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Youth 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
A Benefit for Youth Scholarships and Fee Reductions

                      TEAM ENTRY FORM
                  This form must be submitted at the time of registration.

COACH NAME (optional):

1._____________________ Shirt Size_____ Phone:____________
2._____________________ Shirt Size_____ Phone:____________
3._____________________ Shirt Size_____ Phone:____________
4._____________________ Shirt Size_____ Phone:____________
5._____________________ Shirt Size_____ Phone:____________

   Shirt Sizes:    YS - Youth Small                   YM - Youth Medium       YL - Youth Large
                   AS - Adult Small                   AM - Adult Medium      AL - Adult Large
                   AXL - Adult Extra Large            AXXL - Adult Double Extra Large

                          DIVISION(circle one):
                                              Boys	      	          Girls
                     Grades							            3rd	-	4th	 	          3rd	-	4th
                     Grades							            5th	-	6th	 	          5th	-	6th
                     Grades							            7th	-	8th	 	          7th	-	8th
                     Grades						             9th	-	10th		          9th	-	10th
                     Grades	 	                11th	-	12th	          11th	-	12th
                                                                                                                                            OFFICE CODE
                                         MCKINLEYVILLE COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT
                                                       Parks and Recreation
                                      P.O. Box 2037, McKinleyville, CA 95519 839-9003
                Youth Consent & Liability Release Form: Humboldt Hoops Youth 3 on 3 Basketball Tourney

  I, the undersigned, attest that I am the stated minor’s parent/legal guardian. As such, I hereby give permis-
  sion for said minor to participate in the Humboldt Hoops Youth 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament sponsored
  by the McKinleyville Community Services District. In consideration of the acceptance of an application on
  behalf of said minor for participation in said program from July 1, 2009 - June 30 ,2010, I fully understand
  said minor’s participation in said program may expose participants to the risk of personal injury, death,
  or property damage. I hereby acknowledge said minor will be voluntarily participating in said program
  and, as such, agrees to assume any risks associated with said programs. I hereby release, discharge, and
  agree not to sue the McKinleyville Community Services District for any injury, death, or damage to, or loss
  of personal property arising out of or in connection with participation in said programs from whatever
  cause, including the active or passive negligence of the McKinleyville Community Services District or other
  participants in said program. In consideration for said minor being permitted to participate in said pro-
  gram, I hereby agree, for myself, my heirs, administrators, executors, and assigns that I shall indemnify and
  hold harmless the McKinleyville Community Services District, its’ agents and employees, from any and all
  claims, demands, actions, or suits asserted by me or on my behalf out of or in connection with said minor’s
  participation in said program.
  I have carefully read this release, hold harmless, and agreement not to sue and understand its’ contents. I
  am aware that it is a full release of all liability and I sign it on my own free will.

                Circle One                   Please Print Clearly
  Parent/Legal Guardian:                                                                   X
  Mailing Address:                                                                                          Parent or Legal Guardian Signature Only

  City, State Zip:                                                                         Date:
  Phone (H):                                           (W)

Minor’s Name:                                                                                                               Male              Female
                        First                                                Last

Date of Birth:           /      /        Age:         Grade:                     School:
Emergency Contact:                                                                    Phone (AM):                                 (PM)
                                Other than Parent

Doctor’s Name:                                                                                            Phone:
Does child have a physical/medical or mental limitation? Allergies?                                Yes       No If yes, explain below:
                                                                    Residential Status
                                                        *based on address of individual completing form

 Is your residence within the McKinleyville Community Services District service area?     Yes      No
 If not, do you own property or a business within the service area?     Yes      No If yes, explain below:

Business Name                                                   Street Address

                                                                 FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
 Date Form Processed:                               Initials:                Date Entered into Database:                          Initials:
January 14, 2010

Dear Parents and Participants:

Thank you for registering your child for the 5th Annual Humboldt Hoops Youth 3 on 3 Basketball
Tournament. We ask that all participants wear clothing appropriate for physical activity. Please no open
toed shoes.

REMEMBER!               Each team must supply a scorekeeper for EVERY game they play. Scorekeeper must
be at least 16 years of age and not be playing in the same division of the tournament.

Attention Parents!      Games will be played at various locations, so please be sure that your child has safe
                        transportation throughout the tournament.

                  Please review the following information regarding the tournament:

                                             Kick Off Meeting:
                       All players are required to attend a mandatory “Kick Off Meeting”
                               Friday, March 26 at 4:00 pm sharp.
                                      at the McKinleyville Activity Center

                                          Game Dates & Times:
                            Friday, March 26, 2010        -       5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
                            Saturday, March 27, 2010      -       8:00 am – 8:00 pm

                                         Tournament Locations:
                          McKinleyville Activity Center – McKinleyville High School
                           Morris Elementary School - McKinleyville Middle School

                                          Schedule Information:
             Tournament schedules will be available to pick up on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at the
             McKinleyville Parks & Recreation Office located at 1656 Sutter Road in McKinleyville.

If you have any questions please contact the Parks and Recreation Administrative Office at 839-9003.


Jason Sehon                                           Jens Andersen
Parks and Recreation Director                         Recreation Supervisor
                                                            Tournament Guidelines:
Youth 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
A Benefit for Youth Scholarships and Fee Reductions

    1.	     McKinleyville	Parks	&	Recreation	Department	is	not	in	any	way	responsible	for	injuries	to	the	players	or	spectators	
            while	participating	or	watching	the	games	in	the	gym	or	on	the	property.		

    2.	     Team	Captains	and/or	coaches	are	responsible	for	the	conduct	of	all	team	members	and	their	spectators.

    3.	     Any	fighting	before,	during,	or	after	the	game	will	result	in	immediate	expulsion	of	those	involved.		

    4.	     There	will	be	no	inappropriate	or	offensive	language	tolerated	at	any	time	during	league	games.		A	violation	of	this	
            rule	will	result	in	immediate	expulsion	from	the	tournament.

    5.	     All	protests	must	be	addressed	to	the	Gym	Supervisor	or	Tournament	Director	and	must	be	received	immediately	
            following	the	occurrence.		Protests	concerning	judgment	calls	made	by	officials	are	not	valid.		

            A)	 All	protests	must	be	specific.
            B)	 Decisions	by	the	Tournament	Director	shall	be	final.

    6.	     All	teams	must	have	a	minimum	of	three	(3)	players	to	continue	play.

    7.	     All	League	rules	will	be	strictly	enforced.		

    8.	     Technical	fouls	for	un-sportsmanlike	behavior	–	Officials	are	instructed	to	administer	technical	fouls	for	un-
            sportsmanlike	behavior.		If	a	player	receives	two	(2)	technical	fouls	in	a	game,	he/she	will	be	immediately	expelled	
            from	the	tournament.		

    9.	     All	entry	fees	are	non	refundable.		If	a	team	does	not	finish	playing	the	tournament,	their	entry	fees	will	not	be	

    10.	    Players	will	play	on	one	team	only	in	the	Humboldt	Hoops	3	on	3	Basketball	Tournament.		Violation	of	this	rule	will	
            result	in	forfeiture	of	all	games	the	individual	has	played	in.

    11.	    The	Gym	Supervisor	and/or	Tournament	Director	may	act	as	an	official	and	reserves	the	right	to	eject	players	and/or	
            spectators	from	the	gym	at	anytime	if	they	deem	it	necessary.

    12.	    The	most	important	thing	is	for	you	to	have	fun!

                           McKinleyville Parks & Recreation:
           “Creating Community through People, Parks & Programs”
Youth 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
                                                          2010 TOURNAMENT RULES:
   1.	    Each	game	will	be	run	half	court.		Baskets	made	from	inside	the	arc	count	as	two	points.		Baskets	made	when	the	shooter	
          has	both	feet	behind	the	arc	count	as	three	points.		NOTE:		Three	point	shots	will	not	be	awarded	for	the	3rd	&	4th	grade	

   2.	    Basketball	Sizes	per	division:	 	          Girls:	 	          	       28.5	(intermediate)
                                                     Boys	3rd	-	4th	grade:	     28.5	(intermediate)
                                                     Boys	5th	-	12th	grade:	    29.5	(regulation)

   3.	    Players	should	wear	the	same	color	of	shirts	for	tournament	games.		Numbers	are	not	necessary.

   4.	    Games	will	consist	of	two	(16	minute)	halves	for	3rd	-	8th	grade	divisions	and	two	(20	minute)	halves	for	9th	-	12th	
          grade	divisions.		There	will	be	a	five-minute	halftime.

   5.	    In	the	case	of	a	tiebreaker,	teams	will	play	additional	two-minute	overtimes	until	the	tiebreaker	is	broken.		If	after	two	(2)	
          overtimes	the	game	is	still	tied,	teams	will	participate	in	a	5-free	throw	shootout	where	each	team	will	shoot	five	(5)	free	
          throws	until	there	is	a	winning	team.

   6.	    Each	team	is	allowed	two	(2)	30-second	timeouts	per	game.

   7.	    Substitutions	are	unlimited	and	may	be	made	only	when	the	ball	is	dead	and	out	of	play.

   8.	    A	coin-flip	before	the	game	determines	the	possession	of	the	ball.

   9.	    To	start	play,	the	ball	must	be	passed	(NOT	DRIBBLED)	into	play	from	the	top	of	the	key.

   10.	   Before	the	ball	is	brought	into	play,	it	must	be	“checked”	to	the	defensive	team.

   11.	   After	each	basket	or	change	of	possession,	the	ball	must	be	“taken	back”	behind	the	three-point	line.		The	player	must	
          have	both	feet	behind	the	line.

   12.	   Ball	possession	changes	hands	after	each	basket	unless	a	foul	is	awarded. The team who scores a basket returns to

   13.    FOULS:

          a.	 There	will	be	no	free	throws	awarded	as	a	result	of	shooting	fouls.		Each	shooting	foul	will	result	in	an	automatic	2	
              points	(3	points	from	behind	the	3-point	line).		The	defensive	team	will	then	receive	possession	of	the	ball.

          b.	 All	fouls	will	be	called	by	the	court	official	(referee).		

          c.	 2	points	will	be	awarded	to	the	opposing	team	for	every	five	(5)	team	fouls.

   14.	   The	Gym	Supervisor	and/or	Tournament	Director	shall	have	the	power	to	make	decisions	on	any	points	not	specifically	
          covered	in	the	rules.

   15.	   The	team	captain	will	represent	his/her	team	as	spokesperson	at	all	times.

   16.	   All	Jump	ball	situations	will	go	to	the	defensive	team.

   17.	   Each	team	may	have	a	minimum	of	three	(3)	players	and	a	maximum	of	five	(5)	players	on	the	roster.

   18.	   Teams	with	less	than	three	(3)	players	must	forfeit	the	game.

   19.	   Game	time	is	forfeit	time.		Teams	not	present	at	the	scheduled	time	must	forfeit	the	game.

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