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					                                    Dr. S. J. Surana,
                                M. Pharm., Ph.D.FIC, DBM

Date of Birth                       : 09/04/1969
Email:            Tel: ( 02563) 255189, 251808 (O),
                                     Fax: 251809 (O),
                                     255196 (R),
                                     Cell: 9423980900

Residential Address:                               Office Address:
3, Kashiram Nagar                                  R. C. Patel College of Pharmacy,
Shirpur-425 405                                    Karvand Naka
Dist:- Dhule (MS)                                  Shirpur-425 405 Dist:- Dhule (MS)

Present Status:
 Professor and Principal, R. C. Patel College of Pharmacy, Shirpur, Dist: Dhule (M.S.)
 Dean, Faculty of Medicine & Pharmacy, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon(M.S.)
 Chairman, Board of Studies for Pharmacy, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon (M.S.)
 Ph.D. Guide at North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.

Organizational Activities
    Organized one day workshop on “Recent Trends in Pharmaceutical Analysis”; worked
       as chief- coordinator
    Successfully organized two-day workshop on “Screening Techniques in Experimental
       Pharmacology”; worked as Chief-coordinator.
    Organized two days national conference on “ Recent Trends in Phytomedicines and
       Nutraceutical” on 5th and 6th Nov.2006
    Organized two week AICTE sponsored staff development programme on 5 th to 17th
       February 2007

Professional Experience:
Sr. No.    Post                                     from date                 to date
1          Professor & Principal                        August 2003           Onwards
2          Assistant Professor & I/C Principal          July 1999             July 2003
3          Lecturer                                      July 1992            June 1999

Total Experience:                                14 Years (Teaching), 1 Year (Industrial)
Educational Profile:
Sr. No.           Degree                           University                      Class
1                 Ph. D.(2001)                     D.A.V.V., Indore                Award
2                 M. Pharm.(1993)                  Poona Univeristy                First
3                 B. Pharm (1991)                  Poona University                First
4                 D.B.M. (1993)                    NMU, Jalgaon                    First

Professional Affiliations:
   Life Member, Indian Pharm. Congress Association( IPCA)
   Member, International Pharmaceutical Federation , Netherlands (FIP)
   Member, American Pharmaceutical Association, Washington (APhA)
   Life Member, Association of Pharmacy Teachers of India , Bangalore( APTI)
   Member, Indian Cosmetic Technologist Association, Pondecherry. (ICTA)
   Life Member, Indian Society of Pharmacognosy, Sagar (ISP)
   Life Member, Indian Pharmacy Graduate Association, New Delhi(IPGA)
   Life Member, Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi (ISTE)
   Life Member, Indian Hospital Pharmacist Association (IHPA)   [[[[[
Universities (Exams, Board etc.)
    Examiner, NMU, Jalgaon
    Examiner, Amravati Univeristy, Amravati
    Examiner, Poona University, Pune
    Examiner, Nagpur University, Nagpur
    Examiner, Shivaji University, Kolhapur
    Presently guiding four Ph.D students
    Supervised fifteen student of M.Pharm

Papers Published
2007 -08

         Suyog B. Chepurwar , Atul A. Shirkhedkar, Sanjay B. Bari Ravindra A. Fursule
          and Sanjay J. Surana “ Validated HPTLC method for simultaneous estimation of
          Levofloxacin hydrochloride and ornidazole from pharmaceutical dosage form”
          Journal of Chromatographic Science. Volume 45, Number 8, September 2007, pp.

         A. A. Shirkhedkar, G. Upasani., S. J. Surana “Application of UV-
          spectrophotometric method for estimation of drotaverine hydrochloride in bulk
          and tablets. Pharma Review. Aug-Sept.- 2007; pp. 179-180.

         Ashish S.Jain, Sanjay J. Surana, S.B. Gokhale, Anil U. Tatiya and Rupail C.
          Bothara “ Antimicrobial Properties of Eranthenum roseum (Vahl) R.Br. Iranian
          Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 2007 ;6(2) pp.131-133.

  Seema A.Gosawi, Atul A. Shirkhedkar, Yogini S. Jaiswal, Sanjay J. Surana “ A
     Simple And Sensitive HPTLC Method For Quantitative Analysis of Pantoprazole
     Sodium Sesquihydrate In Tablets. Journal of planar chromatography. Vol 19 May/
     June (P.228) 2006
        S.B. Gokhale, S.J.Surana, A.U Tatiya, R.A. Rajmane, A.D.
         Kshirsagar”Comparative Anthelminitic Activity of Calotropis, Aegle marmelos and
         Gardenia gummifera.”Planta indica Vol.2.No. 1, January 2006
        Shirore P.D., Shirkhedkar A.A. Fursule R.A., Talele G.S., S.J. Surana.” Reverse
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         Estimation of Pantoprazole Sodium Sesquihydrate and Mosapride Citrate Dihydrate
         from Capsule Formulation. Indian drugs 43 (4) April 2006
        P.S. Jain, S.Mallipedi, D.P. Belsare, V.B. Badgujar, S.C. Mandal, S.J. Surana.“CNS
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      Y.S.Jaiswal, G.S.Talele, S.J.Surana “A simple and sensitive HPTLC methods for
       quantitative Analysis of Ethamsylate in Tablets” Journal Planar Chromatography
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      Y.S.Jaiswal, G.S.Talele, S.J.Surana “Quantitative Analysis of Ethamsylate and
       Mefenamic acid in Tablets by use of planar chromatography” Journal planar
       chromatography 18/(6) 460-464 (2005)
    Talele S. G., Talele G. S., Jain P.S., Badgujar V.B. and Surana S.J. “Validated
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    Badgujar V. B., Jain P. S., Talele G. S. and Surana S. J. “HPTLC method for
      estimation of carvedilol from Tablet formulation” Indian Drugs 42 (8), 511-515
    S.B. Bari, Jitendra Patel, A.M. Patel, S.J. Surana “ Synthesis And Characterization
       of Some Schiff’s Bases of Isatin Derivative”. Acta Ciencia Indica
       VolXXXIC,No.4, 291 (2005)


     V.B.Badgujar, S.C.Pal, S.J.Surana and P.S.Jain “Analgesic activity of stembark of
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    S.J.Surana, R.S.Gaud, A.K.Sanghavi “Evaluation of Some Marketed Herbal
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Review Articles

     S.B. Bari, P.P. Dahivelkar, A.A. Shirkhedkar, S. J. Surana” Managing Social
      anxiety disorder. Pharma Times. Vol 38, No. 3,(24-26) March 2006
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   61st International Congress of FIP, 1-6 September 2001, Singapore
Conferences Attended:
 61st International Congress of FIP, 1-6 September 2001,Singapore
 National Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Hyderabad, Indore, Pune, Calcutta,
 APTI Convention, Udaipur, GOA, Hubali, Nagpur, Bangalore
 A.A.Shirkhedkar,      S.J.Surana.      Comprehensive       Pharmacognosy       and
  Phytochemistry. Pragati Books Pvt.Ltd. Pune
 G.S. Talele, S.G. Talele, S. J. Surana, S.B. Gokhale, R.S. Gaud. Natural Excipient.
  Nirali Publication Pune
Staff Development Programme:
Participated in Two AICTE Staff development Programme each of Two Week at L.M.
College of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad (Gujrat State)