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									    Which bathing fixture is right for me?

      T    here are no written rules as to how you arrange your bathroom. The choices are endless and strictly
      by preference, however there are a few things you should consider when selecting the bathing fixture that
      is right for you.

      A Quick Selection Guide:
      Things to consider when selecting a bathing fixture…

      1. What is the size of the space you have to fill within your bath? Decide what type of bathing fixture is desired and the
      amount of space or bathroom you have to fill.

      2. Who will be using the bathing fixture? Do they prefer a soaking bath or a shower or both? A smaller person might enjoy
      bathing and be more comfortable in a smaller tub. Larger tubs are not for everyone because of the physical restraints of the
      depth of the tub. Additionally, always consider the angle of recline especially if the homeowner prefers to relax for a peaceful
      read while soaking. If the homeowner plans to spend their retirement years in a home, consideration and planning should
      be done for physical limitations that might occur later in life. Aqua Glass® offers a full line of bathing fixtures targeted for
      physical limitations, many of which are ADA compliant.

      3. Consider the size of the bather using the bathing fixture. Someone taller would benefit from a taller shower especially
      when it comes to mounting the showerhead. A longer tub allows a taller bather to relax in a reclined position, but a shorter
      person might prefer a shorter tub.

      4. Is this a new construction with plenty of access or a remodeling project which might prohibit large enough doors, stairways
      or hallways for your bathing fixture to fit through? When making your selection, consider whether you are building a new
      home or remodeling an existing bath. Making the choice for the bathing fixtures in each bathroom depends upon the space
      constraints and architectural limitations in your home.

      5. Which bathing fixture application… gelcoat or acrylic? Deciding
      the type of construction material a tub or shower is made from is a
      very important consideration when choosing the perfect bathing fixture
      to meet your needs. Aqua Glass® offers two fine materials: gelcoat                           Table of Contents
      and acrylic. The choice of the “right” bathing fixture application is
      probably the most important decision for new constructions.                        Acrylic Tub-Showers.....................3
      Aqua Glass® Gelcoat is a material made when hefty layers of resin
      and fiberglass material are applied to a gelcoat design mold through a
                                                                                         Acrylic Showers.............................5
      series of labor intensive, spraying and rolling processes. Each
      Aqua Glass® bathing fixture is manufactured by hand of quality                      Gelcoat Tub-Showers...................9
      craftsmen who take great pride in their workmanship. Aqua Glass®
      continues to be a leader in gelcoat manufacturing.                                 Gelcoat Showers..........................15
      Aqua Glass® Acrylic is completely different from gelcoat. Acrylic
      bathing fixtures are made when extra thick acrylic sheets are vacuum-                      Steam Available
      formed to shape. After removal from the mold, layers of polyester resin
      are applied to the back of the bathing fixture for added strength that
      provides many years of durability.                                                        Whirl Available

      Whether you decide on our Aqua Glass® gelcoat or Aqua Glass® acrylic                      Steam/Whirl Combo Available
      bathing fixture, you can rest assured that the quality workmanship
      that goes into the construction of your new bathing fixture comes from                     Multi-Piece
      the heart of the people who build them.
                                                                                                Special Care

                                          Aqua Glass® Shower Enclosures

A    dd extra appeal to your new Aqua Glass® unit by
adding an Aqua Glass® Shower Enclosure. Our shower
doors are available in chrome, gold, brushed nickel, and
oil-rubbed bronze trims with the choice of clear, obscure,
or rain glass.



                                                       Swing-Dual Panels

Trim Options

   chrome                      gold     brushed nickel*      oil-rubbed bronze*

                                       Glass Options

   *Brushed nickel trim, oil
    rubbed bronze trim, and
    rain patterned glass not
    available on all units.
                                            clear                 obscure         rain*

    Acrylic Tub-Showers

                          626034F-R/L (East Only)

                          Also available as a :
                          Whirlpool - 666034X-R/L
                          Steam - 696034X-R/L
                          Steam-Whirl Combo - 606034X-R/L
                          Special Care - 636034F-R/L  ADA Compliant
                          Special Care - 636034G-R/L   bars only

                          Versatile is the word for this 5-foot acrylic
                          tub/shower featuring two integral shelves on
                          the back wall. Also available as a whirlpool,
                          steam, or steam-whirl combination, or…
                          add a fold-down seat, bars, and curtain
                          rod to make this unit ADA compliant (order

                                                                 Acrylic Tub-Showers

                                          Also available as a:
                                          Whirlpool - 666036E-R/L

                                          This domeless acrylic 5-foot tub/
                                          shower features sleek, fluid design
                                          lines with 5 corner shelves to hold
                                          all your bathing accessories.


               Also available as a:
          Whirlpool - 666036D-R/L
             Steam - 696036L-R/L
Steam-Whirl Combo - 606036D- R/L

  This domed acrylic 5-foot shower
   boasts a contemporary look that
   will be as fresh and appealing a
 generation from now as it is on the
                   day it is installed.

    Acrylic Showers


                                                     With this 36” shower, small
                                                     spaces become big on style!
                                                     Two shelves offer molded-in
                                                     space for your toiletries.


                        Got a little more space?
               You’ll love this domeless acrylic
               shower featuring two molded-in
                      shelves for your toiletries.

                                                        Acrylic Showers

                                                          614837G-R/L (1 seat)
                                                          614837FC (no seat)

                                                          You’ll love the contemporary style
                                                          of this domeless acrylic shower
                                                          featuring 2 integral soap shelves
                                                          and a molded-in seat. Order the
                                                          614837FC for the same shower
                                                          without the seat.

                           614837DC (no seat)
                          614837E-R/L (1 seat)

                                Also available as a:
                       Steam - 694837DC (no seat)
                             694837E-R/L (1 seat)

 This domed acrylic shower features a modern look
that’s perfect with today’s modern architecture. Also
available with a steam option (order 694837D or E).

    Acrylic Showers

                      616036FC (2 seats) (East Only)
                      616036D-R/L (1 seat) (East Only)
                      616036EC (no seat) (East Only)

                      Also available as a :
                      Steam - 696036FC (2 seats)
                              696036D-R/L (1 seat)
                              696036EC (no seat)

                      This spacious domed acrylic shower will
                      quickly become the place you’ll want to
                      be at the end of a busy day. Also available
                      with either one seat (616036D-R/L) or no
                      seat (616036EC). Add a steam option by
                      simply ordering a 696036D, E, or F and
                      create your very own home sauna.

                                                                                                 Acrylic Showers
                                                        616036GC (no seat)

                                                        The perfect shower for someone
                                                        who wants lots of extra room, this
                                                        domeless shower is 5’ wide with 2
                                                        corner shelves offering plenty of room
                                                        for you and your bathing accessories.

   616036KC (2 seats)

    Contemporary styling and
  room enough for two make
this domeless acrylic shower
    a great meeting place for
    total relaxation. Available
    with molded-in seating for
  one or two and two integral
                   soap dishes

                                        616036H-R/L (1 seat)

                                   Prefer one seat instead of two?
                                  Our 616036H features the same
                                    design style and space as our
                                      616036KC but with one seat
                                                     instead of two.

    Gelcoat Tub-Showers


                          Design and beauty go hand-
                          in-hand in our 5-foot gelcoat
                          tub/shower. This tub/shower has a
                          spacious shower area and a nice,
                          roomy bathing well if you prefer
                          to soak. Also features integral
                          shelving to provide lots of space
                          for toiletries.

                                                                   Gelcoat Tub-Showers

                                Also available as a:
                           Whirlpool - 866033A-R/L

                       This classic 5-foot tub/shower
 shows its style in flowing sculpted backwall curves
 that gently direct water back into the tub. Plenty of
shelving space for all your bathing essentials and a
                                10” acrylic towel bar.


                                                                               Also available as a:
                                                                               Whirlpool - 866033X-R/L
                                                                               Special Care - 836033B-R/L       ADA compliant
                                                                               Special Care - 836033C-R/L       bars only

                                                                               Molded reinforced fiberglass provides extra
                                                                               strength and durability in this well-made
                                                                               5-foot gelcoat tub/shower.

                                    (East only - limited areas)

                                    Simple elegance and design come together
                                    in this combination whirlpool/tub-shower that
                                    features an integral shelf, an acrylic towel bar
                                    and sleek curves for a beautiful finish.

     Gelcoat Tub-Showers

                                                                    (East Only)

                                                                    Also available as a:
                                                                    Whirlpool - 866036B-R/L

                                                                    A modern design with fluid
                                                                    lines adds an eloquent look to
                                                                    this 5-foot gelcoat tub/shower.
                                                                    Multiple shelves will hold
                                                                    plenty of bathing accessories.
                                                                    Make it a whirlpool by
                                                                    ordering an 86.


                                             Also available as a:
                                        Whirlpool - 866032A-R/L

      This European-styled 5-foot gelcoat tub/shower is identical
             to Model 876032B but consists of only two modular
         pieces. Two-piece whirlpool option also available with 4
                       Omni-Flo® jets by ordering an 866032A.

                                          Gelcoat Tub-Showers

                             Also available as a:
                             Whirlpool - 866032B-R/L

                             Practical never looked so pretty!
                             This 3-piece, 5-foot gelcoat tub/
                             shower combo certainly has style
                             to spare yet it fits any standard
                             space and glides through narrow
                             doorways with ease for fast and
                             simple installation.


     Also available as a:
Whirlpool - 966032D-R/L

     This beautiful 5-foot
gelcoat tub/shower offers
a timeless decorative tile
 design that wipes clean
     easily. Also features
     an integral shelf and
    a roomy, comfortable
  bathing well. Available
as a whirlpool (966032D)
   with 4 Omni-Flo® jets.
   Radiate ambiance into
your bathroom by adding
 our new chromatherapy
system to your whirlpool.

     Gelcoat Tub-Showers


                           Elegant. Stylish. Beautiful. Now you
                           can have the look of ceramic tile, but
                           with the ease of gelcoat.

                                                                          Gelcoat Tub-Showers

                                                Also available as a:
                                                Whirlpool - 966042B-R/L

                                                Soon to become the focal point of
                                                your bath. This spacious 42”-wide oval
                                                tub/shower gives the bather extra room
                                                to stretch out in comfort. The ceramic tile pattern within the gelcoat
                                                has the look of timeless elegance. Features 2 shelf towers bridged
                                                by an acrylic towel bar.

                  5’ Nautilus®

                  6’ Nautilus®

             Also available as a:
Whirlpool - 960242A-R/L (5’ unit)
            961442A-R/L (6’ unit)

The very best of both worlds. The
 Nautilus® shower/bathtub com-
  bination has the elegant look of
ceramic tile coupled with modern
 design for a most desirable look
  and feel. Enjoy the comfort of a
 luxurious 5-foot bath (900242A-                     926036B-R/L
    R/L) or stretch the indulgence       59.75Wx37.375Dx73.125H
   with 6-feet of bathing pleasure
(901442A-R/L). Also available as                 Also available as a:
whirlpools with 6 Omni-Flo® jets.           Whirlpool - 966036B-R/L

                                     This unique gelcoat tub/shower
                                              features the ceramic tile
                                         look you’ve been looking for.
                                       Features a storage column on
                                      the backwall with an 18” acrylic
                                     towel bar, plenty of deck space,
                                            and design on the apron.

     Gelcoat Showers


                       Small, but mighty. There’s
                       no sacrifice on detail
                       especially with the ceramic
                       tile pattern design. The
                       perfect shower for small
                       spaces, this shower has
                       plenty of eye appeal and
                       features corner shelving.

                                                           Gelcoat Showers

                         Not a lot of space? No problem.
                         Three gelcoat pieces are simple
                         to slip into the tightest space and
                         reassemble into one handsome
                         and functional shower. This
                         shower features a cascade
                         design which doubles as a shelf
                         for your bathing accessories.


                                                               This 36” gelcoat shower is
                                                               great as a stand alone or
                                                               coupled with a whirlpool tub.

  Our smallest gelcoat shower
is perfect for a utility bath area
         or even a pool house.

     Gelcoat Showers


                                                 This 42” gelcoat shower
                                                 makes great use of a
                                                 smaller space. Features two
                                                 integral soap shelves.

                   Sculpted design lines add
                   unique appeal to this cozy
                 gelcoat shower. Features an
                          integral soap ledge.

                                                     Gelcoat Showers


                              Whether you have a new
                              construction or a remodeling
                              project, this 3-piece gelcoat
                              shower with one seat
                              provides the total package.
                              Seat may also be used as a
                              footrest for shaving.


       Elegant ceramic tile
         patterned gelcoat
        shower features 2
    molded-in soap dishes.

     Gelcoat Showers


       Classic, simple design
     lines are the forefront of
     this 48” gelcoat shower.
         Features two corner
                 soap dishes.


                                  Inviting and room enough for
                                  two. Our 48” gelcoat shower
                                  features two soap dishes
                                  and two integral seats.

                                                 Gelcoat Showers

      Simply gorgeous. Our
  48” ceramic tile patterned
  gelcoat shower features a
unique corner shelf and two
    molded-in soap dishes.


                                                          Sit down and relax while warm
                                                          water showers over you in this
                                                          nice gelcoat shower.


                       Fluid cascades grace the
                       backwall of this classic gelcoat
                       shower featuring a molded-in
                       shelf and seat.

      Gelcoat Showers


     This stylish contemporary
     neo-angle shower features
     clean, simple lines to blend
     beautifully in your bathroom.

                                               Gelcoat Showers


  Your very own gelcoat super
       shower is now available
featuring two corner seats and
      two integral soap dishes.


                                                 A different spin on a two
                                                 seat gelcoat shower, more
                                                 fluid lines offer a softer look
                                                 for both the seats and the
                                                 integral soap dishes.


              Want the look of ceramic tile
              with double seats and soap
              dishes? This gelcoat shower is
              made with you in mind.

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