iMovie Lesson Plan by maclaren1


									iMovie Lesson Plan

Objectives: Students will become familiar with prominent names, places, and events in
postwar U.S. and world history. Students will develop online research techniques
(National Educational Technology Standard 5).

Context: This assignment will be a part of a 10th grade U.S. History class covering
World War II to the present. Work on the assignment will be spliced in to the regular
curriculum, giving students a handful of computer lab work days as a reward for
curriculum-driven work in the classroom.

Overview: Students will research historical terms online to find photographs and
descriptions, which they will use to put together an iMovie on a particular time frame in
history. Terms will come from the lyrics to Billy Joel’s historical narrative “We Didn’t
Start the Fire” (such as the project attached), or students have the option of finding songs
that will provide similar lyrics. If they wish, for extra credit, they can also write another
verse to the song with their own terms, provided those terms are consistent with our study
of American history.

Methodology: Students will first be shown the sample iMovie project attached, and
introduced to the idea of the project. In the computer lab, they will be introduced to
online research techniques, and divided in to groups in which they will work on the
project. Each group will be responsible for approximately 20 terms, either through a
verse of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” or another song of students’ choosing.

Students will have three trips to the computer lab to practice research skills, and to find
photographs and information on each of their terms. On the fourth trip, students will
receive an iMovie demonstration, and begin working on synching their photographs to

By the end of the project, students will have a packet of information on each of their
terms, and an iMovie with photographs set to music. Each group will present its video to
the class, along with an 8-10 minute description of their terms. Term packets, inclusive
of all groups’ explanations, will be distributed to the class, and a class website will be
constructed to host all iMovies for students to share with friends and family.

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