MAJOR GIFT PROPOSAL Homeless by benbenzhou


									February 11, 2020

Jane C. Langston
Managing Trustee
The Langston Family Foundation
23 Elm Street
Los Angeles, CA 56789

Dear Ms. Miller:

The Jackson Mission requests a grant of $25,000 to help meet the increased demand for
shelter, food and recovery services for homeless people here in Los Angeles, to resolve
their personal problems that have caused their plight, and to empower them to return to
society as competent, contributing citizens.

The Jackson Mission has been serving LA’s homeless population for 101 years. The
Mission has provided shelter, meals, recover programs, religious and career counseling,
and educational training to disadvantaged and poor men and women since 1905.

Well-known LA businessmen such as William Sears, Robert Singer, and ex-governor John
Trenton served on the Mission’s Board of Directors at the beginning of the twentieth
century. On December 15, 1905, the first meal was served to more than 250 men who ate
sandwiches and drank coffee. A week later, more than 500 men attended, and soon a
committee was formed to provide more comprehensive services including shelter.

Annual reports in the 1920s indicate attendance of more than 1200. In the 1940s an
industrial work area was added along with a women’s shelter, a playground for children in
the neighborhood and a thrift store for families.

Currently, increased demand is expressed in the rise in numbers of homeless men and
women who are coming to the Mission for assistance in meeting basic human needs. A
comparison of services provided in the months of December, 2002, and December, 2003, is
as follows:

                                                      December        December
                                                      2002            2003         % Increase

Beds for men in 12-month recovery program              914            1124           + 18.7%
Beds for overnight transient men                      3625            4773           + 24.0%
Mattresses for overflow on dayroom floor                  0            558           + 558%
Meals for men in 12-month recovery program            2997            5946           + 49.6%
Meals for transient men                               6781            8904           + 23.8%
Hours in recovery classes                              454             708           + 35.8%

The rise in service requests has remained constant into the early months of 2004 and there
is no indication that the demand will revert to prior lower levels. The increase in number
of homeless people seeking assistance affects every aspect of the Mission’s program and
operations. Additional heat, hot water for showers, food, sheet and towel laundry,
toiletries, teaching materials, instruction and supervision, and administrative support are all
necessary to meet the increased demand.

Costs for purchased food (in addition to donated food), gas, oil and trash removal have all
increased significantly.
               July – December, 2002          July – December, 2003           % Increase
Purchased Food         $14,485                        $21,612                 + 33.0%
Gas, Oil, Trash        $23,162                        $32,325                 + 28.3%

The Mission maintains 80 bunk beds, showers, toiletries, towels, pillows, sheets and
blankets to serve 160 transient men every night of the year. In addition to shelter and
sleeping arrangements, the Mission also provides balanced breakfasts, lunches and dinners
for the transient population.

A 12-month, intensive, residential recovery program serves 35 to 40 men who determine to
end their homelessness and reconcile their lives through religious and career counseling,
earn a GED or high school diploma, learn job and life skills, and return to contributing to
LA’s economy and quality of life.

Outside the residential recovery program, the return rate is high. However, alumni of our
residential recovery program have succeeded in redirecting their lives and have become
contributing members of the community. For example, the following graduates of our
program are employed in these various occupations.

Charles Nobles          Forklift Operator         Lowe’s
John Pollard            Cook                      Jackson Mission
Ed Norrington           Sales Representative Radio Shack
Charles Wilcox          Counselor                 VA Hospital
Tracey Terrell          Flex Honer                Vardone Industries
Harding Byrd            Veterinarian              Purdue University
Felix House             Custodian                 Salvation Army
Victor Edmonds          Chaplain                  Help for the Cities, Detroit, MI
Michael Harris          Stockman                  Metro Wholesalers

Substantial direct response programs are in operation to raise the $1,810,690 (2004) base of
support required to operate the Mission’s men’s program. In addition to its normal public
relations and fundraising activities, the Mission has increased its efforts to fund the
additional expenses by approaching individuals, corporations and foundations not
previously contacted.

I appreciate the opportunity to submit this grant proposal to the Benjamin Miller Family
Foundation. I am available to answer questions and provide further information in support
of the data that is the basis for this request.


Philip Jackson
Executive Director
The Jackson Mission
693 Jackson Mission Row
Los Angeles, CA 56740


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