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                                  January 2007
                Emergency/quick reference Numbers

Willow Springs and Willowbrook are located in “Unincorporated” Jefferson County.
Jefferson County Complex located at 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, CO 80419

Fire – Police – 911

       - Jefferson County Sheriff – 303-277-0211
       - Colorado State Patrol (Emergency) 303-239-4501 or from Cell Phone dial *CSP
       - Rocky Mountain Poison Control Center– 303-739-1123 or 800-222-1222

West Metro Fire/Rescue – Dial 911 (Located at 15629 W. Belleview Ave.)


Closest Emergency Facilities - In an EMERGENCY, Dial 911 - (Do not drive yourself to a hospital.)

       - Emergency Room: Swedish Southwest ER – 303-932-6911 – 6196 S. Ammons Way,
       Littleton, CO 80123 – 24 Hour Emergency Room –

       - Urgent Care of Colorado: 303-904-2600 – 5920 S. Estes St. #200 – Littleton, CO (M-F – 8am to 7pm; Sat, Sun, Holidays – 9am to 5pm)

Jefferson County

       - Animal Control – 303-271-5070 - (24 hour Emergency Contact – 303-277-0211)
       - Animal Shelter – 303-278-7575
       - Colorado Humane Society – 303-781-4418


       - Colorado and Denver Area Road Conditions – 303-639-1111
       - Regional Transportation District (RTD) Bus Information: 303-299-6000 –

                        Homeowners’ Associations

1. Willow Springs North Master HOA – 175 Lots (Deer Haven Ct, Red Deer Ct., Quail Ridge Ct, Willow Wood Dr,
   Willow Wood Ct, Red Cliff Cir, Pintail Ct, Singletree Ct, Rock Canyon Ln, Wild Cat Ct, Foxtail Ct, Tiger Bend Ct,
   Tiger Bend Ln, Red Wolf Ln, Snowcreek Ln, Woodridge Ct, Foxwood Ln, Desert Fox Tr, Wolf Point Tr.) North
   Master also includes all homes in Hillsborough@Willow Springs HOA and Willow Springs Filing 7-Advocate
   - Colorado Management & Associates – 303-468-3712 –

2. Hillsborough@Willow Springs HOA – 41 Patio/Cluster Homes (Quail Ridge Ct, Southwind Ct, Flatrock Ct,
   Red Cliff Circle, Windsong Ct, Willow Springs Rd.)
   - All homes are also members of Willow Springs North Master HOA
   - Colorado Management & Associates – 303-468-3674 –

3. Dakotah at Willow Springs – 65 Town Homes (Double Eagle Dr, Deer Ridge Dr, Coyote Canyon Way)
   - Community Management Specialists – 720-377-0100 –

4. Dakotah Pointe @ Willow Springs – 40 Patio Homes (Double Eagle Dr, Deer Ridge Dr, Cayenne Circle)
   - Community Management Specialists – 720-377-0100 –

5. Willow Springs Filing 1 & 2 - 173 Lots – (Willow Springs Dr, Golf Course Dr, Bunker Way, Cleekwood Way,
   Sandtrap Way, Wedge Way, Ridge Tee Dr, Stonebridge Way, Little Canyon Dr, Whale Rock Way
   - Colorado Management & Associates – 303-468-3713 –

6.    Willow Springs Filing 3 – 52 Lots – (Willow Springs Dr, Wild Plum Circle, Wild Berry Rd.)
     - Colorado Management & Associates – 303-468-3714 –

7. Willow Springs Block 4 Property Owners Association – 31 Homes (Willow Springs Dr. & Chimney Rock Trail)
   - Tyler Community Management – 303-232-9200 -

8. Sundance @ Willow Springs HOA –( Filing 5)– 90 Lots (Canyon Wren Way, Gentian Way, Golden Rod Lane,
   Mountain Bluebird Way, Rock Ledge Way, Sandstone Drive, Sunflower Lane, Willow Springs Dr., Window Rock
   Lane, Rocky Point Lane)
   - Tyler Community Management – 303-232-9200 -

9. Falcon Ridge at Willow Springs – (Sparrow Point Way, Scarlet Thorn Circle, Falcon Lane, Falcon Ridge Way).
   - Common Ground Management – 720-488-0296

10. Willow Springs Filing 7 – 52 Homes (Advocate Homes – River Haven Way, Oak Hollow Dr, Windrift Dr.)
    - All homes are also members of Willow Springs North Master HOA.
    - Colorado Management & Associates – 303-468-3689 –

11. Willowbrook – (Colorow Dr, Crestbrook Dr, Crestbrook Circle, Willowbrook Dr, Meadowbrook Dr, Cedarbrook
    Dr, Willowbrook Lane, Willow View Tr.)
    - Self managed by Willowbrook residents.

                                     Local information

Willow Springs Open Space:

Our communities have a unique amenity that few residential communities in the country can match – our own 800
acre mountain park. Homeowners and members of Red Rocks Country Club can use this open space for hiking,
mountain biking, horseback riding, walking dogs, cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing and camping (no fires). All of this
is just out your front door. The open space is owned by Willow Springs Open Space Owners Association, Inc., a non-
profit corporation for the benefit of our community. Please enjoy the trails and treat the open space and its natural
inhabitants with care.

        -   In case of Emergency call 911
        -   To report misuse of the Mountain Park call: Gardiner Hammond at 303-697-9682
        -   General information, maps, rules of the open space, and recent animal sightings can be found at:
                □ Any of the maps or photos can be downloaded into a paint or photo program by right clicking and
                     choosing “Save As”. From there, you can print it out at whatever size you want. For viewing, the
                     figures can be enlarged by double clicking.

        -   Email distribution: If you would like to be on email distribution for Open Space meetings, notice of work
            days, and special announcements of importance to users, send your email to:

Wildlife and Animal Sightings: The Open Space is home to animals that can pose a danger to humans including
rattlesnakes, bears and mountain lions. Keep a close watch on your children and pets. Any aggressive mountain lion or
wildlife sightings should be reported to Bill Highland, a Willow Springs Open Space representative at – 303-697-7920.

        - An unannounced approach, a sudden movement, or a loud noise startles all animals. This can be dangerous
        for you, others, and the animals.
        - Whether hiking or biking, use special care when passing horses. Dismount from your mountain bike. Verbally
        ask for directions from the horseback rider. This will ensure their safety, as well as yours.
        - Dogs must be under the owner’s control at all times and behave themselves around other users and wildlife.

Willow Springs Open Space Access Tag Procedures:

Planning on using the Open Space trails this year? All authorized users must secure a user tag to at least one bike in
your group and display one in the dashboard of your car when parked at the trail heads.

        - Tags are required for mountain bikes but all users are encouraged to get a tag (hanging one from the rear
        view mirror in your car parked at the trailheads will identify you as an authorized user). There is a limit of 4 tags
        per family. The WSOS Coordinators will coordinate e-mail communications with all tag holders. Tag registration
        will be required annually and new tags will be issued every year in a different color. If you park at trailheads
        and are a hiker, please put a tag around the base of the rearview mirror.
        - Please pickup after your dog(s). If you do not have a bag to pack it out, which WSOS requests, please use a
        stick to “fling” twenty feet from the trail.
        - You can contact the WSOS coordinators at
        - When requesting tags, please send a self-address stamped envelope to:
                           WSOS Tags – attn: Chip Wernig
                           5492 Golf Course Drive, Morrison, CO 80465
            - Please provide the following information: Name of Users, Address, E-mail Address, RRCC Member or
            HOA Filing Number, Number of Tags Requested. Activities: Mountain Bike: (provide Bicycle description(s));
            Run and or Hike and or Horse.

                                     Local information
Kingfisher Lake (South Reservoir):

Perch, Trout and Blue Gill are stocked each year for your enjoyment by Red Rocks Country Club (RRCC) and the local
Home Owners Associations.

Fishing Rules:
    □   Red Rocks Country Club and Home Owners Association (HOA) members only are permitted to fish. No fishing
        license is required.
    □   Members must accompany all guests while fishing.
    □   Boats and Flotation Devices: Boats and flotation devices are not permitted, unless the RRCC Member complies
        with all of the licensing requirements and obtains a permit issued by the Club's Administrative Office. Due to
        these requirements, Guests are not permitted to use floatation devices. For Float Tube Permits Contact: Red
        Rocks Country Club Administration - 303-697-4438 Ext. 21
    □   No other floatation devices allowed.
    □   Catch and release only.
    □   Barb-less flies and lures only.
    □   No live or artificial bait.
    □   No Swimming.

Pets – You - The Out of Doors:
What a place we live in – to enjoy the out of doors, with little or no traffic and an open space area almost unequalled.
When walking your dog, please take plastic bags with you to use in cleaning up after your dog, so we can keep the trails
and streets clean for the next user.

        - As a reminder, dogs and non-golf playing pedestrians are not allowed on the Red Rocks Country Club golf
        course or cart paths at any time.
        - Walking trails abound throughout Willowbrook, Willow Springs and the Open Space area directly to the west
        of our communities. A map of the Open Space area is included in this package and can be obtained from the
        Golf Pro Shop or Administrative Office at Red Rocks Country Club.
        - Please use extreme caution when walking on roadways, especially Belleview and Willow Springs Road. These
        streets are not recommended for exercising. Other less traveled streets and the trails are much more favorable
        and safer.

Dog Licensing: Jefferson County regulations require that all dogs be on a leash at all times. Additionally, Jefferson
County Animal Control and Licensing Regulation requires annual licensing of all dogs 6 months of age and older. For
further information call: 303-271-5070 or online at:

Willow Springs Bicycle Club (WSBC):

The Willow Springs Bicycle Club has been established to provide residents in the Willow Springs area with the names
and phone numbers of other residents who share the enjoyment of road and or mountain biking. The number one
benefit is meeting new bikers (neighbors) and having the camaraderie of riding your road bike, mountain bike or both
with other Willow Springs residents. A second benefit is the SAFETY advantage of riding on the road or trails with other
people. Member rides and social gatherings may be held depending on member interest.

        - No membership dues or fees. All correspondence will be done electronically via email. A Club roster will be
        distributed with each member’s name, email, address, phone and information on members biking preferences
        (road/mountain), experience level, and times most convenient to ride. To join: send the above information to: For additional questions or if you want to organize a ride contact Marc Rinehart at 720-

                       West Denver Resource guide
This directory of resources will assist you in gathering valuable information about the area.

Colorado Information:
   □   State of Colorado Information –
   □   Colorado Department of Transportation –
   □   Colorado Activity Center – Travel Planning – 800-777-8642 –
   □   Colorado Vacation/Trip Planning – (Road Condition Report)
   □   Colorado Historical Society – 303-866-3682 –
   □   Colorado State Parks – 303-866-3203 –

Denver Area Information:
   □   Denver Chamber of Commerce – 303-534-8500 –
   □   Denver Government – (Everything About Denver)
   □   Denver Convention/Visitors Bureau –303-892-1112 -
   □   Denver Regional Council of Governments (Counties) – 303-455-1000 -
   □   Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles – 303-205-5600 -
   □   Auto Emissions Testing – 303-456-7090 –
   □   Denver International Airport – 303-3432-2000 –
   □   Gas Prices –;

Jefferson County Information: 303-279-6511 -
   □   Jefferson County Administrative/Courts Complex – 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, CO 80419
   □   Jefferson County Clerk & Recorder -
   □   Jefferson County Assessor -
   □   Jefferson County: Search for Property Records, Tax Payments, Permits, Sex Offender Registry, etc.
   □   Auto License Plates – 303-271-8100 - 6004 S. Kipling St. #A
   □   Voter Registration/Elections – 303-271-8111
   □   Columbine Public Library – 303-932-2690 – 7706 W. Bowles –
   □   Local area info –;;
   □   Jefferson County History Online:
   □   Jefferson County Open Space – 303-271-5925 –

Jefferson County Schools: 303-982-6500 -
    □ Pre Schools – Various – See Jefferson County Schools web page for listings.
    □ Red Rocks Elementary - 17199 Hwy 74 – 303-982-8063
    □ Carmody Middle School – 2050 S. Kipling St. – 303-982-8930
    □ Bear Creek High School – 3490 S. Kipling St. – 303-982-8855

                        West Denver resource guide

Higher Education:
    □   University of Colorado-Denver – 303-556—5600 –
    □   University of Denver – 303-871-2000 –
    □   Colorado School of Mines – 303-273-3000 –
    □   Red Rocks Community College – 303-914-6600 –
    □   Colorado Christian University – 303-963-3000 –
    □   Rocky Mountain College of Arts and Design – 800-888-2787 –
    □   Arapahoe Community College – 303-797-4222 –
    □   Westwood College – 1-866-234-4934 –

Town of Morrison: 303-697-8749 –
    □   Morrison Post Office – 303-697-2218 - 151 Summer St. – 800-ASK-USPS

    □   Gas- Xcel Energy – 800-895-4999 – (Gas Emergency-800-895-2999) –
    □   Electric – Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA) – 303-688-3100 - 800-332-9540
    □   Comcast (Cable/Internet) – 303-930-2000 –
    □   Qwest Telephone (Internet/Wireless) – 800-244-1111 –
    □   Willowbrook Water & Sanitation District – 303-986-2275 – email:

    □   Denver Newspaper Agency: 303-892-6397 or
        (Subscribe to Rocky Mountain News; Denver Post; Wall Street Journal; USA Today; New York Times; Barrons;
        Financial Times; Investor Business Daily)
    □   Jefferson County – City & Mountain Views (Quarterly Magazine – interviews, history, calendar of events)
             o Free – Sign-up on-line at:
    □   Classified ads & For Sale: Free postings (A local “Ebay”):
    □   Local events, stores, free classified –

Senior Information:
    □   US Governments Official Web Portal –
    □   Social Security Online –
    □   Medicare –
    □   Denver Seniors Resource Guide –

    □   Red Rocks Country Club – 303-697-4438
           o Web:
           o Golf Shop – 303-697-8008
           o Membership – 303-697-4438x21 –
           o Shop The Rock – Local Business Directory – Accessible from the web at:
    □   Willow Springs Open Space
            o Identification-Tags - Chip Wernig –
            o General Information, Maps, Rules –
            o Wildlife Sightings/Email Distribution–

                    West Denver resource guide
□   Willow Springs Bicycle Club –
        o or Marc Rinehart – 720-987-8929
□   Ski Information –
         o Snow Report /Ski Conditions– 303-825-7669 -
         o Colorado Pass –
         o Arapahoe Basin – 970-468-0718 -
         o Aspen/Snowmass – 970-923-1227 –
         o Beaver Creek – 970-845-9090 -
         o Breckenridge – 970-453-5000 -
         o Copper Mountain – 866-841-2481 -
         o Crested Butte - 800-544-8448 -
         o Keystone – 303-440-8700 -
         o Loveland – 303-571-5580 -
         o Monarch – 888-996-7669 -
         o Sol Vista/Granby Ranch – 800-757-7669 -
         o Steamboat – 970-879-6111 -
         o Sunlight Mountain (Glenwood Springs) - 970-945-7491 -
         o Telluride – 888-376-9770 -
         o Vail – 970-476-5601 -
         o Winter Park – 800-979-0332 -
□   Parks & Recreation
        o National Parks Service -
        o Estes Park -
        o Colorado State Parks -
        o Foothills Park & Recreation District – Closest community recreation & wellness center.
                    Web: - 303-409-2100 - 6612 S. Ward St., Littleton, CO 80127

□   Jefferson County Open Space – 303-271-5925
         o Additional map packages are available at 700 Jefferson County Pkwy., Suite 100, Golden, CO

□   Venues:
       o Red Rocks Amphitheatre – 303-295-4444 –
       o Denver Botanical Gardens – 720-865-3500 –
                 Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield – 303-973- 3705 - 8500 Deer Creek Canyon Road
       o Hudson Gardens & Event Center – 303-797-8565 –
       o Colorado Ballet – 303-837-8888 –
       o Colorado Symphony Orchestra – 303-623-7876 –
       o Opera Colorado – 303-468-2030– (Tickets-303-357-2787)
       o Denver Civic Theater – 303-309-3773 –
       o Denver Center for the Performing Arts – 303-893-4100 –
                 Tickets West - 866-464-2626 or from King Soopers
       o Arvada Center for the Arts – 720-898-7200 –
       o Pepsi Center – 303-405-1111 -
       o Coors Amphitheater – 303-220-7000 –
       o Country Dinner Playhouse – 303-799-1410 –
       o Ticketmaster – 303-830-8497 -

                      West Denver resource guide

           o   Fillmore Auditorium – 303-837-0360 –
           o   Paramount Theater – 303-825-4904 –
           o   Heritage Square Music Hall – 303-279-7800 –
           o   Lakewood Cultural Center – 303-982-7845 –
           o   Bandimere Speedway – 303-697-6001 -

Sports Teams:
   □ Colorado Avalanche – Hockey – 303-405-1111 -
   □ Colorado Mammoth – Lacrosse – 303-405-1101 -
   □ Denver Broncos – Football – 720-258-3333 -
   □ Denver Nuggets – Basketball – 303-405-1111 -
   □ Colorado Crush – Arena Football – 303-353-1000 -
   □ Colorado Rapids – Soccer – 303-825-4625 –
   □ Colorado Rockies – Baseball – 800-388-7625 -

Favorite Sites:
   □ Vacation House Rentals (Everywhere):
   □ Dinner reservations in key cities:
   □ People, email and address search:
   □ Craig’s List- Free “Ebay” type service/local for sale:

This information was compiled and provided by the Membership Committee of Red Rocks Country
Club and Marc Rinehart of The Rinehart Group – Metro Brokers. Any corrections or updates should
be sent to:

Kay Evans - 303-697-4438 Ext. 21        email:

Marc Rinehart – 720-987-8929        email: (The Rinehart Group)

                            History of the Willow Springs Open Space

The Willow Springs Open Space Homeowner's Association, Inc. is a Colorado non-profit corporation formed in
1996 to take ownership and management responsibility for an 800 acre parcel of land to be used as Open Space
as part of the Willow Springs Official Development Plan. Many thanks to Scott Bowman, the original "Trail Guy" and
founding President for 10 years. Scott spearheaded the effort to provide the Open Space for our residents and then
designed and managed the construction of most of the trail system we have today. Our community has a unique
amenity that few housing developments in the country can offer - our own mountain park. Homeowners can use
this open space for hiking, camping, mountain biking, bird watching, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, enjoying
nature. All this is just out your front door.

                            History of Willow Springs & Willowbrook Areas

The area surrounding our mountain park has an interesting and colorful history. Prior to the white settlers inhabiting
the area, several Indian tribes had territories that overlapped this portion of the Rocky Mountain foothills. The Plains
Indians, the Cheyenne and the Arapaho, shared the area with the Mountain Utes. The land was used for hunting
elk and deer. A Ute Indian chief, Colorow, and his band inhabited the area along the hogback in the 1860s and
1870s. A large, natural cave-like structure, which Colorow used, bears his name and is located in the Willowbrook
Development along Colorow Drive.

With the westward migration of gold miners and settlers, Willow Springs was bordered on the north and south by
two roads that were major routes for miners heading for the gold fields of Colorado. Thousands of gold seekers
poured into the mountains beginning in 1860 on the Bradford toll road which ran through Ken Caryl, our neighbor to
the south, and later in the 1870s up Turkey Creek canyon on a road established by Colonel Parmalee. The two
story stone house built by MJ Bradford still exists within the Ken Caryl development as do traces of the old wagon

With the growth of the settlement of Denver and the statehood of Colorado, the Indians were pushed out and the
lands homesteaded and put to use as pasture for cattle and sheep.

The Willow Springs property has been used primarily for ranching over the years, although in the 1930s it also
served as the original "Willow Spring Country Club" and boasted as many as 1500 members, residents of Denver
who would come out for a day of picnicking in the country.

In 1948, the Harwoods bought the property, utilizing it as a ranch until the early 1970s when they began developing
the most recent Willow Springs Country Club, now called Red Rocks Country Club.

The greatest impact to the Mountain park came in September, 1978 when the Murphy Gulch fire swept through
portions of the Open Space. The fire lasted six days and was fought by 15 fire departments and hundreds of
volunteers. The fire was caused by children playing with matches miles to the south along Deer Creek Canyon.

Many of the trails that exist within the Mountain Park were roads built to facilitate the herding of cattle. More
recently, roads and fire breaks were cut to fight the Murphy Gulch fire. These dirt roads were the beginning of a
network of trails that have been constructed since 1996 to give us the approximately 15 miles of trails used and
enjoyed by our residents today.


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