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									Craig Webre
    One in five
  children will be
  sexually abused
  by the age of 18.
-U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services, Children’s Bureau,

  Craig Webre
•In addition to our children, victims of
sex offenses include women, men, and
our senior citizens.
•Each year more than 60,000 rapes are
committed against women older than 50
years of age.
•One out of every six American women
have been the victims of an attempted or
completed rape in their lifetime.
•In 2002, approximately 11,000 men
were raped.
Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime
Victimization Survey, 2002
Most sexual assaults are committed by strangers.

 Craig Webre        -Center for Sex Offender Management, August 2000
Truth: Most sexual assaults are committed by
someone known to the victim or the victim’s
 family, regardless of whether the victim is a
               child or an adult.

                                                    Family 48%
                                                    Acquaintance 38%
                                                    Stranger 15%

Craig Webre          -Center for Sex Offender Management, 2000
                   Only 39% of rapes and sexual
                assaults are actually reported to law
               enforcement officials — about one in
                             every three.

              Bureau of Justice Statistics,
              National Crime Victimization Survey, 2002

Craig Webre
              Megan’s Law
                •7-year-old girl raped and killed by a
                known child molester who had
                moved across the street from her
                family without their knowledge.
                •President Clinton signed Megan's
                Law in 1996.
                •Requires each state to notify the
                public when sex offenders are
                residing in their area.
Megan Kanka     •All fifty states now have some form
                of sex registration laws.
                  Louisiana Law
          LA R.S. 15:540 Provides in Part
―The legislature finds that sex offenders, sexually violent
predators, and child predators often pose a high risk … and that
protection of the public … is of paramount governmental
―The legislature further finds that local law enforcement officers'
efforts to protect their communities … are impaired by the lack of
information available.‖
―Therefore, this state's policy is to assist local law enforcement
agencies' efforts to protect their communities by requiring sex
offenders ... to register with state and local law enforcement
agencies and to require the exchange of relevant information …
among state, local, and federal public agencies … and to
members of the general public.‖
                 Louisiana Law
        (In accordance with LA R.S. 15:540 et seq.)
Sex Offender Responsibilities:
  • Register within 21 days upon
     • Conviction
     • Release from confinement
     • Louisiana residency established
  • Mail notification to the community
     • Within a one mile radius in a rural area
     • Within a 3/10 of a mile radius in an urban area
  • If victim was under 13, sex offender cannot
    establish a residence or be present within 1000 ft.
    of any elementary or secondary school
                    Louisiana Law
         (In accordance with LA R.S. 15:540 et seq.)
Sex Offender Responsibilities (Continued):
   • Driver’s License sex offender restriction code
       • Renew yearly
   • Must carry special sex offender identification card at all
   • Newspaper Publication
       • Twice within 30 days
   • Registration updates
       • Annual renewal of registration
       • Notification within ten days of change of address
       • Must register if absent from address of registration for
         longer than 30 days
       • Must register at all places of residence
                 Louisiana Law
        (In accordance with LA R.S. 15:540 et seq.)
Sex Offender Responsibilities:
  • Duration of Registration
     • Ten years upon completion of sentence
     • Lifetime
        • Sexually violent predator
           • Panel created to evaluate all sex offenders
             prior to release
        • Prior conviction which required registration
        • Specified aggravated offenses
              Louisiana Law
     (In accordance with LA R.S. 15:540 et seq.)
• Non Compliance:
  • First Conviction
     • Fine: $1000 maximum and
     • Confinement: 2 year mandatory minimum/10
       year maximum with hard labor and without
       parole, probation, or suspension
  • Second or Subsequent Conviction
     • Fine: $3000
     • Confinement: 5 year mandatory minimum/20
       year maximum without parole, probation, or
                   Louisiana Law
   Responsibility during Declaration of Emergency
         (In accordance with LA R.S. 15:540 et seq.)
• Within 24 hours of entering a shelter
   • Sex offender must notify shelter manager and local law
     enforcement of offender’s status
   • Shelter manager must make reasonable effort to notify
     local law enforcement
   • Offender must be housed separate from general population
• Offender must re-register if physically present in a different
  parish for more than 30 days
              Registration Irony

  Compliance is predominately in the

               of the convicted.

Craig Webre
   Convicted Cannot be Trusted

• 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford
• John Evander Couey, a
  previously known sex offender,
  kidnapped, sexually assaulted,
  and murdered Jessica.
• Couey was arrested on a probation
  violation and failure to register his
  change of address as required as a
  sex offender.
 Weaknesses and Deficiencies
• Lack of clarity
   • Beginning of ten years?
   • Mail out mechanisms?
   • Re-notification to community?
   • Compliance enforcement?
   • Unfunded mandate?
• Overlapping responsibilities
   • Sheriff
   • Police Chief (City over 400,000)
   • Department of Public Safety and Corrections
   • Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information
• Who does what? When? Where? How?
              Our Strategy

Craig Webre
              Goals of S.O.A.P
 • To enhance and improve sex offender registration law
 •To ensure compliance with sex offender registry laws
 • To identify and apprehend non-compliant sex offenders
 • To provide accurate and readily accessible data to
 citizens of Lafourche Parish

Craig Webre
               S.O.A.P. Overview
 •      Responsibilities of Local Law Enforcement
 •      Policy and Procedures of LPSO S.O.A.P.
 •      Website and Database Maintenance
 •      Outreach and Education

Craig Webre
               Program Procedures
1) Offenders are processed,
   photographed, and
   fingerprinted through AFIS
   at LPDC.

 Craig Webre
              S.O.A.P. Procedures
       2) Offenders pay a registration
          fee to offset costs of the
          monitoring program.

Craig Webre
              Program Procedures
3) A manual and electronic file is created, maintained,
  and housed at LPDC. The files include:
– All DOC Paperwork
– Clerk of Court Minutes
– Current Photo
– Registration Documents
– Criminal History

Craig Webre
              Program Procedures
       4) The registration officer creates a list of
          offenders scheduled for address
          verification checks.
          • Semi-annual checks for offenders on
          • Quarterly checks for offenders not on

Craig Webre
              Program Procedures
5) A field officer is assigned to:
   • Locate offenders at the home address provided.
   • Update information as needed i.e. photos, change
     in vehicle, employment etc.
   • Provide necessary instructions on compliance
     requirements to offenders.
   • Conduct further investigation if the offender is
     not located at the address provided.
          • Physical arrest
          • Arrest Warrant

Craig Webre
                Lafourche Parish Stats
                                   (as of May 2006)
              • Total Offenders Registered - 283
              • Category Breakdown:
                  –   Compliant     - 133 (47.00%)
                  –   Non-Compliant - 19 (6.71%)
                  –   Completed Registration Period (10 years) - 33 (11.66%)
                  –   Incarcerated Offenders - 31 (10.95%)
                  –   Out of Area Offenders - 55 (19.43%)
                  –   Deceased Offenders - 12 (4.24%)
              • Of the 152 Offenders Active in Lafourche Parish:
                  – Compliant - 133 (87.50%)
                  – Noncompliant - 19 (12.50%)
              • *Warrants either secured or to be secured for those
              • Total collections from Offender Registration fees to cover
                period of July to March - $7,800

Craig Webre
             Outreach and Education
                    • Partner with Neighborhood
                      Watch Program for
                      community outreach
                    • Inform and collaborate with
                      local law enforcement
                      agencies, media outlets, and
                      civic organizations
                    • Meet regularly with S.O.A.P.
                    • Awareness through public
                    • Maintain webpage
Craig Webre

Craig Webre

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