Scheme Research _ Development Support _SERC_ by fionan


									              Scheme: Research & Development Support (SERC)
               Programme: Nanoscience & Technology Initiative (NSTI)
                       Projects Sanctioned during 2003-04

Sl.      Sanction No.              Project Title               Project Investigator &      Sanctioned
No.    Date of Sanction                                              Address                  Cost
 1.   SR/S5/NM-52/2002    Oxide based nanomaterials          Dr. S. Annapoorni             1020000
                          and nanocomposites for             D/o Physics & Astrophysics
      16.04.2003          magnetic memory and sensor         University of Delhi
                          applications.                      New Delhi - 110007
 2.   SR/S5/NM-68/2002    Nanolithography in color and       Dr. Arun Chattopadhyay        3554000
                          design of microfluidic devices.    D/o Chemistry
      05.05.2003                                             Indian Institute of
                                                             Guwahati - 781039
 3.   SR/S5/NM-81/2003    Growth of nanoparticles of         Dr. Bharat Bhanudas Kale      1014000
                          wide band gap semiconductors       Centre for Materials for
      27.05.2003          (CdS/CdSSe) in glass matrices      Electronics Technology
                          for optical filters and study of   Pune - 411008
                          physics of quantum
                          confinement for photonic
 4.   SR/S5/NM-38/2003    Modular synthesis of cryptand      Prof. P.K. Bharadwaj          2857000
                          based nanostructures.              D/o Chemistry
      29.05.2003                                             Indian Institute of
                                                             Kanpur - 208016
 5.   SR/S5/NM-05/2003    Upconverting nanophospors          Dr. Amitava Patra             888000
                          for photonic applications.         Central Glass & Ceramic
      02.06.2003                                             Research Institute
                                                             Kolkata - 700032
 6.   SR/S5/NM-20/2003    Magnetic, optical and              Prof. D.D. Sarma              4044400
                          electronic properties of           Solid State and Structural
      09.06.2003          semiconducting nanoparticles       Chemistry
                          doped with magnetic                Indian Institute of Science
                          impurities.                        Bangalore - 560012
 7.   SR/S5/NM-31/2003    Studies on effect of mineral       Prof. Satyendra Mishra        2048000
                          nanofillers on the mechanical      D/o Chemical Technology
      09.06.2003          and processing properties of       North Maharashtra
                          polymers and their industrial      University
                          applications.                      Jalgaon - 425001
 8.   SR/S5/NM-41/2003    Synthesis of nanostructured        Prof. D. Bahadur              10800000
                          magnetic materials for different   D/o Metallurgical
      09.06.2003          applications.                      Engineering & Materials
                                                             Indian Institute of
                                                             Mumbai - 400076
 9.   SR/S5/NM-25/2003    Design of New and Novel            Prof. Sambasivarao Kotha      2148000
                          Nanoconstruction Tools.            D/o Chemistry
      24.07.2003                                             Indian Institute of
                                                             Mumbai - 400076
 10. SR/S5/NM-26/2003     Nanostructuring of hard and        Dr. Vijay B Shenoy            1440000
                       soft films via pattern transfer.   Materials Research Centre
    24.07.2003                                            Indian Institute of Science
                                                          Bangalore - 560012
11. SR/S5/NM-18/2003   Carbon nanotubes bases             Prof. A.K. Sood                2495000
                       sensors.                           D/o Physics
    01.08.2003                                            Indian Institute of Science
                                                          Bangalore - 560012
12. SR/S5/NM-10/2003   Nano M/CeO2 and M/TiO (M =         Prof. H.B. Hedge               1626400
                       Cu, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Pt, Pd etc.)   Solid State & Struc. Chem.
    05.08.2003         for catalysis applications.        Unit
                                                          Indian Institute of Science
                                                          Bangalore - 560012
13. SR/S5/NM-34/2003   Electronic transport in            Dr. Swapan Kumar Pati          2354500
                       molecular nano-systems.            JN Centre for Advanced
    19.08.2003                                            Scientific Research
                                                          Bangalore - 560012
14. SR/S5/NM-09/2003   Development of Nano-wires          Dr. D. Ravinder                2700000
                       and Nano-structural thin flims     D/o Physics
    22.08.2003         of Boron for potential             Osmania University
                       applictions.                       Hyderabad - 500004
15. SR/S5/NM-04/2003   Studies on nanomaterials and       Prof. S.N. Kaul                14686800
                       devices.                           School of Physics
    02.09.2003                                            University of Hyderabad
                                                          Hyderabad - 500046
16. SR/S5/NM-58/2002   Upgradation of exsiting UHV        Prof. S. Ramasamy              3926000
                       chamber preparation and            D/o Nuclear Physics
    13.10.2003         investigation of the properties    University of Madras
                       of nanostructured materials.       Chennai - 600025
17. SR/S5/NM-08/2003   Nano Science and Technology        Prof. O.N. Srivastava          15368200
                       : A Transdisciplinary approach.    D/o Physics
    22.10.2003                                            Banaras Hindu University
                                                          Varanasi - 221005
18. SR/S5/NM-61/2002   Preparation and                    Dr. Shyamal Kumar Saha         1440000
                       characterization of metallic and   Bidhannagar College
    11.11.2003         semiconducting nanowire.           Kolkata - 700064
19. SR/S5/NM-12/2003   Size-selective                     Dr. R. Saraswathi              2466880
                       electrodeposition of metal,        D/o Materials Science
    02.12.2003         metal oxide and conducting         Madurai Kamaraj
                       polymer nanoparticles and          University
                       their Nanocomposites for           Madurai - 625021
                       Technological applications.
20. SR/S5/NM-17/2003   Fabrication of pure metal and      Prof. A.K. Raychaudhuri        1680000
                       alloy films as interconnects for   D/o Physics
    03.12.2003         nanoelectronics and nano-          Indian Institute of Science
                       electrodes by e-beam               Bangalore - 560012
                       lithography and study of their
                       stability towards electro,
                       thermal and stress migration.
21. SR/S5/NM-21/2003   Development of                     Dr. Harish Chander             5935000
                       nanophosphors for industrial       Div. Of Electronic Materials
    02.12.2003         applications.                      National Physical
                                                          New Delhi - 110012
22. SR/S5/NM-13/2003   Development of state-of-the-art    Prof. K. Chattopadhyay         65500000
                       analytical electron Microscopy     Materials Research Centre
    05.12.2003         facility capable of high-          Indian Institute of Science
                       resolution imaging and             Bangalore - 560012
                       analysis in the nanoscale as an
                       Institute facility at the Indian
                       Institute of Science.
23. SR/S5/NM-43/2003   Metal-oxide core-shell           Dr. A.K. Ganguli                2910000
                       nanostructures for removal of    D/o Chemistry
    10.12.2003         toxins from water and            Indian Institute of
                       atmosphere.                      Technology
                                                        New Delhi - 110016
24. SR/S5/NM-76/2003   Synthesis, characterization and Dr. G.T. Chandrappa              904800
                       applications of nanosized oxide D/o Chemistry
    15.12.2003         materials.                       Bangalore University
                                                        Bangalore - 560001
25. SR/S5/NM-73/2003   Development of nanofluidic       Dr. G.V. Shivashankar           17300000
                       channels and nanowires using National Centre for
    18.12.2003         biomolecular self-assembly.      Biological sciences
                                                        University of Agricultural
                                                        Bangalore - 560065
26. SR/S5/NM-35/2003   Development and properties of Prof. Anil K. Bhowmick             3400000
                       polymer based                    Indian Institute of
    19.12.2003         nanocomposites.                  Technology
                                                        Kharagpur - 721302
27. SR/S5/NM-51/2003   Synthesis and characterization Dr. R.C. Agarwala                 1827000
                       of Ni-P electroless composite    D/o Metallurgical &
    02.01.2004         coatings with nanosized          Materials Engineering
                       particles.                       Indian Institute of
                                                        Roorkee - 247667
28. SR/S5/NM-55/2003   Thermal and electrical           Dr. Sarit Kumar Das             981600
                       conduction in nano-fluids.       D/o Mechanical
    01.01.2004                                          Engineering
                                                        Indian Institute of
                                                        Chennai - 600036
29. SR/S5/NM-36/2003   Tailoring of room temperature    Prof. Subhadra Chaudhuri        1840000
                       Excitonic Luminescence in        D/o Materials Science
    02.01.2004         Mgx Zn1-x O/SiO2                 Indian Association for the
                       nanocomposites and               Cultivation of Science
                       fabrication of                   Kolkata - 700032
                       electroluminescent devices.
30. SR/S5/NM-61/2003   Investigation of the dissolution Prof. Gurmeet Singh             2380000
                       kinetics of some nano sized      D/o Chemistry
    12.01.2004         metal catalysts.                 University of Delhi
                                                        Delhi - 110007
31. SR/S5/NM-47/2003   Construction of an optical       Dr. Sharath Ananthamurthy       2154000
                       tweezer for nanometer scale      D/o Physics
    12.01.2004         rhelogy.                         Bangalore University
                                                        Bangalore - 560056
32. SR/S5/NM-57/2003   Nano Sized semi conducting       Dr. K. Srinivas                 2220000
                       oxide powders, films and         D/o Physics and
    06.02.2004         catalysts by gas phase           Astrophysics
                       codensation for gas sensor       University of Delhi
                       applications.                    Delhi - 110007
33. SR/S5/NM-89/2003   Excess protons electrons and     Prof. Amalendu Chandra    2448500
                       metal atoms in hydrogen          D/o Chemistry
    06.02.2004         bondedd nanoclusters: Studies    Indian Institute of
                       of structural dynamical and      Technology
                       electronic aspects through ab-   Kanpur - 208016
                       initio molecular dynamics.
34. SR/S5/NM-75/2002   Optical and electronic studies   Dr. K. George Thomas      3300000
                       of photoactive molecules         Photochemistry research
    10.02.2004         capped on metal nanoparticles    Unit
                       and their molecularly bridged    Regional Research
                       arrays on surfaces.              Laboratory
                                                        Thiruvananthapuram -
35. SR/S5/NM-44/2003   Development of device-grade      Prof. Arun M. Narsale     6235000
                       nanomaterials using ion          D/o Physics
    25.02.2004         beams.                           University of Mumbai
                                                        Mumbai - 400098

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