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									                               UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH CENTER
                                   Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences

                        SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION
                            DUE: AUGUST 15, 2009

All students must apply online for both the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP) and the
University Librarian’s Undergraduate Fellowship. Instructions for the URSP may be found at
http://www.ugeducation.ucla.edu/urhass/scholarships.htm. Any applicant who has not completed the URSP
application will not be considered for the University Librarian’s Undergraduate Fellowship.

The University Librarian’s Undergraduate Fellowship complements both the URSP and the UCLA Library
Prize for Undergraduate Research. The URSP supports students committed to completing a departmental honors
thesis or comprehensive research or creative project. The UCLA Library Prize for Undergraduate Research was
established in 2008/09 to encourage undergraduate students to reflect on the research process in the pursuit of
excellence in their academic course work, to recognize the significance of information literacy as it relates to
academic learning, and to reward undergraduate students who incorporate the collections of the UCLA Library
into their research.

University Librarian’s Undergraduate Fellowship Mission Statement:
The University Librarian’s Undergraduate Fellowship is a new fellowship targeted specifically to students
working on Departmental Honors projects or other comprehensive research projects in art history, classics,
comparative literature, and English. Jointly sponsored by the University Librarian and the Vice Provost for
Undergraduate Education, the program is funded by the Council on Library and Information Resources. Twenty
$500 stipends will be given: ten stipends to undergraduates in programs that have capstone seminars in place
(Classics and English) and ten stipends to undergraduates in programs that do not have capstone seminars in
place (Art History and Comparative Literature).

Selection Criteria:
Students interested in applying for the University Librarian’s Undergraduate Fellowship must meet the
following criteria:
           • superb scholarly promise in a major that includes work at UCLA in classics, English, art history,
               and/or comparative literature
           • commitment to working closely with a librarian to use research library resources, including
               special collections and archives, to complete their project
           • commitment to present their project in a Library program at the Charles E. Young Research
           • commitment to exposing their project through the Library’s Web site
           • interest in learning about managing their own intellectual property

The Supplemental Application is attached. Please use this checklist for materials due June 15, 2009:
   □ Submission of online URSP application
   □ Completed supplemental application form
   □ 500-word University Librarian’s Undergraduate Fellowship personal statement/essay
   □ 500-word research proposal
   □ Copy of unofficial transcript
   □ Letter of recommendation from your faculty mentor
                                Supplemental Application Form
                                    Due: August 15, 2009


UID #:_______________________________________________

Email Address:_____________________________________________

Faculty Research Mentor:______________________________________ Dept.________________

Cumulative GPA (to date) _____________

What is your major? _________________

What is your minor? _________________

Are you currently in a Departmental Honors program? If so, which program? _________________

Please reread the University Librarian’s Undergraduate Fellowship mission statement on the cover sheet. In
500 words on a separate page, please outline your previous undergraduate research experiences and discuss
your commitment to comprehensive research or creative projects that take advantage of library resources.

                                    Please return completed application
                                            By August 15, 2009
                                                   to the
                                     Undergraduate Research Center
                                     Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences
                                             A334 Murphy Hall

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