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					                             PEN AND PENCIL
MARCH 2010 ISSUE             Los Feliz Campus Newsletter
                             PEN AND PENCIL
                                                                                                              Installation of
                             Fundraising:       The February fundraising
                                                                                                              new hoops
                             Flea Market on the corner of Vermont and
•   March 3rd: Lions are
                             Hollywood was a success and pulled in
    playing at the Staples
                             $4,100 to be divided among the 1st/2nd and
                             5th grades for their field trips. Thanks to Ms
                             Staggs and her team of volunteers!                                               Kangaroo Math
•   March 5th: end of
                             School Fair / International Fair: To finish
                             the school year “en beauté” the PA will or-                                        In 1991, a math
•   March 22-26: Primary     ganize a International Food fair. This event is     contest was created based on the national
    parent-teacher con-      scheduled for 5 June 2010. Volunteers are           model used in Australia (hence the name). It
    ferences                 welcomed!                                           is composed of 24 multiple choice questions
                                                                                 in growing difficulty and taken on the same
                             Candy in the classroom: Teachers are pro-           day worldwide. It has spread to Europe and
                             hibited from handing out candy in the class-        now encompasses over 4 million participants
                             room; parents are encouraged not to send            throughout the world. The Kangaroo Math
                             candy with their children.                          Contest is, for the last fifteen years, the pre-
MARCH BIRTHDAYS                                                                  ferred math test among French teachers and
                             Basketball Hoops                                    students in high-school, middle-school, and
Monica Sanchez /
                             So our WONDERFUL Lion’s team can train              even elementary schools.
Lamisse Beydoun /
                             properly, we have installed two new basket-
Phoebe Severin /
                             ball hoops. The basketball team has signed          Traffic on Russell Avenue: a six year old
Nassima Boumedi-
                             their name on the base of the pole. Stars are       almost hit by a car
ene / Alexandre Gul-
soy / Mara Harbon /                                                              Monday, 22nd of February at 8.00 am, a car
Matteo Colaianni /           Excuses to avoid P.E.: PE is a part of the          rushing to the campus almost hit a six year
Chloe Fish / Chelsea         LILA curriculum. As such, students should           old child. The whole neighborhood is EX-
Bazuaye / Jacqueline         not be excused whenever they “don’t feel            TREMELY worried about cars speeding on
Siegler / Manon Tron-        like going to PE”. An official system will be       Russell Avenue and not respecting the safety
cin / Bryan El               set in motion to avoid the frequency of sec-        of the neighborhood.
Hachem / Carl Ael-           ondary students bringing in written notes by        It is URGENT that parents, teachers and Staff
len / Sophie Schuel-         their parents excusing them from sports-            drive slowly and safely through the neighbor-
ler / Charlotte Schul-       related activities during P.E.                      hood. Please, make sure that you respect the
man / Emma Levi /                                                                speed limit and that you drive safely.
Jehane Yazami / Erin         English Book Fair
Sezgin / Marion              We had an incredibly successful Book Fair.
Sotin / Julien Wer-          Thanks to all the students, parents community
zowa / Juliette Allen /
                             members, and staff members who purchased
                             items to support our school and library. Special
Nicolas Mak Wasek /
                             thanks as well goes to all the parents who helped
Jane Mechner /
                             in setting up and running the book fair: Nancy
Sander Beck / Galla          Horne, Susan Fink, Anne Foucher, Maria Zam-
Page / Coline Regem-         brano Toledo. Also thanks for your generosity in
bal                          supporting the Teacher Wish List. It was a suc-
Page 2                                                                                                              PEN AND PENCIL

                                       THE LIONS AT THE STAPLES CENTER: GO LIONS!

                                       LEd by Coach Marilyn, our boys will compete at the Staples Center on
                                       Wednesday March 3rd 2010. They will be playing U.S Talence, the French
                                       club created by Boris Diaw, NBA player for the Bobcats. Talence will be
          GO LIONS!
                                       flying in from France. They will be staying with host families for a week in
                                       Los Angeles.
                                       The March 3rd event will feature the highly anticipated LILA-Talence
   For more info go to
      http://                          matchup, as well as the Clippers game later that evening as they take on                  Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns.
                                       This will be a unique experience to be part of an international event for
                                       our Lions.

“My teammates and I are excited to

  use our hard work of practice to     LEVONTI OHANISIAN, ABOUT THE GAME AT THE STAPLES CENTER
seize the moment and bring a victory
                                       "This is Levonti Ohanisian, starter for the varsity championship basketball team at LILA. I’ve been play-
   at Staples two years in a row.”
                                       ing basketball at LILA since 4th grade and never has there been a bigger sporting event than the LILA
                                       lions playing at the Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers. Last year LILA played
                                       its long time rival “Lycee Francais” and won. This year we will be playing “US Talence”, the French club
                                       created by Boris Diaw, NBA player for the Bobcats. Talence will be flying from France to play LILA at
                                       the Staples Center. They will stay a week in Los Angeles and will practice with us. With a ticket, not
                                       only would you see the highly anticipated LILA Talence matchup, but also the Clippers game later on
                                       as they take on Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns. 200 tickets will be available for LILA school but time
                                       is of the essence to clinch them. An international sporting event at the Staples Center is rare, and my
                                       teammates and I are excited to use our hard work and practice to seize the moment and bring a vic-
Levonti Ohanisian                      tory at Staples two years in a row."

Junior Basketball —Elementary boys and girls:
This group is between 8 and 10 years old of age. They are playing twice a week at Hazard recreation center
(Tuesdays / Thursdays) and are doing really well. They have 2 wins and 1 loss so far. We are happy to have a team
from Pasadena as well.
Elementary and secondary Girls: A Training session will be held at school, on Mondays by coach Adrien. Girls will be
taught the fundamentals of soccer. They will have the opportunity to train and enjoy themselves.
Boy’s junior high:
A training session will be held at school, on Mondays by Coach Simon. Boys will have the opportunity to improve their
technique and agility through games. Physical training will be done while playing short side games.
Cross country:
Elementary and Secondary:
Training will start in March, on Tuesdays, with Coach Caroline. Students will work by age group and will have a
different work out. The objective of this session is to give the students the opportunity to participate in the cross
country competition.
PEN AND PENCIL                                                                                             Page 3



This year we have reserved March 10th for the 3rd , 4th and 5th grades to go to Riley’s Farm. To make sure
they’re doing something different from last year the activities will be the following: 3rd Grade and 4th
Grade: Gold Rush, 5th Grade: Civil War.
Students will be there by 9:45 and we’ll finish at 2:00pm. They will need to bring their lunches and there will be
a snack provided like last year. As there is lots of walking and it could be hot, the kids need to dress appropri-
ately (no sandals, flip flops, skirts or dresses) and bring a hat just in case.

LF Campus Sport Committee will organize a Basketball tournament during the whole month of march. This tour-
nament will be held in the secondary basketball yard during lunch.

Parents are welcomed to meet their children’s teachers. Sign-up will open the 8th of March and will be closed the
17th of March. Signing sheets will be available in front of the Main Office.

For the second year in a row, primary teachers are celebrating the Journee Mondiale de la Francophonie. Work-
shops will be offered to primary students for them to learn more about countries that speak French.

March 2010
     Mon            Tue            Wed              Thu            Fri            Sat         MARCH
1              2              3               4               5              6                FIELD TRIPS
IB Mock Exam IB Mock Exam IB Mock Exam IB Mock Exam IB Mock Exam
                                                                                              ♦ 3/10: Riley’s Farm
                              Lions playing   Brevet Blanc    Brevet Blanc
                              at the Staple                                                     (english 3rd to 5th
                              Center                          End of Reen-                      grades)

                                                                                              ♦ 3/10: Charlotte’s
8              9              10              11              12             13
                                                                                                Web Musical (2nd
March Mad-     Bac Blanc      Bac Blanc       Bac Blanc       Bac Blanc                         grade)
ness Basket-
ball Tourna-                                  IB Mock Exam IB Mock Exam
ment                                                                                          ♦ 3/18 to 4/2: France
                                              PA Meeting
                                                                                                (5th grade)
15             16             17              18              19             20
                                              5th Grade                                       ♦ 3/19: Norton Mu-
                                              field trip to
                                              France                                            seum (5th grade
                                                                                                who stay)
22             23             24              25              26             27
Elementary     Elementary     Elementary      CAC Meeting     Francophonie                    ♦ 3/24: UCLA Cam-
Parent-        Parent-        Parent-                         Day
teacher con-   teacher con-   teacher con-    Elementary                                        pus Library (10 and
ference        ference        ference         Parent-                                           11th IB students)
                                              teacher con-

28             29
                               YOU HAD QUESTIONS...NEWS FROM THE CAC

The Campus Advisory
Committee meets once a         What is the deal with Smart Boards on campus, where are they, and can
month, usually the last        every class use them?
Thursday of every month.       Smart Boards will be purchased in waves. Last year’s GALA allowed us to pur-
Don’t hesitate to contact      chase two of them, one being used in 5th grade and the other in a secondary
your CAC representative!       math class. Each Smart Board purchase corresponds with a mandatory training
                               for the teachers using it. The acquisition of Smart Boards are not an end in itself
                               but a way of using the newest technology for the profit of educating our students.
Preschool: Jackie
                               What is the status of the Winterfest DVD?
Elementary: Shakeh
                               The filming of Winterfest was done by our parent and professional videographer,
                               Mr. Malouki, who has been tremendously busy. He will provide us with an edited       copy of Winterfest in mid-March, where we will then burn them to the DVDs that
                               will be distributed to elementary parents. In the future, to avoid the expense of
Secondary: Cecile Gareton:     using hundreds of DVDs, we could put the video online and e-mail it to parents.
                               What is LILA doing about bullying among our students?
                               Our first step towards taking action addressing the issue of bullying was a work-
                               shop last week with all secondary student delegates by Dr. Chiang and her three
                               assistants. The subjects of self-esteem, self-care, and self-respect were all dis-
                               cussed. Communication tips and bullying basics were given to our students; the
                               feedback was very positive. In the beginning of March, the delegates that re-
                               ceived the information will use the time period of the SLC class to give a sum-
                               mary of what they learned and to open debate in these classes. A second train-
Get More news from the CAC     ing, designed for seventh-grade girls only – which is an age at which bullying is
                               most evident, will be held March 1 to address the issues regarding this specific   age-group. Another information session will be held later in the year for other
                               secondary grades.

                               Are teachers required to use LILA Portal and in what capacity?
                               It is mandatory for all teachers to use LILA portal not only for posting homework
                               but for posting grades in a timely manner. Administration has reminded all
                               teachers to adhere to this rule and to use it on a regular basis.

                               Would it be possible to enclose the soccer field by adding a gate to the
                               side between the field and the parking lot?
                               This task was part of last summer’s projects but it fell to the bottom of the list
                               and time and money ran out. It is currently on the list of Summer 2010 projects
                               and will be financed by the results of our fundraising efforts.

                               Will there be a Grad Nite this year?
                               We will ask Debbie Zimmerly, who organized this last year. Mrs. Khayat works at
                               Disney and could potentially help us with this, if needed. Once we have an an-
                               swer, we need to let Mme. Gareton know to pass this information along.

                               A few parents are concerned about the current look of the report cards.
                               Can we not have it look more official by adding a signature?
                               All establishments accept LILA report cards as they are and they are official. We
                               will consider consulting PCR, the company who creates our report cards, to ask if
                               adding the Campus Director’s signature is a possibility.

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