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ASEAN Science and Technology Research and Education Network - APAN


									    ASEAN Science and Technology Research and Education Network Alliance

                         3 Project Report for SCIRD-33, 22 August 2006
                              Dr Tan Tin Wee, Project Coordinator

After the 32nd Meeting of SCIRD, ASTRENA has participated in the following workshop, meetings
and forum:

   1. APBioNet BioGrid Workshop Event on 16 May and SEAGF-2 on 18 May, at
      GridAsia2006 Singapore. The main objective is to elaborate the ASTRENA BioGrid Project
      Proposal from amongst the BioGrid research community

   2. TEIN2-10th Technical Committee Meeting on 7 June, Halong, Viet Nam, at TEIN2-
      ASEM ICT SOM. A 15-minute presentation was made on behalf of ASTRENA by Viet Nam
      national Focal Point for ASTRENA, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh. The main objective is to
      inform TEIN2 and ASEM delegates of the ASTRENA and its programs and projects to
      solicit for collaborative partners in the EU

   3. EUSEA2006 Information & Communication Technologies Forum at Singapore. Being
      invited to give a 15-minute presentation during the parallel workshop session B1 –
      Advanced Research and Education Networks taking place on Monday 19 June 2006 from
      1400 to 1535. Presentation done on behalf of ASTRENA by Project Proponent Dr.Tan Tin
      Wee. The main objective is to introduce ASTRENA to the delegates of the Forum and to
      present about ASEAN's effort to match TEIN2 TransEurasia Information Network
      initiative. We welcome and hope that European experts can continue to maintain a higher
      profile in e-Research in our region

   4. 22nd APAN Meeting held on 17-21 July 2006, Singapore. The ASTRENA-APAN session was chaired on
      behalf by Brunei national Focal Point for ASTRENA, Dr. Saiful Azmi Haji Awang Husain,
      and co-chaired by Prof. Dr. Suhaimi Napis. The main objective is to promote awareness of
      ASTRENA, its programs and projects amongst APAN members. There are many fruitful
      discussions with Prof Goto (APAN) and Prof Chon Kil-Nam (APAN) with positive
      outcomes, such as the possibility of having Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
      between ASTRENA and APAN, which will be held in Philippines for ASTRENA-2. Dr Saiful
      Azmi Haji Awang Husain has also made personal discussion with Mr David West (TEIN2)
       about the Brunei link-up to TEIN2 and suggested TEIN2 should initially be link to Universiti
       Brunei Darussalam (UBD) (TEIN2 offer letter attached). Some amendments should be
       made in 2nd project Report for SCIRD 32, 24th April 2006, where there should be a clear
       distinguish between organizations and networks in ASEAN countries.

   Apart from the participation in all the events mentioned earlier, ASTRENA has further
   accomplished the following tasks:

   1. As agreed in SCIRD-32, SCIRD Secretariat has taken up the role of ASTRENA
      Secretariat, with SCIRD Chairman acting as the Chairman of the ASTRENA Secretariat,
      for the interim period until permanent ASTRENA Secretariat is established. ASTRENA
      Secretariat shall continue with the formation and formulation of ASTRENA membership,
      organisation and structure.

   2. Nomination of the national Focal Points for ASTRENA from all AMCs has been completed
      with the list attached as ANNEX 1. Letter of Appointment dated 15 June 2006, together
      with the Term of Reference of Appointment have been issued and distributed to all Focal

   3. COST Proposed Intervention on 2nd Consultative Meeting for the Priority Integration
      Sectors (COPS II): e-ASEAN, to include ASTRENA as a new item to be considered by
      SEOM during its meeting on 3-7 July 2006.

   4. Completion of the Draft Ministerial Declaration and the Ministerial Briefing Document that
      have been circulated on 1 July 2006. All the inputs received have been tabulated, with the
      latest update on 8 August 2006. The revised documents, as appears in ANNEX 2, have
      been circulated earlier for further discussion during the 33rd Meeting of SCIRD. The
      outcome will then be reported to the COST-52 for official endorsement to be declared and
      signed during the Fourth Informal ASEAN Ministerial Meeting of Science and Technology
      at Kuantan, Malaysia or in the similar event at later date.

   5. Setting up of ASTRENA website within our ASEAN COST ASTNET website. ASEAN
      Secretariat attachment officer Mr. Elmer A. Tidon has been assisting Dr. Tan Tin Wee in
      the process since end of June 2006.

   6. Future plan to recruit members at various levels. Preliminary activities have just started to
      recruit from the ASEAN NRENs to form the Network membership. Letter dated 10 July
      2006 together with the Terms and Conditions of Membership, have been circulated to all
      SCIRD Focal Points and national Focal Points for ASTRENA for their assistance to include
      and contact their NRENs to sign-up as the Network Members.

Upcoming activities planned after SCIRD-33, and to report the progress in SCIRD-34, are:

   1. To continue follow-up with the ASTRENA Ministerial Declaration in the next AMMST, if not
      refined enough to fit the different circumstances for all the AMCs to be endorsed in time for
      IAMMST-4 in Kuantan, Malaysia in this August 2006.

   2. To propose to organize ASTRENA-2 in the coming 23rd APAN Meeting scheduled for
      January 2007, in Philippines. The draft proposal is attached as ANNEX 3, for SCIRD
      consideration and report to COST for endorsement.

   3. Mandate to be given by SCIRD to allow ASTRENA Secretariat to pursue
       a. Recruitment and membership at different levels

       b. Organizational structuring of ASTRENA membership at focal point/advisory level,
          network operation level, and community promotion, training and coordination level

       c. Signing of MoUs and exchange letters of intent to other international organizations
          on collaboration at network linkages and/or research projects e.g. with
          TEIN/DANTE, APAN, APBioNet, SEAGF etc.

4. To continue working on the following ASTRENA-1 endorsed projects to report the progress
   in the future COST SCIRD Meetings:

       a.    Enviromental Surveillance Initiative of ASTRENA
            for advanced networking including wireless sensor network and systems to
            establish rapid communications and data as well as information exchange for
            monitoring of basic and critical natural resources. Paper: ESI Proposal (P01-ESI)

       b. Pan-ASEAN Access Grid Network
          for regular audiovideo conferencing and multicasting of scientific lectures and for
          national emergencies e.g. disaster mitigation, infectious disease outbreaks. Paper:
          AsAG Proposal (PO2-AG)
       c. ASTRENA DataGrid programme
          Combine and extend current APAN-APBioNet BioMirrors project in ASEAN
          countries to include P2P data distribution project, Mirror of AARnet Mirror site, etc.
          Papers: DataGrid Proposal (P03-DG) including BioMirrors extension and HRD
          Training for end-users and administrators of such services ASTRENA
          Bioinformatics Training (P05-BioHRD)

       d. ASTRENA BioGrid Project
          for Grid computing in life sciences. Paper: to be submitted.

       e. ASTRENA-TEIN2 official dialogue and discussions for ASEAN-Europe
          collaborations and the future of TEIN2. Paper: to be submitted.

5. To continue participating in the future ASTRENA related Meetings such as (dates indicated
   is only tentative):

       a. December 2006
          ASTRENA-BioGrid discussion - during the ASEAN-India Bioinformatics HRD, Delhi,
          India, 15-16 December 2006.
          Coordinator: Tan Tin Wee

       b. January 2007
          ASTRENA-2 General Meeting at 23rd APAN Meeting, Manila Philippines.
          Coordinator: Denis Villorente.
6. To continue working progressing toward the following objectives of ASTRENA:

       a. Co-opting of web services such as ASTMIS (indicators), ASTNET (S&T info),
          AVIST (online educational materials) as the first common online services provided
          on ASTRENA.
b. Recruitment of each COST subcommittee to donate a shareable resource, e.g.
   online accessible database, audio-video lecture series on their respective subject
   domains contributed to AVIST as online educational material.
Acronyms used in this Report

   1. AMCs – ASEAN Member Countries

   2. APAN - Asia Pacific Advanced Network

   3. APAST - ASEAN Plan of Action on Science and Technology

   4. APBioNet - Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network

   5. ASEAN - Association for South East Asian Nations

   6. ASTMIS - ASEAN Science and Technology Management Indicators System

   7. ASTNET - ASEAN Science and Technology Network

   8. AVIST – ASEAN Virtual Institute of Science and Technology

   9. COST - Committee on Science and Technology, ASEAN

   10. DANTE - Delivery of Advanced Networking Technologies to Europe

   11. EU – European Union

   12. EUSEA2006 – EU South-East-Asia 2006

   13. GÉANT - GÉANT is the name of both the pan-European research and education network and of the
       corresponding four-year project that created it and interconnects all European National Research
       and Education Networks (NRENs)

   14. NRENs – National Research and Educational Networks

   15. SCIRD - Subcommittee on Science and Technology Infrastructure and Resource Development,
       COST, ASEAN

   16. SEAGF - South East Asia Grid Forum

   17. TEIN2 - Trans EuroAsia Information Network

   18. VAP - Vientiane Action Programme

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