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									                               Prim Villa
Contact details
Address: 159 Cydonia Road, Primrose Hill

Postal address: P O Box 7002 Primrose Hill 1417

Contact numbers: 011 8738677 Fax 011 8730692

E-mail address:


Contact person: Sharon Flint

Type of Home
The home has been in existence for over 30 years. It is a small home with only
42 residents and they are equipped to take late-stage dementia patients, stroke
and schizophrenia patients. The home is part of Methodist Homes for the Aged
and is one of 13 homes in the group, most of which take dementia patients. Prim
Villa is the only home in the group that is strictly for frail care. The home is
funded from residents’ fees plus government subsidies given to certain
residents, and there is fundraising activity.

Type of accommodation
Prim Villa can accommodate 42 residents. There are 3 single rooms, 4 double
rooms and the rest are 5, 6 or 8 bed wards. All bathrooms are shared. There are
no facilities for families to stay overnight.

The total number of staff is 43 including the unit manager. There is a sister and
staff nurse on each shift, plus 6 care workers. Cleaning, laundry and kitchen
services are outsourced. Most of the staff members have gone through the
Alzheimer’s South Africa dementia care training course.

Basic cost is R5650 per month, which includes everything but nappies and
medication. Fees are increased every year in March. There is a R1000 non-
refundable admission fee if the application is successful. Respite care is offered
at a rate of R185 per day and R1412 per week. Day care from 7am to 5pm is
R140 per day.
Podiatrist and hairdresser (every 6 weeks) are included in the monthly costs and
   the home also provides basic toiletries
Church minister once per month for services
Occupational therapist twice per week
Chair exercises
A local GP visits once per week and is available for callouts
PAWS visits (animals visit the home under supervision)
Music therapist once per week
Family days
Christmas dinners for families

Overall impression
Prim Villa is a small, friendly home that is very well equipped to deal with the
later stages of dementia. It is a hospital-type environment as most of the
residents are frail. There is excellent security, with no risk of wandering off, and
all areas are monitored by CCTV. Space is a problem in the house and every
available space is utilised but they still managed to have over 100 family
members for Christmas dinner. There is sometimes a waiting list but it’s worth a
try as they will help if they can.

Date of visit – 20.7.2008
Jill Robson

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