado


									      CRADR 2008 Spring Meeting Agenda
                               April 9-10, 2008
               Vail Cascade – Vail, Colorado

                      Registration Now Open

We are pleased to announce the formal commencement of registration for CRADR’s
spring meeting being held in conjunction with the Mountain Travel Symposium, at the Vail
Cascade in Vail, Colorado. An agenda is now available (at the bottom of this document)
and registration information follows.

MEETING REGISTRATION: Meeting Registration is mandatory, and we request you do
so as soon as practical. Contact Peggy at 970-496-3690 or
with the full names, company, phone and email addresses for each person attending.
NOTE: Meeting registration is free for the first 2 (two) members of each organization (in
good standing), and additional persons are welcome at $100 each (to cover related food

LODGING: Lodging is available as part of the Mountain Travel Symposium package
( deal or you can get more choices by inquiring at time of meeting
registration. The Symposium deal has been extended to CRADR members. More
complete details can be found on the lodging page at or you can work
through our hosts at the Vail-Beaver Creek CenRes, who have a broader selection of
properties valley-wide.

TRANSPORTATION: The nearest full service airport is in Denver, about 2 hours from
Vail, but Eagle may also be an option. Shuttle service and rental cars are available. Once
at the resort cars are not needed, so keep that in mind. For further information and
reservation deals, check out the transportation section of or ask at time
of meeting registration.
SYMPOSIUM PACKAGE: The Mountain Travel Symposium Forum will take place April 8
and 9 also at the Vail Cascade and is offering a special $495 CRADR deal at $100 of the
normal price. To register, point your browser to the Symposium web site at then proceed to the registration page and use the promotional code
MTP006 using the online registration process at the bottom of the Registration page.
Finally, please note, that in addition to an excellent agenda, and “swell” group of
compatriots who always attend, a special “Vail-by-Night” networking event and Saturday
CRADR ski day are new social add-ons, to commemorate yet another hard fought
season’s end.

See You There!
                             MEETING AGENDA *
            Note: All events will be held at the Vail Cascade unless otherwise indicated.

Thursday April 10, 2008

2:00- 3:15pm       Assembly Day – Held in conjunction with the Mountain Travel Symposium
                   and their attendees

                   Everyday Improv in the Phone-Based Sales World. Whether for Sales
                   or reservation transaction processing, we are all in the sales business and
                   know that the best sales folks take their leads from the Customer. So, why
                   not borrow from the world of Improv comedy, where the good guys need to
                   be focused, confident, resourceful, innovative, flexible, supportive and quick
                   on their feet. This Sales-Improv workshop embodies all of these. It’s also
                   widely believed in Adult Learning circles that “learning while laughing
                   significantly increases the retention of important concepts”. This workshop
                   will definitely contain laughter.

                   Presented by Bob Doll in co-operation with the Mountain Travel Symposium

3:15-3:30          Coffee Break

3:30-4:45          CRADR Members Only Meeting

                   Management by Measurement: the Magic in the Metrics – Over the
                   years, smart marketers have learned to “keep their ear to the ground”
                   monitoring res activity through their call centers and web sites. CenRes
                   members have taken it several steps further, with RAP, the Reservation
                   Activity Program and more recently, the MTRIP data that tracks the
                   “Property-Direct” business channel as well. This workshop will examine
                   how you can capitalize on this valuable source of data both for better call
                   center management and for better tracking of marketing/sales activities for
                   your resort partners. Capitalize on this valuable resource.

4:45-5:00          Wrap up Business

6:30-7:30          Happy Hour with Associate Member Presentation
7:30-9:00          CRADR Dinner – Reserved for Access America

9:00-              After Hours Networking
                               Day Two – Meeting Agenda

Friday April 11, 2008

8:30 am            Continental Breakfast: Reserved for AIG Travel Guard

9:00 am            Annual Meeting and Board Member Presentations

9:30-10:30         Charter Member Roundtable: (Charter Members Only)
                   Our annual spring roundtable of charter member experiences and the
                   resulting learning as the 07-08 season winds down.

10:30-10:45        Coffee Break

10:45-12:30        Charter Member Roundtable: Continuation

12:30-2:00pm       Lunch: Hosted by Inntopia.

2:00-3:15          Case Study: How Best to Work with Member Suppliers.
                   We’ll use a round table facilitated format to “share and tell” about the
                   practices we CenRes operators use to attract, contract, inform, manage
                   and resolve conflicts with our local member suppliers; primarily the lodging
                   properties with whom we have co-dependent relationships.

3:15-3:30          Coffee Break

3:30-4:00          Teach Back. A Board-led recap of the meeting’s takeaways followed by
                   discussion about future meeting.

Friday Evening:    Vail by Night. Unstructured rambling through Vail from pub to pub. Not

April 12, 2008     CRADR Ski Day!! Bring your sticks for late season fun on Vail Mountain.

                                  * Agenda is subject to change.

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