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					                                                                                                                    In This Issue
                                                                                        Fall 2007

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Letter From the Vice President                                                                                And the Winners Are.........................3
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                       The new school year is off to     ago, we switched to the other ten largest uni-       FSS Kickoff 2007...................................5
                       a roaring start, made a lot       versities in Texas to be more reflective of our
                       more interesting this fall with   role and standing in the State of Texas. This fall   EHSM Initiatives....................................6
                       all of the new construction       will mark the first time pay plan adjustments        Welcome To the Team........................6
                       underway. It could have even      have been made to the “university market” us-
                       been more intense if delays had   ing the national CUPA-HR peer set salary data.       Staff Scoop..............................................7
                       not been encountered on the       This is yet another reflection of Texas State’s
                       Concho Street redevelopment
                                                                                                              Facilities Scholarship Fundraiser.....7
                                                         continuing rise in the higher education market-
                       project and the N. LBJ Street     place.                                               Travel Smart...........................................8
bus loop project. Those should finally get under-
way shortly. We may need to issue hard hats to all       It has been a number of years since Texas State      Did You Know?.....................................8
students, faculty and staff before it’s over.            made adjustments to its staff pay plan mini-
                                                         mums. Our goal is, provided enough resources
I am happy to report that the funds necessary to         exist, to make these adjustments more fre-
make adjustments in our pay plan minimums for            quently, like every other year if not every year,
those job titles in the “university market” made it      so our pay plan does not get so far behind the                        FSS VISION:
through the budgeting process for the new fiscal         competition. Failure to keep up makes it par-
year. You will recall that we adjusted pay plan
minimums for those titles in the “local market”
                                                         ticularly harder to recruit new employees when
                                                         vacancies occur. While these market-based pay         Outstanding Support
last spring.
Just as a reminder, titles in the “university mar-
                                                         plan adjustments do not take the place of ei-
                                                         ther annual cost-of-living salary increases or
                                                                                                               and Service: Working
ket” are those unique to universities such as Reg-
istrar, Director of Residence Life and Dean for
                                                         merit raises, failure to keep the pay plan com-
                                                         petitive can also hinder our ability to retain our
                                                                                                              Together for Texas State
which we typically recruit new employees nation-         best employees.
ally. Titles in the “local market” are widely used by    I am glad we were finally able to make these
all local employers such as Administrative Assis-        adjustments. I’m sorry we did not have enough
tant, Electrician and Systems Analyst for which          funding last year to make the “university mar-
we usually recruit in the Austin-San Antonio cor-        ket” adjustments at the same time we did the
ridor.                                                   “local market” adjustments. By November, we
The “university market” adjustments will be made
effective November 1, 2007. That means those
                                                         will be back in synch.                               FSS Leadership
individuals whose current salary is below the new
pay plan minimum for their title will see an in-                                                              Vice President
crease in their paycheck on December 1, 2007.                                                                         William Nance
Human Resources (HR) is currently working on
                                                                                                              Associate Vice President, Facilities
determining which titles need an increase in the
pay plan minimum, and, following that, which              VPFSS Brown Bag                                            Pat Fogarty
individuals will be receiving an increase in pay up
to the new pay plan minimum. HR has a goal to                                                                 Director of Human Resources
make this adjustment in the “university market”           Have an idea...a question...a concern? Bill                 John McBride
on November 1 as equitable as possible with the           Nance will visit offices for his monthly
adjustments made to the “local market” last May.          Brown Bag sessions on the following dates.          Associate VPFSS, Planning
The data used to make adjustments in the “uni-                                                                       Nancy Nusbaum
versity market” are national salaries, by peer group
universities, as compiled by the College and Uni-                                                             Associate VP, Financial Services
versity Personnel Association-Human Resources,                    Wednesday, October 10                               Terry Ondreyka
also known as CUPA-HR. We use median salaries                     Facilities Management
for the same size and type of university across the                 11:30am - 12:30pm                         Director of Auxiliary Services
country as Texas State. Because we only had                                                                           John Root
enough money in the budget last spring to bring                  Thursday, November 29
the “local market” pay plan minimums up to 96%,                          Payroll
on average, of the market, we have the same goal
                                                                                                              Director of Budgeting
of achieving 96%, on average, of the “university                   11:30pm - 12:30pm                                  Gordon Thyberg
market.” That is the equity issue mentioned in the              Wednesday, December 12
preceding paragraph.                                                                                          Treasurer
You may recall that several years ago, our “univer-
                                                                  Auxiliary Services                                 Valarie Van Vlack
sity market” peer set consisted of the other “com-                 12:00pm - 1:00pm
prehensive” universities in Texas. Then, a few years
                                                                         Texas State University-San Marcos is a member of the Texas State University System.
FSS Essentials

Dates to                                                October 24                                               • Last Class Day

                                                        • United Nations Day                                     December 4-11
                                                        October 31                                               • Final Exams
                                                        • Halloween                                              December 5
                                                        November 1                                               • Hanukkah
                                                        • All Saints Day                                         December 7
                                                        November 4                                               • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
                                                        • Daylight Savings Time Ends                             December 14-15
                                                        November 6                                               • Commencement
                                                        • Election Day                                           December 19-20
  October 5 - 7                                         November 10                                              • Official Texas State Energy Conservation Holi-
  • Family Weekend                                      • Bobcat Day                                             day break
  October 6                                             November 11                                              December 21-January 1
  • Bobcat Day                                          • Veteran’s Day                                          • Holiday Break
  October 8                                             November 21                                              December 22
  • Columbus Day                                        • No Classes – Students                                  • First Day of Winter
  October 9                                             November 22-23                                           December 25
  • Fall Mid-Term                                       • Thanksgiving-Official Texas State Holiday              • Christmas Day
  October 16                                            Break                                                    December 26
  • National Boss’ Day                                  December 3                                               • Kawanzaa begins

Spotlight On...Payroll Office
                                The Payroll depart-     Dianna Rosales, Payroll Services Assistant, has          roll wire transfers to outside vendors for benefits,
                                ment produces and       worked in the Texas State Payroll office since           garnishments and other payroll deductions.
                                distributes payroll     1989. Dianna is responsible for evaluating, pro-         Dave Herrington joined the Payroll staff in January
                                and related reports     cessing and paying all semi-monthly payrolls,            2007 as the Accountant III, serving previously as the
                                for over 8,800 Texas    which include student and non-salaried employ-           Business Manager for the University Bookstore.
                                State employees.        ees. Last year she processed and paid over 44,000        Dave reconciles and reports state reimbursement
During the fiscal year ended August 31, 2007, the       payments.                                                data for each payroll, reconciles and collects pay-
department produced 71,943 direct deposit pay-          Diana Salami, Accountant I, has also spent her           roll claims, and works on various department spe-
ments and 14,921 paychecks. In addition to pay-         entire Texas State career in the Payroll office. Since   cial projects. He also maintains the Payroll office
ment of salaries and wages, the Payroll department      1993 Diana has been our payroll tax expert, re-          website.
maintains payroll records for all University em-        sponsible for reconciling, reporting and submit-         Amy Olivarez became a Payroll office team mem-
ployees, collects and remits all ERS, TRS and ORP       ting all employee and employer federal and un-           ber in February 2007, as the new Administrative
contributions, reports and remits all payroll taxes     employment taxes. She also produces and distrib-         Assistant II. Amy is the “face of the Payroll depart-
to the IRS and Social Security Administration, pro-     utes all W-2s each year. Last year she produced          ment,” handling all walk-in customers, phone calls
duces and distributes all W-2s and other year-end       more than 8,800 W-2s to current and former em-           and e-mails to the department. Amy ensures that all
tax forms, maintains and reports NRA taxation, and      ployees.                                                 customer inquiries are answered promptly or
much more. It also provides training to University      Sally Moss, Payroll Services Assistant, joined Texas     routed to the right team member for swift and
personnel on payroll related functions, and recently    State in 1993 and moved to the Payroll office in         accurate resolution.
rolled out a new website to provide up-to-date in-      1998. Sally takes care of all monthly and supple-        Our student employee, Jeraldine Medellin, class of
formation and resources to all employees and de-        mental payroll production. Last year she evalu-          ’08, has been a member of the Payroll team since
partments.                                              ated, processed and paid almost 43,000 payments.         2005. Jeraldine performs many office administra-
The department consists of eight of the most tal-       Sally also serves as the Non-Resident Alien Tax          tive duties while undertaking a full course load of
ented and dedicated employees ever to be as-            Specialist, meeting with all international students      classes.
sembled in one place:                                   and faculty regarding compensation tax issues.           All of the Payroll staff are eager to help with any
The Director is Debbie Jones, CPA. Debbie re-           Monica Saenz, Payroll Services Assistant, joined         employee questions on payroll issues. They are
turned to Texas and joined Texas State in March         the Payroll office in May 2006 after being em-           happy to have the opportunity to earn your trust.
2006 after eight years of university service as Asso-   ployed at AHI for the past 10 years, and is respon-      Please feel free to contact any of the team mem-
ciate Controller of Accounts Payable and Payroll        sible for all payroll direct deposit payments to         bers at 245-2543 or, or
and Non-Resident Alien Tax Specialist at the Uni-       employees. Last year there were nearly 72,000 pay-       visit their website at
versity of Nevada, Las Vegas.                           roll direct deposits paid. She also handles all pay-     payroll.
                                                                                                                                                   Fall 2007

   And the Winners Are...
   Roxie Weaver, Supervisor in the Texas State University-San Marcos Human Resources (HR) Depart-
   ment, was named the Texas State Staff Employee of the Year for 2006-2007. Roxie was chosen from
   the 12 employees of the month, who represent more than 1,500 staff employees at Texas State. Her
   honor was announced Wednesday, August 8, by Texas State President Denise M. Trauth. Roxie has been
   employed at Texas State since 1992 in the HR Department. She has been instrumental in the implemen-
   tation of numerous process changes that have greatly enhanced office operations. President Trauth
   stated that Roxie “is known as the person to go to for answers, interpretations, and encouragement. She
   is recognized across campus for her wealth of knowledge about overall university policies and about her
   area in particular.” Congratulations Roxie! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to Texas State.

                                                   Jackie Price, Accounting Clerk II in the Accounts Payable
                                                   Office, was selected as the Texas State Employee of the
                                                   Month for September 2007. Jackie has been an employee
                                                   at Texas State for two years. She is responsible for the
                                                   setup and maintenance of over 12,000 vendor files in
                                                   SAP. Jackie began her career with Texas State as the Ad-
                                                   ministrative Assistant in Accounts Payable. Jackie’s world
                                                   is fast faced. She has a unique and positive demeanor that      Texas State Employee Of the
                                                   helps diffuse problems when dealing with upset vendors.             Year Award winner
                                                   She is a key part of purchasing and payment processing.
                                                   Jackie exemplifies customer service, loyalty and teamwork.
                                                   She is not only a rising star, but a brightly shining star in
                                                   the midst of the storm. Congratulations, Jackie, your dedi-
                                                   cation to Texas State is deserving of our admiration and

    September Employee of the
       Month Award winner

International Housekeeping Week 2007
September 9-15, 2007 was International House-                                                                  First place Men’s Basketball Hoop Toss winner,
keeping Week. Custodial Operations celebrated                                                                  and defending champion three years in a row, Steve
it’s annual International Housekeepers event on                                                                Williams. William Crosby placed second and Seth
Friday, September 14. This event is a time when                                                                David Manrique placed third.
Custodial Operations Management and Office                                                                     First place Women’s Basketball Hoop Toss winner
staff come together to coordinate this special event                                                           Robbin Crayton, second place winner Maria
as a thank you to all of the Custodial Operations                                                              Alvarez, and third place winner Debbie Govea.
staff for their year
                                                                                                               Toilet Tissue Toss game winners were: first place
around hard work
                                                                                                               Hector Guerrero, second place Francisco Torres,
and dedication to the
                                                                                                               and third place Sally Harris.
This year’s theme was,
“Texas State Pride,”
with special appear-                                             thanks to Associate VP of Facili-
ance by Texas State                                              ties Pat Fogarty for being this year’s
mascot, Boko. Custo-                                             guest speaker and presenter. Spe-
dial Operations staff                                            cial thanks also goes to all the fac-
was treated to a BBQ                                             ulty and staff for their cake and gift
lunch, cake, music                                               donations to this.
and plenty of fun,                                               Special Recognition to this year’s
            games and                                            winners at the Annual Custodial Op-
   3        prizes.
                                                                 erations International Housekeep-
                                                                 ers events:
                                                                                      Fall 2007

       FSS Kickoff 2007
The FSS 2007 Kickoff, “A Day at the Movies” celebration was held at the LBJ Student Center
on September 5. Every FSS employee received a token of appreciation in the form of a gold
                                           Texas Star pin acknowledging a “Great Job!”
                                           Chartwells catered a breakfast with a variety of
                                           foods and beverages including eggs, sausage, bis-
                                           cuits, gravy, pastries, fruit, coffee, juice and soda.
                                           Bill Nance, Vice President for Finance and Sup-
                                           port Services, addressed the division with a wel-
                                           coming speech setting the tone for “A Day at the
                                           Movies.” He acknowledged the division for its
                                           continued excellent performance, going above
                                           and beyond, and doing a truly great job to make
                                           Texas State a success.
                                           Each of the Associate Vice Presidents and Di-
                                           rectors presented their department’s movie

theme, musical score and a few of their
department’s 2007 accomplishments. The movie
themes and musical scores were as follows:
“Stripes” – Environmental Health, Safety and
Risk Management
“HELP!” – Auxiliary Services
“Taking Care of Business” – Treasurer/Student
Business Services
“A Hard Day’s Night” – Financial Services
“Mission Impossible” – Budget
“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” – Facilities

                                                “Phenomenon” – Finance and Support Planning
                                                “Rocky” – Human Resources
                                                “Jaws” – Finance and Support Services Division
                                                Nancy Nusbaum, Associate Vice President for
                                                Finance and Support Services Planning, recog-
                                                nized Roxie Weaver as the 2007 Employee of
                                                the Year.

For the first time three employees were honored as Em-
ployee of the Month from the same department: Roxie
Weaver, September 2006; Bonnie Brandenburg, January 2007;
and Selma Selvera, March 2007, all from Human Resources.
Jacklynn (Jackie) Price, Accounting Clerk II, was surprised
with the announcement that she was selected as the Septem-
ber 2007 Employee of the Month.
                                               At the end of
                                               the celebra-
                                               tions the
                                               “movie bas-
                                               ket” center-
                                               pieces filled
                                               with snacks,
                                               a     movie
                                               DVD, and drinks were given to a lucky employee
                                               at each table. A special thanks to Patricia Prado,
                                               the FSS Community Development Team, the
                                               VPSSS office, and other volunteers for a great
                                               2007 FSS Kick Off!
FSS Essentials

EHSRM Initiatives Improve University Health & Security
The Office of Environmental Health, Safety and           ance. EHSRM can provide assistance in: Bio-              safety programs. Karen came to us from the
Risk Management (EHSRM) is a service driven              logical Safety, Laboratory Safety, Chemical              Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center where
department which seeks to provide a high level of        Safety, Fire & Life Safety, Radiation Safety,            she spent eight and one-half years working as a
customer service while integrating a wide range          Hazardous Waste Management, Office Safety,               Research Associate.
of environmental health, safety, and risk manage-        Indoor Air Quality, Workman’s Compensation               During May 2007, EHSRM moved from the
ment programs into the University’s education and        and Insurance matters.                                   Brazos Building in the center of campus to the
research mission.                                        Over the past two years there have been signifi-         Thornton House on the west side of campus. The
EHSRM provides technical, environmental health,          cant changes in the Office of EHSRM. Mr.                 Thornton House is a three story older home lo-
regulatory and related safety management services        Terry Dowdy joined our team as Director. Be-             cated at 344 W. Woods Street on the corner of
to the colleges and departments of Texas State.          fore joining the staff of EHSRM he spent two             West Woods and North Street. The house has
EHSRM assists the faculty, staff, and students           years as the director of EHSRM at the Univer-            approximately 5000 square feet of usable floor
develop and implement programs including train-          sity of Alaska – Fairbanks. Terry brings more            space divided into eight large rooms that are used
ing, emergency response, and analysis of specific        than 20 years of extensive background in envi-           to provide for seven offices and a large confer-
environmental problems.                                  ronmental, health and safety issues.                     ence and training room.
In matters of actual or potential enforcement ac-        It took a little while for the changes to start          Recently, EHSRM has taken over the responsi-
tions, investigations, or employee complaints,           taking place, but change indeed did start. A             bilities for monitoring the more that 1,600 fire
EHSRM coordinates the University’s response to           new Environmental Health and Safety Special-             extinguishers located throughout the campus to
external regulatory agencies concerned with work-        ist was added, Karen Serna joined the depart-            ensure that they are functional and ready to be
place health, safety, and environmental compli-          ment to assist in the laboratory and chemical            (Continued on page 8)

 Welcome To the Team!
Brandon Abbott, Administrative Assistant III, Ac-        Jaime de la Mora, Accountant II in the Account-          July 2007. Terry and his wife Paula have three chil-
counting Office, comes to Texas State after working      ing Office, is originally from Mexico. He previ-         dren – Traci, Michael and Brian – and seven grand-
for the U.S. Geological Survey as a Hydraulic Tech-      ously worked at El Centro College in Dallas, Texas       children. Terry enjoys spending time with the fam-
nician. He also worked as the General Manager for a      before coming to Texas State. Jaime and his wife,        ily, and enjoys the outdoors and attending live events,
15 screen movie theater in New Braunfels, Texas.         Alejandra, have two sons: Alejandro, 23, and Luis        i.e. plays, theatres and concerts. The Ondreykas love
Brandon now lives in San Marcos, but is originally       Javier, 19 – and two daughters: Alejandra, 15, and       to entertain, attend athletic events and travel. Terry
from Beaumont, Texas. One of Brandon’s hobbies           Laura, 22. In his spare time, Jaime enjoys reading,      and Paula are active in the community and church.
is song writing.                                         lifting weights and running.
                                                                                                                  Leovihilda Smith, Accountant II in the Accounting
Jerry Alls, Custodian, Custodial Operations, is origi-   Walter G. Herring, Head Custodian, Custodial             Office, comes to Texas State from Tallahassee,
nally from Lubbock, Texas. He currently resides in       Operations, is from Kyle. He was self employed           Florida where she worked for the department of
Staple and before working for the University was         before working for the University. He has one            Financial Services as a General Ledger Accountant.
                                                         daughter and enjoys spending time with his child         She is originally from Panama and her parents and
self employed. He has a daughter and two grandkids,
                                                         and listening to music.                                  younger brother still reside there. Leovi likes to
Adam and Brian. In his spare time he plays bass
guitar and likes to go fishing. He is a Spurs, Cow-      Cindy Hidrogo, Custodian, Custodial Operations,          read, cook, and dance. She has been practicing kick
boys, and Bobcats fan. Welcome aboard!                   is from Lockhart and currently lives in San Marcos.      boxing for the past five years and enjoys playing
                                                         She is happily married with two children. She            volleyball.
Pauline Brewer, Accounting Clerk II, Accounts Pay-       enjoys shopping, playing cards, and playing bas-
able, lives in Kyle and previously worked at Lone                                                                 Guadalupe Urrutia, Custodian, Custodial Opera-
                                                         ket ball and volleyball. She enjoys reading, listen-     tions, comes to the department from San Marcos
Star Accounting, LLC and the Texas Commission on         ing and dancing when she can.
Environmental Quality. She is a single parent with                                                                School district. She is from and lives in San Marcos.
                                                         Custodial Operations is happy to welcome back            She is a mother to two boys, Bobby and Stephen.
four children: Daniel, 22; Tesla, 18; Chase, 9; and
                                                         Irma Mendez, Custodian. She is from San Marcos
Nicolas, 8. She also has two dogs and a cat. Pauline’s                                                            Valarie Van Vlack, Treasurer, comes to Texas State
                                                         and lives in Maxwell. She enjoys work and loves
main focus right now are her two youngest kids.                                                                   from Syracuse, New York where she was employed
                                                         to travel with family. In her spare time she enjoys
They enjoy camping and going to the YMCA in                                                                       at Syracuse University. Valarie and her husband, Steve,
                                                         watching movies and relaxing with family.
Buda. She is also attending ACC and plans to transfer                                                             plan to live in Dripping Springs. They spend a lot of
to Texas State in the next couple of years. In her       Terry Ondreyka, Associate Vice President Finan-          time playing with Austin, their black lab. Valarie likes
spare time, Pauline enjoys scrapbooking.                 cial Services, was born and raised in Barberton,         to play golf and ski and looks forward to getting out
                                                         Ohio. Terry began his career in higher education         of the Snowbelt. Valarie enjoys working at Texas
William Crosby, Custodian, Custodial Operations,         administration at the University of Michigan (eight      State and looks forward to meeting other employ-
is from Tulsa, Oklahoma and currently lives in San       years). He also served as the Assistant Vice Presi-      ees, so stop by JCK 820 and say “Hi” to Valarie.
Marcos. Before working for the department he             dent for Business at the University of Houston
worked at the Timberland store at the Outlet Mall.       (11 years), the Associate Vice President for Finan-      We would also like to extend a hearty welcome to
He is happily married with two children; son             cial Affairs at West Virginia University (nine years),   David Seth Manrique, Custodian, and Brittainy
Zachariah and daughter Faith. He is an active mem-       Vice President for Finance at Youngstown State           Marshall, Administrative Assistant II, both
ber in his church ministry group (Sound and Me-          University (three years), and the Vice President         of Custodial Operations; and Joseph
dia). He enjoys running and playing basketball in his
spare time.
                                                         for Business and Finance at Wheeling Jesuit Uni-
                                                         versity (three years) before joining Texas State in
                                                                                                                  Bodin, Sales Assistant II, and Ava Wolfe,
                                                                                                                  Head Cashier, both at University Bookstore.
                                                                                                                                                 Fall 2007

Staff Scoop
                                                 Allen Henderson, Assistant Director of Spe-             Isaac – your parents, the Materials Management
                                                 cial Projects, Office of Facilities Planning,           Department, and the FSS Division are very
                                                 Design and Construction, retired on September           proud of you. Way to go!
                                                 1 with 25 years of dedicated service to the             Regina Meitler, Trainer, Custodial Opera-
FSS Employee News                                University. Allen had completed thousands of
                                                 projects and supervised as many as 250 projects
                                                                                                         tions, recently attended the Janitor University
                                                                                                         course offered by Mangement, Inc. Classes con-
                                                 at one time. Recognized as the leading expert           sisted of a five day leadership course that cov-
Janie Balles, Custodian, Custodial Opera-        and practitioner in Job Order Contracting,              ered management, cleaning science, safety pro-
                                                 Allen is the published author of the reference
tions, recently retired after 19 years of ser-   book Job Order Contracting: Expediting Construc-
vice to the university. Custodial Operations     tion Project Delivery. Allen will be missed, but
thanks her for her hard work and dedication      OFPDC wishes him a long, happy, healthy re-
over the years and wishes her the best in her    tirement!
                                                 Isaac Jaimes, son of Cruz Jaimes, Materials
Delfia Chavarria, Custodian, Custodial           Management, has just guaranteed himself an
Operations, has been nominated as the em-        “A” in his Business Communications class by
ployee of the year for Custodial Operations      having one of his articles published in the Wall
department at Texas State University. She        Street Journal. This is the second article that Isaac
will be awarded a plaque presented at the        has submitted but his first to actually be pub-
annual Custodial Management Association          lished. His article was published in the August
of Texas conference held in October. She         31, 2007 edition of the WSJ. Congratulations,
has worked in the department for over seven
years and presently services part of the Old
Main building. In March of this year the
University Star chose her as one of the “Out-
standing Women of the Year,” during                                                                      grams, and work load and waste reduction.
Women’s History Month. In June she was                                                                   A hearty congratulations goes out to Custodial
presented with a Finance and Support Ser-                                                                Supervisor Mary Pardo, Custodial Operations.
vices Customer Award in recognition for                                                                  Mary began her program in January of 2006
her valuable contribution to Texas State.                                                                and received her Certificate of Graduation for
Her hard work, accomplishments and dedi-                                                                 completion of the APPA Institute for Facili-
cation as earned her this award. Congrats                                                                ties Management on September 13, 2007.
Delfy!                                                                                                   Michael Petty, Architect, Office of Facilities
Jessica Vargas, granddaughter of Maria R.                                                                Planning, Design and Construction, was pro-
Gonzales, Custodial Operations; daughter                                                                 moted on September 1 to the position of Assis-
of Sylvia Vargas, Residence Life; and niece                                                              tant Director of the OFPDC. Michael was hired
of Maryann Gonzales, Custodial Opera-                                                                    as a Project Manager in November 2006. He
tions, graduated from Texas State Univer-                                                                brings to his new job over 25 years of architec-
sity in August 2007. Jessica received a de-                                                              tural and project management experience, which
gree in Respiratory Care and is currently                                                                includes many years of multi-million dollar in-
working at the Scott and White Hospital.                                                                 structional facilities projects. Michael is a proven
Congratulations Jessica!                                           Jessica Vargas                        valuable asset to the OFPDC Team.

Facilities Scholarship Fundraiser
                                                                 The Facilities Scholarship Committee raises money for the children and grandchildren
                                                                 of Facilities and Residence Life employees. The fund provides scholarships to those
                                                                 students who meet the minimum standards.
                                                                 On August 17, the Facilities Scholarship Committee had a barbecue fund raiser at
                                                                 Bobcat Stadium which raised over $1,700 that will go toward the fund. The Facilities
                                                                 staff would like to thank all of the committee members and the following people
                                                                 that made this barbecue a great success:
                                                                                                   • Morgan Fuschak, Fuschak’s Pit Barbecue
                                                                                                   • John Davis, Nalco
                                                                                                   • Tuttle Lumber Company
                                                                                                   • Patricia Prado
                                                                                                   • Cosme Delgado
                                                                                                   • Hacienda Meat Market
                                                                                                   The Facilities Scholarship Committee members are:
                                                                                                   Diane Crayton, Edward Suarez, Enos Jones, Gloria
                                                                                                   Tobias, Janelle Dickerson, Mario Garza, Michael
                                                                                                   Rink, Pam Graham, Paul Luera, Robert Gomez,
                                                                                                   Robert Mercado, Stephen Marlow, Miguel
                                                                                                   Hernandez, Joe Pacheco, Lilia Rodriguez, Jeff
7                                                                                                  Elam, and Susie Longoria.
FSS Essentials                                                                                                                                   Fall 2007

EHSRM Initiatives
                                                                         Travel                              Did You Know?
(Continued on page 8)

used in the event of a fire emergency. In addi-
                                                                             Answers from
tion, the management and upkeep of the Au-
tomated Electronic Defibrillator program has                                 the Texas State                 ...whether your friends would pass the Friend-
been assumed in a joint effort with the Stu-                                 Travel Office                   ship Test? According to Dr. Mamta Gautam,
dent Health Center. In Door Air Quality as-                                                                  MD, Asst. Professor of Psychiatry at the Uni-
sessments are now performed by EHSRM.                                                                        versity of Ottawa, chances are you will be
                                                     Reimbursement Rates for FY2008                          healthier if you have good friendships. People
A weekly hazardous chemical waste pickup             The maximum state mileage reimbursement rate            who have a supportive network of family and
schedule was implemented to ensure that haz-         for travel in personal owned vehicles increased         friends have fewer incidences of cardiac dis-
ardous waste are properly categorized and dis-       to 48.5 cents per mile on Sept. 1, 2007. Reim-
                                                                                                             ease, high blood pressure, negative feelings, and
posed of in accordance applicable federal and        bursement maximum rates for in-state lodging
                                                     and meals remain at $85.00/night and actual ex-         premature death. Women base friendships on a
state regulations. A Satellite Accumulation Area
                                                     penses up to $36.00/day. If lodging room rates          feeling of emotional closeness and attachment.
Program was developed that includes identify-
ing the specific areas where hazardous waste         exceed $85.00, Vice President approval will be          Men tend to focus more on “activity friends”
                                                     required for excess lodging. For out-of-state travel,   (watching, or playing, sports together) and com-
are temporarily stored, training the persons         refer to the federal government rates as listed in
responsible for maintaining these areas in ac-                                                               panionship.
                                                     the travel web site.
cordance with OSHA regulations, and inspect-                                                                 Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott list the traits which
                                                     Upcoming Passport Requirements for Re-En-
ing these areas for safety concerns on a periodic    tering the United States                                make a good friend:
basis. A complete chemical inventory list was                                                                  1. Makes time for you
                                                     Due to Homeland Security requirements, U.S. citi-
prepared by EHSRM in conjunction with the
                                                     zens will need a passport to re-enter the U.S. from       2. Keeps a secret
numerous building and departments on cam-            Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, South and Central
pus. This list is required by state regulations      America, and Caribbean countries. Requirements            3. Cares deeply
and is a valuable tool that can be provided to       will be implemented according to mode of travel:          4. Gives you space
the San Marcos Fire Department in the event          • By air: U.S. Citizens traveling to Canada, Mexico,
of a fire in any building with chemicals.                                                                      5. Speaks the truth
                                                     the Caribbean, and Bermuda who have applied
The Office of EHSRM developed a Student              for but not yet received passports can neverthe-          6. Forgives faults
Safety Orientation program to provide train-         less temporarily enter and depart from the United         7. Remains faithful
                                                     States by air with a government issued photo iden-
ing on safety fundamentals for the more than         tification and Department of State official proof         8. Laughs easily
3,000 student workers on campus. A pilot pro-        of application for a passport through September          9. Celebrates your successes
gram was completed in January 2007 for 100           30, 2007.
students and is required for all student work-                                                                 10. Shares common interests
                                                     • By land or sea: Passports will be required to re-
ers beginning with the Fall 2007 semester. The       enter the U.S. beginning as early as January 1, 2008.   To be a good friend, or to have a good friend,
training is available on TRACS or as classroom                                                               takes energy and effort on your part, but it’s
                                                     For more information, please visit the Depart-
training for large groups. Contact EHSRM of-         ment of Homeland Security Web site. An agency           worth it!
fice @5-3616 for details on how to get the           may pay for an employee’s passport if the em-
required training for your student workers.          ployee must purchase it for a business reason.

                “One person with a belief is equal to a force of
                   ninety-nine who have only interests. ”
                                                                                                                                       - John Stuart Mill

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