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									                             Redford Township
                         Park Commission Meeting
                               November 12, 2007

The regular meeting of the Charter Township of Redford Park Commission was
held at the Redford Township Board Room. The meeting was called to order at
7:35 pm on Monday November 12th 2007 at Twp. Hall.

Roll Call:   Present: Steve Offman
                       Diana Brang-Schroeder
                       Laura Weaver
                       Maureen Okasinski
                      John Keenan.

             Absent: Kevin Dodd
                     Saira Comerford
                     Youth Commissioner Vulaj

Also in attendance: Leah Groya of Wade Trim, Tom O’Conner, Theresa Burgess
and Mike Curle

       07-100 Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve agenda by Ms. Weaver,
2nd by Ms. Brang-Schroeder. Motion passed.

        07-101 Motion to Table Minutes: Motion to table John Keenan, 2nd by
Ms. Weaver. Additional items are to be brought up under Commissioner’s Report
for future discussion. Motion passed.

Old Business
        07-102 Approval of New Parks and Recreation Five Year Master Plan:
Motion for Approval of New Five Year Master Plan for Parks and Recreation by
Ms. Weaver, 2nd by Ms. Okasinski. Motion passed.
Additional items to be included, based on citizen input, from the final Public
Hearing on the Master Plan: are the resurfacing of the tennis courts at Kraft Park,
for the amount of $15K to $30K in the ongoing projects column. Change all
references to Volney Smith Park in the master plan to its correct name of Kraft
Park. The final copy will also include the updated basketball hoop count, as
supplied by Leah Groya of Wade Trim.

Discount Coupon Clarification.
        The Commission has decided to allow the $5 off coupons, that were
passed out on Angels Night, to be used towards a dance payment, but a
participant can only use it once for the year long dance program. This is based
on the input from Mike Curle, as he stated that he had two requests to use the
coupon in this manner.
New Business
      Election of Park Commissioner Officers
Steve Offman nominates Maureen Okasinski for position Commission Chair.
Commissioner Okasinski accepts nomination, and nomination passes by
Maureen Okasinski nominates Diana Brang-Schroeder for position of Vice Chair.
Commissioner Brang-Schroeder accepts nomination, and nomination passes by
Diana Brang-Schroeder nominates Laura Weaver for position of Treasurer,
Commissioner Weaver accepts nomination, and nomination passes by
Maureen Okasinski nominates John Keenan for position of Secretary.
Commissioner Keenan accepts nomination, and nomination passes by

New Officers for 2007-2008 are:
     Maureen Okasinski          Chairperson
     Diana Brang-Schroeder      Vice Chairperson
     John Keenan                Secretary
     Laura Weaver               Treasurer

Department Reports
       Theresa Burgess - She is attending a marketing workshop tomorrow in
Lansing. The next brochure will be out in March. All programs will be set up
before she goes on maturity leave. She is meeting with Abrakadoodle a new
potential drawing class on Thursday. She is also meeting with Jill from the new
gymnastics group, they have a lot more activities than just tumbling at a cost of 6
classes for $ 60.

       Tom O’Conner congratulates new officers and looks forward to working
with them. He applauds Steve Offman on his positive leader ship and all the
work he has done as chair for the last 3 years.

       Mike Curle congratulates the new officers and looks forward working with
them during the next year. This is the Parks Maintenance staffs’ last week, they
are currently taking down the swings and finishing mulching leaves in the parks.
He is currently working with Pat McRae on the memorial bench to be installed at
Claude Allison Park. The Democratic Club will be donating the funding for the
posts and woodwork. Only about 100 of the magnets are left, he asks the
commission to consider looking into another giveaway, and will provide the
brochure at the next meeting.

Commissioner Reports
       Laura Weaver - Had a great time at The Redford JC sponsored Angels
Night. She enjoyed being a judge in the costume contest. She wants to extend
her deepest sympathy to the family’s of Ryes Lewis and Mary Ryan. Thanks to
the McRaes (Betsy & Pat) for coming out and supporting the Master Plan work,
and Leah from Wade Trim for all the time and work she has put in on the master

Commissioner Reports cont.
    John Keenan – Seconds Laura’s statements.

    Diana Brang-Schroeder - Had a great time at Angels Night and the
Commissioners that were passed out about 1000 pieces of candy.

      Maureen Okasinski - Appreciates all of Laura’s statements, and wants to
plan who will be at the Township Board meeting for the presentation of the
Master Plan. She feels that this is important issue and as many of the
Commissioners as possible should try and attend.

        Steve Offman -It was a pleasure being chair for the past three years.

Pay Parks Bills: None.

Communication: None

Citizen Comments: None.

07-103 Motion to Adjourn: Motion to Adjourn at 8:36pm, by Ms. Weaver, 2nd by
Ms. Brang-Schroeder. All ayes. Motion passes.

Submitted by Park Commission Secretary Diana Brang- Schroeder

Recorded by Mike Curle – Parks and Recreation Director

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