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					Date: 5/1/2010                 MEVS: Production Testing Procedures                                     Page: 1 of 2

Programmer/Analyst:                                       Date:                         SW/REF #:

Production Procedures Check List

           1. Call Charley at HHS to set the Move To Production Date (MTPD).

           2. Move all updated source modules into the Production area - /mevs/prod/src/mevs

              Recompile MEVS from PROD using either dmake or Workshop. If the system doesn't compile,
              compare MEVS modules to test and qa. Make sure current versions are being used with the
              exception of the modified modules. Make sure the compile does not specify the debugging option
           3. (-d). This will result in a lot smaller binary as compared to the test and qa binaries.

           4. Move the binary into the /mevs/test/bin directory.

              Bring up the TEST Online for MEVS.
           5. /mevs/test/ does this using port number 6500

              Log on to MevsTool and using port number 6500 and shoshone as the IP address. Enter the test
           6. Queries.

           7. Review test results ( 271 online display, clemson transaction log, online syslog )

           8. If results aren't what was expected - research, fix, retest, document

           9. Move the 270 Batch file containing the test cases to the U270 directory on keys_test.

               Using the MEVS Batch Submission Tool, enter the 270 Batch File name, port# 7500 and
               shoshone for the ipaddr. Select the buttons in the following order: Close, Connect and Send. You
           10. will receive an acknowledgment that MEVS received the Batch file.

               Review test results ( 271 Batch Response located in the /mevs/test/data/outbox directory
           11. and the Batch syslog file )

           12. If results aren't what was expected - research, fix and retest

               Create a new directory for this SW/REF # within the /mevs/diff directory, ie.
               /mevs/diff/SW000125. Run the diff program to compare all modules that were changed to the
           13. original ones, with the output going to the newly created directory.

           14. Person doing the code review should place their initials on this item when done.

               Once testing is complete, make sure all modified source modules are moved into the
           15. /mevs/checkin directory

               Stop at this point. We can go no further until the MTPD arrives. Until then, periodically check with
               Charley to see how vendor testing is coming along and to make sure that we don't have to 'adjust'
           16. the MTPD date because of vendor slippage.

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Date: 5/1/2010             MEVS: Production Testing Procedures   Page: 2 of 2

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